Friday, August 16, 2019


Hola from the historical state of Malaysia - Malacca! It's been a year since I last visited this beautiful city and honestly, I really love city by the sea because it gives a total different vibe than Kuala Lumpur and one of my wish is that I can move to cities like Malacca or Penang. Isn't it cool that beaches are just 30 minutes drive away?

Me, Cinda and Ivy planned an impromptu one day trip to Malacca because we never traveled together before I think it's best if we start with a day trip and the trip gets more fun when you travel with funny people that you love to hang out with! We stopped by so many stalls and restaurants selling different food on that day that I lost count what we've eaten! Malacca is really a nightmare if you're trying to diet but no, diet ain't one of my life goal!

Although I'm not a big fan of diet, but I do look into what I eat or drink. I try to cut down on processed food and aim for natural ingredients as much as possible. Hence our local "tour guide" Cinda (she's originally from Malacca) brought us to Kota Laksamana when she ask us: do you girls wanna get some bubble milk tea? Malacca recently has this instagrammable place and there's newly opened I'Milky! 

If you don't ask, the answer is always gonna be yes.
Only apply to bubble milk tea drinking.

And I was like: "I'Milky? Isn't that the famous Taiwanese bubble milk tea brand?"

And hereby I conclude:
we really are lolololol.

And seriously, Kota Laksamana area is such an instagrammable place! Imagine you get to pose with your beloved bubble milk tea and show it off to your friends and family! Hahahahaha. That's what we're doing that afternoon - sipping bubble milk tea from I'Milky, took tons of photos and enjoying our sweet lil happiness together!

Did I tell you that I find that calcium in my body seems increased after I got my weekly brown sugar bubble milk fix? It's true! My nails used to be very fragile and easily break even though I had gel manicures on. It's been bothering me since I'm young that I have fragile nails because I can never keep beautiful, long nails. But it seems this issue has solved since I started drinking brown sugar bubble milk! Maybe this is one of the benefit I get from binge drinking bubble milk tea hahahaha.

So, of all the bubble milk tea chain stores, why I'Milky? I asked Cinda. As far as I know, Cinda took care of her health in a serious matter and you have no idea all the nutritious food she consumed on daily basis. In my opinion, she doesn't look like a bubble milk tea person as I am. She told me that I'Milky is so different than other brands as they uses 100% natural ingredients when handcrafting each and every cup of beverages. 

I'Milky was established in Taiwan since 2017 and it's main goal is to serve natural and healthy drinks to bubble milk tea lovers all around the world. Without any artificial flavourings, colourings and ingredients, each and every cup of beverage from I'Milky are made of:
  • High quality imported fresh milk from Australia
  • Non Genetically Modified soybeans 
  • Non concentrated brown sugar, ginger, longan and grapefruit sources
  • Uses only pure and natural honey 
  • Uses Taiwan fresh fruits

When watching the well-trained staff handcrafting our beverages, it looks super easy that it only need 3 steps to complete the whole process:
  1. Put it the grained/prepared ingredients
  2. Pour in the milk
  3. Seal
Voila! A cup of fresh, natural handcrafted without any additional flavours or colourings is ready to be serve!

Taro cubes spotted!!!

3 of us tried the "SUPERSTARS" of I'Milky which are top 5 most ordered beverages according to the  staff, seriously no joke, I noticed all the walk in customers are ordering these few flavours when we're taking photos around the shop with our drinks. The TOP FIVE most ordered beverages are:

Brown Sugar Bubble Milk

"My blood and flesh are made of brown sugar pearls and milk"

The mother of handcrafted Taiwan beverage are definitely gonna be Brown Sugar Bubble Milk! Why would anyone have second thought aside from this drink? That moment when I had my first sip from this brown sugar bubble milk I feel like I'm the happiest girl at Kota Laksamana! The smooth, fresh milk perfectly balanced the taste of natural brown sugar, and also I can't forget them chewy pearls that satisfy my chewing needs too!


