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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Guide to Perfect Window Frame

If eyes are windows to soul, then eyebrows should be the window frame and it is essentially important to create a good looking ones without excessive spending( eyebrow waxing that cost almost hundred? Sounds like not a good financial planning to me). With everchanging fashion style like mine, I need something more practical that can change my eyebrows whenever and however I want. 

And yes, I believe Veet has heard all of us yearning for it and it has launched its all new eyebrow game (and painless hair removal) device called:

Veet Sensitive Touch

This innovative electronic killer is the latest device for girls who are into d.i.y eyebrows and hair removals without heading to wax center to get it all done. Designed for delicate body areas such as eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines, its special blades are created for precise trimming and without touching the skin directly, it is totally no risk of cuts!

Eyebrow trimmers, hair trimmers and combs
Adjust hair lengths as you how you want it

Just put in an AA battery and it's ready to go!

I love how easy it is to trim my desired eyebrows shape without having the fear that I will over-trimmed it or unbalance length. I can now change my eyebrows from edgy type to bohemian/korean anytime I want! (I just have to not trim my eyebrows for 2 weeks and change the shape!) No fear of cuts, easy to maneuver, no irritation on skins and such, I have just found my favourite device.

For more information:

Veet Malaysia Facebook Page

Retails at RM119.90 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Happy Skin

The importance of beautiful and happy skin start from perfect cleansing.
The importance of beautiful and happy skin start from perfect cleansing.
The importance of beautiful and happy skin start from perfect cleansing.
*important info are to repeat thrice!

Just back from Bangkok and I can't tell you how amazing Coldplay concert was! Definitely one of the best concert I've been to. Thanks to the crazy weather of Thailand, my face feels constantly sticky and unclean it irritates me so much, then these came to rescue:

Neutrogene Deep Clean series
From left to right:
Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, Brightening Cleansing Oil to Foam and Brightening Foaming Cleanser

Founded in year 1930, Neutrogena has been taking care men and women of their faces and body with dermatologist recommended skincare products that are loved by many around the world. Nicole Kidman is Neutrogena's newest global brand ambassador. Have you seen her in HBO's Big Little Lies? Her stunning flawless skin left me speechless and I wanna have skin as beautiful and healthy as hers. 

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, the crucial step towards a healthy and beautiful skin starts with cleansing. I don't wanna share with you how many cleansing products I've tried but not working for my skin due to I'm combination oily skin and with acne scars, it is hard to satisfy all my cleansing needs, and surprisingly Neutrogena's Deep Clean series do!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

When I first receive this foaming cleanser, I was a bit skeptical as it looks very normal like all other foaming cleanser does. I've tried so, so many foaming cleanser but all didn't suit my needs until this! Its simple and clean design flip-cap packaging is spill proof and travel friendly. Its refreshing aroma and creamy texture upon usage is what ticks me on, gives me a thoroughly cleanse skin without tense or pulling effect, my skin is left clean and moisturized. Plus, just a small amount is enough to lather for face and neck usage, one tube is definitely worth every cent spent on it.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing Oil to Foam
This bottle got me love at first sight, I really love its pinkish red coloured bottle, makes me feel happy for no reason as well as cleansing off make-ups and dirts become a happy chore! Its lightweight, colourless oil to foam formula combine dual-cleansing process into one, removing makeup is now one step simpler! 

With Mulberry extract, Vitamin C and B3 infused into this bottle, skin is left with visibly brighter and healthier glow. The cleansing oil actually smells like a bottle of aromatic jelly, I'm literally craving for berry konnyaku while removing my makeup. My skin feels clean and supple after the two-in-one cleansing process with a hint of fragrance that it feels good.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Here comes my favourite product among the Deep Clean series: blackhead eliminating daily scrub. I love scrubbing facial products, but they either left me too little scrubs or too harsh towards my skin. I love mild scrubbing as I feel it clear away the dirts and makeup impurities that are trapped inside my pores, leaving me a cleaner feeling.

This blackhead eliminating daily scrub had me at first squeeze as its smooth, ton full of smooth microbeads infused creamy texture foam cleanse my skin thoroughly unlike huge beads of some. Its mild citrus fragrance smells good and I'm looking forward to use for a longer period and see if it really prevents blackheads from clogging my pores.

Its been a while since I last felt happy while cleansing my skin and thanks to specially curated for me this Neutrogena's Deep Clean series, I felt my skin is brighter, healthier and moisturized from time to time. You can get Neutrogena's Deep Clean series at most of the shopping malls and pharmacies as it is easily available. Can't wait to have you share with me your happy skin moments with Neutrogena.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Run Aqua Run! Fun Run at Sunway Lagoon this April!

Block your date on 23rd April 2017 (Sunday) because...

Sunway Lagoon Aqua Run is here!

With famous water activities and attractions such as the largest Vuvuzuela water rides, Malaysia's largest man-made Sandy Surf Beach and all the extreme and fun parks, Aqua Run is a fun run that you don't wanna miss! With just RM120, you get to participate in Aqua Run and also admission to all 6 parks of this thrilling water theme park. 

Starting at 0700, there are 2km of fun zones for the runners to enjoy themselves while sweating out:

Prepare to face the challenges

And did I tell you that there will be a grand finale at the end of the run? Bubbles! Bubble Music Celebration will greet every participant as the grand finale of the run and I know everybody love bubbles, to be dancing in a lot of bubbles is definitely a dream come true for me!

Route Map of Aqua Run

Each participant gets:

The event flow for Aqua Run 2017 will be as below:
  • 07:00am Registration @ Surf Beach Entrance (Landing 3)
  • 07:45am Aerobics Warm Up
  • 08:00am Run Flag-Off
  • 09:00am Medal Collection | Music Celebration
  • 11:00am Aqua Run End
  • 11:00am – 6:00pm Free & Easy

So wait no more, purchase your Aqua Run ticket now at For more information, visit or call 603 5639 0000.

