Friday, December 15, 2017

The Making of Sleeping Beauty

As a model and a person who likes to travel, wake up and having skin condition that is ready to go is essential in my life. My skin needs to be in good condition in order for makeup artists/myself to put on makeup hence prep for good skin condition is an all time mission in my weekly beauty routine.

Got the chance to try on Neutrogena latest hydrogel mask and capsule sleeping mask last month and I fell in love with their hydrogel mask series. These two mask series came in two types of formula to improve skin's condition - Fine Fairness and Hydro Boost. 

First, I tried on the Fine Fairness capsule sleeping mask. Manufactured and imported from Korea, this capsule sleeping mask is travel-friendly, hence I can keep up with my weekly mask routine even I'm on-the-go. 

Gel-Jelly type sleeping mask

Contains Niacinamide for brighten up skin to make it luminous and radiant looking, the sleeping mask has very generous amount in one capsule for few time usage (but preferable store in fridge if there's leftover). It's thick, and somehow my combination skin can't cope with its heavy-weight texture while using the Fine Fairness series. I tend to have breakouts every time I apply it overnight. 

Apply the capsule sleeping mask before sleep to get the most of it

Hence to those who facing the same breakout problems for the Fine Fairness capsule sleeping mask series, apply it for 15mins and wash it off and see your skin glow in radiant. Looking pretty with good looking skin can increase good sleeping mood too.

Next is my fav: Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask. 

Literally changed my perspective towards facial mask that all cotton sheet mask should be made into this type of paperless hydrogel mask as it fits to all types of face and you can obviously see the nutrient of mask being absorbed into skin.

As the skin is in direct contact with the mask, I can feel my skin is absorbing more from this hydrogel mask without greasy feeling or serum dripping from the mask to my neck. It's well fitted on my face I have no problem moving around or sit upwards if I have to.

Upon application, I can feel its cooling effect on my skin and it's a big yes for hot and humid weather as it can be refreshing and made me and my skin feel so good! For most of mask, my combination skin type especially my T Zone can look especially oily after masking session but I have no problem with greasy looking face with this hydrogel mask as its 100% Hyaluronic Acid is on direct contact to my skin hence the absorbance power for my skin is amazing, leaving my skin feels supple, hydrated, radiant and fresh!

Hydro Boost Hydro Gel mask comes in patches for both eyes and lips too
A total hydrated skin on face!

As comparison, I love the hydrogel mask series more than capsule sleeping mask due to I'm a big fan for lightweight texture mask instead of heavy ones. I feel my skin reacts better with the hydrogel mask as well and it's effectively shown on my glowing skin after every hydrogel mask session.

Do visit local pharmacies (Guardian and Watsons) near you to get these two masks and try it for yourself. Do leave me comment of which one you like more!

For more information:

Neutrogena Capsule Sleeping Mask: RM12.90

Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask: RM13.90

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kiehl's Nature's Playground, MyTown Shopping Centre

I guess one of the most precious moment of my childhood were the times me and my younger brother playing at playground. We would climb high and low, play with slides and swings, trying to bump each other off the see saw and laugh like there's only happiness in the world. We were never not laughing, and as an adult, I really miss those happy moments I share with my sibling.

And thanks to Kiehl's Malaysia, I get to experience my favourite childhood activities again, this time with my beloved Fei! 

So ready to becoming a child again

Kiehl's Nature's Playground is a global event, and the largest interactive-beauty-playground for both adults and children. Me and Fei had so much fun exploring this oversized fun land and got so exhausted at the end of the day lol.

fun filled activities waiting for us to discover

Since it's an interactive beauty-playground, we've learned a lot of Kiehl's history and product information throughout completing the map, it's a fun way to learn how our skin works well with which Kiehl's products as well as natural ingredients that are used to produced each and every Kiehl's star items!

H2O is very crucial for healthy skin

Nescafe Gold Coffee anyone? They contains natural antioxidant as well!

Here are some highlights of this fun land:

Kiehl's Heritage Apothecary, vintage pop-up Kiehl's store for skin consultation on the spot
I got some free samples alongside too!

free skin consultation and found the perfect product combination for my skin

Calendula Swing

Nature's Market

Checking out the ingredients that are being used in Kiehl's products

And this Nature's Playground ain't all just for fun, Kiehl's Malaysia is partnering with National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) to give support to 300,000 children that are suffering in silence. With every jar of Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream (designed by Matthew McConaughey) sold, Kiehl's Malaysia will donate RM25 to NASOM. If you happened to saw those beautifully designed ultra facial cream, please do not hesitate to get one and lend a helping hand to those who are in need.

