Monday, November 9, 2009

OMG!!! I Found My Memory Card Part 1

My Sony Ericsson phone certified its death back at May, and since then, I'm always thinking about how to retrieve the data that I stored inside. (Photos, songs, etc...)

You don't know how happy am I when I find out that there's a slot for reading my memory card reader in my mum's new laptop. I quickly search for my phone, which I don't know where I put, and after 1 hour of search, FINALLY I FOUND IT!!!!

I'm going to share those photos I took with my phone last year. And since there's quite number of photos, I'm going to divide into two posts!

*Petaling Street famous Sweet Potato Balls. I remember I bought RM2 worth of this and no one wants to eat it with me. Can you imagine how full am I swallow all these 10 sweet potato balls????*

*Grass at the side of the road while we're on the way to Neway Karaoke. My last sing k session during my pregnant days.*

*Oh My God!!! The one and only photo taken when Xuan Xuan spit out milk. CUTE!
There'll be no second photo of him spit out his milk because he doesn't spit anymore. LOL! This is so going to be one of the treasure of mine.*

*I'm patting Xuan Xuan's back for him to burp after his milk time.*

*The one and only photo Xuan Xuan sleep together with the fake nipple. He doesn't like it so we didn't force him to get used to it.*

*So cute~ I still can remember how he used to smile at us for no reason.*


*Oh no~ He's going to cry!*

*Bathing Xuan Xuan carefully... He doesn't cry when we bath him that time.*

*Laughing after bath~ Comfortable ne!?*

*LOL! I hope Xuan Xuan don't scold me in the future for expose his nude pic. Hahahahaha~*

*This is where 'Like Mother Like Son' comes from. Don't laugh!*

*He sleeps like this.... until today.*

*My first visit to Chilis, November 2008*

*Bring my cousin Jill to One U and thought of yum cha. Aiming at Chilis refillable beverages.*

*American style*

*Sleep jor.... Pity Bun have to carry him all the time.*

*My cup of hot chocolate/milo (Don't really remember).*

*Oh No!!! This tomato juice is soooooo awful. Only Bun able to drink up the whole big cup!*

*26th November, 24 pieces of doughnuts, 8 person*

*1 person birthday, my beloved Bro Sheng. Doughnut as birthday cake. *

*Xuan Xuan first visit to karaoke. Red Box at The Curve*

*They got PS2 in the room, distract kid's attention from mic*

*My niece - YanYan, she can sing very well. Most of my nieces sing well. I wonder does this have anything to do with genes?*

*Uncle's birthday~*

*Xuan Xuan, 3 months+ old*

*I love the lights. Pink, purple, blue, I think I'm hallucinating.*

*HUAT AR!!!!!!!*

*Looks like sign for Love Hotel. LOL!*

*Camwhore is a MUST!*

*Last encore, you should see how they dance! So crazy!!! Haha!*

*Chubby Xuan Xuan*

*Super huge Christmas tree.*

*Last year decorations, I wonder how this year's will look like*

I will upload the Part 2 as fast as possible.