Monday, September 17, 2018

You Are Wearing A Wrong Bra

Well, unless you recently got yourself fitted by an experienced sales assistant who knows well about their products and body sizes.

It is not exactly a taboo to talk about bras but I bet there are a lot Malaysian women who don't understand their body/cup sizes and they are not equipped with bra knowledges. Mainly because our mum generation think it's sinful to waste such money on something that people can't see/it wasn't a crucial clothing items. Hence the next generation don't understand the importance of fitted bra on our body. 

Thanks to Neubodi, the leading bra specialist in Malaysia invited a few of us bloggers to join a private workshop session last month. Sometimes I feel so blessed as a blogger because I get to know first hand news as well as extra knowledges from various brands/industries like this time - I learned so much about bras and how it affects our body shape, well being as well as mentally too.

"When I say that you most probably are wearing a wrong bra, it wasn't a joke you know? 8 out of 10 women wears the wrong bra everyday and worst of all, they don't know about it." says Bra Specialist who gave us a small presentation during the workshop.

"But you still have chance to make things the right way by changing to a right bra." Started in year 2008, Neubodi has become the leading brand in women's innerwear industry who offers perfect fit to all women. Consist of 600 sizes, colours and designs, Neubodi's bra are available from cup size 65A to 100I. 

That's right, 65A at the left, 100I at the right.

While we are baffled by the wide range of bra sizes, bra specialist of Neubodi told us that a good bra has over 60 parts of materials to make it into an impeccable fit. Which means, if your bra doesn't have a center piece, soft boning structure at the side as well as good ol' 3 hooks, that means you really have to kiss your bra goodbye. 

While I was trying to hunch my back to hide that I'm wearing the wrong/faulty bra, this was shown to us:

Not just that, my confidence just slipped away from me when I found out that I wore a faulty bra too. How bad is this right? During an ongoing presentation/workshop, my confidence just got low because I'm feeling uncomfortable about my bra which doesn't fit me. I bet most of us ignored these little details which formed a part of us and we are letting all these "bra mistakes" get the better of us. 

Our slacked posture, some even hunch their backs due to loose bra straps and feeling diffident. Slowly all these little things become a part of us, and it changed our life. No joke, imagine feeling diffident for 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years and so. Such a huge cost we're paying for a freaking faulty bra. Imagine that!

At Neubodi, I experienced a "no measure tape" holistic fitting method. The bra specialist and consultants of Neubodi knew exactly what cup size you are (yes, they scan you with their eyes and knew your cup size at first sight lololol) before they place their hands on your lower chest to "confirm" their guesses. 

This holistic fitting method is so unique I felt the connection between me and the bra specialist, placing my trust on her knowledge to find my perfect bra. Unlike measuring using measure tape, by feeling with their hands, they know exactly my body shape and size and managed to find a bra that I like with my favourite colour too!

Guess which is mine? :P

Isn't this a wonderful experience? And best of all, each and every women can walk into any Neubodi branch to experience this Holistic Fitting method for free! Experienced bra specialists who trained well will help you find your perfect bra because they believer every women deserves the right bra. 

Another bra-caring tips - how to wash your bra:

Although it's not wrong to stuff your bra into a net and throw them in a washing machine (always set "delicate washing" type please), but by washing your bra with your hands will make your bra last longer as it is more gentle and force is measurable too. 

Soaking them in warm water with detergent (not hot) for 10-15 mins, work your bras with your hands without twisting or squeezing too hard until the detergent is all gone. Then gingerly remove excessive water and hang the bra and air dry.

"this, is how you should hang your bra, not by your bra straps."

Make sure your bra is thoroughly dry before you wear them, and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dry your bras under scorching hot sun as the structure of your bra will ruined by the heat of the sun. As for those who likes to go extra mile in taking care of their bras, Neubodi has this Delicate Laundry Wash which uses 100% natural ingredients that removes unpleasant odour and stains while maintaining the vibrancy of colour.

