Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flaming Hot Night

2nd day of Chinese New Year 2010, as usual, I'm always getting surprises from this very well bonded family. Woke up a bit late that day, around 11a.m... Everyone had their breakfast, and I'm gonna have brunch. Guess what's on the menu that day!

*Very the spicy fresh chilli BrotherOnn brought all the way from Vietnam. Everybody loves this chilli except for those who dislike spicy, eg: ME!*

*Brunch: Bak Kut Teh and dark soy sauce turkey! LOL! Who can has turkey for Chinese New Year??? The Oh's Family!!!!*

*JiaSheng decided to perform a bit of 'Che Ling 扯铃' at the afternoon. He knows some of the tricks and he learn them all by himself without attending any classes! Damn geng!*

*5pm++, can't stand all those kids begging me to organize some games for them to play, we decided to play 'musical chair' and '1, 2, 3, Stop!' with Lady Gaga's music as background music. Super hilarious when they have to freeze while the music pauses and we get to take photo with them. LOL!!!!*

*More games playing... And loser have to eat what, prawn biscuits (direct translation from 虾饼. Haha!)*

*Yeah! We're going to flame it up and BBQ away!!! Wooohooooo~!!!! It's been YEARS since my last BBQ day, can't wait to get wet with sweat!*

*Before the BBQ session starts, some preparation must be done. SisterSim is wrapping up marinated fish in aluminium foil with some greenies.*

*Belacan + Vegetables =  super delicious weii!!!!*

*Slicing fishes here.....*

*And cutting banana leaves there.*

*Chicken wings and LOTS of sausages!!!*

*Must not forget about turkey too! Although they're not meant for BBQ, but at least can have some if somebody are too hungry to wait for their chicken wing to get cook.*

*Kids are playing with fire... and raw ingredients.*

*Get it burning!!!*

*JiaLuo and JiaWen... Two main BBQer of the day.*

*And of course, my hubby is one of the main BBQer too. Look at him sweating like raining! LOL!!!*

*How can I not ask people to take photo of me for this unforgettable moment of the year? It's BBQ babe!!!*

*While we're happily BBQ-ing, MotherOh's god daughter - SisterJoanne decided to pay us a visit, as CNY bai nian. And here we are, Joanne's husband holding a rose, listening to all the 'shocking experience' telling from BrotherFoo and BrotherKeong, and he's about to feel the shocking moment SOON!*

*Guess what, we're going to remake the scene from Valentine's Day dinner which SisterJoanne missed!*

*SisterJoanne's husband is feeling unsure how to start the whole thing and what to do. LOL!*

*And JiaWen decided to become a volunteer, made an example what happened the night before.*

*Here comes the bride and the groom SisterJoanne and her husband!*

*Yet, another shocking woman, looking at her own husband with teary eyes who kneeled and held her a flower, such scene that mostly we see in movies, not in real life.*

*A deep kiss on the cheek, says: I Love You.*

Seriously, this whole 'walk down the aisle, kneel, present flower and kiss on the cheek' is a damn smart move! Which woman can resist not to give any reaction? Unless you're a stranger to her, if not, her heart sure will melt like chocolate!!!

But still, that moment is as pretty as the moment fireworks blast off - everything will be gone in seconds and then all of us turn back into normal human being, continue to strive to survive under pressure of this world. Bah.

*Luckily I got someone who will always make me go 'Awwww~' and heart melt like chocolate. Muacks! Love you most la Xuan Xuan!!!*

*Brothers and sisters decided to sambil makan sambil nyanyi. Sing while eating is definitely going to burn off all the calories!*

*Special programme: Catwalk Show!!! Not an ordinary catwalk show it is. Each and everyone of them dress-up according to their likes and creativity, lead them to an extreme funny catwalk show experience.*

*The Star of the Night: JiaSheng! Who dress up in his sister dress and wears a pink headband and holding his mum's white bag! LOL MAX!!!! Dancing along with Lady Gaga's song!!!*

*His dad - BrotherFoo even gave him a flower! Hahaha~ All of us can't stop laughing looking at this bunch of kids with full of imagination and creativity! Truly comedian!!!*

*BrotherKeong and SisterFong decided to go high and drink. Sweeet!*

*While BrotherFoo decided to dance cha cha with his wife. So suave~*

*JiaWen decided to join in and do some monkey show. LOL!!!*

*After that, people are divided into two groups: Game group and Karaoke group. I'm joining the game group because it looks much more fun!*

*These fellas are playing 'Open Number'. It's kinda like show your fingers, accumulate counts and the one that got the number stopped at him is his turn to finish the beer, bottoms up! They're mad in playing this game even those karaoke kakis come here and have a look!*

*JiaLuo kena this time. He already vomited once earlier. LOL!*

*JiaMeng's turn. Such brave boy finish everything in one gulp. Even I can't finish the beer in one gulp.*

*After kena two times in a row and finish up two cups of beer, this fella is feeling uncomfortable... I think he's going to puke or something! Seriously LOLed at his face expression!!! Haha!*

*Never knew my nephew is such a good drinker.*

*BrotherChee who is always the one that brings up the high spirit of an event finally find himself a brother - JiaWen. He manage to fire up everybody's party mood, damn good wei!*

*After some drinking, they are going all high by singing karaoke.*

I wonder is it the feeling of getting apart is becoming stronger in our heart, we just wanna party away the separation that's going to arrive the day after that night.

I guess all of us just too long to be with each other. Looking at all these photos make me start to miss these people that brings all the joy and laughter in my life during these days of Chinese New Year.

*The 3rd day of Chinese New Year, and they have to leave that day because school starts the next day.*

*And they're heading to Malacca to find their mother side's grandmother.*

*XinChii feeling so sad and down that she's going to be apart from all her beloved cousin sisters and brothers for months again.*

*MotherOh standing at the gate and waving goodbye with all her sons and grandchildren. It kinda make me feel sad everytime somebody leave she wave goodbye with her teary eyes.*

*I believe that we're going to meet each other very soon.*

And yes, due to all the people left at the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, Bun decided to extend our period of staying at Ipoh, which lead to an extraordinary outing few days after that.


Unknown said...

march already but still got cny post ah... your oh family very geng lah...

Carrie Tai said...

wow... so much fun u guys had during CNY.....

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Baby: LOL! I lazy update ma, of course still got CNY blog post. Hahahahah~

Carrie: How bout yours? Nice?? XD