Friday, December 21, 2007

+ & -

Something is going and coming in my life. I can feel it.

Somethings is going to disappear and something is going to appear. There's alot of + & - coming...

No matter what, I'll face it with strongest mind and toughest heart. I promise.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Chop N Steak

Me, Kok Bun, Peiyue and Anthony went to Serdang few weeks ago. Originally we're heading to Taman Connaught's night market. But the traffic is soooooooo jam until we give up that decision and go for a new destination.

This restaurant, I saw it with Kokbun at Chinese Cari Forum. Since the introducer say the price there is not expensive and food was ok, so we decided to have a try - Chop N Steak.

We asked Anthony does he know where is the location of the restaurant. He said he know. So, we trusted him. And this was a wrong decision. He spend around 20 mins to find this restaurant he said he know where it is. Ending of the searching is we pointed another direction and lead him there. Then we saw the restaurant.

It was very nice decorated. I think they try to decorate it as a 'Cowboy' theme.

This restaurant located at Sri Serdang, Jln 18/4. If you're going to Serdang, you can try search for this restaurant. It's inside those housing area. Opposite of it have a big field and school.

The cheapest thing here is Chicken Chop - RM6.00. And the fruit juice here is very very nice and freshly made and only cost RM2.00 for one mug!! Very very economical for student.

I forgot to take pictures of the food because I was toooooooo hungry and right when the food arrives, I ate it up! =^^"= LOL! Pai seh... The food there taste quite nice de... hehe...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


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9、女人不管再贤惠再有母性,但骨子里都是一个孩子脾性。希望你把她当个小女孩看待,宠她,逗她,善意的惹她,取笑她 必不可少!


11、在她脆弱的时候、心情不好的时候呵护她,在她慌乱无助的时候支持她指引他。爱健康自信的她,也爱疾病无助的她,而不是只要求她把最好的一面给你。没有人是完美的,分享她的缺点,包容她,而不只是指责,更不要在她最需要你的时候默不关心。做她英雄、她的王子、她的骑士。 别拿女人不当女人(借鉴于那句别那豆包不当干粮).

12, 在外面的你肯定是要和家中的她电话联系的,但是,短信也必不可少的,你要知道,从相知相爱到家庭结合的你们,短信一路陪伴而来,逐渐收不到你的信息,女人似乎感觉你不爱她了.感受不到你的浪漫了.所以,男人们给家里的她发送信息吧.女人虽然在经济上对你很严格的。但是,那块二八角的短信费她还是希望你支出的...切记!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bangi Kopitiam Setapak ( ̄ヘ ̄+)

This is the worst high-end-wanna-be kopitiam I've ever been.

The drinks there taste like took from can drinks like nescafe or something and add water and ice.

The food there was average.

The atmosphere there kinda weird. Not old enough to become a kopitiam, but still trying hard to be...

The prices there are higher than usual kopitiam e.t.c OldTown Kopitiam.

*Big old photo at the back... All Malays...Weird...*

*Alot of families come here to have their dinner too*

*This drink cost me about RM2.80!!! - Even BRJ's Rm1.20 is tastier than THIS!*
What else I'm gonna say? Nothing. No next time for this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Recently went to quite alot of places to eat FOOD! Thanks to Anthony for giving out his time, his car, his petrol and most of his money... Nah~ Kidding... Money not included...

And one day... We went to visit the Sunway Pyramid new wing... and then it's dinner time... We don't know what to eat...

*My look for the Sunway Trip... Added some bling bling at my lower eye lid*
After thinking and thinking and thinking... They wanna head to SS2... LOL! A food heaven?
We reach the food court kinda place... Very hard to find places to SIT! Oh My God! Plus that day is SUNDAY -Family Day...

It's been a while we're standing there and finding empty space to fit 4 of us in... And then we find the place, ordered and wait for food....

The food we had is just something normal...

Then, the 2nd round is - SS2 Chef Lung... Not the Dragon-I one... Is the one that serves dessert and small snacks...

It's me who suggest to go to Chef Lung and I suggest them order a Yang Zhi Jin Lu. (Pure Mango Juice + Pomelo Fruit(Real Fruit) in small pieces + Kiwi Seeds + Vanilla Ice Cream in the middle.) I heard this is a very tasty, juicy, fruity dessert from my friends and I wanted to try it long ago.

My dear ordered the Yang Zhi Jin Lu, I ordered a peanut paste soup + additional Tang Yuen, Peiyue ordered a Honey Dew Sai Mai Lou and Anthony ordered a VeryAwkwardSmellyTasteSoBitter Gui Ling Gao. Hahaha.... Besides that me and peiyue order two snacks too... Mine is Fried Mango Prawn and she ordered a Mayonaise Fried Prawn.

