Saturday, August 11, 2018

You Are Made With Love

Have you ever ponder over what you're made of? Are you a peck of stardust of this 13 lightyears universe? Are you made of adventures and excitements? Are you everything you want to be? I've been thinking a lot about what I'm made of lately and of course, I do not have a definite answer for that but if I were to choose one word to describe, I'll definitely say that I am made with love.

Like lots of lots of love. 

As you see, I do not have a smooth sailing life. I come from an average (or some say: below average family), I do not have the luxury of a cellphone until I was 16 years old, I only buy few pieces of new clothings once a year, I can't choose international colleges when I graduated from high school because my family can't afford it, and I've been working part time since the age of 13 (under my own will of course because I know how important it is to earn for my own bread).

These wasn't the hardest part of my life I guess, I've been constantly shifting from this group of friends to another group of friends because we grew apart. It still saddens me once in awhile and made me think where did it all went wrong but I guess the end of those relationships marked the beginning with this group of people that I love dearest.

Just like the saying: a bad day isn't a bad life, departing from the people who can't see your worth is better than stuck there with them and feeling bad about yourself most of the time. I have lost count of all the help, supports and encouragements I've got from all these beloved faces for the past few years and ever since then, I know I'm loved by many and it established a sense of belonging that I've been craving for the longest time.

Surround yourself with people and things that matters to you (and you to them) is the crucial part how you see yourself and your value in this life. When you see the love you're surrounded by, you will try to reach for an higher achievement and never settle lesser in your requirements of life. That's why I choose Kao Laurier (been using Laurier since my teenage years) !

All new Kao Laurier packaging expresses the chic and sophisticated style

It's time to break and overcome the taboo of not talking about feminine products in public because we're in the 21st century and it is very important to spread positive awareness regarding menstruation and period talk as well as good products that helps active women maintain their challenging lifestyle. Kao Laurier Malaysia is striving to bring all smiles and happiness to women of Malaysia by producing high quality sanitary pads which makes us feel comfortable and secure all the time.

Easily differentiate day and night use packaging, these all new Laurier looks are polished with hint of style that comes with easy-to-understand information on it which definitely will brighten up my moody days ahead (or when you're trying to direct your partner to get those sanitary pads on your behalf!). And most importantly, it is made with love from all the unique research and development all the way from Japan to spark joy in a Malaysian women's life.

Never in a million years I would think that I'll have the opportunity to share with you about this favourite brand of mine. I had a blast at Kao Laurier Malaysia's roadshow in Sunway Velocity few days back and was awed by all the beautiful instagrammable set ups that kept my camera shutter clicking!

Kao Laurier Malaysia is rewarding their customers with a nationwide contest with awesome prizes from 8th Auguts - 31st October 2018! The grand prize winner will walkaway with a 5 days 4 nights all expenses paid Japan trip FOR TWO with a personal photographer as well as consolation prizes worth up to RM30,000. All you need to do is:
  1. Purchase All-New-Laurier products worth up to RM20
  2. Capture a photo of what "Made of Love" means to you with caption starts with "I feel the love when..."
  3. Upload your photo to Kao Laurier Malaysia Facebook with the hashtag #MadeWithLove and tag them. 
The most Liked photos will win!

Thank you Laurier for all these wonderful years of secure, carefree feeling and most importantly, thank you for making me feel loved even on my most depressing days! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Essentials in Life

Have you thought of what your life would be if only those essentials stuff will be left? I think it is a straightforward way to examine whether one is happy with his/her own existence. We are surrounded by materials which are consider luxurious and extra each and every day, buying things we don't need to impress people we dislike. Since when the world is distorted like this? When there's nothing more left, will you feel the way you do now, will you feel happy?

It is from my Tibet trip that I truly appreciate what I have in life. It never occurs to me that oxygen, warmth of sun, clean water, clean bathroom will be a luxurious when I was in Tibet. My body was constantly low in oxygen levels, I suffered headache and migraine, feeling nauseous, the urge of vomiting every 5 mins, wake up few rounds in the middle of the night because I can't breathe well and with nose so dry that it bleeds. Acute Mountain Sickness is real and it hits me with such an impact I can't take essentials in life for granted.

They say a trip to Tibet is life changing, it really does.

Ever since then, I've been looking at my life from a different perspective: What is it that I truly wanted and how can I make my life simple? So I start from my skincare routine because with all the traveling and hectic lifestyle, I needed something simple and effective. After 3 weeks of testing, I decided to choose Althea's Bare Essentials as my travel skincare regime because it's so simple and yet delivers good result to my skin. 

From left to right:
Contour Cleanser
Primer Water
Fixer Cream


this tube of micro bubble shots goodness

I still can recall the first time when I cleanse my face with this contour cleanser, squeaky clean with a refreshing feeling. When I check the ingredients:
  • Ice Plant
  • Lemon Verbena Leaf
It explains well about the refreshing feeling as lemon verbena leaf is one of my favourite scent! Not to mention there so many micro capsules in this tube of skin goodness it removes dirt and impurities from my skin effectively and exfoliates at the same time. Even though my body is tired from all the hectic journey, my skin glows nonetheless (hahaha what is this I know it doesn't make sense but it really does when you use this contour cleanser.)

the best skincare routine starts from a tube of good cleanser


pure and clear dewdrops

When I say simple, it is really simple, especially with this 2-in-1 Primer Water (toner and primer in one bottle), this dewy drops moisturised my skin and prep my skin for the next step. Made with Snow Lotus which is a famous plant for creating anti-oxidant, smoothens uneven skin tone, and moisture retention skincare, each and every drop of dew from this bottle penetrates into my skin, revitalise and bring out a youthful glow. 

this patented dewdrop technology retains the best of snow lotus in Primer Water


last step with 24 hour hydration

I was using this whole set of 3 step skincare throughout my Guizhou and Tibet trip, with weather as harsh as Tibet, I was surprised that my skin doesn't feel any irritation at all. When I look up to this Fixer Cream ingredients, I saw:
  • Trehalose: rehydrating and water binding properties, as well as anti-oxidant powers.
  • Green Tea: anti-inflammation
  • Baobab Tree: high in potassium, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin c, collagen.

Just when I was wondering why I wasn't feeling the bad effect of UV rays and cold winds at highlands, there lies my answer. I didn't know this jar of Fixer Cream fixed my skin problems during my journey and I am so glad I bring this set of skincare with me everywhere I go. 

24hours of hydration starts now

3 simple steps to keep me away from skincare problems, Bare Essential's effectiveness really save me from a lot of hassles that most female travellers are facing. More so, its affordability made me shook! Whole set only costs RM104.40 (that's about 25USD) it seriously made me wonder how! Then I start to understand that Althea Korea believes in great makeup comes with great skincare, that's why they make all these affordable. Plus they are cruelty free too! 

Bare Essentials, thank you for giving me peace of mind.
Now I can pack light with only these 3 simple skincare products that I feel glad and trustworthy. I'm looking forward to travel with Bare Essentials to adventurous journey that lies ahead of me.

For more information:

Monday, July 23, 2018

Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Dongchuan Red Land 東川紅土地, located 40km southeast side of Kunming city, were referred by photographers and tourists as "colour palette spilled by God". We managed to stay at this highland for 3 days 2 nights and yet we wish we could've extend our stay because this place is so serene and the sceneries were impressive. (but mainly because we couldn't get any good shots due to the weather T_T)

cold morning with heavy mist 

Unlucky us, it started raining the day we arrive, hence it was gloomy throughout our whole stay. Cold weather between 10-15 degree celsius, heat techs and jackets are a must. Gloomy weather kinda dulls the colour contrast of red soils and plantation, with no sun or clouds as background, we are kinda disappointed that we're unable to witness the beautiful oil-painting like sceneries like Van Gogh's painting.

But who says earthy tones can't be as beautiful as well?

look at the colours of red soil and plantations, with white colour houses
really looks like paintings ain't it?

September is rapeseed flower season! Super dreamy!
My very first time seeing sea of flowers. 

white rapeseed flowers are a bit rare to come by, most of the rapeseed flowers are yellow in colour

close up of dewy rapeseed flowers

rapeseed are rich in oil, they're cultivated as third largest source as vegetable oils worldwide.

Dongchuan Red Land is well known for its beautiful scenery, and different season you may encounter different type of beauty, I guess this is what drives tourists and photographers obsessed with this place. You may ask: which is the best viewpoint for Dongchuan Red Land? Here's a brief map of it:

(click to enlarge or save it for future usage)

Best place to stay: Chun Qiu Da Jiu Dian 春秋大酒店

Located just 10 mins walk from Luo Xia Gou 落霞溝 (one of the best viewpoint in my opinion), this 3 floors hotel is probably one of the best you can get around Dongchuan. Equivalent to a 2/3stars hotel, this hotel provides hot water, private bathroom with toiletries, comfortable bed, TV and wifi.  Most importantly, located beside one of the best viewpoint, you can visit Luo Xia Gou anytime, especially when the weather is as fickle as a child's emotion, you don't want to miss it when the sun decides to show up for a short period.

  • Luo Xia Gou 落霞溝
  • Da Ma Kan 打馬坎
  • Yue Pu Ao 樂譜凹
  • Qi Cai Po 七彩坡
  • Qian Nian Lao Long Shu 千年老龍樹

Luo Xia Gou 落霞溝:

This is the first viewpoint we went without knowing it's the best viewpoint. 

We arrived the hotel at 4 something late afternoon, and was told to be back at hotel by 6:30pm for dinner. As we walk further into the villages, we were so afraid to walk pass the houses because we scared dogs or geese might attack us (goose can be very nasty and attack people!). Hence we spent a lot of time dilly dallying in front of the houses trying to get pass the geese without being attack, luckily a girl who works at the hotel we were staying passes by and we followed her quickly. 

Entrance of Luo Xia Gou, through this small village, let's go!

I wonder if it's poisonous?

These two culprits blocked our way and wasted our precious time!
Why are we so afraid of geese omg!
(My mum was attacked by goose when she was young and she told me it was super painful bitten by them)

on the contrary, these farm ducks are so cute!

Having the road all by myself

beautiful pink and white flowers blooming at roadside

Roadside scenery while we're walking towards Luo Xia Gou

Thank god for this trench coat by Atelier Prive Melson, the weather was cold and this coat is just perfect to keep me warm!

Finally, we reached Luo Xia Gou viewpoint..... parking lol
I can't imagine if it was a sunny day, the scenery is gonna be so stunning I bet!

Close up shot, using 12-100mm M.Zuiko Pro Lens

And guess what, we made a funny mistake by not walking further into the area from carpark that evening where the good stuff are at! There's an actual walkway that leads to a viewing point firmly built at side of the hill for tourists and photographers. Weather got really bad for the next two days, hence on the day we're leaving Dongchuan, we're still unable to take a glance of Luo Xia Gou's full glory view.

Sigh, kinda disappointed that the mist were too heavy since our arrival boohoo

Da Ma Kan 打馬坎

Sunrise of Dongchuan red land is a must see must do things if you ever visit this place, but I wish you better luck than us because for 2 consecutive mornings, we wake up at 5am, found the sky's drizzling and yet we head to the Da Ma Kan viewpoint nonetheless, with hopes the sky will turn clear by sunrise. 

It did not. 


Rainy morning of Dongchuan is so gloomy I just had to take silly photos like this. 

I really love this photo. It gives me an isolated, out of this world kinda vibes.

no sun for us boohoo

I'll never know how Dongchuan sunrise will look like T_T

I'm kinda fascinated with windmill actually

Qian Nian Lao Long Shu 千年老龍樹

Thousand year old tree

This thousand year old tree is believe to guard the lands of Dongchuan red land, bringing prosperity to all the villagers of Dongchuan. It got struck by lightning many years back, been dead for 3 years but revived and now, standing tall and proud on this hilltop, overlooking everyone around Dongchuan with much elegance.

I'm coming to visit you old tree after I take some photo here!

passing through rapeseed flower fields to get to the hilltop

I'm wondering what the tree had witnessed, stood there for thousand years

more rapeseed flowers fields when we're heading back to our bus

Qi Cai Po 七彩坡

Qi Cai Po, which literally means Seven Colour Hills, shows us only earthy tones during our visit. The gloomy weather dulls the colour of red soils, trees and flowers, creating another type of vibes to all the photos I took. I've done research on photos of Dongchuan and have yet saw the same vibes of photography that I've took. I guess Dongchuan really does have its many faces towards different people.

Everyday life of a farmer with his cute cows

Yue Pu Ao 樂譜凹

Another famous viewpoint of Dongchuan, this valley is famous for its beautiful scenery with white houses located at its side and colourful valley of fields due to different types of plantation. I guess this is a must visit viewpoint as well because there are many tourists around when we reach this location. Do walk all the way down and get some nice photos without people photobombing you at the back.

Don't know about you but this scenery makes me believe I'm in Northern Europe or something
Maybe it's my editing lololol

So I guess there sums up my 3 days 2 nights stay at Dongchuan Red Land. I love the cold drizzling  morning, the heavy mist atmosphere that cleanse my lungs, the quiet trees, the white coloured waves of rapeseed flower fields, the cute animals we encountered, the smiling faces of hotel attendants who wanted to feed us more every meal, the funny toilet incident, and most of all, thanks to the gloomy rainy days which means I might have chance visiting this place again, hopefully soon!

It ain't easy travel to a new country, to be totally honest, I even felt a bit paranoia these days whenever I think of traveling: coping to new weather, new environment, new food, new people, packing, conceptualising shooting ideas, editing, all these really stresses me out and I often get insomnia days before my flight. Travel to more places really changes me, both physically and mentally.

Sorry for ending a blog post with such gloomy tones, but it is through traveling I realised my responsibility as a person, as a blogger, as an instagrammer, as a social media influencer, that I need to fulfil requirements to deliver quality contents to my readers/followers. I do hope I can achieve something more down this journey and I hope you'll have fun when I share all my ups and downs to you.

Here's a selfie from me and Fei to lighten up the mood of this blog post!
Have a good day!

All photos taken with:

Olympus OMD EM1 Mark ii
M.Zuiko PRO lens 12-100mm F2.8