It was such a eventful afternoon with Neubodi that I felt reborn as a women who knew herself better than before. I apologize to myself for neglecting the needs of my body all these years and made a promise to myself that I will take care of my body and treat it as a temple as how I should all these years. 

Thank you Neubodi for the precious experience.

Now I'm feeling so confident, I do think I should do a mini photoshoot of me and my Neubodi bra during my getaway soon. Stay tuned on my Instagram!

For more information:

Neubodi Official Website

Neubodi Official Facebook Page

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

KIMI-YA Japanese Restaurant, Avantas Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Located at one of the busiest street of Kuala Lumpur, KIMI-YA Japanese Restaurant is a hidden gem in plain sight. Kimi-Ya, which literally translated as "Your Home" in Japanese, I felt the warm hospitality from the restaurant upon stepping into it.

Greeted with varieties of Japanese delicacies as well as home made recipes and sauces, my taste bud were spoilt by all food freshly prepared for us:

 KIMI-YA is located at the ground floor of Avantas Residences, which dining guests are entitled for a free 90mins valet parking service upon arrival. Using wood/bamboos as main interior element, dining guests were immediately transported to the land of rising sun just by dining in this restaurant. 

private rooms available too!

Browsing through their menu, it's not hard to find that KIMI-YA offers mid to high end authentic Japanese cuisine with a lovely price. From Sashimi, wagyu beef to cold house-specialty udon, I had some hard time to decide what to order because they have so much to offer!


Yasai Salad

Look at the generous amount of Avocados! As I grow older I'm craving for more green foods in my daily meals, especially fresh vegetables that will produce fibres for my body needs. KIMI-YA's salads are packed with fresh vegetables and ingredients, paired with 3 types of house specialty salad dressings which you can't buy them elsewhere.

KIMI-YA Soft Shell Crab Salad

We tried Yasai Salad as well as KIMI-YA Soft Shell Crab Salad on that day. Yasai Salad has seaweed, avocado, sea moss with assorted vegetables and for the soft shell crab salad, they deep fried the soft shell crab as well as fish skin, sprinkles of ebiko with assorted vegetables. Diners can choose either sesame dressing, wafu dressing or yuzu dressing for their salad. As for me, I am always Team Sesame dressings. lol.

Some of my friends literally crave for their salad dressings and wanted to buy them from the chef. Unfortunately they are not selling their secret recipes, but you can always come to KIMI-YA and satisfy your cravings as well as consume more vegetables for the benefit of your body.


KIMI-YA Special Roll
I think this is the first time I had black caviar toppings on my sushi roll! This luxurious sushi roll are made of avocado, omelette, cucumber, seared tuna with mayonnaise sauce and black caviar as toppings. The texture of this sushi roll is so smooth and I love how fresh the tuna tasted. 

UNI (sea urchin) (25g)

I had some bad encounters with uni at other Japanese restaurant which I shall not name but since KIMI-YA is well known for its fresh ingredients, I made a special request to try their uni and lucky me the chef offered us a generous amount of uni during my dining experience. Each and every fresh ingredients of KIMI-YA were directly imported from Japan, hence their quality were assured!

Although August wasn't uni season (best season will be from Sept - April) but the uni presented by KIMI-YA wasn't any lesser quality. The mixture of fresh ocean taste and sweetness from the uni literally had me hooked and I can't stop eating the uni even though I had enough food for that day. It changed my perception of uni, definitely gotta thank KIMI-YA for such wonderful uni tasting experience.

Take Sashimi Moriawase

When Take means bamboo and Moriawase means assorted kind, this is another recommended dish from the restaurant. Several kinds of seasonal fresh fish served as sashimi, it provides different texture and taste to all diners. In this dish we had salmon, octopus, amberjack, tuna, salmon roe and scallop. Fei keeps on emphasize how buttery the amberjack tasted.


