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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MAZE, Menara Lien Hoe, Tropicana

In my secondary school Form 3 year, I've spent time reading famous english literature/gothic novella "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" which story setting is in the 1800s and truly amazed by the settings and also the story plot. This novella has such a huge impact that it has become a part of a language with the very phrase "Jekyll and Hyde" which means person who is vastly different in character from one situation to another. 

And I couldn't help but thought of this phrase when I visited MAZE some time earlier.

Coffee saloon by day, gin parlour by night (which is the first gin parlour in Malaysia by the way), MAZE's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" concept of transforming an elegant cake-and-coffee haven to the European velvet-cloaked glamourous gin parlour is mesmerizing. Located above CHAZE (MAZE's sister restaurant), even the entrance to MAZE is a tad bit mysterious as customers will have to access to the stair located inside CHAZE in order to reach MAZE (hence the name MAZE, geddit?)

Coated in velvet and fur with a touch of sophisticated decoration here and there, thanks to Jean for the invitation that me, Fei and Lisa were to enjoy our late afternoon here with high tea sets, gossips and laughter. It's been a while since I last saw both Jean and Lisa hence this is definitely a perfect timing to catch up what's going on in each other's life. 

Glamour interiors of MAZE:

While escaping from the afternoon heat of Malaysia weather, we're savouring the "Fruitful Summer" high tea set that comes with tea of choice/ long black or latte. I really like the name of the tea set, feels that what I'm wearing is totally in synced with the theme. Here's our choice of beverages that comes with high tea set:

Lisa's Eternal Summer Tea, with a hint of peach 

Jean's choice - Alexandria that's subtly scented with rare mint and Mediterranean corn flower 

Fei's Long Black, but it tasted a bit over roasted hence we're not fond of the bitterness.

My Latte, I needed more caffeine on that day else I would've go for TWG refillable tea which have 12 types of tea to choose from

We had some time savouring our coffee and tea before presented with the high-tea set:

Tad bit sad because our set doesn't come with ethereal fairy lights like others have
But none the less this look like an island with a coconut tree ain't it? Perfect for the name "Fruitful Summer"

Maze Hi-Tea Set Menu RM78++

Smoke Duck Canape,
Mediterranean Sandwich
Smoke Salmon Sandwich

Butter croissant with Salted Egg Yolk Dip
Peanut Butter Danish
Mixed Fruit Tart
Dark Hazelnut Tart
Passion fruit Meringue Tart
Macaroon (Assorted Flavours)

Let's feast!

My favourite from the tea set is actually soft butter croissant sans salted egg yolk dip (it is too "sandy" for my liking). The croissant taste buttery and soft ( maybe some like your croissant crispy?) that each and every bite is heavenly even without the dip. I can eat 3 of that I think lol. Macaroons tasted delicious too as it is not too sweet yet filled with creamy smooth chocolate cream fillings. Yums. 

Happily savouring chocolate flavoured macaroon 🍫

Cute girls with cute appetite

This is where the bitchy yumcha session starts~

We literally spent more than two hours at MAZE, chatting and eating those handmade sweet and savoury delicacies and photo-taking, creating memories on this fine day to remember. The dim yellow lighting, heavy velvet curtains, comfy huge sofas are making all of us relax and enjoying the moment. Keep seeing waiters walk over and ask if the girls wanna refill their TWG tea, which is very attentive and friendly. 

Sadly we're unfit to try out MAZE's gin cocktails as they offered add-on cocktails for just RM26. Most of us are alcohol-intolerance(me and Fei) and Jean were having migraine previously hence better restrict alcohol intake. It will be awesome for gin lovers to visit MAZE and try out some of the gin from over 100 gin labels that come from all over the world.

Girls cannot resist temptation of cake lol

No clue of what expression I'm having here but here's a group photo of us
Thank you Fei 💕

For more information:

MAZE Official Website

1st Floor, Menara Lien Hoe,
No 8 Persiaran Tropicana, Petaling Jaya,
Malaysia, 47410

Phone: +60103222888

Monday - Sunday10:00 am - 1:00 am
Friday10:00 am - 2:00 am
Saturday11:00 am - 2:00 am

Friday, July 21, 2017

Product Review: Wanderlust Things Unicorn Face Brush

Some of us do believe in fairies, mermaids and unicorns, even when we're adults. I do believe in magical fairytales and that got my friends dissing me for being childish and unrealistic. Life is tough for everybody and I guess each of us lost track of that magical feeling that we once own when we're a child. 

I don't wanna lose this magical feeling I have inside of me everytime I saw beautiful scenery of mother nature, interesting stuff and happenings, surrounded by amazing people, listen to music that gives me goosebumps etc... I wanna be someone who appreciate small little things in life with passion burning inside of me. 

And I'm thankful to have these magical unicorn face brushes to remind me everyday that how amazing I am and how beautiful I'm gonna be. I guess this is the magic of these unicorn brushes that make all the girls on internet goes crazy. This totally break the internet as I've seen many makeup artists and internet celebrities were sharing and asking this unicorn face brushes.

