Thursday, October 19, 2006

Silk-y Journey

As usual, I sleep at 6am right? How bout when I need to go to school at 7am morning?
Can I still sleep? The answer is NO!!! Aiks... I've been awake for about how many hours?
What am I? A vampire or something? Haha, maybe...
I went to school(almost late today... pheww~) + no assembly (YEAH!!! No need to sing national anthem and school's anthem...) + no teacher come in to class today! (only BM teacher= which looks like a cow... His period is between 850am-1010am... He came in at 930am, goes out at 950am.... HAHAHAHA! YOU CALL THIS A TEACHER??? BETTER GET LOST LA YOU!!! I CAN TEACH BETTER THAN YOU THIS LITTLE SHORT BIG NOSE COW HEAD!!!!)
Die~ All bull shit!!! What suppose a teacher do when his/her student is going to face STPM, a REALLY BIG AND MAJOR exam in no time? Do you think you should involve in more activities??? or Just abandon the class without even going in and stay inside the teacher's office enjoy air cond and chit chat with other teacher talk crap only??? You guys really sucks la! You know what I mean? NO DEDICATION AT ALL!!! Only know how to complain, talk, and walk slow slow only! Don't even know how to teach! I don't know what's the purpose you guys become teacher!!! To get to know more young boys and girls so you can RUIN OUR LIVES AND MAKE OUR FUTURE LOOKS LIKE YOURS??? Then you better go jump Sg Gombak!!! If your little head stupid until dunno where is it, I'll be very GLAD to show you the way to that location!!!(Spare En Jamali and Pn Chew's life... they're the MOST DEDICATE TEACHER I'VE EVER MET IN THIS SCHOOL!!!)
Then... It's very COINCIDENCE that our school's canteen all management is under malays, and now is their puasa month=canteen x operate exactly=they didn't really prepare nice and good food=we don't have food eat=WE HAVE TO WASTE OUR ENERGY AND CAR FUEL TO SNEAK OUT TO THE NEAREST RESTAURANT OR MAMAK STALLS TO HAVE OUR BREAKFAST!!!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IS THE PETROL PRICE NOW OR NOT??? SO EXPENSIVE UNTIL YOU WANNA VOMIT!!! AND YOU ALL CANTEEN SELLERS DIDN"T EVEN WANNA MAKE US GOOD FOOD!!! GO JUMP SG GOMBAK ALSO LA!!!! You guys can't really imagine what's it like to see the "FOOD" you guys prepare(eggs=alots of flies on it, nasi lemak with sambal=nasi lemak with alots of asid borik, fried fish ball=over fried...etc) I really feel like very ashame to what my school canteen sells... Our school canteen even get to known as the MOST DIRTY CANTEEN IN THE WHOLE WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN!!!! Can you imagine how dirty is it? OMG! Just can't believe it!!!
Our recess time is between 1010am-1030am... Our friends need to duty until 1030am.. When they come and find me, Qi and Kah Hoe at the maisonette at our school garden, we decided to sneak out from school and went to the nearest mamak stall to have so yummy warm food for our tummy's sake! 5 of us(Me, Qi, Kah hoe, Kok cheong and Wong) walk out to the main gate of the school... OK! Here comes the funny part. Our school have big security booth just right beside the main gate, there's a security guard who is suppose to guard and check for incomers and outgoing... You know what? The security guard LOOK AT 5 OF US LIKE NOTHING HAPPEN and let us walk out from the school! You say la FUNNY OR NOT have this kind of security at school? Totally not helping the situation!(but also luckily have this kind of security, abo we cannot go out liao, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)
There's a mamak stall right located somewhere 5 mins journey from our school and we decided to eat Indian food instead of chinese food. We sit down and order then started our daily session - BLOW WATER!!!(CHAT NON-STOP) Hahahaha, you really can't believe that we have so many things to say, to tell and to argue betweem the 5 of us... We even chat until David Copperfield bla bla bla and David Blaine bla bla bla and Coca-Cola and model Luisel Ramus bla bla bla.... From solar system to galaxy and then come back again... Hahahaha.... These are something that usual people can't really do.... We chat from 1035am until 1200pm only feel wanted to go back to school.... LOL!
As usual, after arrive school we go back to each our own class, and still -NO TEACHER! Kinda fed-up also so me and Qi went to Lower 6 T1 class to blow water with our junior... And time really pass fast when you're puting your 100% attention into something you're doing... 110pm... School Dismiss!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A RELIEVE!!!(Because from today onwards until next Sunday, we're having holidays for celebrating Deepavali and Hari Raya!!! Woo hoo~ Cheers to HOLIDAYS!!!) And you know what? We're having a MOVIE TRIP for today!!! (credits to that person who invented CINEMA!!!! Thanks a lot~ ^o^)

