Friday, November 17, 2006

Leonid Meteor Shower

Woo hoo~ Friends from North America and Western Europe... Be sure to look high up in the sky this weekend... Because the LEONID METEOR SHOWER is going to give you guys' sky a really good and nice bath!
Saturday 18 Nov : 11:45p.m.
Sunday 19 Nov: 4:45a.m.
At the peak, these two locations can see up to 150 shooting stars per hour! 150 SHOOTING STARS PER HOUR!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS???? YOU CAN WISH FOR 150 WISHES MAN!!! IN AN HOUR!!! COOL!!! XD
Here's some tips on how to watch:

  1. Precise prediction of meteor showers is an infant science, so those in position to observe the possible outburst should plan to head out a half-hour before the predicted peak, allowing eyes time to adjust to the dark, and stay out for up to a half hour after the expected peak.
  2. No special equipment is needed. Telescopes and binoculars are of no use.
  3. A lounge chair or blanket and warm clothes are all you need.
  4. Find a dark location with a clear view of the Eastern horizon. Lie back, face East, and scan as much of the sky as you can . You never know exactly where a Leonid will appear.

Tips from: Yahoo!News

Here's a photo captured at Beijing at 19 Nov 2001...

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