Thursday, December 11, 2014

Xuan and Snowy

Look who's back in town!

Xuan Xuan it is!

Since it's the year end holiday, thought that it would be great to spend 2 weeks time with him at KL, hence I decided to bring him back to KL. It turns out not only me who gets all the fun, Snowy, my latest added family member a.k.a Husky breed canine is super excited seeing her youngest family member back in town. 

ice cream moustache

super sunny day.
Wear all my sunglasses.

lol why so cool

Brought him here and there, but he's not really impressed with all the decorations of shopping malls. He feels more fun to stay at home, playing with my brothers, or Snowy the dog, or swimming etc.

Ferris wheel? notimpressed.jpg

Grumpy always, inherited from his mum I guess. XD He's one fussy young lad. Luckily he has some big appetite I don't have to worry he will starve himself or something.

Din Tai Fung? notimpressed.jpg

Xuan loves Snowy super much, more than me I think. But he occasionally make fun of her also. Xuan likes to put goggles onto Snowy, I pity the dog at some point, she must be feeling so speechless towards Xuan's action. lol.

"woof woof woof?"
*translation- Can I go swimming?"

Don't really have time for gatherings nowadays, only managed to go to class or work nowadays. Such busy schedule planning activities for Xuan and all. It was quite saddening that his stay at KL is coming to an end soon... I wonder if he'll feel sad like I do.

Nonetheless, making the best out of what we have is what we should do everyday right? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bobbi Brown x Chocolate Cats 5th Anniversary

Inconjunction of Fatin's Chocolate Catsz blog 5th anniversary, Bobbi Brown decided to throw her a workshop party for her and her followers on a wonderful 2nd weekend of October. I was one of her lucky blog follower to get chosen for this workshop party and I can't tell you how excited I am!

It's the "Instant Pretty Makeup Workshop", one of the many makeup workshop of Bobbi Brown's, which is super useful to all the ladies out there who are always rushing to work in the morning, or for people like me who always sleep late. *oops*

One mirror for each of us

There are super yum chocolate cupcakes, buns, fresh juices and tidbits prepared for us, roam around the shop for awhile and then the workshop started with an opening speech from both Bobbi Brown's and Fatin.

Fatin of Chocolate Catsz

Like aforementioned, this is an "instant pretty" makeup workshop, so every technique that I learned that day is efficient in lighten up your face in just few minutes. Simple but important steps that you feel you have to oblige in order to look fresh at the start of the day! No more sleepy face!

Our makeup guru and model of the day

Clean and moisturized face is super important for your makeup to stay fresh the whole day

I heart Bobbi Brown's concealer!
Super effective in covering any flaws on your face
*drools looking at this palette*

As you see, concealer is a must!
Especially to cover up your dark eye circles

Bobbi Brown's signature eyebrow drawing method

In order to make your face figure look 3D, shading isn't needed if you draw your eyebrows with Bobbi Brown's method. Draw it abit squarish at the start of your eyebrow it will instantly make you look like you have high nose bridge without having put some shading powder around your nose. One more makeup technique GET!

Lip colour is important for not looking like a walking dead zombie in the morning too!

She's amazed by how instant pretty she looked!

To turn your day look into night look, put on some mascara and eyeliner for an instant glam up!

After the workshop ended, we get to roam around testing all the makeup that we wish to test. Makeup artists of Bobbi Brown's were all so helpful and patient in explaining all my questions bout their makeup.

all the beautiful colours

I tested all these
Wish to bring all of 'em back home with me

Makeup artist applying CC Cream on my face

I made my first Bobbi Brown purchase in my life that day! A good start to good makeup isn't? Thank you Fatin and the whole Bobbi Brown team for such a wonderful day. I super love Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral which the colour suits me perfectly, and their grains face scrub with Azuki red beans bits in it!

Thank you Fatin and Bobbi Brown!

Feel free to drop by at any Bobbi Brown makeup studio to enquire about their workshops, they have so many different makeup techniques which suits different kind of occasion. I feels like going for their bridal makeup workshop already!

For more information, do log on to Bobbi Brown Malaysia's Official Facebook Page!

*some photos are taken from Fatin's Chocolate Catsz blog.*

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


One month plus since my last update! That's freaking long time if compare with hardworking bloggers who keep updating their blog. But weird is, the less I update my blog, it seems the more people been reading it, I don't know why. Can somebody tell me why this happening?

However, I could say that it's kinda like a transition period to me for this period to take a break, slow down in blogging and recalibrate my pace in life. Lots of things been happening lately, mostly negative stuff, alot more downs than ups, but that's okay, I reckon that this if life, as long as I don't give up, right?

Of course, there are some wonderful stuff that happened too and I can't wait to share it all on my blog. Gonna start clearing all the backlogs of events which stash like a mountain before I can share those life moments. I hope the PRs are not too pissed off with my slow updates.

Took these photos over the weekend during my awesome stay at Cameron Highland Resort. I'm so thankful for able to be there with all the wonderful people and warm hearted whenever I thought of it. Sometimes I think I'm one lucky girl too and these photos reminds me of how grateful I should be.

Nonetheless, stay tune for my updates and happy Wednesday!