Monday, February 26, 2018

60 Shades of Matte featuring Maybelline x Elfira Loy

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! How was your holiday? I had a blast in Laos and it was fun to tour around Vientiane and Luang Prabang for 5 days, enjoying the food and sightseeing around this magical country where ancient tradition lives on. 

I was supposed to post this before Chinese New Year but gosh, I was so caught up preparing for the big day I can't find anytime to sit down and write a proper blog post of my new found love! I was invited to Maybelline x Elfira Loy Launch Party at The Bee, Publika and had so much fun at the event.

Totally feeling this look!

Look at this wide range of matte lipstick!
Imagine one colour for a day and I'll have different lip colours for two months!

Made in lightweight creamy formula, I really like how pigmented this creamy matter lipstick from Maybelline is. From bold red to soft pink, nude corals to vampy plum, these 60 shades of matte lipsticks offers diversity in lip colours and now everyone can own one that compliments their skin colour. Talk about being comfortable in own skin!

19 new on-trends shades addition during this launch!

What's your red?

Game to win Maybelline products! I got lucky and won an eyeshadow palette.
Thank you Maybelline!

Got these Creamy Mattes by Colour Sensational from Maybelline Malaysia and decided to test out the colours. Wore them for a long time and they don't dry out my lips! (thank god, I hate chapped lips when wearing matte lipstick). I really love how pigmented these lipsticks are and how soft the texture is and super easy to glide on my lips, to create a wonderful finishing look depending on my mood.

From top to bottom:
696 Burgundy Blush
660 Touch of Spice
670 Ravishing Rose
691 Rich Ruby

Admiring these beauty without the lipstick caps:

Feeling like a cotton candy with 670 Ravishing Rose

Transformed into rocker chic in 660 Touch of Spice

My current everyday look in 696 Burgundy Blush

Feeling sultry in 691 Rich Ruby

 What's your favourite look? I can't choose! I really love doing different types of makeup depends on my mood (and sometimes personality), hence my look differs from feminine pink to rocker chic bold look time to time.

And guess what? You can win these lipsticks plus some awesome makeup goodies from Maybelline worth more than RM250! (For Malaysia residents only)

Here's how to:

  • Leave a comment under this post, tell me which lipstick colour is your favourite and why.

  • Giveaway ends on 31st March 2018. Winner will be selected.

Wish you a happy week ahead and good luck!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Do You Have Thirsty Skin?

I cannot stress enough how much water we need to consume seeing that we live in a tropical country, all the scorching hot sun, air pollution, oily food is taking away the water inside our body and our skin needs ton of water and moisturization to stay healthy and glowy.

I was shooked by the fact our skin moisturization level is up by 137% and skin stays hydrated for as long as 48 hours if we pair the all new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum with Hydro Boost Water gel. I think my skin will get more hydrated than I actually am lol.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost series
Getting a new look this season as well

Good skincare foundation is essential for an impeccable makeup. My oily combination skin type has been giving me all sorts of issues before and after apply makeup, and often they look dull and yes, oily. I feel like I can fry an egg with that amount of oil that's on my face. Guilty as it is, I didn't "quench the thirst" of my skin to make my skin moisture as balanced as I could.

With Hydro Boost series latest technology: Moisture Sensor Complex, the serum and water gel works together to replenish skin's hydration and repair dry cellular structures. After trying the Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum and Water Gel for few days, I noticed my skin's condition improved. Less oily throughout the day and appears more radiant and toned.

Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum

 We often said fresh fruit is better than fruit juice, and this phrase works with this bottle of serum as well! Freshly crushed capsule with activated anti-oxidant ingredients, each and every pump is like a fresh squeeze fruit juice to my skin.

Since serum sinks deeper than usual moisturizer does, this serum replenish moisture, repair and rebuild my skin's barrier to lock in moisture for a long duration. Lightly scented, easily absorption and non-greasy feeling, this serum strengthens my skin barrier and protects them from recurring dryness.

Hydro Boost Water Gel

Pairing with Capsule in Serum, this Hydro Boost Water Gel gives my skin up to 48hours of non-stop hydration, sounds crazy ain't it? Super lightweight, Water Gel soaks right into my skin, leaves me soft and supple skin upon every application. It is restoring my skin for a glowy complexion.