Choose your option of tea:
Earl Grey/ Green Tea/ Oolong Tea/ Qing Tea/ Barley Water/ Black Tea
RM8.90 (M) RM9.90(L)

Matcha Milk

Being one of the country that produce high quality teas ourselves has very well indicate our love for tea. Although not as crazy as the British, but we do drink a lot of tea on daily basis. The aromatic Taiwanese tea as equally as famous and you will get to try original tea from Taiwan at I'Milky too if you were to order their tea series. A good choice during sunny afternoon or after a heavy milk to quench your thirst for a not-so-heavy version of bubble milk!

On the other side, the Matcha Milk which made from premium-grade Matcha Powder from Shizuoka are definitely for Matcha lovers! The balanced taste between this fine matcha and milk, the bittersweet in life are well expressed in this cuppa!


The taste of summer lingers in my mouth

Serve only icy cold, this Strawberry milk is one of my favourite drink during sunny afternoon! It's my antidote for hot summer days and as you know, Malaysia is famous for it's scorching hot weather. While the milk has become the base for this drink , each and every sip from it got me tasting the sweet, sweet Taiwan strawberry! Did you know Taiwan produces a lot of fruits as well? Neither do I! But this icy cold summer beverage got me anticipating in eating real Taiwan produced fruits! 


How is it I haven't taste you in my life?
Taro, which is the Japanese pronunciation for yam, has got me cravings for all its products in recent years. From Chinese food to ice creams, whenever there's yam flavoured, I want it. 

This cup of Taro Milk had three of us fighting for it (as we only ordered 1 flavour each), and we all agreed that this drink taste so good with all the freshly mashed yam! When mixed well, each and every sip from this cup of Taro Milk sends those fresh Taro granules right into your mouth then filled your tummy with its yummy taste! Gosh I want another cup of this right now!!!!

What's better than sharing the flavour of happiness with people you cherish?

Aside from their freshly handcrafted beverages, I enjoyed hanging out around I'Milky's shop as they have bright and spacious interior which is perfect for taking any instagrammable/memorable photos with people you visit I'Milky with!

Such minimalist feel! No wonder Cinda would recommend I'Milky to us because she knows I'm a huge fan of minimalist interior design as well!

non-stop photo taking during our 2 hours yumcha session at I'Milky!

This Malacca day trip thingy is such an amazing experience to me because aside from eating our heart outs, we get to take tons of memorable photos, create memories together as well as knowing what's best for our bubble milk tea taste buds! Those who are living/visiting Malacca, make sure you know where to get you daily dosage of happiness from!

source: Reiko The Rainbow Girl Research & Development

Malacca, I love you so much and I can't wait to be back!!!

For more information:

I'Milky Kota Laksamana 沐白小農沐場

Add: No.6, Jalan KLJ9, Porto Historia,
Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya,
75200 Malacca City, Malaysia

Tel: +606 288 9409

Opening hours: Daily 12pm - 1am

Monday, July 22, 2019


Glamogenic is one of the hottest topic among beauty junkies these days because their skincare products that uses mild ingredients formulation delivers result through the best and safest international beauty company standards.

I've been hearing a lot of positive comments from users of Glamogenic beauty products and I finally got the chance to attend their grand launch last week that Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 as the ambassador of Glamogenic graced the event himself.

In case you're new to Glamogenic, the belief of the company is that no two skin types are created the same hence it's important for a skincare company to create beauty products that suits and cater the needs of each and everyone. 

The amount of time and effort that Glamogenic spent in creating clean and safe skincare products are tremendous. Doctors with more than 30 years of experiences in skincare and beauty industry are instilling their knowledge that make sure products are benefiting to the skin and no potential irritants at all. 

such a beautiful venue

The grand launch took place at one of prettiest event space in KL - Glasshouse Seputeh, and the location are beautifully decorated with elements that represents the brand well - broccoli! Why broccoli you ask? Because Glamogenic's products main ingredients are broccoli extract that's rich in vitamins, minerals and nature-oriented cellulose - which were extracted through advanced technology.

all the guests are given a bouquet of broccoli to take home too! So cute!

