Thursday, November 30, 2006


Beating up an innocent child, tyheir wounds can be heal...
Crushing in a car accident, those injuries can be heal...
those no brain teacher give you some stupid question which were least expected to come out during exam time.... They will like to hurt your brain, make you suffer till you wanna die and last.... YOU GET A FAIL IN THE RESULT!!!
you guys have any idea how many of our brain cells will die during one exam which is 3 hours long and all in esssay form???
go try and sit in the class for 9 times in a row answer all those question that I ask you la!!!! EVERY PAPER 3 HOURS!!!
Waste time, waste money, waste trees only la you guys.....
Hopefully those trees save some grudge for you all!

P.s: my monitor crashed T_T..... no post with photos....T_T

Friday, November 17, 2006

Leonid Meteor Shower

Woo hoo~ Friends from North America and Western Europe... Be sure to look high up in the sky this weekend... Because the LEONID METEOR SHOWER is going to give you guys' sky a really good and nice bath!
Saturday 18 Nov : 11:45p.m.
Sunday 19 Nov: 4:45a.m.
At the peak, these two locations can see up to 150 shooting stars per hour! 150 SHOOTING STARS PER HOUR!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS???? YOU CAN WISH FOR 150 WISHES MAN!!! IN AN HOUR!!! COOL!!! XD
Here's some tips on how to watch:

  1. Precise prediction of meteor showers is an infant science, so those in position to observe the possible outburst should plan to head out a half-hour before the predicted peak, allowing eyes time to adjust to the dark, and stay out for up to a half hour after the expected peak.
  2. No special equipment is needed. Telescopes and binoculars are of no use.
  3. A lounge chair or blanket and warm clothes are all you need.
  4. Find a dark location with a clear view of the Eastern horizon. Lie back, face East, and scan as much of the sky as you can . You never know exactly where a Leonid will appear.

Tips from: Yahoo!News

Here's a photo captured at Beijing at 19 Nov 2001...

More news? Please visit:Strong Leonid Meteor Expected This Weekend

Light A Million Candles

With your help we can eradicate this evil trade. WE DO NOT NEED YOUR MONEY. We need you to light a candle to support.
We're aiming to light at least one million candles by 31 DECEMBER 2006. This petition will be used to encourage governments, financial institutions, payment organisations and internet service providers to eradicate the commercial viability of online child pornography.
They have the power to work together. You have the power to get them to take action.

This is what I read and be informed by Reader's Digest... I don't know that there are actually so many children missing and there are so many cruel things done to them... Including pornographic... That's so EWWWW! Adult which do those porn stuff by their own will are accepted because they know what they're doing are they willing to do that BY THEMSELVES! But why involve those innocent children which suppose to live free and happily??? This world so doomed nowadays so PLEASE GO LIT YOUR OWN CANDLE!!! PLEASEEEEE!!! Thanks for your support. I know that someday your good deeds will be repay in some other ways... Believe me.... ^^

Thursday, November 16, 2006


How many people can really say that they're loyal to their partner?
Do you dare to ask yourself?
Do you dare to speak out load that you're LOYAL?
Don't speak so loud first if you haven't meet the TEMPTATION of your life!
A believable person will do some unbelievable things...
Have faith, trust in somebody 100%, but... become something that'll be the pain of your life...
How come human born with a greedy heart?
Do you think you still have options in your life once you step into the red carpet?
The answer is NO! Did you hear me??? NOOO!!!
What only means to you is YOUR FAMILY..... To take care of them, get close and buld up a good relationship with them, be with them till the end of your life... There's no other options...
But why somebody have to make the game complicated??? They think they're really playing games??? They think they have the cheat code to make the game more exciting, more fun, and won't die??? FUCK OFF LA! There's no such thing ok!!!???
I really don't know what is going on... In this world, there's so many things happening, but why such bad thing happened around me? WHY? I still half believe what she told me but till I saw the essay! FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!! Do you know you wrote such DISGUSTING thing and you still dare to save it in your own computer!!!??? How old are you? Do you think your action bring you back to your youth time again??? You dun SIAO la! Only bring you to hell ok? Do you think of what your family thinks? What your wife will think and feel? What your daughter will feel??? Do you care their feelings when they discover your action??? You don't really hope that they'll fogive you isn't??? You really brain have problem liao! X_X
Is there anyone I can trust??? Anyone that can 100% loyal? I don't think so.... After what happened in these few days... I don't think I'll ever trust anyone 100% again.... Even the most kind-looking person cheat, what about the rest of the people in this world?
My feeling is so SUCK right now..... WORLD SUCKS, LIFE SUCKS....
*truth.... hurts....*

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death Note Gang

Here's some photos that I just received from Pei yue's camera...
hahahahahaha.... What a DEATH NOTE GANG! XD
**chicken, Kei, Me, Potato**
*I'm holding the Death Note movie tickets... haha... then Kei like showing some tricks, slowly her hands appears holding the movie ticket also... lol.... Ivy and Qi laugh like hell....XD*

*after the movie, we decided to take photo with the advertisement box.... LOVE DEATH NOTE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! hahahaha.... But I know I look like ghost anyway... hahaha XD*

*Qi really looks like she's holding the apple right???? hahahaha XD good effect!!! I know I try to stand and pose like L, but anyways, I still sucks.... =P.....*

But no matter what~ HAPPY "L" DAY~ MINNA-SAN~ ^O^*
May today be one of our sweet memories and keeps in all our hearts and accompany us.... till end....
*Lol... i sound like a priest~ XD

Monday, November 13, 2006

Song of Lonely

This book is called "Song of Lonely"... another masterpiece by a Taiwan novelist - Hiyawu...
I bought this book few days ago, and also, finish reading it few days ago... Hiyawu said that when he finish wrote this book, He feel "afraid" and "joyful".... kinda confusing isn't? He say, the "afraid" part is that he feels he reveal too many of himself, th REAL him in this book... this make him feel insecure...When a novelist is writing some of his secrets, he needs alot of courage to do that, but unluckily, he's not that kind of brave person, so he feel afraid... but at the other side, he feel "joyful" because he dare to take the first step, to reveal those secrets which lives inside his heart, he feels that when he finish wrote this book, the first sun ray which shine through his window are different from the other days... feel fresh and new... ^_^
To me, after I read this book, honestly, I do feel lonely... Very lonely.... Those lonely feelings are like bursting out from the deepest of my heart, conquering my mind, my thoughts, my perspectives and everything of me... How many people actually do admit that they're lonely? How many people do really reveal their loneliness in them? In this world, everyone cover up their loneliness by homework, work, housework, and every excuses that they can find around them, just to escape from admit that actually they're lonely... Don't get me wrong, the lonely which I refer to is the strong feelings that you'll cry whenever your heart start to realise it, not that one which cannot satisfy from sex they have or friends they have... Alone doesn't mean Lonely... Lonely doesn't mean you're not alone....
Have you ever try that you're laughing with your friends, but yet you feel that those laughters can really fill your heart, your heart still have something missing? Have you ever try to stand in the middle of the road, start to looking at the sky and feels that no one in this world know anything about you? Have you ever try to say something to your friends but still you couldn't find any words that is suitable to describe the feelings which lies deep inside your heart that you swallow all those words you wanna say to your friend? Have you ever sit at the corner of your room during evening, lights off, you put your knees in front of your chest, and started to looking outside of the window, feel very helpless that you wanna cry? These are just some lonely expressions which is so undescribable but yet so REAL...
Loneliness is not something that can be share among friends, lovers or parents... It's just a very special feeling which belongs to you, yourself, alone... Only you're the one who can truly understand the loneliness of yourself, others can't... People around only can try to understand, try to say some good words to make you feel better, but they can't feel what you feel - lonely. In every aspects, there's an existance of loneliness... In parent-child relationship, in friendship, in love... There's loneliness inside them... Maybe you'll say, I have everything I need, a pair of good parents, a bunch of good friends and a very understanding and caring lover/partner... but you know what? You're just trying to cover-up the loneliness inside you... There's nothing can be describe as perfect... Same as human, people can't be 100% perfect, you're just lying to yourslef that you're OK and you don't feel lonely... But when sky is in black colour, the city starts to sleep, people around you start to disappear, the true feelings from your inner heart starts to tell you how it feels... It feels Lonely~
Probably you'll start to question me: What's the point of this post? I just wanted to tell you, Loneliness can't be share, I just try to spill out all those loneliness inside my heart, but still, the loneliness inside my heart are not reduce... Just become stronger... Maybe I just try to search for someone who admits that they're lonely too... and they agree about what I say about lonely... that's all....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

L Day!!!

Today we went to KLCC to watch DEATH NOTE!!! XD
I'm so excited bout this trip! XD hahahhahahaha
I thought I was going to play Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix at 12pm something
But I feel very lazy and sleepy when I woke up at 1030am....
the phone i keep on hit the snooze button...
My phone will snooze every 8 mins... from 1030am snooze till 1215pm...
You say la, what am I? I'm wondering how many times I hit the snooze button... haha
then, I thought I can done make up in half an hour... means from 1215-1245pm
Mana tahu when i finish bath... already 1235PM O_O""""
And I'm kinda slow motion people.... Arrgghh~ going to be late again....
then when i arrive Wangsa Maju LRT already 1:20pm... GOMEN NE~ MINNA-san...
I quickly rush into the bathroom with Qi and Kei... I draw my black eyes first and then draw Qi de and then draw Kei de... Pei Yun say that I look like someone with Leukimia.... hahahahaha And then I try to pretend as The Grudge de Kayako with that horrible Ju-On sound, they feel very afraid then quickly run out from the toilet... It was fun... But one thing that is not fun is the toilet very hot... we're wearing long sleeves and new shirts so it totally didn't suck our sweat like all other t-shirt does.... arrgghh.... I hate sweat... Feel very uncomfortable... =.=""
Btw, we dress up like L.... and make up like L.... and try to pertend as L....
But none of us have his intelligent.... He's genius.... XD
*L!!! - today only I know his name is L Lawliet....*
KLCC, a place which full of different people and always pack in the weekend...
and today, so coincidence, it's weekend.... haha
We rush there and reach teh cinema entrance by 210pm.... I was so afraid that we couldn't make it on time and our seats will be forfitted and give to the others to buy on the spot... but LUCKILY, we make it on time... Today there's 8 of us - Me, Pei Yue, Kah Hoe(Potato), Kok Cheong(Kam Sao), Qi, Ivan(Qi's boyfriend a.k.a Ivy), Kei, Chee Ken(Kei's boyfriend a.k.a Chicken)... and all in WHITE COLOUR t-shirt, Jeans and sport shoes.... ahhahahahah... looks like those who went to temple to pray... hahahahhaha... We're a bunch of insanes... After collect the ticket, we wait for Kam Sao and Pei Yue to come to the cinema to meet us... and while wating, we found something fun... There's a white box with a fake manequin baby lying in the lullaby but that baby is in Duck Shit Green colour and no hands some more and bleed some more (fake blood la of course) But that baby looks really Ugly! hahahaha! That Ivy very hand intchy go to shut down the volume of the crying sound of the baby cos he say very noisy... Then we all laugh like hell cos he really do that! hahaha Then Pei Yue arrive liao, I quickly pull Pei Yue to go that white box there. At first, she scare to get near, she walk near little by little... hahahaha... then, I go to maximize the volume, until maximum... That crying sound quickly grab all those people which line up at the ticket booth there all wondering whose baby crying... hahahaha SO FUN!
We're so hungry, we decided to eat something befoer we go into the cinema. That time was 230pm (That movie starts at 310pm).... And what food will be the best choice when you're hanging out a bunch of crazy friends??? The answer is fast food... hahahahahaha.... We decided to eat McDonalds... XD We search for the seats, and found a very nice seat loaction just beside the window... Can see KL City's building and the fountain at KLCC.... haha..... Pei Yue say eat McDonalds with us can see all kinds of method eating the meal... hahahahaha.... We sure taught her alot of things aren't we? XD haha....
We eat till 310pm... Took alot of pictures while having our meal.... And we go inside the cinema (box 2) while they're playing the last few advertisements... haha... When we walk inside, I can see there's only one row with empty space.. The G row, which menas OUR SEATS! The whole cinema FULL!!!! Waa~ you can see the POWER of DEATH NOTE! XD and then, I know there's some people who are watching us cos we're all in white colour shirt... especially those who sit in front of us... A bunch of ABC, or we should call them Banana.... We can see them whispering in each others ears and start turning back and looking.... Ok, I know we're special... But we don't really bother bout people looking... We just do what we like to do that's all... Ok... The show starts....
Dunno which fucking person brings laser pointer into the cinema, while the movie is showing, that person keep playing with his laser pointer point at the screen! It's sooooo annoying until few of us keep shout "WEI!!!" at that person.... then... that person start to be good a little bit.... then, here comes another stupid incident... We all are trying to pretend like L... of course, our posing and sitting style also.... Will be same like L.... Then, one of the girl which sits in front of me, turn back and say: Please don't shake your legs... OK! Here comes the very mysterious part... L sits like monkey which his legs are on the chair, of course we're doing that too... There's no legs which touches those chairs in front, who is shaking HER SEAT???? ^_^"""" SEE???!!! Something weird is going on.... hahahahahahaha Qi saw that girl say something to me and she ask Kei what happened... Kei told her and Qi say in kinda high voice: Tell that stupid no one is shaking her seats la!!!! Ok... after some of my observation, there's only be 4 suspects which will be commiting this crime:
a)Ivy B)Chicken C)Potato D)Kam Sao....
And the answer is... none of us! Aiks... after the whole movie, I ask them who got shake legs, no one admit = no lo! then Qi and Kei starting to scold and say something bout that girl... Even call her a bitch... ^^".... Then, we're like WOW! Something going to happen if we're still not leaving... hahahaha.. Luckily that girl didn't notice or didn't put this matter in her heart.... We went to Kinokuniya to find out some of the death note secrets... and you know what? We saw them again... OK, they win in quantity.... But we win in quality.... hahahaha XD That's so satisfying....
Pei Yue went backright after we leave Kinokuniya, Kei and Chicken went back also, then left Ivy, Qi, Me, Potato and Kam Sao... We went to Lecka Lecka to eat some yummy ice cream... Then went back to Wangsa Maju... Me, Potato and Kam Sao went to JJ to play some arcade games... I played Dance Machine for 2 times, they play Time Crisis... Then we went to BRJ AGAIN...==" I think I'm going to get a VIP card from BRJ for going that mamak restaurant almost 5 times a week.... @_@... Everytime Teh 'O' Ice Limau, Everytime Nasi Lemak Ayam tak mau peha mau dada.... Everytime sit at least 2 hours! SIAO EH~ BRJ is my second home... haha XD

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Starry Starry Night

Been sick for 2 weeks.... voice change -> become totally unspeakable...
Stupid weather... haha
now still coughing... sighs.... hard to sleep at night...
I modified my room Sunday... with some Christmas Decorating Lights...
I LOVE my ROOM!!! ^o^

*become romantic.... ^_^*
Ok.... with these nice feelings inside me... I'm going to tell something....
Tell something to a girl which name Hana....
We've been knowing each other for 2 years plus... With those precious memories that you've been through with me, I really cherish you, as one of my best friend, one of the member of SEISYUN.... but you know... things changed... you changed, I changed too... I can't really remember which day onwards, you start to show us your true colours... You start to taking advantange on us, and slowly, you become someone that I don't know today... I feel very sad that you actually treat us like just one of your normal friends... Probably we're someone that is more than normal friends, but still you ask yourself: Did you really treat us specially? Did you really trust us? Did you really know and understand us? I can give you the answer: NO.... You actually don't know any of us... don't you? And as the same, we don't know you, we don't understand you... the REAL you.... Whenever something happened to you, we're not the first one to know... We ask you, you say you don't know... We let you speak yourself... and this make us don't understand you more... If you want us to understand you, why don't you just tell us your problem? Why don't you just let us know the REAL you? To be honest, I know you know that I'm angry bout the surprise party on you birthday don't you? I know you know... But still, we're so disappointed even though you say ARIGATOU to us at the end... Those broken exciteness cannot be cover up by those fake smiling face from each of us... Deep inside, I know that each of us are so diappointed... You don't trust us? That's why you throw tantrum??? Each of us, so deep believe you that you won't reject so hysterically... but still, you're angry at the end... You know how we feel when we untie your hand and your eye cover? We feel ashame...angry... mad... all kinds of feelings blend in together.... mixed up! We don't even know what kind of face expression we have to show you except we walk faster and show you our speechless back... We're so sad... That night... We went to Thai Club... Everything was so nice, until you start to disappear with Ren... I was curious, where you go with him... and then... I saw you and him... sitting at stairs... your at his lap... crying i guess... then you sleep at his shoulder... I wanted myself to cool down... I hold back all my emotions... try to approach you see what happened that makes you walk out from the club... I saw you crying.... I was shocked... I don't dare to ask you anything... Because I know it will be useless... You tell me It's him... Takumi... That time, I really pity you... Because I know for this relationship, you've been through alot of emptyness and blank in your head know nothing to do... and then... you do something that really makes me feel I'm so stupid to pity you... You dance with Ren... you approach him... Slow dance... Me and Chee Lup stare at you guys, know nothing to say.... Just staring.... I was like a stupid fool looking... You know? Did you know that I was looking at you??? YOU KNOW OR YOU DON'T KNOW??? IF YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND, WHY YOU DO THAT TO ME???? YOU KNOW I LIKE REN RIGHT??? WHY???? CAN YOU ANSWER ME WHY???? I WOULD BE VERY PLEASURE TO LISTEN A SATISFYING ANSWER FROM YOU!!! DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE DRUNK! I KNOW YOU'RE NOT! WE ALL KNOW THAT! You start to being a queen, asking for this and that from me, because you know that i won't reject your request, you show off in front of other SEISYUN members for something they haven't done before... especially Qi... you make her really pissed off with your behaviour... Bout your Thai Club behaviour... Don't you know it's a very shameful things to always tell other people your lame stories??? In front of us you dare to say you go dance with a POLE???? THAT TIME I WAS SO SHOCK!!! I really get the SHOCK OF MY LIFE! How could you make yourself so CHEAP??? Going that kind of place is not a very good idea though, you make yourself on the podium some more??? GIVE ME A BREAK! We all know that your dance movement not very good though.... SO DON'T MAKE FUN OF YOURSELF! DON'T EVEN TRY TO SHOW OFF THOSE GUYS NAMES IN FRONT OF QI!!! WHAT NICK, ART.... DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT NAME FUCKER???? Until today, 8th NOVEMBER 2006... me and Qi already started to treat you as normal friends... we've try to tell you what we feel, ask you to take care of yourself... but still you don't listen... You even make up stories with your own... There's too many things you've done in our back... You're not making yourself suffer only... as your BEST FRIEND, I worry bout your health, body and mind everyday... It's making me tired... I think it's best that I just put your things aside, correct? In fact, you don't really need us after all... You got your cousin sister, those TAR college guys that makes you feel fun at outside world... You're not the Hana I know 2 years ago... I know people change... I accepted your changes... So, please allow my changes towards you also... It's not fair for me to accept what you've done only right? So, friend, here's my last advise to you... If you really think outside world is more fun and exciting than be with us, I'll let you free and you may go... If you wish to become a girl that I don't really from that time on, we're just friends... normal friends... Bond between us are broken... there's nothing can be hold back anymore... so Take Care of yourself... But no matter what, we still care for you and welcome you back... with our open heart... Love You Always, Reiko...

Friday, November 3, 2006

Cold Flu Trip

First of all... I wanna wish all the Malays Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
*sorry I know I'm late for this wish but hey you know what? They celebrate their new year for 1 month you know? We chinese only 15 days... haha so I'm not really late yet....*
For what happened on Hari Raya... you can read Kei's blog for some details and photos because all I wanted to describe ( atmosphere, people, food) Kei already described... ^^
Kei!!! There's one thing you didn't say!!! THE SMALL EGG THAT WE BOTH LOVE TO EAT!!! hahahaha... small egg( i think is bird's egg) + sambal = SEDAP! haha

After went to Aira house, me, Jeremy and Jing Hao went to The Curve with Huey Sun and Wen Da... Huey Sun is driving so Wen Da sit the passenger seat and we 3 monkeys sit at the back... At first, there was some awkward silence because none of us don't really know how to start a topic because we don't want to distract Huey Sun's attention... THEN~ here comes Wen Da topic... *Specially to Huey Sun only* haha

Wen Da = W ; Huey Sun = H
W: are you wearing the real crystal bracelet???
H: ya... why???
W: are you sure? They don't look real to me...
H: really? what makes you say that?
W: Hmm... according to what I see, your crystals are... **I forgot those details he said** That's why they're not real
H: REALLY??? But i bought it from the shop...T_T
W: Crystal have to cleanse......bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and they have different colour.... bla bla bla bla

Those 3 monkeys that sit at the back seat a.k.a me, Jeremy and Jing Hao laugh like hell at the back!!! XD Jeremy and Jing Hao can see the love from Wen Da to Huey Sun and I can feel that too... They're laughing why Wen Da talk the crystal issue to impress Huey Sun since Huey Sun is not paying ANY attention to what he said.... haha.... Jeremy and Jing Hao lagi teruk, they imitate what Wen Da said and tell to each other in some kind of whispering low voice + some jokes.... we laugh like hell...
ok... then here we arrive - > THE CURVE @ Cineleisure

OK! you know what? I think this is my personal taste problem or what... But can you imagine a guy wear a t-shirt that doesn't match his pants and his pants doesn't match his sandals??? I was totally like O.O when i saw Wen Da wear sandal to The Curve!!! I'm not discriminate those who wear sandals, but choose a suitable place to wear.... Market or somewhere near is OK but The Curve....??? Haihz... kinda speechless... and Jeremy them are still laughing him for making some foolish moves for showing his talent to Huey Sun... haha.... and then we arrive the cinema... Now is kinda headache because we dunno what to watch... and they DECIDED.... THE GRUDGE 2!!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!! #$*($&_#*( ARRGGGHHH!!!!!!! How many times I'm going to watch this MOVIE???????????? SIAO EH!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN EVEN TELL YOU THEIR DIALOGUES!!!!!!! OK.... since everyone haven't watch this movie yet, I'm the one to sacrifice... Aiks... then Wen Da went to I kea with Huey Sun, and We 3 monkeys went to McDonald's... what a nice place to hang out and blow water...

During the conversation, suddenly I realise that not that everyone I knows are so pure in their behaviour... Some of my friends which lives at Sri Gombak - CS and SH them... They changed... Into someone I don't know. Through the conversation between Jeremy and Jing Hao, they have alot of girlfriends, these girls always be in the same group and they hang out together... There are some guys too beside CS and SH... that means they're quite a number in the group... What will happen when girls and guys which open minded be in the same group??? There'll be some very complicated relationship... Those girls can have sex with the other guy other than CS... and SH can have sex with Jeremy's ex-gf just because they're boring. Girls in that group are like prostitude... *I don't mean to insult but this is the most suitable word I can find....=="* They have sex with different guys... in their own group... friends.... How they face each other? I really don't understand? Why such cheap and lame things are happening? They are educationed people... They have knowledge... but why they do this? Since CS and SH are my school mates, I know them kinda long time ago... They're kind and good guys... Loyal to their love... but why changed??? Actually I kinda anti those playboy or playgirl... They're not satisfied with only one sex partner / love partner... but why? Are they searching for thrills and excitement for being 2 timing or more lover??? They hurt those who are sincere in relationship and probably, hurt themselves too for having more than one sex partner... Aren't they aware there are more bads comparing with goods in being playful in relationship? Haihz... V_V

That day ends peacefully after we watch the movie and go home masing-masing... haha....
This day, I found that KL city can be seen very clearly from my house! YAY!!! The haze are gone!!! *cheers~*