Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Savvy Spa Pedicure, Apronbay Bangsar

How do I de-stress myself? Some may even ask: you got stress meh? LOL Of course I have! I'm human too right???  Stuck in traffic jam, rushing here and there, worrying bout issues in life, although I may look happy on the outside but I definitely needed something to cheer me up and lead me back on track. So I've decided to have a pampering pedicure session at Apronbay located at Bangsar. 

Greeted by smiley faces of Apronbay prompts a good start of a pampering session. Ashley, owner of Apronbay has the warmest smile on her face whenever you visit, she comes over and we had some small chat bout this and that, making my single-pedicure-session more enjoyable.

Yays to steaming hot tea on the week you can't have anything cold
They serve fizzy orange juice too which I love! 

Tools and stuff

Time to remove my previous nail colour

I had my pedi done previously at Apronbay too and Ashley was super amazed that they are still in a super good condition! I must say they have very quality service which my pedicure lasted for 2 months+ and still looking good! While the lady was removing my pedicure, Ashley stood there and ask bout my desired pedicure style. We discussed in details like the colours, shape, designs etc, she gave me advices and suggestions to make sure I have something that I want and yet looks good on toe nails. After we came to a decision, it's time for some awesome pampering pedicure session.


Life can't be more chillax than this: sipping tea while getting pedicure done!

Warm soak

After soak, here's to scrub off all calluses I have on my feet!

Followed by luminating scrub

then rejuvenating mask were applied 

and wrap it up!

Looking at all the photos I felt like my legs are being prep before cooking into a dish hahahaha. The lady takes treating my leg very seriously like prepping a five star cuisine. I love how serious she is, that means my legs and nails were taken seriously and I can't wait to see the end result!

Continue back to the process of The Savvy Spa Pedicure:

Nail prep

Cutting off excessive cuticles, the part I'm afraid most!

I've had bad manicure and pedicure experience when inexperience manicurist cut those cuticles off my nail bed areas and were way too deep! Sometimes there's even blood after those manicurist finished with cuticles nipper session. And I can't express how pain it is to have injured nail folds soak into water or when applying cuticle oil. Thank god Apronbay manicurist is so well-trained, there are not even slightest of tingling pain during my pedicure session this time. Yays! *continue sips hot tea lol*

My favourite part of all - massage

And did I tell you that The Savvy Spa Pedicure package comes with a rich and blissful leg massage with Au-Naturale Safari Rose oil? If there's a climax in a pedicure session like how movies do, I guess I'll label this massage as the climax! *makes me missing those awesome massage in Bangkok even more!*

After a session of relaxing foot massage, here comes applying lacquer on my toe nails.

Base oil

Drawing the reverse french design that I request.

Blow drying

I've done silver glitter nails at few places but none of them let my nails shine as much as Apronbay did! The layers they applied on my nails, and also making sure they cover each and ever mm of nails in glitters, the details in applying nail colours and drawing the design is awesome. They really won my heart over with all these five star service they gave to their customer!

Here's the manicure and pedicure package list

Ashley told me that their Royal Repair Feet Treatment is the best seller as customers are able to see the difference immediately after the treatment. A perfect solution if you have serious calluses problem on your feet. Try it and see the difference by yourself!

I love my toe nails to the max!
Thank you Apronbay!

For more details about Apronbay:

Apronbay Official Website

Apronbay Official Facebook Page

Address: Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +603 2287 8081

Friday, August 21, 2015

How To Achieve Modelesque Skin

Since high school, my combination oily skin have been giving me all the confusion I don't need when it comes to skin care and cleansing routine. In order to control my oily skin and yet doesn't dry out other skin areas, I tried so many skin care products to date. Some made my face oily like a frying pan smeared with oil some dries out my skin and prompt to more breakouts. T_T

As time goes by, I get to attend more events and got more modeling jobs, and skin care plays a vital part in model's clear skin which you have to be presentable anytime, anywhere. Yes, walking on runways may seem easy for some, but behind-the-scene is where all the hard works are. With all the makeups covering my face almost everyday of the week, it is super hard to get clear skin at some days (especially before menstrual cycle!)

These are my makeup essentials on days when I did makeup on my own

Here are some looks I did whenever I go for my fittings, events, interviews etc. Nowadays, interviewers prefer light makeup, means light smokey eyes without any fake lashes or heavy coverage foundation.

