Tuesday, October 17, 2006

KLCC's Grudge

Today, I went to KLCC to meet my Korean friends....
We chat alot and have lunch together... It's YOSHINOYA!!!
The Teriyaki Chicken is a bit salty... But I still like it~
hahahaha.... Then about 7pm... They have to go back because they live at PJ and Damansara Perdana.
Haihz... What can I do alone at KLCC with that small amount of cash with me?
the answer is.... WATCH MOVIE! hahahaha

The Grudge 2 starring Edison Chen,Sarah Michelle Gellar and alots more actors....etc
I use to watch ghost movie alone since Airra-chan went to Pahang study matriculation and now she's at UM study Medic.... So no people accompany me watch movie (T_T)
The original plan was to watch World Trade Centre... But I couldn't afford crying hysterically without anyone besides me... then I deceided to watch The Grudge 2....
Hahahaha.... The Grudge 2 can be refer as copying the Japanese Horror Film- Ju-On 2...
But this one they added some stories themselves... they combined all those scary, creepy elements from 3 movies - Ju-On, Ju-On 2 and The Grudge...and they really boost up the publicity of Kayako(the woman that dies and form her grudge and then kills everyone)
The only thing I can say about this movie is, If you want to see some blue face with heavy eyeliners clearly than before, I think you can choose this... And for other Edison chen's fans, too bad that Edison dies in a very un-handsome way and shows some very un-handsome face.... hahahaha(but he stills leng zai when he first appear on screen)
The cinema was the 2 room, a big room with big screen and many seats.... But people that choose to watch this movie at the 7:40pm was so little.... Until I can count them with all my fingers and toes... Pity huh?
*lol... I like to make fun of Ju-On actually.... these are some photos that I trying to imitate her eyes....*

THE GRUDGE 3 (showing 2XXX/10/16)
Remember that I bought an anklet yeaterday??? since yeaterday night I'm wearing (until now it's still at my ankle...haha XD) It's a bit noisy actually with bells that rings every step that you take(although I like bells, but it sometimes annoyed me... when you have to sneak out from your room... you know what i mean....don't you?) Yesterday night, about 4-5am... I walk out from my room heading to bathroom... and the bells of my anklet keeps on sounding "ring.... ring....ring...." I tell you, if you're a coward sure you'll keep all your urine and sleep until the next day morning!!! It's so creepy listen to those sounds (luckily I still manage to complete my journey to tiolet...pheww~)and today I went to KLCC wearing high heels and still wearing that anklet.... It sounds clearly since today is Monday and there are not much people hanging out at KLCC... Whenever i pass by someone, sure that person will look to my leg's direction or look somewhere else at the floor... What? You thought there's a cat with bells ran inside to KLCC shopping ar? LOL! hahahaha
anyway...After a whole day of walking... it's time for CAMERA TIME!!! SMILE~*^o^*

Why taking self pictures is called "cam whoring"? can anybody tell me???
Aiks... whoring is not a good word....WHORING TO CAMERA KA??? o.O""""
Ciao~ gotta study liao! ^o^/* TATA~


Anonymous said...

Hey I like ur story in KS website...:)

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Thanks anonymous, but somehow i think i'm off topic because KS wants the most hilarious instead of desperate stories... aiks...