The highlight products of the day are these:

Glamogenic's Dynamic Brightening Mask
Brassica Peeling Gel

If your skin has been looking dull or forming of dark spots around skin surface, Glamogenic's 1 + 1 simple beauty regime is totally made for you and your skin. Usually lacking exfoliation can cause dull skin condition as well as clogged pores. When the skin surface are covered by dead skin cells, the nutrients from skincare products can't go into the deeper layer of skin.

This is what Glamogenic is good at - with the Brassica Peeling Gel, you can remove impurities and remove dead skin cell before applying Dynamic Brightening Mask onto your face. Made with natural essential oils and broccoli extracts, this mask can make dark spots fade, hydrates skin and also removes dead skin cells. It also balance skin's condition to make skin supple and look radiance. Easy isn't?

Other than above two products, Dr. Glamogenic owns a pretty much full range of intensive skincare products:

Hyaluronic Booster Serum
This booster serum lifts, tightens and firms skin faster comparing to other type of serum. It contains green tea extract, cactus flower extract and also blackberry lilly extracts which are powerful anti-aging agents that protects skin from free radicals as well as increase microcirculation, restores skin's elasticity and decrease signs of ageing. 

Perfection Whitening Spot Serum

Dark spots that are formed due to acne, pigmentation or dark circles can be eradicate using Glamogenic's Perfection Whitening Spot Serum. It's enriched with vitamins that has smooth texture, this quick absorption serum boost the skin tone, lightens the dark spots area until it's eventually gone.

Vitalize Soothing Mask

Aside from Dynamic Brightening Mask, Glamogenic has another mask line which stress on the importance of soothing and calming effect. This Vitalize Soothing Mas has anti-inflammatory properties which calms skin condition, be it skin redness/sensitivity due to pollution issues or breakouts and rashes. This mask is an ideal quick pampering session one can give to him/herself.

Enliven Brightening Cream

This brightening cream gets rid of dark spots and pigmentation in just a few weeks and it's made of natural ingredients and essential oils too. It does hep clear acne scars and injury scars and lighten them after some time of application.

Glamogenic's ultimate purpose is to cultivate beauty and hopefully that everyone is able to look and feel beautifully from inside out. And like what Nicholas Teo said during his interview on stage: "The mission and values of Glamogenic really moved me and I'm so amazed by their 1+1 skincare method. I do hope that my fans sees the importance in taking care and love themselves as I would do to myself!"

Once again, congratulations to Glamogenic on your grand launch and Nicholas Teo as well for being the ambassador of Glamogenic and thank you so much for having me at your wonderful event!

If you're interested in knowing more about Glamogenic, they have a kiosk located at Sunway Giza Mall with operating hours from 10am - 10pm. You can also visit Glamogenic's official website and facebook page too!

For more information:

Glamogenic Official Website

Glamogenic Official Facebook Page 

Gladiz E-Shop 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


I'm concerned by my skin texture and its flaws, like all the time. 

Yes, me.


Eventhough after some heavy foundations + concealers can concealed what seems to be my skin's flaws I may "looked" okay, it still bothers me so much to know that my skin are not as smooth as others and it may have bring me some issues when clients are super picky with model's skin texture. 

And I found that it's hard to look good on video when the acne scars are so obvious under certain kind of lighting and videos are extremely hard to do editing when it comes to flaws, and it really got me feeling jealous of others who have smooth skin texture that they literally are the "I woke up like this" group of people.

And not to mention fine lines and acnes that pops up here and there.
Life's hard all the time don't you think?

Hence when I found out that RJ Clinic (formerly known as Renee Clinic) has this Sublative Laser Resurfacing treatment that treats skin's acne scars, fine lines and even out skin texture, I'm eager to know more about it and try it out. I went to their branch that's located at Rivercity, Jln Ipoh. 

The interior of the clinic is so sparkly clean and pretty it literally put my house to shame. I felt so relaxed and awed by its classic elegant interior design and it kinda soothes the nervousness of mine because this place doesn't feels like a clinic at all. I was served with coffee while waiting to meet Dr. Cheok for my consultation session.

