Monday, October 23, 2006

What a Day...

I went yam cha with Pei Yue and Kok Cheong until 6am O.O""""
Then, when I reached home, I feel energetic pula!!!
Sei Lo.... No need sleep liao lo?
Only 630am leh.... How to use these times leh??? Chat? No people on la wei!!!
OK, go Yahoo!Japan play Bloxi.... until 8am pula!!!
WOO YEAH!!! At last those sleeping ghost come and find me liao...
but What the hell!!!??? when I wake up only 10am ar? SIAO EH!
Only sleep 2 hours only!!! KI SIAO LO!!!!! X_X
MATI!!!! Now hungry pula.... aiks, no one wanna accompany me eat breakfast...T_T
No choice lo, eat maggie hot cup XD TOM YAM FLAVOUR....
Sambil eat maggie Sambil main Bloxi... hahahahahahaha This is RELAX man!
Then suddenly "OI!!! Go outside de restaurant eat BREAKFAST LO!!!!"
SIAO!!!! ALMOST choke by maggie mee and mee ALMOST comes out from my nose hole!
Aiya~ early say ma, I ma no need eat maggie so pity lo... now I already finish my maggie 4/5 full liao... You tell me how la?
But still I follow my parents go eat breakfast la... Me sit there watch TV and drink juice only...
So boring nothing to do... @_@
Time goes by, 2pm arrive... I went to KLCC ^_^

If not sit at home also boring and sleep only la... Aiks, better go out walk walk
Arrive KLCC at 240pm, went to Kinokuniya(Japanese Department)...
I saw alot of Death Note books!!! Because now is the "DEATH NOTE" heat ma...hehe
Got 3 kinds of books...
1st, as you know, Death Note is comic series, so they have the Japanese series. Only 12 episode... Kinda wonder why chinese translation version have 15 episode... Chinese word more big the sentence more long ar???

2nd, This book is the novel version of Death Note... But inside doesn't have Raito this character. This novel location is based on Los Angeles, and there's a murder case called BB murder case... BB is the name of the KILLER, and L is going to catch her... At last, L DID CATCH HER and send her to jail... But this girl died by heart attack in jail = she suicided...

3rd, Death Note's Mystery is the third one. You have any questions about Death note??? Like when did Raito pick up that book, what is L's most favourite food and bla bla bla... Inside this book, they have all the answers to your question... COOL HUH!? HEHE! XD

After I went to Kinokuniya, I go to Secret Recipe, Avenue K to study... LOL
Feel kinda relax can study there, when tired can rest and see things and people change around you, of course, study there makes people pay attention on you too since today is a public holiday, and no people will study at public places at SUNDAY + PUBLIC HOLIDAY de la... Hahahahahaha XD
Then I ordered a pot of Tea (Darjeeling)... Smells like Teh Tarik haven't add milk yet... haha
But still I enjoy study there...
Then, I went to KLCC again cos I want to buy colour stickers to stick my books and some colour pens too to do my notes... but you know, there's only ONE bookstore in whole KLCC - KINOKUNIYA.. and I won't dare to buy anything from there except books i think it's worth... Those colour pens(Stabilo) in set they're selling RM42!!!! OUTSIDE ONLY SELL ALMOST RM31 ONLY!!! WALAU! KINOKUNIYA REALLY SELL EXPENSIVE STUFFS!!!
Ok... Then I go home without buying anything and wait for Kak Maznah to fetch me to work... I work as a Video Camera Shooter during kak Maznah interview some respondants... For recording and reviewing purpose la... So i get some part time paid lo... One trip like this RM30... Although not very high paid, but at least I get something to do and can earn some pocket money also. today's work starts at 715pm(wait till Malays buka puasa) and ends at 8pm... Pheww~ so short work time! I'm so happy!!! XD
Then, I went to Huey Sun's working place - Lorenzo, Jln Ipoh because we're going to YAM CHA AGAIN O.O""""""""
That place was so nice I couldn't hold myself back to take pictures XD

*my blink ** blink ** shoe lace XD*

*me sitting on one of the sofa...*

*One nice decoration used flower been founded... NICE~^^*
*the upper floor showroom - always no people...*

*me and Lorenzo's bed... Reddish Tangy colour... ^o^*

*RM6000++ de sofa.... Very EXPENSIVE oh~ >w<*
*Japanese Black style sofa + Japanese style green plant =100% match*

*Me and the orchid decoration... somewhere near the corner...*

*Sofa family + Dining table brothers + baloons sisters = Lorenzo Family ^^*
After took all those pictures, me and Huey Sun chatted then I accompany her to close the whole shop... LOL... Kinda creepy actually, feels like someone is sitting around the corner >o<... Haha... Then we went to Carrefour, Wangsa Maju to pick Wen Da up... He took about 30 mins to come out from the Supermarket... Aiyo~ guys shouldn't let girls wait ah!!! This si basic manners ma~ haha.... Then originally our plan is BRJ (AGAIN >o<) but then we suddenly change plan. We went to Sri Rampai Al-Maju yam cha. LOL!!! That small little poor mamak shop capacity about 30 ppl... and that time raining some more!!! Inside the shop was no empty table... We have to go to sit at those other shops corridor... Pity us.... and it took some time to let those mamak notice that we HAVEN'T ORDER YET! Aiks... no more corridor seats next time! X_X Then we eat and drink and chat and then Huey Sun's father call arrived... Her father quite overprotect her... He won't let Huey Sun yam cha until 6am... before 12am must arrive home... OMG! This is a modern cinderella story man! Aiks, so we settle the bill and faster send Wend Da go home then we faster faster rush back home...
And now I was sitting here writing this post with my nails painted with nail polish and decoration which is haven't dry yet... Have to be more careful... Ok la... Have to finish up painting my nails and go to sleep... TIRED~ X_X

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