Last but not least, the event ends with Kiehl's Malaysia 10th Year Anniversary celebration and this coming December, Kiehl's Malaysia is gonna send 10 lucky winners to the homeland of Kiehl's - NEW YORK! Stay tuned at Kiehl's Malaysia Facebook Page to find out how to win it!

There's no better feeling in this world to let your inner child run wildly and freely, thank you Kiehl's Malaysia for this wonderful event and I hope there are many, many years of celebration to come! 

For more information:

Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy 1111

Year end is definitely shopping season for everyone. Numerous holidays, thanksgiving, Christmas, a lot of my friends' birthday fell in year end category as well. All these present givings and dress up occasion always got me thinking: what am I gonna wear to the celebration/what am I giving as present?

Ever since I discovered Taobao many years back, online shopping experience changed my life drastically - I bought literally everything from head to toe from Taobao whenever I can. From hair accessories to wig to clothes, hats, shoes, books, gifts, literally everything from Taobao. Many were confused by its shipping method and payment method back then but thank god for being Chinese ed me and my friends managed to figured out everything and placed our order everytime then got our parcels delivered to us safe and sound. 

And since year 2009, Alibaba Group kick start "Single Day" One Day Sale event at Taobao and Tmall on 11th November, and ever since then, this day has been known throughout China and then globally as the Biggest One Day Sale event which lasts for 24 hours. Last year, this "Festival of all Festivals" made a successful record of RM17.8billion worth of gross merchandise value in just a day, smashed the world's largest online shop event record with 32percent growth on Single's Day shopping compared to previous year.

As a valuable key location to Alibaba group, Malaysia has been chosen as one of the country to join the fun in this biggest one day sale by enhancing online shopping experience with exclusive deals for Malaysian shoppers such as cheaper sea freight shipping, door to door delivery and installation services. 

I'm so ready to shop with Tmall and Taobao on this coming 11th November!

On 11th November 2017, for 24 hours Malaysians will be able to enjoy these great promotions from Tmall and Taobao:
  • International shipping starts from RM0 on consolidate shipping
  • Cashback offers with Malaysia E-Banking: RM30 cash back with minimum RM300 spent on Taobao
  • Enjoy RMB50 (RM33) off on low-priced sea freight services when spend of RMB299 (RM200) on Taobao
I guess most Malaysians are confused about shipping and payment method, with easy Malaysia E-Banking and credit card payment system, buying from Taobao is simple as one two three nowadays. Just make sure you choose "Consolidate Shipping" upon checkout to enjoy the RM0 International Shipping fee for 1st KG on this day.

Check out Taobao's Happy1111 One Day Sale on main page
Up to 50% discount and shop coupons up for grabs!

Aside from these great promotions, Alibaba also aims to transform traditional retail through technology and shoppers at China are able o visit pop-up cosmetic stores to experience augmented reality (AR) shopping experience such as lipstick trial as well as some partnering stores featuring facial recognition payment and scan-and-deliver Online to Offline (O2O) shopping.

So don't forget to set a reminder on 11th November as the crazy sales starts right from midnight for 24 hours, with more than 100,000 brands and 15million products, it's gonna be a sleepless shopping day(and night) for all of us and I'm already filling up my Taobao cart with all sorts of items waiting to be check out on that very day *Pro Tip ahem*!

Happy shopping on 1111!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Scent of Autumn

Although four seasons isn't something I get to enjoy at my dearest homeland, but whenever I get to visit higher grounds like Genting Highlands, Cameron Highland or even my recent visit to Fraser Hill, I enjoyed the cold weather very much and kinda imagine it's autumn for me and put on some autumn-like clothing for the sake of Instagrammable photos.

And did you notice that there's an unique scent that's floating in the air of these cool places? With pine trees and colder climate, flowers at higher grounds blooms more vibrantly and don't get me started with trees, they look so majestic with fog surrounding them. These places really gives me the autumn vibes with autumn scent. 

As this year is approaching its end, I find that I've changed my style to a more earthy look as well as the scent I'm used to. Different from the energetic and fresh feeling of spring and summer, I find that Avon's latest Eau De Perfume - Femme Exclusive speaks to my soul more than my usual perfume. It has a faint scent of jasmine and sparkling pear with a dash of black vanilla in the notes. And to pair with it, there's Avon's latest Eau De Toilette - Homme Exclusive which I can match my perfume scent with Fei without feeling awkward. 