All the certs and awards of the two doctors from RJ Clinic -  Dr. Cheok and Dr. Renee attained

So here's some background of RJ Clinic and the two doctors who runs it:
  • Both of them are qualified, aesthetician physicians (doctor) with Letter of Credentialing & Privileging (LCP)
  • One of the TOP 10 best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia
  • more than 3000 patients treated

personalised consultation session

I'm very honest with Dr. Cheok that I have zero knowledge regarding aesthetic procedures because I don't feel like doing anything "major" on my face, I just want my skin texture to smoothen and even out, and acne scars to disappear, it will be great if fine lines can be remove as well (Do I sounded demanding? lololol)

He explained to me in patience everything about the Sublative Laser Resurfacing procedure, and what will I get as result alongside with some before & after photos from previous cases of patients he treated with said laser treatment. I know that this procedure has some down time for recovery process as well. 


This FDA approved laser treatment uses radio frequency energy to contact deeper skin layer's connective tissue and it stimulates the tissue hence skin surface is lifted, fine lines and scars are lighten bit by bit after a few treatments without any unnatural appearances. 

Anesthetic (numbing cream) will be applied onto my face and after 30 mins of waiting time, the Sublative Laser Resurfacing procedure will take about 40mins to be done. Down time (recovery) is about 3 days - 1 week depends on skin condition. After thoroughly understand what will be done, expected result as well as the after effect, I'm good to go!

Let's took some before and after photo

It's fine if you show up to the clinic with full makeup because the nurses there have some good skill in removing makeups as well as cleaning up your face that it almost felt like facial session and I'm falling asleep!

make sure my face is squeaky clean before applying numbing cream

anesthetic procedure done and then I'll have to wait for 30 minutes for the numbing sensation to work

Luckily I have super comfortable bed as well as some TV entertainment 

Can even goof around while waiting lololol
Hahahaha never see myself like this before, I can't feel my face at all!

After waited for the anesthetic to work, Dr. Cheok made some final explanation of my face condition and is ready to hit my face with the laser gun.

Okay, I'm not gonna lie, it does hurt a bit... Maybe my tolerance to pain has went lower throughout these years and I needed a stress ball to release my tension. Dr. Cheok was nice to wait for my nervousness went over before he continue to finish the whole process, it was rare to see such patient doctor in Malaysia nowadays. 

Each and every skin area of my face are run through with the laser gun at least 2 - 3 times depends on my skin condition and right after the process done, I can feel the heat sensation on my face. Great, that means that the radio frequency energy is working underneath my skin layer and I can't wait for the down time to be over!

Dr. Cheok applied moisture cream with UV protection onto my face

I was given some cleansing gel and moisturiser after the laser treatment and was told to avoid UV at all times as my skin is in fragile state and extra UV might darken the pigmentation and forms unwanted pigmentation while skin is healing. I literally hide at home for 2 days post treatment and slabs on tons of UV protection before I head out on the 3rd day.


DAY 1- Redness and sore, I still can feel the heat on my face.

Day 2 - Not so much heat was felt, scabs are forming and redness reduced.

Day 3 - No more heat sensation on skin, scabs has harden and I applied tons of sunscreen before head out

Day 4 - It has healed 60% I would say? Just waiting for the remaining scabs to remove itself 

Here's an even more accurate before and after laser treatment comparison photo:

My unevenness has been smoothen out A LOT after I did the Sublative Laser Resurfacing treatment and also I felt that my skin appear brighter and firmer too compare to before! My skin condition has balance out a bit hence it was not as oily as my skin used to be, honestly I'm really happy about the result! 

So in terms of cost saving + visible result, I think Sublative Laser Resurfacing treatment from RJ Clinic is really the best choice if you were like me want remove visible acne scars and increase evenness on skin surface and skin tone. Just look at the before and after photos of mine you'll definitely notice the difference. This laser treatment is priced at RM1500 per treatment for whole face and they're having a buy 3 treatment package FREE 1 treatment promo, and don't forget to quote another promo code of mine "REIKOxLASER" to get free silkpeel facial with every treatment purchased!

To a smoother and brighter future!

For more information:


No 468-G-9, Ground floor, block G, Rivercity, 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 0166651113

B-F-10, Ativo Plaza, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 0166651353