Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Balik Kampung with KTMB Train

The last time I sat KTMB train balik kampung I was only 3 or 4 years old. Went to Penang with my mum and until today, I still unable to forget the sweet, sweet memories of that journey back.

After 20 years, I'm gonna take KTMB train back to Bun's hometown for Chinese New Year.

*Unrelated 2 photos. Xuan Xuan is so effing cuteeee! Looks so hip-hop, can defeat all the hip-hop look guys at Sg Wang dy!*

*OMGOMGOMG!!!! Hahahahaha!*

Okay, back to the balik kampung with KTMB train story.

Bought the train ticket one day before, and the train was scheduled at 9:06a.m!!! We have to wake up at freaking 7a.m and go to KL Sentral by 8a.m LATEST! 

*Lack of sleep face of Xuan Xuan. LOL!*

*Reach KL Sentral at 8:30a.m. It's going to be a lovely day isn't?*

*I wonder why they specific in Japanese on the sign board.*

*Blur sotong still blurrrrr~ Haha!*

After Bun bought foods to eat on the train, we head down to the terminal. The whole place was surprisingly empty, I doubt that is there people going take the same train like us to go to Ipoh.

*KL Sentral Station.*

*Empty terminal.*

After put our luggages at floor, Xuan Xuan was throwing tantrum and Bun have to bring him around to walk and I'm the one who will look after our belongings.

I swear that will be one of the creepiest time I've ever encounter in a train terminal. Empty terminal reminds me of ALL the horror movie I've ever seen. Especially the Korean ones, where there's a pair of red shoes placed beside the railway.

OK, I told myself I should stop thinking nonsense and just focus on foods and happy train-sitting experience later.

There's one malay uncle walk passed me, and his face expression shows he's in confuse. Okay, I was a bit bothered by his expression. Not long after that, Bun walk to me and told me that we're not suppose to wait here, have to wait at the benches outside of KFC.

Ah~ Now I know why that guy looked at me like I'm an alien or something.

*Way up with escalator and starlights.*

Xuan Xuan was still throwing tantrum while we're waiting for the train to arrive. I have to bring him walk here and there, entertain him with arcade car and vending machines. What a tough time.

Train was suppose to arrive at 9:06a.m, and it reschedule to 9:15a.m, and then reschedule once again to 9:30a.m. I wonder when only Malaysian learn to be punctual.

*9:30a.m, and yes, lots of people are going back to hometown with KTMB train!*

*My coach - X2*

*Woooo~ Samsung LCD TV! I wonder what show they'll play later.*

I'm amazed, after 20 years have passed, there's not a bit change to the train. Not at all. It's the same old train I used to take back to Penang 20 years ago.

Except the automatic door with feet sensor was spoilt, and some of the food trays behind the seats was gone. And there's not much different with superior class seat and normal class seat, but the price of ticket was charged double for superior class, at RM22 per seat, while normal seat were RM12 per seat.

Without much waiting, the train started to move. No notification or something. I wonder what if there's passenger inside the toilet doing 'big business' and unable to go up the train on time. LOL!

*Bye bye KL.*

*Excited excited. Woo yeah~!*

*Our breakfast -KFC's dinner plate. Mmm~ Mmm~ Oishiii!!!!*

*If you're following my twitter, you'll know that I can even online and tweet while I'm on the train. Happy happy! As I've said, I never felt so CONNECTED before, all thanks to Digi broadband!*

*The mountains and greens, felt so soothing, can relax my soul.*

*Taking 'emo photo' again. LOL! Why oh why I always feel like taking this type of photos? To make it worse, I don't have a shutterbug husband. Sienzzzz*

*Xuan Xuan slept not long after the train started its journey. Never felt so calm and quiet before.*

*Hello Ipoh. Ipoh has surprisingly clean and looks-new train terminal.*

*Train took around 3 hours to reach Ipoh from KL. Almost same as taking bus but I feel lot more safer and comfortable with train. Of course it's much more expensive.*

*With a touch of Vintage.*

*While we're waiting for Bun's sis to pick us up (apprx have to wait for 20 minutes), Bun told me that there's a very vintage and classic hotel located just the upper level of the train station.*

*The hotel was called: The Majestic Station Hotel Ipoh*

*Outside of the train station and hotel, there's a garden. The huge tree in the middle has a name, but I don't know what it is. LOL!*

*One of the oldest feature of the hotel - Lift. Have to manually close the door and it was super insecure to be in the lift while it moves. There's a card stick on the wall saying "I'm as old as your grand, grand pa." Wow! Around 100 years old ++???*

*The outter of the lift. I think it took more than 10 seconds to go to the 3rd floor, but I feel super happy have the chance to take this kind of lift.*

*Vintageeee~ Loves!*

*The place for waiters prepare drinks and stuffs.*

*Long, long row of doors and each has a lamp outside of the door.*

*No, not my room, just happen to be in front of this door while trying to snap photos of room number. LOL!*

*Outside of the room were tables and chairs for dining purpose.*

*A place for people to held seminar/talk. I don't know why it's called DOME JJ. Haha!*

*Check pattern tiles, more vintage feel added don't you think so?*

*There were more rooms at the second floor. This time, there were chairs outside of the pathway. Empty and creepy. Luckily I was with Xuan Xuan, his cuteness totally cut off the creepy feeling. Hehe.*

Ipoh was a good place to relax. Not much entertainment available around and limited time to connect to the internet (as I have quite some houseworks to do).

Brought nephews and nieces to playground at the field. It's good to see Xuan Xuan able to play with all his cousins and interact with them (although not much la!).

*Obsessed with the steering wheel of the playground.*

*My niece a.k.a Xuan Xuan's cousin sister XinLin. Pretty isn't?*

*Sunset is LOVE*

*Like so emo like that. Haha.*

*Playing with grass, and he put the grass inside his mouth. WTH! He thought he's a cow or some grass eating animal? But he doesn't like to eat vegetables.*

*A lovely day*

The next day, we have to go out and search for the 'lowest price' decorating lights throughout Ipoh city. Each and every member in this family have their own duty. I'm in charge of games and Bun is in charge of transportation. 

We searched almost everywhere even find infos in the internet. It seems internet doesn't have much infos of Ipoh.

*Looks like kampung girl or not? LOL!*

*He didn't refuse to take photo with me, but he wanna pose like this. LOL!!!!*

*Very, very pretty pink lanterns!!! With flowers some more! I think this will be some very good decoration but too bad it's quite expensive.*

*In Ipoh, there's some shop selling Chinese New Year decoration stuffs ONLY! Crazy enough!! The whole shop is in red colour!!! I guess RedMummy will like this shop? LOL!*

*Real human height Choi San Yeh!! Movable and singable. Hahahaha!*

*Went to sooooooooo many places to search for LED decoration lights, but guess what, we manage to find the lowest price just outside of our house. LED light, 30 feet, only RM13.33. Cheap!!!*

*I'm the one who design where to put the lights, Bun is the one that actually will hang it on the trees and fences. LOL!*

Can't believe that I'm blogging this at Ipoh. Now, most of the nephews and nieces are back to Singapore/ Malacca, the house are unexpectedly quiet. Can't get used to the quietness as we're always so crowded and noisy.

Anyway, upcoming post - Chinese New Year Eve's Reunion Dinner!!! 

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