Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Day that DaddyCharlie and Bun is the King

Obviously, it's Father's Day I'm talking about.

This Father's Day is one special Father's Day because it will be Bun celebrating his VERY FIRST Father's Day too~ I wonder how's he feel...

We celebrated at Island Red Cafe(IRC) at Rampai Business Park. But that's not the first time I went there. The first time will be after MummyJoyce's RedBox celebration.

Me and BroKian was wondering where to have our dinner after RedBox sing k session... And instantly I thought of this IRC Cafe.

No other meaning, it's just I haven't been there before and I would like to know how the food taste like. :)

*Island Red Cafe*

*I like their Red x Black concept of interior design*

We chose the seats at the corridor because looks comfy!

What will you do when you're at nice, comfy places plus a camera in your hand? That's right! Camwhoring time!!!

*Me and Xuan Xuan so kaypoh look here and there but not at the camera =_=""*

I'm took tons of photos but none of them can show my true beauty see clearly because of the limited light exposure there. Haihz... I need semi pro camera!!!!

Anyway, after 5 - 10minutes wait... Here comes...

*Moi's drink - Cappuccino blended!*

*For the first time, I ordered Lamb chop.....*

*with mint sauce! OMFG!!!!*

I'm really in the mood for lamb that night however the mint sauce really turns off my appetite. Yucks!

I end up giving the whole lamb chop to Bun to finish it for me. I ordered Kaya toast instead. LOL!

Great! Now I have this Lamb chop + mint sauce combination phobia. I will never ever ever order lamb chop again.... Unless someone is willing to back up me like Bun did - Eat what I don't eat.

*Honestly, I forgot what did Bun feed Xuan Xuan but DEFINITELY NOT mint sauce!!! LOL!*

So, that ends my first visit to IRC Cafe. But deep inside my heart, I'm holding a grief for can't satisfied my lust for chop and steak. I definitely need some ways to fulfill my lust!

And this opportunity just came - Father's Day!!!

Usually my family will dine out on that day, and IRC Cafe is our first choice of venue because we just love new places! LOL!

*MummyJoyce and DaddyCharlie browsing through the menu*

*I want to take a picture which Xuan Xuan is kissing me on the cheek but FAILED! Argh~*

*BroSheng and Xuan Xuan which still non-stop moving!!!*

*MummyJoyce and Xuan Xuan - I like his expression!!! So CUTE!*

*Me and BroSheng... The last time we took a picture together was 4 months ago... Sorry dear~*

*OMFG!!! I look so horrible here wtfwtfwtf!!! -_-"""""*

The cafe was kinda crowded that day. It seems a lot of youngsters are bringing their parents to dine at this kind of cafes nowadays. This is a trend isn't?

After some time waiting....

*Penang Har Mee(Prawn Mee)... Ok ok only... I like Tan Kee one more!*

*BroSheng Blue-ish drink! Don't you feel afraid by just looking at its colour?*

*My Apple + Limau Kasturi + Plum! Nice~!!!*

*My steak with mushroom sauce... Why in the first place I ask for mushroom sauce???? I'm so stupid. And the beef turn out to be over cooked!!! Really FML!!!!*

*BroKian's Seafood Fried Rice... Taste average*

MummyJoyce and BroSheng's food still haven't arrive after waiting for 1 hour.... We keep on reminding the waitress and waiter there but once we asked and they say they will come back with a feed back, they went disappear!!!


I know the cafe was crowded, but this is not the way to treat your customer like that. Keep them waiting for food without noticing them how long it's gonna take.

After the FOURTH time, we remind a girl which turns out to be one of the owner of the cafe, responded immediately with MummyJoyce's Penang Kuey Teow Soup.

*This is what we got! Are you joking??? 4 fishballs and two pathetic vegetables you call this Kuey Teow soup???? I can cook better Kuey Teow soup than your chef!*

We ask the owner come over and complaint about this-so-call-kuey-teow-soup. This is definitely what we expect after waiting for 1 hour+!!!

Funny thing is, the owner took back the dish, and come back with the same dish except she add more kuey teow inside. WTF!

We're all speechless. MummyJoyce is so hungry she don't want to complaint no more and just go on with that pathetic kuey teow soup.

And yes, the owner forgot that along with the kuey teow soup, we also remind her of my bro's salty fish fried rice....

And yet, another turn of waiting.... The dish arrives about 20 minutes later....

*Looks normal and taste normal salty fish fried rice*

We reach at 8pm, and we only able to go home with everyone stomach full at 10pm. WTF! If other people don't know they thought we go to French cuisine which eats up 2 hours of dinner time!

And guess what, another round of waiting when we're trying to pay for bill. They're system suddenly went crazy and there's a bunch of customers waiting for paying.

I asked my bro go buy me a take away Island Red Coffee and it turns out very NICE!!! Makes me wanna ask for the 2nd cup.

Anyway, when checking the bill after paying, the counter forgot to include my take away coffee! I got a free drink! Yeah~ I'll take that as a compensate for wasting our time as much as 30 minutes waiting to pay the bill and for the crappy service and kinda lousy food.

The 2nd visit was not that good... but I'm missing their coffee NOW!!! Somebody ease the IRC Coffee lust for me!!!

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