And I guess the ultimate good news is, you don't have to break your bank account to get these high functionality skin care products for you skin!

For more information:

Neutrogena Official Facebook Page

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Surrounded By Water

We all feeling drown sometimes.

Suffocated, unable to explain feelings that choked up inside, trying to grasp for air and yet there's no one around us able to notice the difference. We are dying more and more inside and yet we put on mask and fake it till we make it in this world. 

At least that's how I've been feeling for the past few months. And yes, it also answers the question of my two months hiatus from blogging. But guess what: I'm back! Stronger and better (I hope) than before, and therefore I've decided to dedicate my first post of 2018 with a little shooting project that happens inside the small bathroom of mine called "Surrounded by Water".

Collaborating with Althea Korea, they sent me a beauty box back in September specially curated for waterproof makeup. Hence I'm able to create this shoot without smudge mascara, melted-eyeliner-panda eyes, or streams of dark water flowing through my face. 


  • Face Primer and Makeup Setting Spray: Holika Holika Face Conditioner
Lightweight, refreshing and contains western rose water, crown sap, birch sap, lemon extract and lotus extract, this mist spray prep my skin for that healthy glow look plus it sets my makeup for longer lasting effect. It keeps my skin moisturised too so my combination skin won't get too oily under Malaysia's hot and humid weather throughout the day.

  • Tony Moly BCDation O!Oi Waterproof Cushion with SPF50+PA++++
Gives my face a matte finishing, this stylish waterproof cushion is eye catching. Great coverage, one layer of application and immediately I can see my face was brighten up with less visible wrinkles and spots. With its matte finishing, this product doesn't give me the "oily face" look after one whole day, and definitely waterproof too.


  • VDL Expert Colour Eye Primer in Serenity
If you watched Sailor Moon, you would've know Queen Serenity and as a huge fan of Sailor Moon, this eye primer immediately got my attention! A faint icy blue colour eye primer, after blending onto my eyelids, it makes eyeshadows colour pop and longer lasting. With its Stay Fix system, my eyeshadow does stay for the whole day without creasing or oily. Definitely recommend for those who have oily eyelids like mine.

  • Milky Dress Barbie Make Mascara
As mentioned on their packaging, this mascara is all about curling + volume + long lash. I like its black coating that give my eyelashes the extra black and deep eye look, its curling fix with soft wax was fine too then I found out its soft wax make this mascara easily removable. Just one gentle swipe up and it's removed. Although it doesn't clumped and smudge under hot and humid weather, but I don't recommend to use this mascara if you're heading for a swim/ to the beach as water will get into eyes and by just one rub the mascara will be gone. 

  • Wangskin Lip Tattoo Tint Pack in Pink
For long lasting lip colour/ if you're a lazy person like me who always forget to touch up their lipstick after meal, this is for us! After apply, just wait for about 30seconds and remove the extra tint, voila! Pink lips for the day! The colour wasn't vibrant, it look just nice on me and give that healthy lips glow after application. It does smell and taste a bit funny so beware of not let the tint get inside your mouth or stained your teeth. 

 Summer days ahead, one of my 2018 intentions is to become healthier, even though it means get under the sun, go to a lot of beaches and get tanner. Beauty is just skin deep and I'm pretty much done with the endless whitening skincare routine that most of Asians gone crazy for. I want that healthy glow and happy heart by soaking up the sun rays and sea breeze, with my salty hair and sandy feet.

Yes, I'm hoping for more beach vacations this year and thanks Althea Korea for the useful beauty box!

For More Information:

Althea Korea Official Website

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Making of Sleeping Beauty

As a model and a person who likes to travel, wake up and having skin condition that is ready to go is essential in my life. My skin needs to be in good condition in order for makeup artists/myself to put on makeup hence prep for good skin condition is an all time mission in my weekly beauty routine.

Got the chance to try on Neutrogena latest hydrogel mask and capsule sleeping mask last month and I fell in love with their hydrogel mask series. These two mask series came in two types of formula to improve skin's condition - Fine Fairness and Hydro Boost. 

First, I tried on the Fine Fairness capsule sleeping mask. Manufactured and imported from Korea, this capsule sleeping mask is travel-friendly, hence I can keep up with my weekly mask routine even I'm on-the-go. 

