Saturday, May 23, 2015

O'slee Eye Care

Staying up late, insufficient amount of sleep, looking at phones and computer screens for a long period, all these causes our eyes to be sore and tired and that is why eye care is really important when it comes to facial care. With or without eye bags, with or without dark eye circles can make you look older or younger in an instance.

Thanks to O'slee, their eye care series really helps me a lot when it comes to reducing dark eye circles and puffiness. Shall continue using it and see if it reduce those fine lines of my eyes too. 

Firstly, would like to introduce the all new Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care Sleeping Mask.

With pure rosehip essence, this eye care sleeping mask stimulates the blood circulation and neutralizes toxic of skin around eye areas which is the main causes of dark eye circle problem. It also provides intensive care and moisture the skin around eye areas, hence dry and fine lines will be reduced. 

Although it's been called an eye care sleeping mask, its texture is pretty lightweighted. It will turn into watery form once it contacts with skin, it is so lightweighted on skin you don't feel any burden around eyes area. 

And this O'slee Pro Eye Medi is another eye care that I like to use everyday. 

It has 5 intensive repair systems for the eye - Matrixyl to reduce fine lines, Eyeseryl to reduce dark circles, Cafeisilane C to reduce under eyes bags, Tinocare for anti ageing purpose and Hydrovance for moisturising. I can feel my eyes puffiness been reduced and look more lively whenever I apply this. 

Clear in colour and light texture. My eyes feel instantly moisturised and lighten up upon application. 

Both the eye care sleeping mask and pro Eye Medi are the eye care series of O'slee which can be use in order to get the perfect care for your windows to your soul. Thank you O'slee, now I can have eyes without puffiness and also brighter eyes to deal with all the spotlights on stage. ;)

You can get these two eye care series at Pharmacies store near you! Do check out O'slee official website for more information: 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Maybelline New York's 100th Anniversary

Malaysia joined 129 other countries worldwide and celebrated Maybelline New York's 100th Anniversary at MidValley last week! Maybelline New York has declared May 15th as Maybelline Day and the birthday bash that was held at MidValley's centre court was turn into a stunning looking runway to feature the 10 iconic looks from the past 10 decades created by the professional makeup maestro - Stevensunny using the world's no.1 colour cosmetics brand.

Look at that stunning runway!
I wanna catwalk on that too!

Front row at the show

Zoé and me.

The celebration was emceed by the sexy voice Serena C in a glitzy dress. She made some intro about the origin of Maybelline New York alongside with a eye-catching video clip prepared by Maybelline New York. So here starts the birthday party! 

Ever since 1915, Maybelline New York has been making impact in women's lives. I remember I watched Maybelline New York's commercial on TV when I was small and ever since then I've been waiting anticipatingly to grow up and use all the cosmetics that I saw in the commercials. I can remember my very first lipstick from Maybelline purchased from Watsons during my teenage years. That's how Maybelline New York impacted every women's life I guess, we all grew up with the hope of becoming more beautiful by using all those wonderful products of Maybelline's. 

From catwalk to sidewalk, Maybelline New York can be seen on the face of women everywhere. Started with a small, family-owned business to today's no.1 colour cosmetics brand in the world and also Malaysia, Maybelline New York allowed women to express themselves through makeup for the past 10 decades beautifully. In year 1915, inspired by his sister Mabel, Thomas L. Williams developed a mail-order lash and brow beautifier called Lash-Brow-ine. In year 1950, Maybelline introduced the first ever mass market automatic mascara - Magic Mascara and also became one of the first cosmetics brand to advertise on TV. In year 1990, here created the famous slogan of Maybelline New York's "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline." I can still remember the sound of the TVC. Till present, Maybelline New York achieved so much more than being just a makeup brand.

So here are some photos from the show which showed the iconic looks of the past 10 decades ( I missed out some looks due to blurry photos) and I really love the 1920s!

1920s Fierce Flapper

1940s The Pin Up

1950s Bombshell Glamour

1960s Mod Rocker

1970s Disco Diva

2000s The Socialite

And here comes the Future - Glam Goddess

Stevensunny hand-created all these 10 looks, and each of them are significant to their respective eras. Well done!

And during Maybelline New York's 100th Birthday Party, the winner of the "Maybelline Look of Today" contest was announced too. Maybelline Malaysia organized the contest on Instagram, where the fans were invited to upload a selfie of the day which expressed themselves through Maybelline New York's makeup. 100 participants were selected exclusively and were invited to this birthday party. The winner went home with RM1000 worth of Maybelline products and the looks were re-created by Stevensunny and comes with a dress that I would love to own!

Talk about touch-up your makeup anywhere anytime!

The birthday party ended with hand claps and selfies. There are so many pretty ladies attended the party with stunning looks and a lot of them really put in effort in dressing up according to the dress code. My makeup muse of the day was Twiggy and I literally living the 60s that day!

it took me an hour to complete my makeup that day
It's not easy living as Twiggy it seems. 

With my girl Arisa at the event.

New York in the 60s!

Thank you Maybelline New York for all the wonderful cosmetics that letting women express themselves through colours. Our confidences were built, our faces glow in pride and joy as being a woman of today. Thanks for the past 100 years and here for another 100 years to come!

Happy 100th Birthday Maybelline New York!

Stay update with the latest news of Maybelline New York by following Maybelline Malaysia's official Facebook page and instagram:

Maybelline Malaysia's Official Facebook Page

Maybelline Malaysia's Instagram

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Snowie's 2nd Birthday

18th of May is the birthday of my brothers' husky - Snowie! They went to bought cupcakes for dog and held a mini birthday party at home for her.

Happy birthday to you Snowie! Although sometimes you may be a little bit ignorant towards my calling, can't stop drooling beside me when I was eating, or you purposely go to the bathroom for no.2 business when you know my brother a.k.a 铲屎官 just leave the house and leave you under my care... But thank you so much for your company. You made coming home a warm and fluffy one!

You know that we love you to bits right? 

Here's to many more years to come! 

Okay you may eat your cupcakes now!