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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Weekend

Sorry for the lack of update for these few days because kinda busy attending event and went outstation for work. Gonna go Malacca for a fashion show tomorrow/today because it's past 12o'clock already. That means I have to wake up 8 hours later to prepare but I am here writing a blog post to satisfy my blogging addiction lol.

Here are the 2 looks I pull for the past 2 days lol:

A Dash of Pink 

Added a hint of pink for my eye make to match with my tops. lol. Don't know how to do my hair, did a middle parting and tie it at the back, try to make it look as sleek as possible but the hairstyle can't hold for the whole day as I went out because I didn't use strong holding strength hair products. 

Sorry for the toilet pic. 

Tops: GM Klang
Jeans: F21
Pump Flats: Brands Outlet
Bag: Banane Taipei Birkin Bag

Super love the bag, it is one of the best purchase I ever made, super happy!

Today's casual wear.

Tops: Padini
Shorts: F.O.S
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Times Square

Did fashion show at Klang Parade for consecutive 2 weekend, 2 trips I made there, each and every trip I made went and back were all different and I don't know why. It's either I took the wrong turn or I thought that's the route I used before but then it lead to another road... OTL. But overall it was a pleasure working experience with a bunch of fun juniors from Amber Chia Academy! Hahaha. Will blog more about it later. 

Time to go to bed now~ Night all! Have a good night sleep and wake up to a super duper happy Sunday! :D

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