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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Superdry VIP Day, Superdry Store Pavilion

Everybody including me myself, thought that Superdry is a brand from Japan, but in fact THEY ARE NOT! With Japan inspired graphics + vintage Americana in British style, Superdry is actually a British international branded clothing which everyone knew, and been exciting talked about when it first started a store right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur some time ago. 

Thanks to the invitation from Superdry and Butterfly Malaysia, I was invited to join the Superdry VIP Day and get to know more about the brand that day, up-close!

Superdry VIP Day held at Pavilion's Superdry Store.

What is Superdry VIP Day?

Superdry VIP Day is held by Superdry store as a thank-you gesture to their supportive fans of the brand where there will be unbelievable discounts and also gifts when you attended the event. I can see some of the customers been having a hard time choosing items and end up buy everything on VIP Day because of the discounts. Look out for Superdry's next VIP Day if you're one of the VIP member, you'll go crazy shopping in their store.

Me, sweetie Jean and Lisa photobombing. Haha.

If you thought Superdry is only well known for their Superdry T-Shirt, you're so goddamn wrong as there are so many nice items in their store aside from their most famous Japan-inspired graphic T-Shirt. Until recently only I found out they carry such wide range of items in their store:

Retro Superdry series
I like the white colour shoes!

Super sporty watches, they even carry women watches too with Swarovski elements. 

Superdry jeans which offers different styles - skinny, boyfriend, slim, you name it!

Superdry T-Shirt for girls! 

Superdry sweaters for women!
Totally in love with these~ if only Malaysia have cooler season!

Girly dress from Superdry! Who would've thought!

One of the highlight of the night's event was styling presentation presented by well-known stylist Voon Wei. By mix and matching Superdry's latest Autumn Winter collection of 2015, we now know how to look sporty yet stylish, layering is the point! I really love the sweater and leather jacket look. 

Stylist Voon Wei and the celebrities that he styled that night including local DJs, Radio DJs and Celebrities.

Thanks to the generosity of Superdry Malaysia, now I'm officially a Superdry VIP too!

After looking at how Voon Wei styled the celebrities, me and the girls look around search for stuff that we like, and started mix and matching. The amount of time we spent in changing room and waiting for others is no joke! Girls gonna do what girls does best right! Shopping mode ON already!!!

Mirror-like sunglasses and also Superdry cap!
These glasses are going to be big hit, says me! LOL!

After much consideration, I've decided to own my very first Superdry item:

Which is such a huge deal it even has a seat of its own!!!


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! I cannot tell you how much I love this bag at the first moment I saw it hanging on the rack! Immediately I tell myself I just gotta have it, and I did!!! Such gorgeous and sturdy backpack that even my mum told me she love it too! It's iridescent colour stands out from the crowd, my friends say it really suits me a lot! Yays! My first Superdry item!!! *applause*

It was such a fun night with the girls, with DJ playing deep house music at the background, and learned some styling tips from stylist, playing mix and match with the apparels in the store to look for the best style that suits us, Superdry Store has a lot more to offer than just sporty and casual T-Shirt. Drop by and see for yourself and who knows you might found something as awesome as my iridescent coloured backpack!

My sporty look of the night

For more information:

Superdry Official Website

Superdry Official Facebook Page

Superdry Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Superdry Store are located at:

  • Pavilion, KL
  • MidValley Megamall
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Gurney Plaza, Penang
  • Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA

Friday, October 2, 2015

Greenhouse by Muir, Jalan Ampang

Located at Jalan Nipah off Jln Ampang, Greenhouse by Muir isn't new to locals, but if you haven't visit this glass-house-like cafe and restaurant, is time to do so!

I've been visiting Greenhouse by Muir so many times in the past few months due to friends keep admitting into Gleneagles Hospital. Let's not talk about the bad luck stuff okay. And yes the place is located beside Gleneagles, be sure to keep an eye to the building beside, that's where Greenhouse by Muir is. 

This is Greenhouse by Muir
Limited parking space tho.

The last time I went, the restaurant upstairs already started operating.
It is called BRYCG New Orlean Cuisine, but I haven't try the place yet!

Greenhouse by Muir consists a few different concept of café and restaurants. There's this café called Even Dough, which you can order your coffee, tea, food and desserts right at their counter located beside entrance.

If you're a bread/coffee person, Even Dough is the place for you.

