Monday, January 8, 2007

Fireworks Festivals at Titiwangsa

What's the benefit that lives at a tenth floor condominium?
The answer is - can watch fireworks free and absolutely LIVE!!!
Year 2007 is a big year for Malaysia! We're going to celebrate our 50th Independent Day this year!And this year, will be the Visit Malaysia year too! How nice!! Our government built a 20 floor tall Ferris Wheel to attract tourist to Malaysia too...Despite all those negatives thoughts by people bout this Ferris Wheel project, I think it's nice to have something similar with Japan... There's a Ferris Wheel at Japan too! I forgot whether it's at Odaiba or Yokohama...Haha... Anyway, I really hope that Malaysia can make more improvement this year and really can say out loud and proud MALAYSIA BOLEH!Haha..
Since last Saturday there's an official launching for the Visit Malaysia 2007 programme, there's already 3 days continously having a fireworks performanceSo nice, and those fireworks last for 30 minutes... Must be billions of ringgits spent just to give those people who visit this country a pleasure of nice view~!
Well... I captured some footage of those fireworks... Will upload to share with you guys!
P.s. so nice can online at home and blog at home...


andylkw said...

Wahaha, start posting again liao wor. hahaha.

Dave63 said...

New York also has a ferris wheel (Coney Island) I will wait for your Fireworks Video. Be safe kid