Gel-Jelly type sleeping mask

Contains Niacinamide for brighten up skin to make it luminous and radiant looking, the sleeping mask has very generous amount in one capsule for few time usage (but preferable store in fridge if there's leftover). It's thick, and somehow my combination skin can't cope with its heavy-weight texture while using the Fine Fairness series. I tend to have breakouts every time I apply it overnight. 

Apply the capsule sleeping mask before sleep to get the most of it

Hence to those who facing the same breakout problems for the Fine Fairness capsule sleeping mask series, apply it for 15mins and wash it off and see your skin glow in radiant. Looking pretty with good looking skin can increase good sleeping mood too.

Next is my fav: Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask. 

Literally changed my perspective towards facial mask that all cotton sheet mask should be made into this type of paperless hydrogel mask as it fits to all types of face and you can obviously see the nutrient of mask being absorbed into skin.

As the skin is in direct contact with the mask, I can feel my skin is absorbing more from this hydrogel mask without greasy feeling or serum dripping from the mask to my neck. It's well fitted on my face I have no problem moving around or sit upwards if I have to.

Upon application, I can feel its cooling effect on my skin and it's a big yes for hot and humid weather as it can be refreshing and made me and my skin feel so good! For most of mask, my combination skin type especially my T Zone can look especially oily after masking session but I have no problem with greasy looking face with this hydrogel mask as its 100% Hyaluronic Acid is on direct contact to my skin hence the absorbance power for my skin is amazing, leaving my skin feels supple, hydrated, radiant and fresh!

Hydro Boost Hydro Gel mask comes in patches for both eyes and lips too
A total hydrated skin on face!

As comparison, I love the hydrogel mask series more than capsule sleeping mask due to I'm a big fan for lightweight texture mask instead of heavy ones. I feel my skin reacts better with the hydrogel mask as well and it's effectively shown on my glowing skin after every hydrogel mask session.

Do visit local pharmacies (Guardian and Watsons) near you to get these two masks and try it for yourself. Do leave me comment of which one you like more!

For more information:

Neutrogena Capsule Sleeping Mask: RM12.90

Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask: RM13.90

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kiehl's Nature's Playground, MyTown Shopping Centre

I guess one of the most precious moment of my childhood were the times me and my younger brother playing at playground. We would climb high and low, play with slides and swings, trying to bump each other off the see saw and laugh like there's only happiness in the world. We were never not laughing, and as an adult, I really miss those happy moments I share with my sibling.

And thanks to Kiehl's Malaysia, I get to experience my favourite childhood activities again, this time with my beloved Fei! 

So ready to becoming a child again

Kiehl's Nature's Playground is a global event, and the largest interactive-beauty-playground for both adults and children. Me and Fei had so much fun exploring this oversized fun land and got so exhausted at the end of the day lol.

fun filled activities waiting for us to discover

Since it's an interactive beauty-playground, we've learned a lot of Kiehl's history and product information throughout completing the map, it's a fun way to learn how our skin works well with which Kiehl's products as well as natural ingredients that are used to produced each and every Kiehl's star items!

H2O is very crucial for healthy skin

Nescafe Gold Coffee anyone? They contains natural antioxidant as well!

Here are some highlights of this fun land:

Kiehl's Heritage Apothecary, vintage pop-up Kiehl's store for skin consultation on the spot
I got some free samples alongside too!

free skin consultation and found the perfect product combination for my skin

Calendula Swing

Nature's Market

Checking out the ingredients that are being used in Kiehl's products

And this Nature's Playground ain't all just for fun, Kiehl's Malaysia is partnering with National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) to give support to 300,000 children that are suffering in silence. With every jar of Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream (designed by Matthew McConaughey) sold, Kiehl's Malaysia will donate RM25 to NASOM. If you happened to saw those beautifully designed ultra facial cream, please do not hesitate to get one and lend a helping hand to those who are in need.

Last but not least, the event ends with Kiehl's Malaysia 10th Year Anniversary celebration and this coming December, Kiehl's Malaysia is gonna send 10 lucky winners to the homeland of Kiehl's - NEW YORK! Stay tuned at Kiehl's Malaysia Facebook Page to find out how to win it!

There's no better feeling in this world to let your inner child run wildly and freely, thank you Kiehl's Malaysia for this wonderful event and I hope there are many, many years of celebration to come! 

For more information: