Friday, January 26, 2007

JYP World Tour Audition

Fancy about Rain??? ^_^; Actually I don't really like much about his singing but I really appreaciate his attitude towards his job... And here's some new for you guys if you guys are searching for chances and opportunities to become a singer/ actor/ model or VJ Host....

Venue: Serdang South City Plaza

Time: From 10.00am onwards

Go to Lee Wei Song's website to download the application form... Application on that very day is acceptable... This audition will be open for any races and ages between 11 - 25 years old.

I've already sent my application form through email... Will be attending this audition too.... Haha, I think this is the 3rd time I go for audition... First time is Hair Show, Ive been accepted... 2nd time is the I want to be Model... That audition sucks man I tell you!!! Don't know why... Audition should be something like test your ability right? That audition I haven't even see those juries and kena kick out!!! -__-" LAME!!! LAME AUDITION!!! At least you have to let all of us try to walk and answer some questions!!! We just go into a small studio like thingy and there's 2 camera man who decides which one should be use and which one should be kick out!!! Super not fair you know!!! Just an opinion of a camera man can decide your future!!! =.=""" Malaysia don't really have qualities in producing artists, celebrities and talents... All those Malaysian singers are famous in local place only... If you go to other places like Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan... No one knows any of the Malaysia artist... Those artists with high recognition are those who went abroad other countries accept training there... I actually kinda disappointed with what Malaysia have achieve in music and entertainment industries... They're like achieve NOTHING!!! X_X

Ok, well, anyway, I really hope that this time this audition can go fair and square.... At least something like America Idol those really open audition??? At least we can get some advise and know our weakness and know where to improve... Not like that KANASAI I want to be Model audition, totally @_@...

Ok, ok, nothing happens today... If you saw me at South City Plaza this Sunday, don't forget come and greet me and wish me luck ya!!!! HAHA XD


Dave63 said...

Muchos Luck Rainbow Girl!!!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL! Thanks ya!!!

Kevin said...


=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL... it's weird u didn't tu cao me....>_>... ya, Gambarimasu!

Kevin said...

lol =.= why u use the way i chatted with u yesterday =.=

coz i already "tu cao" u at i think enough liao lo..give sum face =p

or u want me to "tu cao" u here also can de..u want anot? (now i learn ur way pula..haha =p)

wat is gambarimasu =.=?can explain?
does it mean thank you??but thank you not arigato meh?i'm blur =.=