*go by bus to Hospital besar -> Monorail to Imbi station.*
We went to Times Square to watch "SILK". It's a horror sci-fi movie. If you're more into Japanese style of ghost, I dont think you'll feel satisfied watching this movie. As I already watched "The grudge 2" on Monday, the ghost appearance in "Silk" are kinda in a peaceful way and harmless also. They have some shocking scenes too, but compare to "The Grudge 2", this movie seems to be more CG than real... And there are some kind of science factor why ghost exist and what kind of form they are in and how they produce a thing called "MENGER SPONGE" which contains alot of human's protein and can trap a ghost inside because they believe that ghost is somekind of spiritual power that can be trap by human protein. Kinda hard to understand here, but if you really wanted to see something different than other chinese horror movie, this one will be the best. They have very unusual plot, very unusual kind of explanations and very unusual kind of ending too... At the end you may be will end up a drop or two tears on your face because of the touching-ness... Hahaha.... we 5 people went to watch this movie(Me , Qi, Pei Yue, Kok Cheong and Kah Hoe) Kah Hoe and me was bored by the no-surprising-horror ghost, Qi and Pei Yue both scared till dunno how to cry at the end even though they know that last part was very touching and Kok Cheong was so silence because he scares too hahahahaha XD

*Yosuke~ KAKOII!!!!!!!* *actors from the movie "SILK" - press conference*

Hmm... It's time to go back-500pm.... And our original plan was to took monorail go KL Sentral then straight change to Putra LRT to Wangsa Maju.... And because of the fasting season of Malays, all monorail heading to KL Sentral was FULL!!! EVERYONE INSIDE LOOKS LIKE SARDIN FISH! Or AYAM BRAND TUNA!!! The crowd is way too terrible compare to the other side which heading to Titiwangsa, so we decided to change our plan - went to Bukit Nanas station instead of KL Sentral station and change to Putra LRT Dang Wangi station. We thought our plan was so perfect until we arrive Dang Wangi station... The crowd was so horrible you couldn't believe your eyes!!! More and more people are rushing to go back to prepare foods and dinners, and each train which arrive only can fit in 1-2 people.... OMG! How are we going to fit in to the train at once? So, we came up with this idea- Seperate into groups. 2people and 3people... Not a very nice plan but this is the only way to get home faster. Inside the LRT station, 5 of us were like insanes which talk craps and some sexual related stuff... LOL... I saw some people was shaking their head because of our mis-behaviour... But who cares??? That time I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO not in a good mood due to the technical problem of Tmn Paramount station which cause the pack-ness of people and the problem to become more serious than I thought. We arrive at Dang Wangi station at 515pm, Qi and Kah Hoe one group and Me, Pei Yue and Kok Cheong one group... Qi they aboard first while our group only gets into the train at 605pm!!! OMG!!! We've waited to go home for soooooo long and our legs are sooooooo tired and our school bags are soooooooo heavy!!! Can someone make the railway system somehow more efficient??? Aiks, in Malaysia, the main problem of the society is LACK OF PROFESSIONALS TO HANDLE THE PROBLEM WHICH OCCURS!!! I was so not happy bout what happened in the LRT station where there's some uncivilised creature trying to cut queue!!! HEY! YOU THOUGHT YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO NEED TO RUSH HOME FASTER AR? THERE ARE ALMOST 200-300 PEOPLE WHICH IS SAME LIKE YOU OK!!! UNLESS SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY SUUCH AS AH GONG AND AH MA IS GOING TO PASS AWAY REAL SOON... IF NOT DON'T TRY TO CUT QUEUE!!! It's a very very rude and unfair to others. Everyone have their own problems, not only yours is the MOST IMPORTANT! So try to respect, follow the rules to make the situation better, NOT THINKING THAT YOU HAVE THE PRIORITY TO GO HOME EARLIER THAN OTHER PEOPLE, THINK THAT YOU HAVE THE BRAVENESS AND COURAGES TO CUT QUEUES SO YOU CAN REALLY JUMP INTO THE TRAIN WHEN THE DOOR FIRST OPEN!!! YOUR PARENTS DIDN'T TEACH YOU TO QUEUE DE MEH? Don't make ashame of yourself and make ashame of your race and make Malaysian feel very embarassing!!!
Finally~ we arrive Wangsa Maju at 635pm... We send Pei Yue back to her house(by legs) and then me and Kok Cheong went to yam cha... We're still wearing the school uniform and we dare to walk around with that outfit! I'm kinda impress by myself with my courages... Because you know, Malaysia secondary school's uniform is kinda ugly actually!!! Why don't the government just let each school to own their own uniform instead of using one kind of same style all over the country??? At least if you want to catch some students that escape class, with a glance you know which school they from and more efficiently you can cooperate with the school's headmaster to reduce these social juvenils cases....isn't one stone two bird??? We get to wear nice, pretty outfit and reduce the problems of escaping schools also! Hahahaha... What a brilliant idea.... We continue our blow water session at BRJ from 645pm until 9pm, Kah Hoe come and join us, and at the same time, my neighbour -Anne, phoned me up and asking whether I'm available for her to yam cha together! What a coincidence!!! I ask her to join us at BRJ then she agreed.Then 930pm, Pei Yue come and join us too...and finally Anne arrived... with a tall guy. Through my first glance, I know this guy is familiar and I think I know his name, but without any confirmation from Anne, I'm not sure whether he's the guy that I know or not. Then I went to bathroom with Anne because, 1st, I wanted to go to bathroom, 2nd, i wanted to ask Anne whether that guy is THE GUY I know or not... And the answer is YES!!! He's Wen Da! My primary school senior. It's kinda weird to meet him today because we've been lost contact for about 4-5 years... And tell you one secret, I admire him before while I was Standard 5... Hahahahaha XD That's why today everything is becoming weird when we have this small gathering or reunion at mamak stall! Hahaha... What an unsuitable place... Then, me, Pei Yue, Kah hoe and Kok Cheong become one gang which talks crap between us, then Anne and Wen Da playing with their phones, sending files through bluetooth... Hahaha XD Even though we all sit at the one same table, but we all didn't really started a topic which everyone can enjoy talking about it... Aiks, this is what makes the blow water session failed.... Hahahaha!!! Then, about 1045pm, Anne have to leave because she's some goody-good girl and she can't go home too late(over 12am) or else she'll get scold. Then Me and Wen Da follow Anne's car, Kok Cheong found his neighbourhood friends also yam cha-ing at the same mamak stall so he joined them after our session, and Kah How and Pei Yue go home masing-masing.
With my school uniform and arrive home somewhat 12am makes my parents go crazy again! HEY! It's you guys who didn't phone to me and ask where am I for the BLOODY WHOLE DAY and now YOU COME AND BLAME ME THAT I DIDN'T REPORT MY LOCATION WITH YOU GUYS??? And the most important thing is -My phone is OUT OF CREDIT!! Where am I suppose to find a BLOODY STUPID PUBLIC PHONE WHICH OPERATES NORMALLY somewhere at DESA SETAPAK area??? You know VANDALISME makes all the public phones OUT OF SERVICE!!! YOU GUYS ARE MALAYSIAN YOU KNOW THAT FACT DON'T YOU!!!???? And you dare to ask me to phone you guys? OH CRAP!!!!! I straight away lock myslef into my room, listen to Mika Nakashima's Isolation and now writing this blog....What a weird journey I'm having today....

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