Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pai seh nya~ Haven't introduce myself XD

Although I already post something in this blog... But suddenly i think of I HAVEN'T INTRODUCE MYSELF YET!!! hahahahaha Silly me....
Ok, let me introduce to you....... ME!!!!

This is me - Reiko, a normal 19 years old girl, 173cm height, loves everything that around her and hope can know more and more people through msn or blog... I'm actually an absentism, like to being absent to school becaus I found that if we attend to school that is no teacher coming to class, it's better than we use that time to do something else that is more useful instead of staying inside class and talk crap to others right? This is at least what I felt la... And this is what I'm addicted to recently....

Thanks to my beloved friend- Qi that borrows me this series of comic - Death Note. This story is about a genius named Raito own a note book called "death note". Human whose name is written inside this note book shall die. Of course, there are some more rules and regulation to use that book. Raito uses that note book as a punishment tool to those criminal that commit serious crime, but no one in the world recognise this a righteous action. So what will he do in order to form a new world? Find out the story ending in purchasing this series of comic. Other side, there are anime base on this series of comic out too. And to those lazy fellows that are too lazy to buy all the comics and read in word by word, I have good news for you - Movie version of DEATH NOTE will be showing in Malaysia Cinemas starting November!!!! *YEAH~!!!* So please do SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL! It just cost you bout RM8-RM10 per-movie, no big deal right? save 1 ringgit each day from now on and sure you can buy plenty of tickets then....

I've mentioned to you guys that me and my friends actually form a band called SEISYUN right? And this is the man, the only and one man that influence our thinking, thoughts and future so much that we LOVE HIM DEEPLY... Meet GACKT. Quite a lot of people don't know his existance especially people in Malaysia due to his low publicity at South East Asia Country area... You'll feel how amazing he's when you search for his profile and all the thing he've done in order to make his life success. His thoughts influence me deeply that I couldn't believe that there's such amazing, perfect guy exist in this world that makes me wanna worship him! XD haha... But anyway, if you have any qustion about him, go to this website of his
P.S: I know you can feel his GACKT-NESS through those photos I show you right? XD

Meet the most SIAO CHA BO group in the whole century - SEISYUN....
From upper left:Aira, Jas, Me-Reiko ; Bottom left:Chris and Qi

We like music, like taking photo stickers, like to hang out and chit chat and talk crap, like to walk around and see things around us, like Japan and Japan stuffs, like almost everything in this world...
*except for some dun like cockroaches, chickens....etc.Well, there are likes and dislikes ma~*

Ok, this is all I have to say about me... If you still have any question, please do feel free to drop me an email at or just leave your comment! *^o^*

~May Your Day Fills with RAINBOW!!! XD~

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