*The Famous Yang Zhi Jin Lu*

*My Peanut Paste Soup... The Tang Yuen inside is black sesame...*

*Peiyue's Honey Dew Sai Mai Lou... Very refreshing and tasty!!*

*My Fried Mango Prawn... Yummy!!! But all of them say weird*

*Peiyue's Fried Mayonaise Prawn*

Everyone was kinda fun eating there... We tried alot of new things... Hehe... And it's not really expensive for people who wanna eat very nice dessert.

I shall post up more delicious foods and places in the future... Hehe! Please do leave comment about it~!!! ^_^

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red Wuhan Dragon Counter Strike Attack

Went to become an extra talent with Kei, Peiyue, Wan Joe and Elaine... at The Mines Resort.

It's an act where all the girls have to act like sooooooo crazy and idolise the group of china guy who plays Counter Strike.... It's a short film to be show at US for those americans knows that Asian LOVES CS!!!! Haha...

We went there, we run, we scream, we hide, we just make everything seems so crazy and fun... Haha...

I heard that this short film is going to show at AXN next year... Don't know whether is real or not...

*The dolphin statue of The Mines Resort*

*Wanjoe and Peiyue sitting and wait...*

*Posing on wood bench... LOLxx*

Anyone who interested can go to the website - CGS.
P.S: Wuhan Dragon team's uniform is red colour... I wear red for that day also... What a good colour!!

The Apartment

Last week I went to my secondary school's club - Photography Club gathering... It's a very very happy trip since we all didn't gather together for about 3 years....

First, we went to Jaya Jusco Alpha Angle to have our dinner first - Nando's!!!! Yummy~ I'm totally hooked on Nando's... Somebody willing to treat me? hehe

After that, it's our second round time... The Curve's The Apartment.(Besides T.G.I.Fridays)

It's a restaurant decorated into a fully furnished apartment style. Got kitchen area, bed area, toilet area, living room area, bar area and so on...

This is a few pictures I took with my new Sony Ericsson S500i.(Erm... not really new la, but since I haven't post here I had a new phone last month, so just treat it's new la! Haha)

*The Apartment's Front Design*

*The toilet area.*
We're sitting at the kitchen area which is beside the toilet area... and took lots of picture with Su Loong's RM2700 Digital XLR camera... When I resize the photos... I'll show you guys.
And sorry for the long absent of post! ^^"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Casino - VIP Area

Have any of you guys been to Genting's VIP area Casino? I DO!!

LOL! It's a very good experience for me - this under age small girl to go in this big place.

I go inside to work actually... standing beside the lucky draw machine and ask gamblers to participate in the lucky draw held by Genting.

By the way... no people give tips to me... T_T Sob!!!

Show you guys some photos of the VIP area.

*Main Entry of the VIP Area*

*Outside the toilet's waiting area*

*Even the wall lamp looks nice to me!*

*Toilet all made by MARBLES~!!*

LOL! That's all... Haha. People go in and comes out with alot of cash....

When only I can go in and gambler like rich woman? Haha!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Gardens MidValley

This is a place where all the branded are being upgraded. Such as, From Guess to Guess by Marciano... And all those label which I never try to remember because I won't be one of their customer for like next 10 years?

By the way, I get a free meal there by one Bangkok restaurant... Lucky day!

KL Pavilion

Will this place going to be the next hit place?

But for me, everything seems to be so expensive even the car park rate too...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Napoleon J Rocker

Within one week... I cross over a big gap of time....
From modern girlish style hair...

Back to Napoleon style kind of hair....

To now who I am - A J-Rocker!!! I'm glad I end up as a J-Rocker, not Captain Jack Sparrow.

Preparing for Hair Competition 2007 which held on next Monday at PWTC... Busy busy busy~

Friday, September 21, 2007


This is the 100 post of mine. And by this using this oppostunity, I would like to dedicate this post to the story - 速食女孩.

I wrote this story based on own experience and this story only contains chinese characters.

Thank you for your support to my blog.

I'll keep on going and do my best in blogging!

Thank you everyone!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nonstop Working

*Sleeping* On my way home

Recently I was non stop working... From Merdeka that week until today... At last, I'm home! Tiring~ Will keep on posting when I gain back my energy later!
Lots of stories to tell! Wait me wake up ya! Haha XD

Monday, September 3, 2007

Wu Bai & China Blue Flower Tour Live in Genting

18th of August. A very very busy day for me as I went to the training for the California Fitness Sunway Pyramid Soft Launch at MidValley.

I was the FIRST ONE to reach there... Kinda surprise right? The LATE QUEEN is the first one to reach on time. Just that I wanna change my bad habit... Nyehehe

After the whole training finish, I drag my dizzy head rush back to my home with the maximum speed I can because I'm going to GENTING with my dear~!! Wooo hoooo~!!!

I reach the Pekeliling Bus Stop at 425pm and we're going on a 430pm bus. Phew~ Luckily can reach on time.

Wondering why I went to Genting? Nothing much... Just to watch Wu Bai's Live Concert... HAHA! Since when I'm a fan of Wu Bai? I'm not his fan honestly, it's just because that my mum's friend got free ticket and she gave me! Since me and Dear don't have anything to do, so we decided to go Genting even though we didn't book any room.

We reach there about 6pm, still have one more hour to go and we're kinda hungry. We went to the police station beside Ria Apartment and bought the keropok lekor and sit at the park beside the Theme Park hotel and eat! So delicious!!

After finish, we went to walk around... The weather that day was kinda cold and very heavily covered by mist. There's even smoke comes out from my mouth when I'm breathing or talking. So nice, I'm like at UK or something!!

Around 7pm, we queue up at the main entrance of the Theme Park waiting for those crew to let us go inside the Arena oF Stars. There was alot of aunties and uncles which get the ticket by redeem the ticket with their genting points.

When we're allow to go inside, I saw a stall selling those Concert Merchandise at outside the door of Arena of Stars. There's T-Shirt, alot of figures, flower light stick and alot of very Rock-ish, Cool stuff! But I'm not allowed to buy any... T_T I want the logo to patch on my clothes!!! X_X

The show start at 815pm. Late about 15 minutes but it's ok because those audiences a.k.a aunties and uncles were walking too slow and many aundience haven't reach yet.

When I saw Wu Bai come out from the backstage. I burst in laugh! I totally can't imagine how this old fella is going to dance the flower dance. Oh My God! But his voice is powerful even though he's old... *Respect*

Even though I'm not his fans, and I was like only know only ONE or TWO(maximum) of his songs, but I still scream and shout and jump till so high. I guess this is the miracle of music which can brings out the natural high-ness in one's heart and soul. Haha!

The concert totally got 3 encore. I just can't resist myself from jumping, shouting, waving... Just like Wu Bai's fans... haha~ What more can I say? The hot blood and lust of music is running wild inside my veins and I'm totally went crazy!

Miracle of music, Miracle of rock. Wu Bai and China Blue's 15th Anniversary. They're the Emperor of ROCK!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

National Science Centre

16th of August, actually I was going to Wisma Goldhill for an interview that day. But I just cancel all my appointments and accompany my dear and two of his friends to the Security Commission at Mont Kiara.

First, when we're on the way, my dear and one of his friend Siang Hao talked about yesterday night's incident. They went to Mont Kiara to check out where the hell is the security commission as Siang Hao's girlfriend Kai Ting is going to take a remiser test there today.

When they reach around Bukit Damansara, they got police blocked for going the wrong direction and kena saman RM50. OMG~ Siang Hao is a very good boyfriend isn't? Just for his girlfriend's sake...

We went out around 845am... And I point the shortcut road to Mont Kiara which is Jln Duta. We reach there around 910am. LOL! Still quite alot of time as Kai Ting's test will start at 11am. We went to Mont Kiara and have our breakfast first.

After the breakfast is just around 10am++, we went to Security Commission instead of hanging around. What I see in front of me is the high class design of a buliding with a very ugly lift system. LOL!

*Securtiy Commission's roof top*

*Jacuzzi look a like decoration*
We sit outside the cafeteria and chat about what's about this building and how those people dress like and we look like those small little kids which goes to the wrong place. haha XD

When almost 11am that time, we comes out from the Security Commission and went to its opposite. Haha XD National Science Centre!!!! ^o^

*National Science Centre*

*The plastic walls*
I feel so special when I saw the building. I've been to National Science Centre when I was 11 years old. I know, quite a long time memory, but still I can remember things like the echo dome, the big centre court... And this time I come to refresh my memories!!!

The first thing I saw when we went inside is the big water tunnel which contains alot of lake water fish. Those fishes were huge and they're swimming inside the water looks like so comfortable. Some of them look so lazy. I feel dizzy when look at the aquarium for so long.

And we continue walk. We arrived at somekind of tropical rainforest. There was a bridge and we walk up and we saw rafflesia, tigers, orang utans. The spot lights all suddenly aim at those animals and the simulation voice of the animals is sooooooooo loud and it really freaks me out when I'm passing by.

*fake tiger*
After that we went to some kind of planetarium section. I saw all my childhood favourites. Planets, Stars, all the galaxies thingy. Wow, kinda miss all the Sailormoon characters. hehe!


After that, we went to see TONS of exhibition and things and I couldn't really remember all the things. Force exhibition, Malaysia's technologies history and bla bla bla. All I can recall is the comfortable living room with comfortable sofas. haha XD

*Space ships - NASA!?*

There's alot of parks outside too!! Like: Rabbit park, bird park, Ostrich and Sheep Park(Mehhh~) and nature park which got alot of colorful butterflies, bees, insects and Kois~!!! Haha

*Koi Pond*

It was a very fun but tiring trip actually. Alot of things to explore and play with. You act like you're a small kid who never grow up. - quote by my dear.

P.s: Beautiful Fishes~