Kaisen Pirikara Miso Nabe

This warming bowl of hot pot dish is loaded with assorted vegetables, salmon and other seafoods with housemade miso that's good for soup lovers or rainy days. With a hint of spicyness due to the soybean paste, this steaming one-pot-meal gives me a flavourful yet satisfying after taste.


Zaru Inaniwa Udon

Honestly, I have to admit that KIMI-YA changes many perceptions of me towards Japanese cuisine, and one of them is the cold noodles. As typical Chinese, I like my food steaming hot, I find that it is unattractive when my mains are cold and I had cold noodles before(with ice cube?!?) and it was an unpleasant experience. When my friends told me the cold noodles of KIMI-YA is the best of all, I don't believe what they say.

I tried it, and it was mind blowing. I felt the need to add an extra order of cold noodles because they tasted so good! Unlike those restaurants which prepare their cold noodles with ice cubes floating around, this cold thin wheat noodles was pre-chilled and serve with soy sauce. Here comes the fun part - 3 ways to eat cold noodles:

  1. The Common Method: dip into soy sauce and slurp it! The chilled, chewy cold wheat noodles taste is super refreshing and yet tasteful when consume alongside with the sweet-salty tasted soy sauce.
  2. The Kick Method: Add a pinch of fresh wasabi onto the noodles, dip the bottom half of the noodles into the sauce and slurp it up! With that extra kick from the wasabi taste, this is the method I love most as the balance between wasabi and soy sauce gave the cold noodles an extra depth of taste.
  3. The Marriage Method: Add spring onions, quail eggs and wasabi into the soy sauce, stir it gently until yolk of quail egg broke, dip one chopstick full of cold noodles into it consume. 

Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon
(with assorted Tempura)

You got to try the cold thin wheat noodles to believe how tasty they are. Made from scratch by KIMI-YA, this is a popular dish which received many positive feedbacks and got me craving for it as I'm typing this right now. Maybe I shall visit KIMI-YA very soon before I fly off to Indonesia.


Salmon Mentai Yaki

Look at that shiny layer of seared marinated mayonaissed roe! Salmon Mentai Yaki is one of my favourite Japanese dish too as I love the taste of salmon and mentai yaki combined. This piece of fresh salmon grilled to perfection is one of the crucial element why I love this dish.

Unagi Garlic Rice Ishiyaki

Unagi Garlic Rice definitely tasted better than Unagi don with usual white rice. This bowl of garlic fried rice add extra aroma to the roasted eel, with seaweed, sesame, fried garlic and spring onions as toppings, there's no doubt that unagi lovers are gonna love this bowl of ishiyaki.


With Tempura Moriawase (assorted tempura), saba shioyaki (salt-grilled mackerel), deep fried chicken (my favourite!) and salmon sashimi, KIMI-YA bento served a "summary" of best dishes from the restaurant. From fresh sashimi to juicy fried chicken, this bento is definitely filling for the tummy and soul.

There are more good news for diners of KIMI-YA this September as kids get to eat for free! Diners are entitled for one free kids meal when RM50 spent in a single receipt, kids that are below 100cm can choose between udon set or zosui set (Japanese rice soup).

I'll call these Japanese-style happy meal!

Last but not least: DESSERTS TIME!

Mizu Shingen Mochi

This is like the best Japanese raindrop cake I ever had! The brown sugar syrup and soybean powder tasted just nice, and it did not overwhelmed the texture and after taste of the raindrop cake. Definitely cute and edible in this case.

Matcha Shiratama Zenzai

The combination of green tea ice cream with Japan imported red bean paste and glutinous rice balls is the perfect depiction of Japanese desserts, giving a refreshing taste after all the dishes we had earlier on. 

Abekawa Mochi

This homemade rice cake with Japan imported red bean paste is a must order as the rice cake is chewy and covered with subtle flavoured soy powder which balanced well when paired with red bean paste. This rice cake is my favourite too as it is hard to find such chewy texture.