Makeup for fitting

Makeup for outings

Makeup for shoots

Day makeup

Night makeup or special occasions

On some days, I feel lazy when I reach home late at night. Lazy to bath, lazy to remove layers and layers of makeup. I wanna just head to my bed and sleep. Complicated skincare routines does make me feel more exhausted sometimes I just can't!!! I just want something simple like 1-2-3 and that's it, fresh clean skin for the night!

Is there skin care products that goes 1-2-3 and gaodim!!!

3 steps skincare routine? Of course!

Clean & Clear 1-2-3 skincare!

I bet most of Malaysian girls who born from the 80s used this! I really love how easy the skincare routine is for lazy girls like me. There's this saying: No ugly girls in this world but lazy girls. True that! No matter how lazy you are, you just have to clean your face day and night, and with Clean & Clear's easy 3 steps skincare routine, lazy girls like me can still achieve modelesque skin! 

First step- Essential Foaming Facial Wash

Wet your palm and lather the foaming facial wash till bubbles all over your hand

Cover your face with all the bubbles and slowly rub in upwards circular motion, then rinse it off

2nd Step - Essentials Oil Control Toner

There said apply on facial cotton then pat on your face but I'm lazy I directly pour into my palm and gently pat on face.

pat gently over your face till fully absorb

One thing I like about this toner is its refreshing scent and lightweight water that let my skin absorbs so fast and feels supple at the same time. It works deep in pores, control oil and also prevent pimples and formation of blackheads. 

Last step - Essentials Moisturizer

My pea size is bigger than yours hahaha because I have bigger face

Apply the moisturizer all over your face

don't forget to moisturized your neck area as well!

This lightweight moisturizer moisturizes my face without leaving any greasiness on skin and same as the toner, it absorbs quickly into my skin and after these 3 simple steps of skin care, my skin feels refreshed, clean and moisturized! Super easy to get modelesque skin right? You just have to do it everyday, simple 3 steps, and you'll have clean and clear skin in no time!

Thank you so much Clean & Clear for creating products as simple as 1-2-3 for girls like me!

Get your Clean & Clear regime kit (easy to travel anywhere with!) with RM5 discount off when you play Clean & Clear's Facebook game and get a discount voucher from it! Great way to start caring your skin and look modelesque anytime anywhere!

Play Clean&Clear Facebook Game HERE!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Butter + Beans, Taman Overseas Union (OUG)

I pretty guess it was destined that me and The Owls Cafe are not meant to be, hence the 3rd time I try to go there still ends in cafe has already made their last call and soon to be close. Me, Peiyue and Kamsao had literally no idea what cafe available around, so we plan to google it up and found this Butter + Beans cafe located at Taman OUG. 

It was located at the two rows of shops nearby OUG's morning market, quite easy to find the shop but kinda hard to find a good spot to park cars without certain level of driving skills. (Unpretentious-ly praising own selvesdriving skill Lololol) 

Smoking and outdoor areas

The interiors 

The place was somewhat artistic and you can find bear motif everywhere. Very woody element kinda feeling. We're quite hungry that time and we tried to order some hot food but too bad they only serve light food, so we ordered these: 

Hot Americano, RM7

Hot Chocolate, RM7.90 

Iced Chocolate, RM11 

I really like their chocolate drinks as they are made from Belgium Varlhona chocolate which made each cup of chocolate drinks so rich and tasteful. Paired with full cream milk and without any sugar added, my cup of iced chocolate truly is a cuppa for chocolate drink lovers!

Salmon Quiche, RM11

Mushroom Ham Quiche, RM11 

I've not eaten a quiche before, in my mind I thought they're something hard and crunchy like pie but these 7-minutes-reheat quiches proved me wrong. They are soft and creamy in texture and their crunchy crust just made every bite more exciting. I like the Salmon Quiche more mushroom ham ones because the you can literally taste salmon and blends of chili flakes which bring out the taste and it wasn't boring to eat at all! A must try if you're a quiche person I guess. 

Last but not least, Butterscotch Walnut Cake, RM11 

The cake was quite average, but good thing is that it's not too sweet and the walnuts are crunchy. Perfect combination with coffee or tea during teatime. 

We had some pretty good chitchat time over there. The waiters are friendly and very helpful, it was really a pleasant visit at Butter + Beans. Definitely will go back for their salmon quiche in the future! And We spotted a sleeping bear on the rack: 

So cute! 

Butter + Beans

Japan Hujan Rahmat 3, 
Taman Overseas Union, 
58200, KL.
(Same row as Star Village) 

Mon-Wed & Fri-Sun: 11am - 12am 
Thursday: 11am - 6pm (pasar malam)