Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Girl Reiko

As I've mentioned earlier about something I haven't done for years, yes, it is going to a movie date with my mum. The last time I went to watch movie with her is the first Transformers. LOL. 5 years back if I'm not mistaken. So I decided to bring my mum to Churp Premiere today for "House at the End of the Street".

Don't know what to wear, decided to go super vintage today, chose a tiny polka dots navy blue long dress with long sleeves, very very 30's. 

Nothing much special for the make-up.
Natural eyebrow, eyeliner, mascar, blusher and lip gloss. lol

Had a lovely dinner with mum at Gardens Lifestyle Store & Cafe. This is the first time she's dine there, she told me that if she were to own a house, this kind of interior design is something she like. I hope I can faster grant her wish and fulfill her dream, give her a cozy lil house as sweet as these.

She doesn't like the Chicken Carbonara, but loves the Gardens White Loaf Sandwich.

Today's vintage coordination:

How funny it is that my mum keep on staring at my shoes, she say look like bowling shoes hahahahahaha. She's very good in bowling, no wonder that reminds of bowling. lol.  She's not a bowler today, she's my personal photographer. :D

Do we look alike? lol.

Thanks mum, hopefully you enjoy the night with my company, and the movie as well.

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