Friday, March 10, 2017

#EyebrowGameStrong with Veet Sensitive Touch

Shaving and trimming eyebrows has been a twice-a-week routine to me for more than a decade and sometimes the amount of time I spent to balance both eyebrows to make sure they look perfect is just absurd. And don't even have me mention about trimming each and every eyebrow hair to the same length, quite impossible for people who are impatience like me lol. 

And I discovered this one simple beauty gadget that's just launched is perfect for female like me - urban, modern, always in the rush, always doesn't have enough time, have to keep looking good due to jobs and social network circle, Veet Sensitive Touch has come to the rescue!

Veet's latest innovative beauty gadget for woman on-the-go: Veet Sensitive Touch

Got invited to Veet's Sensitive Touch launching last month and everything were in pink! Just when I thought Veet Sensitive Touch is just for eyebrows, in fact it can remove and trim hair at most of your sensitive skin area such as underarms and bikini lines. Pretty sure Veet is gonna continue owning the status of world's no.1 depilatory brand after they launch Veet Sensitive Touch. 

At the event, Veet has invited Celebrity Makeup Artist - Stevensunny to demonstrate 3 different types of eyebrows trimming + drawing method that suits different characteristics of women. Each and every types of eyebrows are trimmed using Veet's Sensitive Touch and the trimming done in a breeze. Makes me questioning myself of my eyebrow trimming skill right now. 

Upper left to right: Rock and Bohemian style
Lower: Korean

Just while I'm aware of the electronic razor sound made by the gadget, I was told that the razor of Veet's Sentitive Touch is precise yet gentle, and users should be zero fear of cuts due to its innovative razor design. It's detachable heads are to facilitate the different usage of different body parts as well as the length of eyebrows that were to trimmed. 

Left to right: Rock, Korean, Bohemian
Which one is you?

Besides trimming eyebrows, changing the style of your eyebrows has become easier too! The comb caps that came along with the package, just attached it to the razor heads of Veet's Sensitive Touch, you can change your eyebrows style from Rock to Korean to Bohemian without your eyebrows being messed up. 

Models and special guests that graced the launch: Amber Chia, Tiffany Tang (Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore) with Stevensunny

Can't wait to try out this innovative beauty gizmo and stay tuned to my review post soon!

For more information:

Veet Malaysia Facebook Page

Retails at RM119.90 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tonkatsu Anzu, Isetan The Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

I guess it is undeniably that our city lacks of tonkatsu(pork cutlets) choices, especially good ones. I've just recently had my very first tonkatsu experience at One Utama and to be honest, I'm not really impressed by the taste of it but somehow that's all what's left for us Malaysian to choose from when it comes to tonkatsu.

Thanks to Isetan The Japan Store, the newly opened restaurant floor The Table (4th floor) serves premium Washoku (Japanese food) prepared by Japanese chefs expertise, so me, Jean and Fei decided to have a lunch date at Anzu, one of the well-known restaurant back at Ginza, Tokyo for serving authentic delicious tonkatsu.


flavorful pickles to prep your taste bud for tonkatsu

Here's what Anzu thinks of when it comes to meal:
In Anzu, we think about the “meal” carefully and thoroughly, while treasuring the material, the dish, the producer, and the region. We aim at creating a place where everyone could enjoy and share the meal while enjoying conversation and time with each other.

With limited seats (about 40), the restaurant atmosphere is quite chill and spacious. Upon ordering, green tea and salad will be serve to guests free of charge.

Salad, sesame for sauce-making (for those who orderd Anzu Limited Ginjo Pork Katsu Set)

You can make your desired tonkatsu sauce by first grind the sesame. I had so much fun with this!
 (with choices of sweet or original sauce) 

Jean grinding and making her sesame tonkatsu sauce

Besides Anzu's limited Ginjo Tonkatsu Set, there's this limited Service Bento lunch set which only serves on weekday from 11a.m. to 2p.m, 20 sets per day. When we arrived (about 1:30p.m.) I thought we missed the opportunity to try this Service Bento but I guess we're lucky.

Service Bento - RM30

This Service Bento serves almost every washoku variety except for sushi. There's brown rice, chawanmushi, miso soup, katsu (pork cutlets and fried prawn cutlets), chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken), soba, yasai (fresh vegetables), appetisers etc. Its impressive dish-serving outlook brings me a real taste of Japanese bento. I find the prawn katsu taste good too! Maybe I shall order prawn ones on my next visit.  

Jean's Ginjo Pork Loin Katsu Set - RM48

Fei's Ginjo Pork Fatty Loin Katsu Set - RM55

One bite of these tonkatsu is able to tell the difference of how high quality these ginjo pork cutlets are that each bite leaves you craving for more. These pork are handpicked by Chief Chef of Anzu then matured the meat by their original technique, which make these ginjo tonkatsu premium. Just sprinkle a tad bit of special salt prepared by Anzu on these ginjo tonkatsu, each and every bite is heavenly with juicy and tender meat juice flowing and spread out to your taste buds.

Premium pork, crispy batter, high quality oil, original meat-matured technique
Elements that Anzu used to make their ginjo tonkatsu into perfection

These first class tonkatsu are definitely not to be missed! Anzu's Ginjo Tonkatsu really has opened up my eyes about tonkatsu and I am going back to try their other katsu sets for sure! 

For more information:

Anzu, Isetan The Japan Store Website

4F, Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50520, KL.

Business Hours:
10a.m. - 11p.m. daily
(Last order 10p.m.)

Phone: 03-2119 2625