Femme Exclusive and Homme Exclusive, both from Avon's latest perfume collection

Homme Exclusive, bold and masculine

A musky, woody bold scent, I would say I find this scent very familiar, perhaps it's quite similar to something that my dad used to put on himself when I was a little girl, nothing is more powerful and memorable than the sense of smell and memory that comes with it, thanks to my olfactory memory this scent gives me a warmth feeling of father figure as well. 

For guys who aren't into strong scent, Eau De Toilette is your best choice as scent of EDT only lasts around 2-4 hours and only contains 7-15% concentration of fragrance oils, the fresh citrusy scent gradually change into a woody notes with a hint of spice in it. Giving off the energetic but full of confidence and reliable vibes, Homme Exclusive's woody aromatic note is definitely my choice of boyfriend perfume this autumn. 

Avon Homme Exclusive

Femme Exclusive, Eau de Parfum from Avon

Glamorous looking in a diamond cut shaped bottle, my first sniff upon Femme Exclusive has left me a strong impression on this Eau de Perfum. With sparkling pear, oriental floral jasmine infusion and black vanilla essence, these combination brings out the feminine side of me every single time I apply this Eau de Parfum on me. Like aforementioned, scent as the strongest tie of memory, a man will never remember how your dress looks like or what handbag you're carrying, but he will remember your scent and a woman's perfume tells more about her than anything else. 

There are so many female figures that can't live without their perfume, and I find it I'm gradually falling in love with this "smell good feel great" daily ritual too. Spray the perfume in the air and go under it and pretend it's raining perfume is what I like to do most before my outing and it gives me a good vibes to start my day with. 

If there's a question on how to make someone keep falling in love with you...

Avon Femme Exclusive

I guess the answer is: make them fall in love and addicted with your scent first.

For more information:

Avon Malaysia Official Website

Avon Homme Exclusive Eau de Toilette 75ml:
RM89 West Malaysia
RM102.40 East Malaysia

Avon Femme Exclusive Eau de Parfum 50ml:
RM89 West Malaysia
RM102.40 East Malaysia

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Stay Young with NUTOX Renewing Treatment

Felt my skin has aged few years more after my vacation due to the sun and rain, and of course oily & spicy food of Yunnan. Despite the east side of Yunnan has beautiful landscapes and scenery, getting used to every spicy meal is still a challenge for me and it has taken a toll on me through my skin. 

Acnes, dull looking skin and much tanned than before. 

Luckily just right before departing to Yunnan, I got a new set of skincare products from Nutox Malaysia: the all new Nutox Renewing Treatment!

Renewing Treatment Lotion, Renewing Treatment Essence and Renewing Treatment Cream
Nutox got it all covered for keeping my skin young and vital!

After putting these on my face ever since I came back from my trip, I noticed the speedy recovery of my dull and tanned looking skin and now I'm able to put on my foundation without having people thought I'm putting a mask on my face lolololol. This whole set of renewing treatment has treated my skin and renewed it to let me regain back my younger looking skin.

Invited to the launch of NUTOX Renewing Treatment with Nancy Wu at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang last month

Nancy Wu looked much more pretty in real life!
Her photos don't do her justice at all!

NUTOX Renewing Lotion, RM59.90

With NUTOX's latest skincare technology - LumiNes, Renewing Treatment skincare series buff and lift away dead skin cells and impurities, letting my skin breathe and renew in much faster speed, breathing new life into my dull skin. This lotion is very lightweight and fast absorbance with a faint hint of fresh aroma, it moisturises my skin thoroughly and prep my skin for the next skincare regime.

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Essence, RM75.90

Restoring youth back to my skin is what this renewing treatment essence does best! With aforementioned LumiNes technology, this lightweight essence penetrate to the deeper layer of my skin and restore, improve my skin texture. I can see my skin's improvement using this day to day, radiates with glow even without makeup!

Last but not least, Renewing Treatment Cream RM49.90

Last step of my skincare regime with NUTOX Renewing Treatment series is this treatment cream. It smoothens out my skin, and provide nourishment from deep within to keep my skin looks moisturizes and glowy all the time. Non-greasy, easy absorbance, I can feel my skin is prepare to continue battling the hot weather of Malaysia too.

Here's a short video I made for the launch of NUTOX Renewing Treatment at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang: 

Thanks to NUTOX latest skincare - Renewing Treatment range, packed with LumiNes, I can have beautiful looking radiance skin like Nancy Wu!

More information:

NUTOX Official Facebook Page