Overall I enjoyed my dining experience at KIMI-YA because of the fresh ingredients they used to produce each and every dishes for diners, making sure our taste buds are well taken care of with various housemade recipes as well as offers a wide varieties of Japanese dishes, cater for each and every diner needs. 

I'm definitely visiting KIMI-YA very soon because I'm craving for their Zaru Inaniwa Udon now!

For more info:

Address: G-2, Avantas Residences, 162, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.

Contact number: +6013 239 3406

Business hour:
Mon - Thurs 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm
Fri - Sun: 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-11pm

Free 90 mins valet parking for diners of KIMI-YA

Saturday, August 11, 2018

You Are Made With Love

Have you ever ponder over what you're made of? Are you a peck of stardust of this 13 lightyears universe? Are you made of adventures and excitements? Are you everything you want to be? I've been thinking a lot about what I'm made of lately and of course, I do not have a definite answer for that but if I were to choose one word to describe, I'll definitely say that I am made with love.

Like lots of lots of love. 

As you see, I do not have a smooth sailing life. I come from an average (or some say: below average family), I do not have the luxury of a cellphone until I was 16 years old, I only buy few pieces of new clothings once a year, I can't choose international colleges when I graduated from high school because my family can't afford it, and I've been working part time since the age of 13 (under my own will of course because I know how important it is to earn for my own bread).

These wasn't the hardest part of my life I guess, I've been constantly shifting from this group of friends to another group of friends because we grew apart. It still saddens me once in awhile and made me think where did it all went wrong but I guess the end of those relationships marked the beginning with this group of people that I love dearest.

Just like the saying: a bad day isn't a bad life, departing from the people who can't see your worth is better than stuck there with them and feeling bad about yourself most of the time. I have lost count of all the help, supports and encouragements I've got from all these beloved faces for the past few years and ever since then, I know I'm loved by many and it established a sense of belonging that I've been craving for the longest time.

Surround yourself with people and things that matters to you (and you to them) is the crucial part how you see yourself and your value in this life. When you see the love you're surrounded by, you will try to reach for an higher achievement and never settle lesser in your requirements of life. That's why I choose Kao Laurier (been using Laurier since my teenage years) !

All new Kao Laurier packaging expresses the chic and sophisticated style

It's time to break and overcome the taboo of not talking about feminine products in public because we're in the 21st century and it is very important to spread positive awareness regarding menstruation and period talk as well as good products that helps active women maintain their challenging lifestyle. Kao Laurier Malaysia is striving to bring all smiles and happiness to women of Malaysia by producing high quality sanitary pads which makes us feel comfortable and secure all the time.

Easily differentiate day and night use packaging, these all new Laurier looks are polished with hint of style that comes with easy-to-understand information on it which definitely will brighten up my moody days ahead (or when you're trying to direct your partner to get those sanitary pads on your behalf!). And most importantly, it is made with love from all the unique research and development all the way from Japan to spark joy in a Malaysian women's life.

Never in a million years I would think that I'll have the opportunity to share with you about this favourite brand of mine. I had a blast at Kao Laurier Malaysia's roadshow in Sunway Velocity few days back and was awed by all the beautiful instagrammable set ups that kept my camera shutter clicking!

Kao Laurier Malaysia is rewarding their customers with a nationwide contest with awesome prizes from 8th August - 31st October 2018! The grand prize winner will walk away with a 5 days 4 nights all expenses paid Japan trip FOR TWO with a personal photographer. All you need to do is:
  1. Purchase All-New-Laurier products worth up to RM20
  2. Capture a photo of what "Made of Love" means to you with caption starts with "I feel the love when..."
  3. Upload your photo to Kao Laurier Malaysia Facebook with the hashtag #LaurierMadeWithLove and tag them. 
The most Liked photos will win!

Thank you Kao Laurier for all these wonderful years of secure, carefree feeling and most importantly, thank you for making me feel loved even on my most depressing days!