Kuroshio Market
Japanese cuisine

Then, after you passed by Even Dough counter, you will saw this Kuroshio Market, which sells Japanese food. Fresh, but a tad bit pricey in my opinion. The place start operating at 11a.m, afternoon break 3-6p.m. So be sure to get there during lunch time or dinner time, but not tea time. They sell all types of Japanese food, wide selection they have there but not really fancy ones. 

And then there's this BRYCG New Orleans Cuisine located upstairs, which I've never been to, serve lunch and dinner in western style. Greenhouse by Muir is such a brilliant idea to have your meals at when you have no idea where to eat at as they cater for all types of appetites - be it western, japanese or just some light tea time snacks. 

I've been there for more than 5 times, so will just gather all the food that I've ate in this one post, some I've already forgot what they are called, and definitely can't remember their price. So bear with me kay? Start with the drinks:

Chonchocshun Iced Tea

Mistakenly ordered this on my first visit. It was during brunch so I can understand how blurry I was, anyway I totally do not enjoy white chocolate and steamed milk tea... Like what? What is white chocolate tea? I don't get it at all lol. Initially wanted to order chocolate drinks, must've overlooked the Iced Tea label on far top, I'm a sucker for fancy names, Chonchocshun sounded like something I definitely will order. Hahahaha.

Cafe Latte, RM11.66

Their coffee is quite decent, to my liking. Really like how smooth their cafe latte tasted, and yet not too bitter. Please don't ask me why their pricing ended with weird decimal number, I have no idea too. Maybe they calculated the GST altogether.

There's another drink that I would highly recommend BUT I didn't knew I never take a photo of it at all! OMGWHYYYYYY!!!! But anyway, here's the name that you need to remember when you order drinks at Even Dough, the drink is called:

Omg ever since Fatin told me about this drink, I've been ordering it on my every visit. It is an intense honey lemon flower tea. I really love how tasteful it is, and refreshing at the same time. Give it a try, you will like it.

Next, will like to talk about food ordered from Kuroshio Market. You choose/take food that you want and pay at the counter. It's like grocery shopping but at Kuroshio Market, it is food shopping. I gave their Salmon Sashimi a try, and gosh the freshness is worth every cent I paid!

Freshly cut Salmon Sashimi
Look at its thickness! And the fats!
Less than RM20

Then the makis which I've no idea how much they cost...

But they surely look good right?

On a fine Saturday brunch, me and Jean and Fatin had these
Guess which is mine! Hahahahaha.

Do visit Kuroshio Market when they preparing for the first crowd of customers as that's where you get to taste those freshly fried tempuras and other dishes. I really like their butterfish, and it's like around RM9! Their fried butterfish is so fresh and soft at the same time is totally my type of fish dishes. Can't wait to go back and have their fried butterfish again!

Next will be dishes from Even Dough Café and Bakery:

Eggs Named Benedict, RM15.90

This is the first time I saw there's bonito flakes on western breakfast. It does add different kinda taste to an usual eggs + toast + ham breakfast, but this Eggs Named Benedict isn't eggs benedict at all! It is one tricky name they have there, my feeling was being cheated!!! LOL. I was looking forward to have eggs benedict as brunch but...

Really English Breakfast, RM15.90

Another fusion combination of edamame, scramble egges, sausages and toasts, with wasabi sauce. I prefer this over Eggs Named Benedict, at least I won't have my feeling cheated. Hahaha.

Walnut Danish

What took me by surprise from Even Dough Bakery, is this Walnut Danish. Normally I would imagine that walnut danish is some hard like rock and tasteless pastries, and to my surprise, Even Dough's walnut danish is so light, soft, crispy, sweet and crunchy! Can you imagine like some galaxies bursting in your mouth? That's basically how I felt for each bite of these walnut danish.

Custard Buns

On the other hand, these custard buns turn out to be a sad case. They're a bit hard, and more tasteless. I kinda regret buying these buns tho. T_T

Last but not least, desserts:

Black Sesame

If you like adventurous flavours of cakes, Even Dough cafe definitely can satisfy your appetite with this black sesame cake! It is so soft, moist, each bite is full of black sesame and I can't find any reason why you will dislike this cake! Definitely a must try for those who have a thing for black sesame anything!

