Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pheww~ At Last....

This is my 2nd time of starting a blog in a day!!!
Feel very &@*(#&@()#*@ cos I really dunno how to make my blog nice!
Waaa~ tired man!!!
I'll go to school bout 2 hour later and now i'm still awake managing my blog!
I think I'm posessed by some No-Need-Sleep Spirit.... @_@
Going to look like a panda somehow...
How bout a kiss from me?


Walau eh~ I thought server will be a bit faster at midnight.... but it seems the speed same same only.... My computer break liao ar??? Going to buy a new CPU sooner or Later!!! Just can't stand a CPU which don't recognise what is USB!!!! &*($@#)# Aiyo! Can someone tell me his/her computer is older than mine? Then probably I won't be this mad!!!!

The chicken seems already awaken and keep COCKING for no reason.... I wonder chicken is deaf or not.... So same as those malays, awake for their tummy's sake.... They're going to fasting for another day.... Haihz.... poor malay tummies....

I think I also need to sleep for one hour.... Abo later can't wake up can't go to schol again!!! Probably today will kena KAN by school teacher liao lo... *ponteng for 2 days liao leh boss... you thought the headmistress is my mother ar????*

My school's headmistress:

laugh point:
Poor English and Malays, always talk alot but no action, drive BMW but she looks like only know how to buy cheap skate things only.....

that's why she's not my mother!!!!

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