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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Taste of Happiness

Aside of being a feeling, Happiness is also a taste. I feel like I could taste happiness everytime I went to Yashi-no-mi and eat their mentaiko omuraisu. (read my blog about it here and Jean's recent post here which is 100% well-written than mine.) The taste of happiness never left since I first try it and whenever I needed a comfort food, there's where I'll go. 

Life is so damn hard when your friends are all attached and having the time of their life. Who's gonna pity me and give me some hug and words of encouragement when I'm sad? Okay, maybe my friends are there for me for most of the time, but still the feeling of belonging isn't quite there. And I really don't mind having that special someone in my life. 

Probably having that special cheese tart can be quite close enough to feel happiness again? Melting cheese tart is a thing in the food industry of Kuala Lumpur now. Each and every bakery seems to come out with their own melting cheese tart, and I'm glad that the first melting cheese tart I had was Tokyo Secret. 

Simple menu, just cheese tart and affogato ice creams

Look at'em fresh golden cheese tart

Decided to buy two tarts for my second purchase

Using high quality cheese imported from Japan, Tokyo Secret's melting (hanjyuku) cheese tart are freshly baked and hot from oven upon ordering. The shop is filled with aroma of cheese tart and I already started to drool on my first step into the shop. 

O'Glorious Melting Cheese Tart

The melting cheese tart taste best right after purchase as the melting texture is there (caution content's  hot) and the crispy tart crust is just the best combo with the cheese filling. Each bite leading for more lust towards it and before you realize, you might just overstuff yourself with this cheesilicious tart. lol. It is really mind blowing if you never had any melting cheese tart in your life before, life-changing dessert that will rewrite the definition of happiness. 

Hokkaido Mountain with Okinawa Purple Potato

There's another less-known dessert serve by Tokyo Secret which is their Japan-imported ice cream. They are so milky and smooth, when paired with okinawa purple potato, the dessert's moderate sweetness is refreshing. A perfect after-cheese-tart dessert I supposed?

Tokyo Secret is actually located opposite Starbucks and beside Mac City. It's a bit hard to notice if you just walk pass the place without looking into Mac City, but that doesn't stop the crowd rush into Tokyo Secret and queue up for freshly baked melting cheese tart everyday.

I'm glad I already had them twice and yet I'm craving for more. I'm so greedy when it comes to self-indulgence and wanting the feeling of happiness. Well just let me okay since I'm a single and lonely doge lolololol.

For more information:

G23, IPC Shopping Centre, Jalan PJU 7/2 Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun (10:00am – 10:00pm)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mamonde, A Beautiful Place Inspired by Flowers

What does your world made of? Are they made out of love? Peace? Or Anxieties? Stress? I've been questioning myself a lot lately, trying to position myself at the right position in my world because I know that me, myself should be the center of my world before others. In order to love and cherish others the right way, I should love and cherish myself so that I would knew the way to do it.

My world is made of laughters, love, friendships and a little bit of sadness + stress here and there because in the end of the day, we were talking about the real world ain't we? But I really wouldn't mind cut myself off the line and from all the social networking platforms for a day or two, to take myself really off the grid and treating myself to this:

Ain't this a beautiful scenery?

I was shooting a short film at Sekeping Serendah two weeks ago and the surroundings is just awesome! I would literally stare into the sky, into the woods, listening to sounds of crickets, cicadas and birds, let my mind wander off to another world for a long long time when I'm off shooting.

Basically I look like this most of the time, just starring and relax

Woods and flowers that's surrounding the premise is purely inspiring. I wanted all these goodness to be absorb into my skin, I wanna feel the essence of plants from skin deep, and smarty me, I bought Mamonde's skincare with me for the short work trip because I knew my skin needs goodness which is as good as the negative ions that the forest's releasing. 

Mamonde First Energy Essence & Serum
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream

Mamonde, which literally means "My World" in French, is the latest imported South Korea beauty brand that's gonna be available next week at Aeon Bandar Utama. It's my pleasure to be one of the first few bloggers who get to try on Mamonde's products way before its release. There are a wide range of skincare and makeup products that suits every woman's needs which price range from RM6- RM169.

"Inspired by flowers" is the tagline of Mamonde where flower, the sign of beauty and symbol of grace, is able to communicate with ones soul in a magical way that words can't be explain. Research & Development of Mamonde - AmorePacific has discovered the close relationship between flowers and a woman's beauty. From a flower's roots to its stem and petals, each and every inch of flowers contains amazing power and energy which can be nourishing to the skin. AmorePacific and Mamonde's flower science technology bring women's beauty into bloom so that every woman are radiating in blossoming beauty with Mamonde beauty products.

There are various types of flowers which are being used as key ingredients in Mamonde's beauty products for these benefits:

  • Vitalizing: Honeysuckle and Evening Primrose. 
  • Moisturizing & Hydrating: Demask Rose (Rose Water), Hibiscus, Narcissus and Peach Blossoms.
  • Anti-Aging: Camellia
  • Cleansing & Exfoliation: Lotus Flower
  • Brightening: Magnolia and Water Lily
  • Pore Care & Oil Balancing: Heartleaf Houttuynia and Sage.

The First Energy Essence/Serum, Cover Powder Cushion, Age Control Power Eye Cream, Moisture Ceramide Cream, Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam, Rose Water Toner and Floral Hydro Cream are Mamonde's star products. I'm currently using Moisture Ceramide Cream and First Energy Essence + Serum and I'm loving them to bits.  

Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream (Hibiscus)

I loathe thick and heavy moisturizing cream and I find Mamonde's Moisture Ceramide Light Cream in Hibiscus is the perfect moisturizing cream for my daily use as it is so light-weight and absorbs into my skin in an instant. This Moisture Ceramide Light Cream is made of Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus and Ceramide, a perfect combination of natural moisturizing elements which provides flawless hydration wall on my skin.

With a faint hint of flower scent, this cream is what I apply on my skin on daily basis

Another reason I felt so good while surrounded by the forest is that I can felt the nature eliminates the positive ions in me, the bad ones, recharge me with good ones and my mind is at ease for most of the time. That's when I can think clearly and thoroughly about stuff and clarity in mind is very important for making decision. Same goes to Mamonde's First Energy Essence and Serum.

Sometimes I felt that my skin need a boost in order to receive all the benefits from good beauty products and somehow I can feel the blockage is there even though I've used scrubs and peeling gel regularly. Mamonde's First Energy Essence and Serum is a booster to uplift my skin and making absorbing nutrients and benefits from beauty products easier, giving my skin a healthier and suppler appearance from inside out.

Happy tangy yellow packaging is major love

This is an upgraded version of First Energy Essence and Serum with Antioxidant Lactobacillus that is extracted from Honeysuckle Flowers. While the Lactobacillus is blended together with the 1 year-old fermented "Flower Vinegar", it enhanced skin's anti-oxidative and strengthen skin's immunity, making skin less susceptible and more resilient to external aggression. 

The "flower vinegar" is a natural fermentation process from all parts of Honeysuckle flowers for over a year, made up to 81.31% in the bottle of essence and serum, are to aids in density of skin for transparent and unify skin texture. Besides that, "flower vinegar" contains antioxidant Polyphenol that provides strong antioxidant effect to skin for beautiful and radiant looking skin.

Mamonde First Energy Essence

Mamonde First Energy Serum 

The smell of Honeysuckle flower is so nice and refreshing, both essence and serum are lightweighted as well as easily absorb into my skin, prepping my skin for the following beauty routine. Skin feel nourished and better looking on the texture and feels firmer too. It has anti-wrinkle and whitening effect, which are what I'm looking for in skincare products lately.

I can't wait to see the full line of skincare and makeup products from Mamonde as their first beauty counter will be officially open on 30th July and be sure to dropby Aeon One Utama and check'em out yourself!

For more information:

Mamonde Official Website

Mamonde Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Mamonde First Energy Essence (150ml): RM119

Mamonde First Energy Serum (100ml): RM119

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ooh La Lash!

"Find a man who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara." That's one phrase I hold dearly to my heart and trying hard to make it real. But oh gosh why do relationships have to be this hard? Thinking of all the hardships I've been through really does make me feel that no man worth the tears of mine and those who are worthy wouldn't want to see me cry. 

Speaking of which, when ones life is short, that doesn't mean my lashes have to be too! Thanks to Realash, I'm gonna try on these magic potion that's gonna make my eyes look more mesmerizing!

The magic potions for my eyes comes in this luxurious box!

Eyelash and Brow Enhancer kit

I'm a fan of long lashes, I would stare at someone's eyes for a really long time if I found him/her with really long lashes. It's like the golden gate to the soul of someone, a butterfly that flutters that beautiful wings, and I definitely would like mine to be as fascinating as that too. 

Realash eyelash enhancer is a serum specially formulated to lengthen, increase density and strengthen eyelashes as its formula regenerates eyelashes in shorter time and has been tested both dermatologically and opthalmologically. No irritants or allergies have been reported therefore it is widely used by users and beauty bloggers around the world.

Plant extracts are used as unique ingredients in formulating the eyelash enhancer, there are calamus extract which acts as anti-inflammatory, marigold extracts speed up the regeneration of lashes and flax extract prevents skin dryness. Up to 83% women discovered they have longer lashes, 79% noticed they have fuller lashes. Overall, 89% of women aware of the overall improvement in lash condition. 

Realash Eyelash Enhancer

On the other side, strong eyebrows still conquer the stage of makeup and everytime when I saw celebrities with defined eyebrows, I always asked myself: How did they do that? I have imbalance eyebrows, that's getting on my nerves everytime I'm trying to draw my own eyebrows in balance. It's just so hard! And with BROW's brow conditioner, I'm starting to seeing hope to my nerve-wrecking eyebrows lol.

Its advanced formula stimulates natural growth in eyebrows and improved their overall look. Changes can be noticed from the 4th week and within 8-12 weeks, thick, strong and fuller natural-looking eyebrows are gonna be all mine muahahahahaha!

Realash Brow Conditioner

Usage method of both eyelash enhancer and brow conditioner are easy as one two three. After facial cleansing, just apply the eyebrow conditioner accordingly to your eyebrow shape and eyelash enhancer as if you're applying eyeliner, close to the roots of your eyelashes and voilà! 

My original eyebrow and eyelashes
Short and thin. Yikes.

I am looking forward for thicker, fuller eyebrows and longer, fuller eyelashes. I really can't wait to see the result of these unique ingredients formulated brows and eyelash enhancers and will share another blog post after I've done applying them for a month!

Stay tuned!

For more informations:

REALASH Malaysia's Official Website

REALASH Malaysia's Official Facebook Page