Chocolate Caramel Cake on the left and right side is a cake that doesn't taste good hence I don't remember its name

Did I tell you that the pastry chef of Even Dough was previously chef of big name hotel? Yes! Their Chocolate Caramel Cake is totally on point I can't tell you how rich it is and how addicted I was I'm craving for it like NOW!!! I want to have it now!!! But the coconut mango something cake (I don't remember already! It's gonna be 2 months soon since I had these!) isn't something I would know how to appreciate. I think I'm gonna stick back to black sesame and chocolate caramel cake.

Greenhouse by Muir is really a nice place with nice food, I enjoyed their al-fresco area when it's not too hot and hazy. Give it a try when you're around KL area. I shall end this post with a photo of mine lololol:

I remember this happened on 1st of August!
How time flies!

For more information:

Greenhouse by Muir Official Facebook Page

Address: 1, Jalan Nipah, Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 

Phone: 03-2630 6728

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

Seriously, I think I have no fate with The Owls Cafe of Bukit Jalil, I've been planning my visit to this cafe for a few times but it never happened until one day recently I purposely accompany Jean to run her errands then finally had our brunch there! Like FINALLY!!!

Located at unit upstairs, you may not notice if you didn't look close enough

There was once that I reached the cafe at 6:30p.m. with my besties but they already did last call and kitchen was closed! Super upset as Bukit Jalil located quite far from my place, by thinking of making a visit purposely to this cafe kinda make me shivers due to all the traffic jams I have to go through. So be sure to check out their business hours as it's kinda odd they only open until 7pm on Tuesdays-Thursdays and also Sundays.

I think we reached the cafe around 11:30a.m. but there are super long queue already! Can't believe how the hype hasn't die down yet for this cafe and there's still such long queue on weekends. We waited for about 15 minutes only manage to get an empty table.

Help yourself some lemon-mint water while waiting for your seat

No.8, auspicious number

The Owls Cafe is a self-service cafe. After you found yourself a table, read the menu and decide what you gonna order then proceed to the counter to place your order. They don't accept credit card at the moment, so cash only transaction.

Special Iced Chocolate, RM13
Taste normal, just with a scoop of ice cream. 

The Hot Chick, RM12
Jean's choice of beverage, didn't try this drink tho as I don't feel like drinking something gassy in the morning
Okay la brunch not really morning already isn't hahaha.

I've been hearing all those who've been to The Owls Cafe told me bout how awesome their waffles are. I've been craving for awesome waffles for some time, ever since I was spoilt by the awesome honey toast from Bangkok's After You, there aren't any waffles/toast that can satisfy my spoilt appetite yet! So let's see if The Owls Cafe is the place that I've been searching for.

Sally Salmon, RM24

Okay it may sounds a bit unfair to just "judge" a cafe if it's worthy to visit by just one waffle, but I wasn't looking for anything sweet that morning and so does Jean, plus not really a breakfast person so I guess one waffle is enough for two! And sorry to say, Sally Salmon kinda let me down. :( With all those positive comments that I heard from friends, I kinda expect something better from them. Okay la, really a tad bit unfair I think I will make another visit to try their desserts before I deem they don't worth my time travel all the way from Setapak to Bukit Jalil.

Talked about Sally Salmon, it is kinda like not hot enough in my opinion. I swear we didn't snap photos until the food turn cold, just 2 photos and that's it. The waffle is kinda cold and hard to my liking, salmon wise is okay. Weird thing is their scramble eggs tasted kinda cold too, as if the dish were just warm when serve, not "hot" kinda temperature.

Maybe their dessert will be nice? Gotta give them another try then.

Tea which I forgot how much it is
Prepared in an owl teapot and cups, cute!

Not a big fan of owls, but the owls here are quite cute, spotted owls literally everywhere! Even on floor tiles, on tables, at the counter areas, shelves, like everywhere!!! Owl fans really have to come visit this cafe you'll burst into happiness surrounded by owls.

We had a lot of time to spend before Jean's next appointment, so we do what Notebook lovers do best when we visit a cafe - drawing!

Simply draw something on my notebook because not in the mood to update anything yet!

Licking ice cream off straw like a kid. lol 

Ending this post off with Jean's pretty photo

If you wanted to visit The Owls Cafe, better head there early in the morning as the early bird gets all the worm yea! Or else you'll have to queue for like.......

For more information:

The Owls Cafe Facebook

Address: Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Phone:+60 3-9543 9828