Thursday, July 31, 2014

Luxurious Stanzo

Visiting a furniture store is one of my favourite since years ago although it's not like I manage to own my own house yet but, it gaves me the perfect imagination world of how my dream house will be in the future. There's one point I dreamt of living with my best friends with cool furniture around, we can talk and laugh and cook for each other in a house that is so comfortable with all the cool and pretty furniture of our choice.

Last Saturday, kinda had my dream turns into reality for 2 hours as me, Jean and Lisa were invited to attend the latest luxurious furniture showroom's grand opening - Stanzo Collection.

Located at the 2nd floor of 1MK (One Mont Kiara), it is one luxurious yet comfortable showroom. The word "Stanzo" or "Stanza" means room in Italian. Stanzo Collection literally means Room Collection. The showroom are divided into spaces which equivalent to room in a house to make you feel literally like at your own home. Currently showcasing "Songdream" and "Prostoria" collections which two well-known international furniture brands, Stanzo Collection manage to blend each piece of furniture with the space, creating a whole new concept of living with what Stanzo Collection have to offer. 

"Songdream" is more to contemplative environment living style with a strong hint of Zen in their furniture pieces. Its complete range of furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, room dividers, chairs, bookcases, dining tables and more will be love by Zen-concept lovers. Western-based "Prostoria" which origin from Croatia are more to clean and sleek design with the mixture of calm palettes accentuated with passionate red or lively green or yellow. "Prostroria's" multifunctional sofa model "Uplift" had won the German Design Council's Prestigious Interior Innovation Award, totally owning up reputation of versatility for the brand.

Simple & nice bedroom

This is one super cool book rack!

Feel the Zen-ness in the furniture of "Songdream"

This dining table reminds me of the dining table in my old house, where all of my family member will be seated right at 8pm for dinner. The lovely warmth feeling of furniture.

This first showroom of Stanzo Collection offers a wide range of office and residential furnishing, in an affordable price and diversity in choice, customers will be spoilt with various choices. Stanzo Collection showroom arranged each and every piece of furniture they have to offer in their own distinctive space, letting customers able to visualize how the furniture will look like in a real home. You felt literally like home, that's how I felt!

Comfy sofa!

Zen-concept living room

The mixture of wood and vibrant colours, bring out the liveliness in your home.

These monotone pieces are so vogue!

different chairs, different mood.
Choosing one is a difficult task to set the right mood for your sweet home.
I want all!

Buy one sofa get one pretty girl for free. :P LOL.

Super love this futuristic lighting by Hauz Lighting.
Available at Stanzo Collection!

It was such a fun place to be with friends and families.
Thank you Jean and Lisa for such wonderful time!

Stanzo Collection, the perfect ingredient to create your own exclusive home and workplace!

For more information about Stanzo Collection:

Address: Unit 2-3, 2-3A1 Mont Kiara Mall , 1 Jalan Kiara Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone : +6017-205 7885

Email :

Website :

FB :

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Star Cruise Superstar Libra Trip

Clearing backlog time! Is all about the Star Cruise trip I won during a model competition and I was freaking excited to go because I never went before! Always heard people talk about Star Cruise and all but I have no idea how it feels to be on the cruise like but I do now! After some long planning, decided to went there during March! It was a long vacation, which I'm dying for one now!

En route!

Thanks to Hwajing Travel company which gave us a clear guide for this trip, we have all the sufficient information about the Star Cruise trip. Including where to park, where to go, what can we do during the trip etc. It was a short 2 days 1 night (or should I say 1 day 1 night???) trip which worth bout RM200++ per person if I was not wrong. RM78 head tax per person are excluded. Since I won the trip, so we just paid for the head taxes and enjoy our trip. 

There are many types of Star Cruises package, for the Superstar Libra, it will be a 1 night trip out to the open sea and back to the pier next morning. All happening at Penang, so we have to drive all the way to Penang on boarding day itself. And there goes our first day of long vacation yayy!

parked our car here.

Monument roundabout located just outside the pier.

First thing to do after parked our car is to go to Swettenham Pier and check-in before boarding. Everyone have to go to their respective counter and check-in to get your very own i.d card to be used on the cruise because they don't accept cash for all your expenses. Cash are only allowed in casinos, but not restaurants or duty free shops or drinks in the bars. I'm already super excited when I reach the pier I can't wait to board on the cruise already!

First star cruise trip, I'm coming!!!

Oh, did I tell you that this card also serves as your room key?
So it's super duper important. If you lose it, imagine how destructive it will be!
People can swipe and buy anything they want! So be extra careful.

After queue up for baggage checking + body check, time for boarding.

This thing freaks me out!

I ran to see the cruise after the custom check, and the cruise is so freaking huge! And this is the only portion my camera able to fit it in a frame. lol.

Friendly staffs welcoming us and colourful balloons!
Here we go!

Basically it's a free and easy 1 night trip, with programmes lineup and buffet for dinner and next morning's breakfast. We get to choose which restaurant to go to, oriental cuisine or international buffet. Boarding time starts from 6pm and closes at 9pm ( if I'm right), the cruise will start sailing at 9pm, and that's when all casinos inside the cruise starts operating. First thing first, find our room and put our bags in the room.

How our room looks like! Old hair dryer some more.

Liking this drawing in our room!

Basically it feels like hotel room, but a super small hotel room. Feeling kinda vintage to me due the stuff in the room and bathroom which were quite used and aged. But you know, I feel it's much better than Jack Dawson's room in Titanic hahaha. So yea, still feeling grateful with the room! The scenes in Titanic keep replaying in my mind, I really do hope it was a romantic one like that. (But nah! Lol. )

All the decks. 

My favourite deck of all - Deck 9!

Lots of families and uncles aunties were on board. It became less romantic with kids running and screaming around, less romantic where there's people staring at my hair like I'm a freak, less romantic when the international buffet that serves as dinner sucks, less romantic when the air filled with smokes that came out from the cruise's funnel and I'm coughing nonstop. The romantic expectation became broken pieces just like that. Gahhh. 

Beautiful sunset nonetheless

superb view of George Town under sunset sky from the deck

Lifeboat aside

tell me how to maintain good looking hair with strong wind blowing.

Sun sets, lights on!

So basically, it's dinner time from 6pm - 8:45pm, we chose the international buffet as our dinner because we don't feel like eating oriental that night. But who would've thought that the food at the buffet sucks badly, nothing much to elaborate about. Luckily I scooped two big spoons of salmon salad, some mutton and beef, a bowl of cream soup and bread, that concludes my dinner for the night. Not much selection available, so much is the name international buffet. lol.

After the dinner, we skipped the emergency evacuate training at the deck and hide in our room after it ends, then there goes the cruise started sailing right at 9pm! Spent some time napping in room due to exhaustion from sleep deprived the night before, and we went out for a walk under the starlight at 2am in the morning. lol.

Everything looks better under starlight!

Okay la, finally some "romantic" kinda feeling.

This is how huge the propeller of this cruise is!!!!

You ask where are all the people, hah! They're all gambling in the casinos. No cameras allowed in the casino, so no photos. But they have all sorts of game, and the minimum betting are as low as RM10! Played a hand or two but lady luck wasn't at my side. Boo! Drank all the free chilled milo available at the counter hahaha.

No photo of casino, so here's something outside the casino. lol.

Continue sleep till breakfast time because we've done exploring around, visited casino and got nothing to do anymore. Feeling a lil bit seasick that time when the cruise start sailing, but feeling better after some sleep. Not really sure is because of tiredness or seasickness, but after a good few hours sleep, everything is good. Time for some awesome morning breakfast.

The cruise reached the pier around 6am, that time we're still sleeping I guess, so after breakfast we managed to roam around for a lil while more before we get off the cruise that concludes our 1 day 1 night trip.

sleep deprived face lol

Thank you for such a wonderful memories Superstar Libra!

I missed out some programmes like magic show and live band performance due to my seasickness nap, but I'll remember how it feels like to lie down on the top deck and watch the starry sky as if everything is just perfect, how the waves sounds like in the middle of the night that calms my soul. It was really, really a good experience that I think everyone should really experience once in their lifetime. I hope that next time I'm able to go for a longer trip with Star Cruise, possibly a much, much more romantic one I wish! Haha.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hop Hop Cafe, SS18

Happy Birthday to me!!! Last week (or 2 weeks ago) was my birthday, nothing fancy happened that day but managed to celebrate my birthday with a bunch of rabbits at Hop Hop Cafe which located at Subang SS18!!! Thank you for bringing me there Mr. K!

I forgot to snap the whole interior of the cafe and also the how the shop looks like from the outside, but it's a pet friendly cafe, feel free to bring your pets there (but limited to outdoor only I think). My major intention is to spend time with the bunnies there, so I forgot about everything. Literally forgot to snap my cup of Iced Mocha too! My cup of Iced Mocha costs about RM15, but I saw there's donation to some animal rescue association thingy with the earnings, so I guess is indirectly money well spent and doing good deeds at the same time.

I reached there about 2pm+, and there was rabbit resting time!!! From 2pm - 4pm, and 7pm - 9pm, there's this rabbit resting time where you cannot go into the rabbit room/enclosure/place/box/space/whateveryouwannacallit and pet the rabbit. They are rabbits not toys, they need to rest also although they do nothing for the whole day. lol. And also, kitchen only opens during lunch and dinner time, no afternoon tea bites for guests, only cakes available. Frustrated but nothing I can do but only wait till the time passes so I can finally go inside to pet the rabbits.

like a fake one isn't?


Each rabbit have different personalities, some like to hop here and there, chew on everything being so naughty, some are so lazy they sleep alot, some are so emo they just hide at corner and look at their surroundings, some just keep eating all the time, some like to hide in their safe house etc etc. So fun looking at each of them doing their thing.

Feeding time!

can I put you in my garden fake rabbit?

He looks forever emo. Kesian.

Nom nom nom eat all the hays~ 

kiss kiss *awww~

what a relaxing day~

Feeling stressful from everyday's life is a very good reason to visit rabbit cafe or cat cafe because just by looking at them, your worries and stress will slowly go away. Looking at them eat drink play sleep reminds me of how to go back to the fundamental needs of a living being, without thinking too hard trying too hard to be a somebody in life. I'm glad I found the reason to keep moving on in life all over again!

To another year of awesomeness haha!

Last but not least....

This can be the I.C/passport photo of this rabbit haha!

For more information:

Hop Hop Cafe Facebook Page

7, JALAN SS18/6, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia