Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skincare Range - Skin's "Shield" Against Air Pollution

Gladly to be born as a city girl, I grew up seeing the rapid growth of my country as well as the city I'm in. In fact, most of the time I think I evolve along with the city I'm in, adapting a fast lifestyle with fun and excitements that fills my life to the fullest.

Say hi to this soon-to-be Kuala Lumpur tallest building: TRX

Of course, there's down side of being a city girl. Unhealthy food, unhealthy lifestyle, and air pollution is damaging my skin day to day that my skin aged more than I do. Air pollution being one of the most toxic substance as it contains free radicals, brings harm to my skin alongside with UV rays. Most of the time my skin looks dull, visible dirt and oily pores that become my most concerned skin issue. Of course, not to mention wrinkles that comes with dehydrated and dull skin condition. 

Although it will be hard to revert my skin condition back before it was damaged but recently I've been introduced to Pure Beauty - a range of skincare products that has revolutionary Korean beauty care technology with antioxidants and antipollution ingredients that creates shield that protects skin from all the harmful polluted environment as well as oxidation elements a city girl could get. 

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range

From left to right:
Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream
Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Essence
Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Protector SPF50+ PA++++

Based on 4Ps skincare philosophies, Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range has 90% users satisfied with flawless, bright and translucent skin. The 4Ps skincare philosophies are:
  • Preparation: Contains willow tree bark extract, pure beauty's skincare products will enhance skin's fundamental healthiness. 
  • Preservation: Neurolight that's derived from certified organic Natural Star Lily will decreases dark spots.
  • Protection: Ceramide 123 can strengthens skin's barrier, forming a stronger shield that protects skin from harmful elements in polluted environments.
  • Prevention: EPS White to help protect skin and stopping skin from forming dark spots.

Formulated with such advanced Korean beauty care technology, here are some testing I've did upon receiving the products of Pure Beauty skincare products:

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Serum (RM69.90):

look at all pearlised capsule essence

Easily absorb and non-greasy feeling, the most important benefit of pearlised capsule essence is that the goodness of essence are fully protected from oxidisation hence when it's crushed at that very moment I pump the essence and apply onto my skin, the extracts of Natural Star Lily are activated and my skin gets the freshest extract ingredients.

Formulated with neurolight, the ingredients of these capsule essence are certified organic Star Lily which decreases dark spots, brings out natural shine of skin and make skin looks more luminous. It will diminish uneven skin tones too and gives skin a smoother and brighter look. This capsule serum is to be apply after cleansed face, day and night for maximum result.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream (RM59.90)

formulated with nerolight and derived organic star lilies, this radiance cream is antioxidant and antipollution too

Look at the skin difference before and after application

I like the texture of this radiance cream, it is super lightweight, soft and smooth. Using the same neurolight ingredients as the capsule essence, this radiance cream keeps skin radiant white and protects environmental aggressors with the thin shield created after application. Apply morning and night after cleansing, toning and serum.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Protector SPF50+ PA++++ (RM49.90)

It is until recently only I discover the calculation of SPF effects (did you guys know that?). The simple math equation for knowing how long your sunscreen products last on your skin is:
number of SPF x 10 minutes = minutes your skin will be protected
So for this sun protector, it will be SPF50+ x 10 minutes = 500minutes which equals to 8 hours and 30 minutes. If you're using lesser SPF than 50 on a sunny day, remember to calculate and know when to reapply your sunscreen. SPF15 blocks about 93% of UVB rays, SPF30 blocks about 97% and SPF50 keeps out about 98% of UVB rays penetration.

With organic Star Lily Neurolight extract, Pure Beauty's Illuminating Urban Shield Sun Protector decreases formation of dark spots and protects skin from harmful UV Rays at the same time. With indication of PA++++, this sun protector has very strong protection against UVA rays that penetrates deep into our skin.

In a lightweight texture, almost milky form, this sun protector moistened my skin and doesn't leave any greasy residue on it. Comparing my fist with the other one that has nothing on it, my skin looks more radiant, moisturised and bright. This sun protector is to be apply after cream/moisturizer, before makeup.

Thanks to Pure Beauty and Watsons Malaysia invitation, I get to attend a skincare beauty workshop organised by both and learned that aside from the Illuminating Urban Shield range, there are Pomegranate Urban Shield, PINK by Pure Beauty It's Pore Perfection and PINK by Pure Beauty Pink Skin range to suits different skin type users.

complete skincare products from the Illuminating Urban Shield range

The skincare and beauty workshop was held at Common Ground, Menara Worldwide, we get to witness the wonders of Pure Beauty's products by seeing how Shazreeyana Shukri demonstrate the application of Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range to daily makeup looks. 

