Friday, January 12, 2007

First Meme c/w Movies

LOL... I was wondering what andy told me in the chatter box that someone meme me... haha XD That time I still couldn't understand what actually is a meme until thiamhin told me... haha... Alright, it's like tagged or something like that.... Since I'm been meme-ed... So I'll continue this process...
I have been watching movies since I was small, comedy, sad, blockbuster, sci-fi, animation, horror, thrill, all kinds of movies... Until recent few years, I start to realise the message trying to be tell to the audience in the movie... I try to find all kinds of message, all kinds of thinking and thoughts the director try to tell the audience... And now, I will share these movie to you guys:

Moon Child

I like this movie alot... This movie talk about year 2045, after the Asia's economy collapse, people all over Asia live in a country called Mallepa... All kinds of people live there, Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongs, all kinds of people... And there's 3 kids who do stuff illegally like snatch theft, robbery and so to live on... and these 3 kids met with a vampire, they grow up together, play together, fight together... This movie talks about people, in real life, and the feelings and bonds with each friends... And you won't really believe the ending that you're going watch in the end of this movie, It's kinda unbelievable... Starring Gackt, Hyde, Wang LeeHom.

Shimotsuma Monogatari

This is a movie based on novel... Two girls, two different characters, two world, collapse together and BANG! Here comes the Shimotsuma Monogatari. Momoko(Kyoko Fukada) act as a girl which is so obsessed with 18th Century Rococo period that she wish that she was born on that time. She acts like a princess, elegant, pretty, wears fluffy dress and buys dress from a famous Japan Lolita Label - Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Another side, Ichigo(Anna Tsuchiya) who is Yankees knows Momoko accidentally throught the magazines which sells 2nd hand stuff, and start to be friends with Momoko and follows her wherever she go. After they become friends, alot of funny and interesting things happened. Be sure to watch for yourself and laugh hysterically!!! XD

All About Lily Chou-Chou(Lily Chou-Chou no subete)

This movie brings a deep impact to me last year when I first watch this film. 14 years old. Rebellous period. In Japan, teenagers create alot of problems. They have fun together, but also, they hurt each other. Bully casses in Japan are so serious, some even kill their class mates just for fun. This movie brings you deep into the heart of the teenagers in Japan, let you feel the reality side of them, and let you find a new definition of teenagers.

City Of Angels

This movie definitely brings alot of tears and opinions change to angels. Starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan, this is a love story, but yet with a sad ending. Who say angels are all very angelic and pretty and stays in a good codition in heaven and wears fluffy white dress with white wings? This story's angel all wear black, long wind coat, they can't feel anything, don't have feelings of happy, sad or anything, they just couldn't feel anything! Feel pity for these angels... And there's one very angel which have very strong curiosity about the world and the heroin teaches that angels alot of things. They fall in love with each other but this lead to a sad ending. Remember to stand by one pack of tissue besides your couch before you play the movie.

Edward Scissorhands

Another sad yet thoughtful movie... I really like the idea of this movie, almost like Frankenstein but Edward have a very gentle heart and tries his best to be good to those people around them. But not these human creatures are evil, those real life human are the most evil and bad people I have ever seen. People have lust, bad ideas about others, and they spread rumours, they jealous... Why can people be kind a bit? And be good to others... At least like Edward... Which bring warmth to everyone's heart...

Ok!!! That's all folks! Haha... I've complete my sharing and now I'm going to announce the next MEME AWARD WINNER!!! The gold winner is..........Kei,the silver medal winner is Julian and the bronze medal winner is David Haha.... Keep the meme thingy going ya!!! Haha...


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