Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Spring at Lubuk Timah

Around Simpang Pulai to be exact. I bet lots of Ipohians doesn't know the existence of such place.

Lots of relatives leave hometown on the 3rd and 4th day of Chinese New Year, only my family, Bun's parents and BrotherOnn's family remain staying at Ipoh. We got so bored, don't know what to do better we decided to go to hot spring.

Yeah, hot spring in the Chinese New Year period. Burn the hell out of me please.

*Half bombed marble mountain. Heard they say that mountains like this doesn't contain anymore marbles inside, so the developer just leave these mountain remain like these. Such a pain in the eye.*

The route to the hot spring of Lubuk Timah is actually located on the new road to Cameron Highlands. The one that you have to go in through Simpang Pulai toll.

The sign'board' to this hot spring is soooooo freakin' small I don't think it's consider as a sign'board'. LOL!

*All the sands flying... Fuuu~ Feels like driving a four wheel drive going to jungle tracking.*

*Sun, high up in the sky... It's going to be a 100% Full UVA/UVB attack day. Luckily I slap on a generous amount of sunblock all over my face and body. Muahahahaha~*

We reach the hot spring around 11p.m. Yeah! Super hot sun in the middle of the sky. We're trying to burn ourselves. LOL!

*River~!!! Icy cold water streaming down all the way from mountain. CHILL~!!!*

*This is the hot spring! People actually build all those cements up to gather all the hot water in one area. I smells sulphur!*

*Xuan Xuan changing into his new swimsuit. Bun's friend Suan Meng bought this swimsuit from Australia and it fits Xuan Xuan perfectly! Thank you so much! My boy will love you forever. LOL!*

*Look at his face when he saw the river! Super funny~ Keep on "OH~!!! OH~!!!".*

*All the girls~ From left: Xinyan, XinCi, SisterFoongYee, SisterWaiPeng and 3rd aunt.*

*Tadaaa~ Super sporting MotherOh.*

*Where can I resist not to take photo of Xuan Xuan? Hehe!*

*Okay, he starts to fall back, he doesn't seems to be feeling easy to the water flowing below his leg.*

Did I tell you about phobia of Xuan Xuan? He doesn't like bathroom or get in touch with water at all! It sure gives me a headache everyday I wanna bath him. I wonder why this occur. He didn't get hurt/injured/drown in bathroom before, from born till now. I really wanna know what makes him feel afraid of bathroom.

He doesn't even let me bath too! Everytime I close the bathroom door he will go all the way screaming and crying and banging the door like I'm gonna disappear in no time. Gah~ God knows how hard to find a time for me to bath.

While at the hot spring, I'm very sure that he's gonna take some time to get use to the icy cold water around him.

*Here starts the water fight! MotherOh vs A bunch of girls. LOL! Guess who won?  *

*This is what I call: Natural jacuzzi. Super enjoy*

*Lil fella still can't get over his phobia. MotherOh is holding him, convincing him to get into the water.*

*While Bun is trying to play water with him. Haha!*

*Fuiyo~ See how jia lat does Xuan Xuan looks. It really looks like we're torturing him or something. God knows what my neighbours are thinking.*

*The owner of this blog. LOL! Pardon my no make face.*

*XinCi got so excited playing with water.*

After spending some time at the river, we decided to move up to the hot spring. Time for some serious hot stuff.

*If you never sink your body into hot spring before, you better try. That kind of ticklish, stinging feeling is going to get you!*

I am so afraid to darken by the sun rays I've decided to wear my long, sport pants that day, but one thing I forgot is... I'm wearing a white shirt. LOL!!!! Going to be half see through! *faints*

*Look at all the different face expression. Hot weather + hot spring = we are so gonna get the heat yo.*

*Haha~ Even my 3rd aunt knows how to pose. To those who are camera shy, maybe you guys should learn from her.*

*SisterWaiPeng and me. Hehe. Camwhoring is fun!*

*This is the source of hot, boiling water comes from. Jump in if you dare. Bet you'll got your balls cooked. Reminds me of steamboat though. (Ewwww~!!!! What's wrong with me??!!!)*

*Sunlight, the most natural lighting on earth, beats all your expensive light box or whatever! Sunlight FTW!!!*

*They say both of them look a like.... Got meh? How come I didn't notice Bun's leng zai one? Haha!*

*Poor baby, have to accompany all the crazy adults to get BBQed under the sun. Don't worry, mummy will be your shelter.*

After spending 20 minutes inside the hot spring, we decided to move out and chill inside the river again. This hot -> cold -> hot -> cold routine is going to burn all my fats and keeps my blood circulate like nobody business.