Thank you so much for inviting!

Me and my friends had so much fun trying out the products one by one and exchange opinions on the spot. It was an insightful afternoon spent with quality people and promising products. As mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield products are newly introduced to me and I would like you to share with me your testimonials if you're avid users of Pure Beauty skincare products by commenting under this blog post! Good things are meant to be shared right?

For more information:

Pure Beauty skincare products are available exclusively at Watsons Malaysia.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jiabang Rice Terraces, Guizhou, China

Rice, staple food for most Asian countries and yet I can count the times I visited rice field with my both hands. I like the vast rice field that connects with the sky, looking at wind breeze through the paddy field, forming a sort of waves that sounded like rain. Everything seems distance, wide, and peaceful.

Until I've visited the rice terraces of Jiabang located at the south west side of Guizhou this April, hence I truly realise how blessed we are that we can plant paddies on open terrain and our soil is rich enough to provide nutrients to paddies that allow farmers harvest twice a year in a more comfortable way. Same type of plant, different terrain, different method and effort hence forming a unique type of scenery that I saw at Jiabang, Guizhou.

We arrived Jiabang by tour bus the night before after 6 hours ride and I can barely see my fingers throughout the whole journey after the sun sets. There are no street lights, houses scattered far and deep into the rice terraces, I can barely hear a sound that night when we check into our hotel.

Gloomy morning

The sky did not clear up for us that day boohoo T_T

From generation to generation, Jiabang rice terraces farmers are mostly Guizhou's Miao Tribe villagers. The harsh living condition did not stop them from farming and living a peaceful life on these mountainous terrain, yet they created a heaven on earth for themselves with all the hard work throughout their lives. I'm glad I get to witness the beauty of this 40 km² rice terraces as Jiabang isn't a fully developed tourist spot yet, only a few tourists get to seen here and there and most of them are photographers.

Jiaju Village where most of the locals live here.

Jiaju Village and rice terraces
Can you imagine if it was a sunny day?

Dog playing with rice terrace's mud! Look at its feet!!! So cute I cannot!

Hello little fella~

Farmers planting crops

Since it's a village, there are so many cute animals roaming around the street, into the rice terraces, and they looked adorable (when they are not chasing me fiercely hahahaha):

Since we're at rice terraces, what's more fun than brave ourselves to walk on the narrow dividers, enjoy the view up close? There are fishes and frogs that inhabits in these rice terraces, and also leeches! I was told to be cautious when walking at the border as most of these mud borders are soft and frail, do test out the solidity before you walk to avoid mud bath or worse: leech therapy! Of course, I wouldn't wanna destroy these rice terraces as well because I know how hard it was to build each and every segment, filled them with water and plant crops in it hence, be very careful with your each and every steps to preserve the hard work of farmers at Jiabang.

Clean air, mountain springs to fill the rice terraces, ample of sun, rich soil, these are some of the core elements to produce good rice and crops. Longevity isn't a rare sight among the villagers, I believe it is because of the pollution-free and stress-free environment, clean food, sufficient amount of labour work as exercise each day, there lies the known-fact of lifespan extension in a natural and harmless way.

When looking at Jiabang rice terraces, it reminds me of the basic skincare I brought with me during this trip. Formulated with more than 94% ingredients of natural origin, the Yves Rocher's Elixir Jeunesse Reviving Roll-On for Eyes and Double Action Essence are made with 3 promises:

  • Responsible sourcing (traceable, safe and sustainable supply chain)
  • Protecting the botanical resources
  • Sharing with local population (Madagascans)

Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Double Action Essence

Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Reviver Eye Roll On

Fancy packaging and invigorating scent aren't my main concern in my skincare routine anymore. What I'm more into nowadays are the source ingredients of each and every product I use as well as its effect on my skin. Patented in France, Yves Rocher's natural products contributes so much in maintaining ecosystem in cosmetic/skincare industry and they are against animal testing as well. Choosing a brand that help protects the environment from all aspect (using recycled or recyclable materials, eco friendly tube) indirectly put my mind at ease that I did my part on taking care the ecosystem while taking care of my skin.

