Sunday, February 28, 2010


P.S: Reunion with secondary schoolmate is funneh! Nostalgic!!!

Let's ROARRRRR!!!! - Morning Version

2010 Tiger year is finally HERE! Since today is Chap Goh Meh so I shall greet everyone who see this:


LOL! 15 days of Chinese New Year celebration have passed. I have lots of ups and downs for this Chinese New Year. Electronic devices of mine seems to be having an issue with me, and they're down one by one. First my camera, then my mobile phone.

Gah~ I wish this bad luck in owning electronic devices will shoooooooo go away! I want all my stuffs to be long lasting.

Anyway, how's your first day of Chinese New Year celebration? As I've mentioned in my previous post this is my 2nd time celebrating New Year with Bun's family, there's still things that I'm trying to adapt with and things I'm amazed with.

Early in the morning, everybody get dressed and have breakfast. Guess what's the menu for today, hehe. 

*Xuan Xuan's surfer style! So Hawaiian. I want to buy pants like this and match with him too. LOL!*

*My style of the day: American Casual. Not totally but sort of. Hehe.*

*It seems FatherOh is really satisfied with the taste of the breakfast, he ate a lot!*

*Some of the kids. They have really good appetite in the morning and they're gaining energy to be use in the "Ang Pao Battle" later.*

*BrotherKeong, 3rd Uncle and Sister's husband. All mum mum-ing their breakfast.*

*This is what we had for breakfast - Luo Han Zhai / Loh Hon Zai 罗汉斋. Yes, only ONE dish + white rice, but I tell ya, it's the most SUPER DELICIOUS MAXIMUS vegetarian breakfast I've ever had. Totally suit my taste. (Gosh~ I'm drooling now!) *

*After some rest for the full tummy, here comes the battle of ang pao giving. Each and every kids have to queue up in order to get ang pao from the elders. BrotherFoo is giving ang pao and he demands the kids to greet in prosperity phrases.*

*And another side, BrotherKeong sit down and giving away ang pao too. BrotherFoo jokingly say his business kena rampas because everyone wants Singapore dollar. LOL! Damn funny!!!*

*XinYu greeting BrotherKeong.*

*XinChii already lost her words of what to greet. Tough task if request to think of different prosperity phrases. Haha.*

*And this lil fella get a $10 U.S Dollar note from BrotherOnn. Gotta help Xuan Xuan say: Thank You many many much!!!*

*Playing with ang paos! And you know what? He went to grab other people's ang pao! Such a violent toddler. But one thing is he will give all the ang pao he get to me, I didn't even teach him to give them to me, such cute action from him really cheers me up!*

*Our turn to greet the elders. Have to let the elders drink tea at the same time greet them. I always feel kinda shy when I'm in that situation, why oh why I'm not a brave girl?*

After greet and ang pao giving/receiving session, it's time for the kids to get their afternoon nap/ play card games / watch tv shows and do stuffs they like while us adults are getting ready for that night's SUPER SPECIAL MAXIMUS dinner of the year!

*Everyone looks so serious and paying 100% attention while briefing at dining room.*

*SisterBanunu, SisterFong and SisterStella. SisterBanunu is the one who suggest the idea for that night's super special dinner.*

*SisterStella briefing with the teenagers team. They're in charge of serving and table preparation.*

*Fuiyo! Look at their super serious face expression. I guess they really wanna make it big and special.*

*BrotherKeong done all these stuffs! I'm suppose to help him but you know, I'm kinda shy and I don't know what can I do I just end up sitting there looking at him doing all these stuffs. LOL!*

*He even went to neighbour's house (whom we don't know at all) and ask them whether we can pluck their hibiscus or not! SUPER LOL MAX!!!! Hahahaha~ The neighbour thought he was friend of their son and  he's coming over to bai nian.*

*Chef of the Night - BrotherChee! According to the Oh's Family, this is the first time seeing him being so serious and handle all these stuffs.*

*Let's get things started! Shredding mushrooms, tomatoes and cut baguette into smaller pieces. Requires quite some time to accomplish these tasks though.*

*We're going to have a pure western style dinner!*

*Look at all the colourful vegetables. The salads will be attractive too with all these colours in it.*

*BrotherOnn and SisterPeng are going to toast the garlic bread in the oven. Yum yum~*

*See all the butter and garlics, I want these NOW!!!!*

*SisterBanunu's marinated potato wedges with olive oil and all sorts of herbs.*

*These wedges smells so good.*

*And there they go - into the oven!!!*

*SisterFoongYee is cooking the tomato toppings. Instead of just garlic bread, we're actually having bruschetta with tomato toppings on it!*

*Looks so tasty at the same time, healthy too!*

*Now is making salad time.*

*Chop chop chop....*

*Sun is setting, it's time to rearrange the table like previously rehearsal before.*

*The elders always have the privilege to take afternoon nap. Hehe.*

*Bun bring me to Menglembu to fetch his 3rd uncle. And gosh, the place is like 30 mins+ journey from our house. I wonder how 3rd uncle manage to withstand all these time consuming journey and visit our house so often with motorcycle.*

*Red wine and flower arrangement, tonight is gonna be a good, good night!*

*Arrangement of utensils are based on knowledge of the eldest nephew JiaWen. He's been working for months in restaurant during last year, he guide all his cousin sisters and brothers to make things work. Quite good leadership he has.*

*Even this naughty naughty JiaSheng help out and wipe the plates one by one and arrange things nicely.*

*Xuan Xuan is ready for dinner now!*

*SisterSim and MotherOh. All of us have to dress nicely to attend that night's dinner. Home wear are not allowed. LOL!*

*Am still in the American casual style for the night as I didn't bring dress or pretty apparels. I thought it will be just a NORMAL dinner. LOL! If you want to know how special that night was, stay tune for my next post!*