Sunday, October 15, 2006

Colorful Days

2004 Oct 15, Reiko+Jas+Qi+Chris+Aira formed a band named SEISYUN which means "YOUTH" in Japanese
Today, 2006 Oct 15, We celebrate our band's 2nd ANNIVERSARY!!!
Hope that I can be forever Ki Siao with you guys till the END OF MY LIFE! Hahahahaha
*Love and Kisses MUACCKKSS <3*
Walau eh~ I've been repeating typing this blog for about stupid N TIMES!!!! JUST BCS MY STUPID OLD CPO CAN'T FUNCTION PROPERLY!!!! DAMMIT!!!! Haihz... I really hope that I can have a decent CPU so that I wouldn't worry about spaces in hard disk or any function disable.... But now I'm really broke... No money to change a new one... Can someone donate to me??? hahahahaha *just kidding*

This is what I did to my precious Motorola L6 phone few days ago.... I know someone can do better than this, But I'm still satisfied with what I did....
Shiny beads border makes me feel being pampered and princessy.... hahahahha
I'm amateur... But do comment something about it ok???hahahaha....


My head is going to burst as the Final Exam- STPM is coming nearer and nearer.... Oh My God! I just couldn't believe it that I'm locking myself in my room for one weeks plus and continue study about history, commerce, Bahasa Malaysia and etc.... Arrggghhh X_X I hate study!!!!! Why should we sit for exam??? WHO INVENTED EXAM ANYWAY??? I SHALL CURSE YOU TO DEATH!!!! *but mostly you're already dead right???*hahahahahaha

These are my books and pens lying messy on my bed... I study on my because I DON'T HAVE TABLE IN MY ROOM!!!! HAHAHAHA XD
Few months ago I moved my table out of my room and make my room into a little bit japanese style...
But guess what...

I kinda regret a room without a TABLE!!!
So inconvenience.....@_@
I'm blured by facts, dates and incidents now....
But guess what...
there's something that cheers me up!!!
It is.......

I finally collected all those highlight pen colours which colours up my books!!!! *YEAH~!*
Hahahaha.... now, even though I don't want to open the books, but when think of those nice highlight pens colour... I just feel like... OK! I'LL READ IT!!! HAHAHA

WHat a good RAINBOW motivation~*^o^*


*the end*

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