Monday, September 29, 2014

ChiChi & ChaCha

As I always believe, the world is a complicated place as it always been. The things that we get in touch with, leaves impression and affect our lives in a long period sometimes. That's why choosing the right medium of entertainment for our young ones is one serious matter and not to take it too lightly as the wrong entertainment will shape the next generation in a wrong way. 

2 years is not a short period, and it is the time that's been used to produced Malaysia's very first local children edutainment programme for the kids of Malaysia called "ChiChi & ChaCha", Education + Entertainment is the new way of learning for the modern generation kids and this live action and 3D animated characters edutainment series is going to be on air soon on Astro Ceria Channel 611 and Astro Maya HD Channel 135.

I'm glad to be introduced to ChiChi & ChaCha last week and be at their launch at a beautiful restaurant cafe called Talent Lounge.

Lots of kids were invited to the launch, they are all excited to see the sneak preview of ChiChi & ChaCha. The launch took part on a breezy afternoon, and we adults were eager to see the production that took 2 years to present in front of our eyes and our next generation. Cheerful host started the programme at the launch.

Heart warming speech by Jojo Struys

ChiChi & Chacha is the intellectual property of  Big Fish Media, a joint venture between Educate to Learn (e2L) and Kyanite TV. Kyanite TV has been the premier production house in Malaysia which involved in some high end quality productions like Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizam (Astro), Chalk & Cheese (AFC), Letting Go with Jojo Struys (Mediacorp), Yuna Inspired (Astro) and many more. Jojo Struys being the Executive Producer of Big Fish Media, says that ChiChi & ChaCha will be more than just an entertainment for the Children of our generation. It combines education of wide variety topics which is high quality as well as meaningful to watch. She wanted to create a childhood memory that we Malaysian are familiar with, instill with positive thinking and way of life through ChiChi & ChaCha and live a happy childhood with all the positive energy that's been surrounding the children.

cute interaction between adult and kids

Vice President of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is one of the proud supporter for this production of Big Fish Media "We at MDeC are always looking to support and encourage our Malaysian companies to think outside of the box and we would like to truly show the international community that we are capable of creating great things. I'm proud to endorse the vision and goals of Big Fish Media and would like to wish them best of luck in this noble endeavour." He said. "Children of 80s grew up with beautiful memories such as Micky Mouse and Sesame Street as a child, those are entertainment that somehow more or less shaped us into what we are when we grew up, we want something good to be share with Malaysian kids, and this is the goal of ChiChi & ChaCha, for Malaysian children to grow up together with. " He added.

Sneak peak of ChiChi & ChaCha were showed during the launch

Suddenly, the launch became so lively because the 5 energetic hosts were on the stage, dancing and singing with all the guests that were present at the launch. They are Sweet, Harris, Afeiq, Leen and Farisha. They may be at a young age but all of them have already been in the showbiz industry for so many years, they can sing and dance so well!

look who's here!

Group pic time

ChiChi & ChaCha will be on air on 11th October 2014, 10:30a.m. on Astro Ceria Channel 611 and Astro Maya HD Channel 135. The programme will be in Bahasa Malaysia at the moment, which is a perfect introduction of Bahasa Malaysia to your kids. There's already plan to create this format in English but it will be in the next phase. Papa and Mama, you don't have to worry of what your kids been watching anymore when you leave them with ChiChi & ChaCha!

For more information:

ChiChi & ChaCha Official Facebook Page

Friday, September 26, 2014

Golden Half

Finally, I decided to purchase a lomo camera that I've been eyeing for quite some years - Golden Half. Although I know that lomo cameras are not that expensive comparing to DSLR, but owning one is more like want than need, but nonetheless, I had one now! *weeee~!!!*

Golden Half

Had to give thanks to luck for me owning this, because if it wasn't for Tammy moving out from her place and decided to sell this camera for price lower than retail, I think I wouldn't be such impulsive in telling her that I want it immediately after I saw the stuff she selling in her Facebook album.

She's letting go both Golden Half, but I chose the Original design as I love how simple and clean it looked. I guess I'm not really a fancy kinda person nowadays. Is it a sign of ageing and try to be as practical when your age hits you? lol.

Small and cute!

This is my first film camera after such long time. I remember playing with one when I was small, probably 4 or 5 years old, and that camera got stollen when a robber entered our house and stole our valuables including the film camera. Film camera does give me a lot of nostalgic emotion, when loading the film into this Golden Half, it feels like photography done right. The feeling is incredibly good.

It wasn't easy to get this baby working. First, due to Malaysia's weather, the rubber coating of this camera starting to melt and it becomes so sticky, but I guess it's fine for me as I will try to pimp it up or use alcohol/thinner to rub the rubber coating off soon. Then, loading the film and getting the film counter to work for the first time makes me paranoid as the counter wouldn't work. They say if the counter wouldn't work, the camera will be useless. Thank god I took out the film and reload once again and the counter starting to run! But for sure the first few photos of this roll of film gonna be wasted. Let's see.

I love the slogan of lomography which sounds like "Don't think just shoot it!". I guess that capturing something beautiful doesn't require any skill or high tech gadgets at all, as long as your heart feels that it is beautiful, so it is. Can't wait to finish shooting with this roll of film and develop it! I hope it doesn't turn out all to be blank or too horrible to look at.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Délicieux Miam Miam

Meet up with my girl Peiyue last night, decided to try Miam Miam which located at One Utama. I've been wanting to try this restaurant ever since its opening at last, wish come true. I never noticed that Miam Miam actually means yummy in French. (laughing at myself for all the wasted French lessons) Until I browse through their menu, only I realized Miam Miam is actually a French restaurant. Pardon moi. *cough cough*

The restaurant was quite crowded on a weekday, we were seated at a two seats table along the wall. Their waiters are quite attentive, perhaps a lil bit too attentive when they keep on wanting to clean away our plates and there are still some unfinished spaghetti left which I'm eating. Anyway, their menu is quite simple, pretty good for people who have selection difficulties. Since its our first time, we ordered something from every course. Appetizer, main, and dessert, some are their recommended or house specialty.  

Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee (RM13.80++)

I'm not really fond of Matcha due to its "green grass" taste but somehow this Matcha Latte and Matcha Softee is quite to my liking. It's sweeter, the green taste is not that strong but present, perhaps I shall order this on my next visit!

Iced Cafe Au Lait (RM10.80++)

When I first saw the waiter send to me this cup of coffee, I was like: It looks so white I can imagine all the milk taste only... But I was so wrong! The mixture of hand drip coffee and steamed milk is just perfect, syrup can be added on your own preference, it was such a nice cup of coffee for those who cannot take strong caffeine during night time.

Clam Chowder (RM11.80++)
You know how Chinese refer to soup that is boiled for hours and added a lot of ingredients to make the soup tasteful? We refer them as "Sweet!". When you go to someone's house and their mother cooked a pot of soup which is delicious, normally you would say: Auntie, the soup you cooked is so sweet! "Sweet!" is the first ever word that came into my mind after my first sip of this clam chowder. Cooked with clams, potato, onion and carrot cubes, the soup is so comforting I would love to have another bowl. However, the buttered toast may looked tasty but was rather hard to munch, not as steaming hot as I would love it to be. 

Miam Miam Homemade Spaghetti (RM26.80++)

Didn't missed out Miam Miam's specialty Spaghetti. Their spaghetti are made in Japan instead of from the West, the cooking style of Miam Miam are rather fusion, a mixed of Japanese style instead of solely French, hence there are some Japanese ingredients such as Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) added into this plate of goodness. Spaghetti with sautéed with turkey ham, frankfurter, poached egg, various greenies, french butter and finished with sprinkles of sesame, Miam Miam Homemade Spaghetti tastes as delicious and unique as no other.

Soufflé Pancake - Cream & Cheese with Maple Syrup (RM10.80++)

labeled as "Super Délicieux" as a side note written in the menu, cheese lovers such as me and Peiyue wouldn't wanna miss out this super delicious pancake. The appearance of the pancake made us drooled even though we just finish our main. However, the higher expectation you have, the harder you fall.

I kinda wonder if the maple syrup tasted like banana sauce, the whole Soufflé Pancake tasted like banana cake after we poured the syrup onto it. It is not fluffy, and don't have strong hint of cream & cheese as I would expect it to be. Peiyue said maybe we ordered the wrong dessert, should aim for the Soufflés instead. I guessed so too, will definitely come back for the Soufflé either Matcha or Vanilla.

Total bill of the night was around RM90, quite a satisfying meal I would say except the dessert that's not really match with its description. Anyhow, we will defenitely come back for their other desserts and maybe Lobster Bisque Spaghetti that I've been eyeing on!