Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Ong Suah" on Boxing Day

"Ong" - is not my surname. No, I mean, yes, my surname is Ong, but the "Ong" in the title means 旺 (prosperous, flourishing, blooming etc etc....) and the word "Suah" - means mountain, hill.

Yes, "Ong Suah" (hokkien) means to make the mountain prospering. It's a ceremony for Hokkiens to do somekind of "relaunching" after a grave been reconstructed. Some of the tiles and decoration of my grandparents' cracked so my dad and his siblings demand a reconstruction. So we're here to pay respect to my grandparents after the reconstruction.

It is a happy happy thing, just like a company relaunch or something, so no serious face showing. Hehe!

We have to arrive at 7a.m. and start the ceremony. I woke up at 430a.m., Xuan Xuan woke up at 520a.m. Poor lil Xuan Xuan so sleepy but unable to sleep in the car due to excitement. LOL!

*Each family cooked some dishes for the ceremony. Most of them are my grandparents favourite dishes. Coffee, liquor, steam pork leg in dark soy sauce, siew yuk... etc etc.*

*Okay~ Dishes all placed nicely! It's time for us to pay respect with joss sticks.*

*All ornaments are tied with red ribbons, red and ribbons is a must for 'relaunching' right? Hehe!*

*'Huat Kuih' on top and red ribbons, to bring prosperity and wealth to all the descendents.*

*'Gam' (mandarin oranges) and red papers. Chinese just like auspicious things right?*

*Treasure Chest of another world!!!! So many of them!!! I spend almost 3 hours in folding gold and silver papers to fill up 3 treasure chest, fold until my fingers hurt.*

*Yes, 3 hours of hard work in folding gold and silver paper - burned! Poof~ Gone!!!*

*After pray and waited for my grandparents to have their meal (literally), my cousin bro is chopping the pineapple's head (LOL!) and skin on my grandparents tomb, to wish for good luck and wealth of all the family members. Not to mention everybody need to eat a piece of the pineapple too. FML! I don't eat pineapple because it makes my tongue itchy!!!!*

So normally, what will you do when you're waiting for your ancestors to 'finish their meal'? From the time we place all the foods until we're able to eat and keep the food got like... erm... 2 hours gap? Yeah~ We have to wait there for 2 hours, just wait.

So, the aunties generation i.e. MummyJoyce etc etc will be gossiping chatting among each others and DaddyCharlie etc etc will be chatting with his siblings and smoking in action.

So, what do we these younger generation do? Most of my cousins sisters will be joining the older generation and listen to the gossipsgather some information about who did what and when and how, cousin bros will be sitting there day dreaming. LOL!

As for me.....


*The Agent of Nirvana Memorial Park who is in charge in servicing my family came visit us with some drinks. This is the FIRST TIME actually saw someone in charge stop by. Am pleased with her kind after service. By the way, I can has MILO ICE in memorial park. LOL!*

*Die die also wanna camwhore with this lil fella. Nyahahaha~ I remember that last time when we came for tomb sweeping, he's still unable to walk, but now......*

*LENG ZAI!!! (drools)*

*Climb up and down, walk here and there... Never ever have the intention to sit down quietly. Oh Gosh~ I have to chase him here and there, some more climb up and down with him, afraid that he'll slip down or something. Not an easy day for me.*

*And yet, he gave me this 'innocent' smile. (ifaint)*

*And now, it's my turn to camwhore! Muahahahaha~*

*You see, I really got nothing better to do other than chasing after Xuan Xuan and camwhore. The sun is quite hot that day, but not as hot as those days in early April. Lucky!*

After 2 hours and my 3rd uncle says: Ok, our ancestors are done with the meal, let's eat now! Hahahah~ Yeah! We're going to stuff all those foods that are exposed to dust, sun and whatever it is in the air into our tummy.

Yes, it's so unhygienic but it's one of the Chinese culture. Eat it or lose it.

We had fruits, fried chicken, fish cakes, fish balls, sausages, nuggets, fried mee and LOTS of kuih-muihs! Eat till wanna puke already still got relatives ask you: Eat more, eat more. Neh~ Still got this and that and that......LOL! I'm skinny but I'm not anorexic and I eat normally. When I say I'm full I really mean it.

After having our 'breakfast', it's time to clean up all the mess say goodbye to our grandparents.

*Bye bye~ See you at April ya my beloved grandparents!*

Thought that we're going to leave immediately after we pay respect at my 1st uncle's grave, but suddenly MummyJoyce say she wanna go toilet. LOL! Have to send her to toilet. DaddyCharlie force us to go off the car while we reach the toilet place. I don't wanna go down the car, so damn hot la the weather!!!

Anyway, one thing good about getting off the car is I manage to take more photos. Balancing my mind about taking photos and hot weather.

*Water falls... With Guanyin statue and cranes. Godly atmosphere!*

*Feng Shui River - URGH! Can't manage to snap a good photo from whatever angle. (angry)*

*Doesn't Xuan Xuan looks like he's being force to take photos with all the statue? He looks afraid and lost.*

*LOL! WTF! I look so short in this photo!!! Wrong pose!*

*I thought I saw a crane in the middle of the bushes*

*The enormous dragon with a Guanyin statue on it.*

*Forced Bun and Xuan Xuan took a photo with the the dragon.*

The body of the dragon is a very, very long air conditioned room to place ashes after cremation. I've never been in there (because I don't feel like to), I just heard these from my bros.

*Do you know that Nirvana Memorial Park is the WORLD'S LARGEST Memorial Park that is listed in The Guinness World Of Records?*

*Next - Guess where I'll be going after this?*


=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

how does your uncle know that your ancestors have finished their meal after 2 hours?

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

wow.. your day is so positively vibe.. and fill with lotsa pics of your family and son. Looks very good :) and ur camwhore pics.. lol..... really fun just like u!!!

it's the largest in book of records i didn't know!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

He use the... erm... 2 pieces of woods that have two different sides and drop it on the floor to see. Most of the Chinese use this method to test whether ancestors got stop by or not.

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Oh Gosh! You're here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. ^o^/*

Yeah, I was surprised that it was the largest in the world. Unexpected. 

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

so if both wood shows the same side, that means they finish liao?