Friday, October 20, 2006

Death Note

Just found the Death Note(Movie Version) Official Homepage!!!*Thanks to Kei-chan^o^*
This movie is under the Warner Bros. movie production, sure will be very nice quality!

I've been very addicted to Raito in the comic book even though he's evil and he's trying to control the world... Probably he have the brain! I like guys with brain you know!? Those guys which only know how to show off their parents money, show off their look thought themselves are the most HANDSOME-est guy in the world SUCKS!!! Get lost next time when you saw me! I will slap you in your face! HahahahahaXD
Another guy in this movie - "L"... In the comic, he's somekind of guy which looks like people live in the psychic hospital, but guess what? He has brain too!!! His genuis-ness can compare with Raito! Wow~ Hard to imagine people with so high IQ and EQ!!! Even though I like Raito in the comic, but in the movie, I like "L"... This movie-version Raito totally don't look like someone with so high IQ, right? He looks childish! XP
Yeah!!! Malaysia is showing from November 9th onwards! Remember to go buy cinema ticket and WATCH!!! You won't regret watch this! My friend-Kei-chan, she don't likes to watch movie because she thinks it's very wasting time to sit inside a black box and stare at the big monitor for the whole 2 hours! but GUESS WHAT!? She's going to watch this movie also!!! In CINEMA SOME MORE!!! HAHAHAHAHA XD Now you can see how interesting is this movie right?
Today I sucks man! I didn't went to tuition, I skip class(even though I promised Qi that I'll go....) *Gomen ne~ Qi...* And I didn't open my phone ringtone, and my boss call me for job I totally didn't notice the call... Aiks.... From yesterday 5am something I continue sleep until 19/Oct's 9pm something.... WHOA! UNBELIEVABLE!!! X_X Too tired??? I feel dizzy.... Too hot weather? I don't know... Aiks.... Very irresponsible *I know...* but who can resist sleep when they're not feeling well?? hmm.... probably NONE! Phone credit expired, can't contact anyone... Feel like being trap inside my room... doing nothing besides online and blogging... Aiks... What a life... SUCKS MAN!

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