Weeee~ To healthy body wtf. Haha!

*The prince is going to sleep, with river as his bed and sand as his blanket. Wtf too much fairytales recently. It's all Xuan Xuan's fault! LOL!*

*Time for some group photo!*

*Timer on, but the place is too far, I can't reach there in time. LOL!*

*Better, because I'm in it, but heck this photo looks damn weird. Senget one!!! Hahahahahaha!*

*After capture this photo and preview it using camera, this photo looks stunning. Somehow it reminds me of fairy playing with water in the river or something.*

*After 3 hours of consistent convincing, this fella finally discover the fun of playing with water.*

*Can't stop myself smiling looking at these photos. He seems so happy! Makes me wanna bring him to waterfall/river again.*

Most of us got so bored (with just sinking ourselves inside the water or go for the 'natural jacuzzi') we decided to do something fun - Diving with style.

*Contestant #1 - 50 pts.*

*Contestants #2 - 75 pts. These two are going to grow up becoming synchronize divers.*

*Contestant #3 - 75pts. If you see closely, she actually pose for this. Peace!*

*Contestant #4 - 85 pts. He thinks he's at the basketball court or something. LOL!*

*Contestant #5 - 95 pts. It's a bird, it's a plane... No, it's SUPERMAN!!! LOLWTF!!! He does really looks like he's taking off. Hahahahahahahahaha!*

*Special prize goes to contestant #5 too. What is he thinking??? (Okay, he doesn't know I'm going to post this up on blog, don't tell him. Shhhhh~!!! )*

*It's almost 4p.m, some of us got really hungry we decided to snack on those snacks we bring along.*

Of course, we clean everything up without leaving any rubbish behind. This is what we call responsibility of a human being towards nature.

My happy feelings are going away little by little at the time I'm typing this, you know why? See this:

*Uneducated bitches washing hair with shampoo IN the river*

Yes, this is nothing new and most of us have seen this happening almost at every river that attracts visitors.

Are these people brainless or something? Do they know that they're polluting the river with shampoos and chemicals? Or they're homeless people or does not own a bathroom at home so they have to wash their hair in a river? Or washing you hair at home will cost a bomb on your electric + water bills??? WTF!

I'm not trying to be racist here but I see LOTS of Malays and some Indians are doing these. (I see these with my OWN EYES! What you have to say? In fact, I see Malays washing their hair EVERYTIME I went to Ulu Yam or FRIM at Kepong.)Why? Why can't you just towel dry your hair and fucking wash you hair at home? This really irks me a lot and I'm feeling so disgusted I don't even wanna spend one more second inside the water at all!

Imagine you're playing happily in the water at the down stream of river and people are happily washing their hairs at the upper stream. Yayy~ You're playing with all those shampoos, chemicals or even worse, dead skin cells, fallen hairs and kutus. Ewwwwww~!!! Fucking gross man!!!

Why people are selfish like this, like to do things that only benefit themselves without taking in consideration of others and the nature. Things like this may be unimportant to some people, but who knows it'll bring great impact in the future?

No wonder the rivers are getting dirtier day by day. All of you who wash your hair inside the river are one of the contributors to the polluted rivers. It'll be better that you just fucking demolish your bathroom and go bath/pee/shit inside the river too. Fucking assholes.


Carrie Tai said...

so hot weather still went for hot spring? But i bet you guys had real fun there

Anonymous said...

You look nice without make-up!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Carrie: Ya la~ They all cisin one, go hot spring on CNY period!! So hot I got a bit dizzy after that. Haha

Weijia: Oops~ Seems like my photoshop skill not bad huh? Haha.