Both roll on eye cream and essence are packed with over concentrated Madagascan Alphoia extract, these products are rich in phytochemical mangiferin that helps fight back environmental aggressors' oxidative attacks on skin that are triggered by polluted environment and UV rays. Alphoia extract absorbs fast into my skin, rejuvenates and detoxified my eyes and facial area. Leaving no greasy feelings,  my skin feels repaired, fresh and healthy upon every application even though my mind and body felt exhausted with long hours flight and rides.

nothing beats the relaxing feeling of applying this roll-on eye cream every day and night

Suitable for all ages, it's never too late to start take note of what products you're using. Yves Rocher is surprisingly affordable despite of its natural botanical ingredients with proven effectiveness (85% effective after 1 month usage), it feels good to be inspired by my skincare to be beautiful and act beautifully by preserving nature with each Yves Rocher products I've used.

Now I can laugh heartily knowing that my fine lines and wrinkles are gonna reduced with one month's Yves Rocher products usage.

For more information:

Yves Rocher Malaysia Official Store on Lazada

Jiabang's Information on Mafengwo (Chinese)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店, Mid Valley City, KL

I'm always in love with the ambience of Japanese drama, be it their fashion direction, house interior and decoration as well as shooting location at cafe. Hoshino Coffee, a Japanese-Western fusion cafe which has more than 180 outlets in Japan fulfilled my dream of indulging a cup afternoon coffee with a authentic Japanese cafe setting.

Waiters dressed in western-style butler outfit (albeit minus the attitude), dark wood interior with leather seatings and chandeliers, Japanese do have a unique way to incorporate certain elements smoothly into their culture. It was rather crowded on a weekday evening hence serving food and beverages took longer than I expected. 

Hand-Drip Coffee - Hoshino Blend

Hoshino Blend Coffee which uses Arabica beans that are carefully selected and roasted

I'm a big fan of flavoured coffee, Mocha, Caramel Latte or Chocolate based coffee are my usual orders. However it's been quite some time since I last had coffee that satisfy my cravings because they will usually taste too sweet/bland, burnt coffee bean, too much milk etc. I had a lot of disappointments towards Malaysian cafe to be honest. 

I'm keeping my skepticism towards Hoshino's Japanese flavoured milk coffee when I order but it turn out great. Out of my expectation, their honey nut syrup brings out the taste of milk coffee without overwhelming my taste bud. It has been a while since I last had coffee that I'll crave for second serving! It was shocking to know the fact that Japanese milk coffee exist since 1900 and it has become Japanese people's favourite type of coffee from then.

Japanese Milk Coffee with Honey Nut

The aromatic coffee blends well with milk, honey and nut syrup. Each sip comes along with chewy bits of nuts that brings out its uniqueness savouring this cup of milk coffee

Spaghetti and Rice are the main ingredients when it comes to main courses from Hoshino's menu. The choices fully depicted the fusion style of a Japanese cafe hence you can see there are Italian spaghetti and Spain paella on the list. We had Salmon & Mentaiko Butter as well as Seafood Paella. 

Salmon & Mentaiko Butter Spaghetti

Seafood Paella

I love my salmon & mentaiko butter spaghetti! It was creamy and rich in flavour with nicely done spaghetti. However the Seafood Paella tasted way too heavy on the MSG/savoury side with frozen prawns that aren't fresh looking (check the photo above). I would recommend stick back to their spaghetti or try their rice dishes or platter.

Pancake Soufflé with maple syrup

Fresh from oven, fluffy and soft, Hoshino's pancake soufflé is a dream come true. With good quality maple syrup and house-whipped butter (which I extra ordered!), this soufflé is soul calming in many ways.

Not bad for a weekday dinner menu eh.

Aside from good coffee, food and desserts, Hoshino Coffee provides Japanese magazines for reading purposes ( or as props for better looking photo). I spent most of my teen age reading Japanese fashion magazine I bought from Kinokuniya, and it's such a rejoice to reconnect with my hobby of reading in a Japanese cafe, 50% of my J-Drama day dream come true I would say.

I guess now I would need an air ticket to Japan for a better Japanese cafe ambience to truly live the life of a Japanese culture fan, or else having a cup of Japanese milk coffee at Hoshino Coffee would do just fine.

For more information:

Hoshino Coffee Malaysia Facebook Page
Hoshino Coffee Malaysia Official Website

Hoshino Coffee
No.27-G, Ground Floor,
(Opposite Starbucks) The Boulevard,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.