I got these brushes from Wanderlust Things at Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party, me and my friends go all "OH-EM-GEEEEE" when we saw this inside our birthday bag! This set of unicorn face brushes contains:
  • Powder Brush
  • Finishing Powder Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Contour Brush
  • Blending Brush

I've been applying my makeup with my fingers all along because I'm unable to find suitable brushes that I feel comfortable with and are soft that don't hurt my skin. Some synthetic bristles brushes are so harsh I can feel stinging feelings when I try them on that's why I don't really bother looking for a set. Then come this set of unicorn face brushes that totally change my perception on brushes, them bristles as soft as unicorn fur!!!

Trying them on, I've done my another makeup look using these brushes and I will call this look - Unicorn Makeup look!

Pink eyebrows, shiny eyelids, magical purple-ish highlight with these brushes!

So here's the list of makeup products I've used for this unicorn makeup look:

  • Face:
- Foundation: 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Natural Ivory
- Concealer: I'm Meme Concealer in Vanilla
- Highlight: NARS in Reckless 
- Blusher: Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné Indigo Palette (Pink Blush)

  • Eyes: 
- Eyeshadow: Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné Indigo Palette (Shiny Lime)
- Eyebrow: Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné Indigo Palette (Pink Blush)
- Eyeliners: Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
- Mascara: Maybelline in Big Eyes Mascara

  • Lips:
- Lipstick: 3CE Lip Pigment in Mellow Pink

Watch this unicorn look video:

I'm really loving this unicorn makeup look, it gives me a sweet and magical vibes with the pink eyebrows, shiny eyelids and almost holographic cheek highlight! It's not over the top kinda makeup, and suitable for everyday, casual look with white tee and jeans. Would you try this look?

For more information:

Wanderlust Things Official Website

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Girl

When I went to Melvin's newly open Atelier Prive Melson designer boutique located at Intermark for a shoot, I fell in love with this dress at the first sight and I was thinking: I'm gonna get this dress for my next event! Then guess what? It's all about attracting positive energy into your life and law of attraction really does work, I was invited to a grand media launch and my wishful thinking of wearing this dress came true!

My casual style consist of tee shirt and jeans and occasionally summer dress/ tee shirt dress, but sometimes I would love to channel my feminine side and this is it - long, flowy layered lace dress with high collar, big bow and brooch details in bold forest green colour. I can feel this dress is speaking to me through the laces and details. 

Big lace bow and flower brooch detail

To me, forest green is a very calming tropical colour which resembles both resilient energy and summer elegance. For someone who is not into loud colours like orange or yellow, I prefer this forest green lace dress if I were to channel my tropical vibes into colour. The layered laces flowing along my each movement reminds me of wind embracing tree leaves and I'm just feeling myself dancing with the wind.

My recent fav white pointy toe pumps!

I paired this lace long dress with a pair of white pointy toe pumps and some silver/transparent/white accessories so that it wouldn't be some loud pieces that tries to takeover my outfit spotlight. Green and white combination is just nice, like a breeze in the woods, don't you think so?

PUMPS: Nile 
WATCH: Chanel
BRACELET: Thomas Sabo

In order to look better wearing a dress like this, glowing and radiant skin is a must. That's why I try to consume as much fruits and vegetables as well as stay hydrated throughout the day. Skin is our largest human organ but we often neglect it, I take care of my face more than other parts of my body and I kinda feel guilty about it sometimes. I try to look for something that is good to my skin, and this is it: apricots!

One of world's healthiest fruit - Apricots
Contains tons of Vitamin C and A which benefits our skin

And what's better than apricots? Dettol Deep Cleanse Apricot Body Deep Cleansing series!

The new apricot deep cleanse series from Dettol

Thanks to RB Malaysia and Bridges PR for the invitation, I am among the first to try out this brand new apricot deep cleanse series from Dettol. Comes in body wash and soap bar form, this deep cleanse series contains 100% natural apricot micro-scrubbing beads as exfoliants, it effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving me a brighter skin complexion. 

I've done a small test with this deep cleanse series and surprisingly after exfoliates and cleansing, my skin's moisture value went up from 34.4% to 51.9%. It can be use everyday without worry that skin will dry out and with its micro beads, it deep cleanse my pores, leaving no dirt and oil residue on my skin so my skin renewal rate is speed up and skin looks radiant and healthy. Did I mention that this deep cleanse series comes in fresh apricot smell?

With teenage social media celebrity Nur Aisyah binti Mohd Razip, a.k.a Cupcake Aisyah

With Nana Mahazan from Akademi Fantasia 1 and host of TV shows in TV9

Healthy, delicious smelling skin for/after an active day out, this is the perfect tropical vibes that I'm looking for!

For more information:
Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash
225ml RM6.90
850ml RM20.25
800ml refill pack RM15.67

Bar Soap 
105g RM10.45 (3+1)

*Available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets