Friday, November 3, 2006

Cold Flu Trip

First of all... I wanna wish all the Malays Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
*sorry I know I'm late for this wish but hey you know what? They celebrate their new year for 1 month you know? We chinese only 15 days... haha so I'm not really late yet....*
For what happened on Hari Raya... you can read Kei's blog for some details and photos because all I wanted to describe ( atmosphere, people, food) Kei already described... ^^
Kei!!! There's one thing you didn't say!!! THE SMALL EGG THAT WE BOTH LOVE TO EAT!!! hahahaha... small egg( i think is bird's egg) + sambal = SEDAP! haha

After went to Aira house, me, Jeremy and Jing Hao went to The Curve with Huey Sun and Wen Da... Huey Sun is driving so Wen Da sit the passenger seat and we 3 monkeys sit at the back... At first, there was some awkward silence because none of us don't really know how to start a topic because we don't want to distract Huey Sun's attention... THEN~ here comes Wen Da topic... *Specially to Huey Sun only* haha

Wen Da = W ; Huey Sun = H
W: are you wearing the real crystal bracelet???
H: ya... why???
W: are you sure? They don't look real to me...
H: really? what makes you say that?
W: Hmm... according to what I see, your crystals are... **I forgot those details he said** That's why they're not real
H: REALLY??? But i bought it from the shop...T_T
W: Crystal have to cleanse......bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and they have different colour.... bla bla bla bla

Those 3 monkeys that sit at the back seat a.k.a me, Jeremy and Jing Hao laugh like hell at the back!!! XD Jeremy and Jing Hao can see the love from Wen Da to Huey Sun and I can feel that too... They're laughing why Wen Da talk the crystal issue to impress Huey Sun since Huey Sun is not paying ANY attention to what he said.... haha.... Jeremy and Jing Hao lagi teruk, they imitate what Wen Da said and tell to each other in some kind of whispering low voice + some jokes.... we laugh like hell...
ok... then here we arrive - > THE CURVE @ Cineleisure

OK! you know what? I think this is my personal taste problem or what... But can you imagine a guy wear a t-shirt that doesn't match his pants and his pants doesn't match his sandals??? I was totally like O.O when i saw Wen Da wear sandal to The Curve!!! I'm not discriminate those who wear sandals, but choose a suitable place to wear.... Market or somewhere near is OK but The Curve....??? Haihz... kinda speechless... and Jeremy them are still laughing him for making some foolish moves for showing his talent to Huey Sun... haha.... and then we arrive the cinema... Now is kinda headache because we dunno what to watch... and they DECIDED.... THE GRUDGE 2!!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!! #$*($&_#*( ARRGGGHHH!!!!!!! How many times I'm going to watch this MOVIE???????????? SIAO EH!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN EVEN TELL YOU THEIR DIALOGUES!!!!!!! OK.... since everyone haven't watch this movie yet, I'm the one to sacrifice... Aiks... then Wen Da went to I kea with Huey Sun, and We 3 monkeys went to McDonald's... what a nice place to hang out and blow water...

During the conversation, suddenly I realise that not that everyone I knows are so pure in their behaviour... Some of my friends which lives at Sri Gombak - CS and SH them... They changed... Into someone I don't know. Through the conversation between Jeremy and Jing Hao, they have alot of girlfriends, these girls always be in the same group and they hang out together... There are some guys too beside CS and SH... that means they're quite a number in the group... What will happen when girls and guys which open minded be in the same group??? There'll be some very complicated relationship... Those girls can have sex with the other guy other than CS... and SH can have sex with Jeremy's ex-gf just because they're boring. Girls in that group are like prostitude... *I don't mean to insult but this is the most suitable word I can find....=="* They have sex with different guys... in their own group... friends.... How they face each other? I really don't understand? Why such cheap and lame things are happening? They are educationed people... They have knowledge... but why they do this? Since CS and SH are my school mates, I know them kinda long time ago... They're kind and good guys... Loyal to their love... but why changed??? Actually I kinda anti those playboy or playgirl... They're not satisfied with only one sex partner / love partner... but why? Are they searching for thrills and excitement for being 2 timing or more lover??? They hurt those who are sincere in relationship and probably, hurt themselves too for having more than one sex partner... Aren't they aware there are more bads comparing with goods in being playful in relationship? Haihz... V_V

That day ends peacefully after we watch the movie and go home masing-masing... haha....
This day, I found that KL city can be seen very clearly from my house! YAY!!! The haze are gone!!! *cheers~*

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