Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Motorola L6 Photo Collection

I like to take photos... It's just that I don't have a nice and high resolution digital camera (T_T... anyone want to donate me a nice digital camera??? haha...) and last year July 2nd, I finally bought my first camera phone - Motorola L6...
haha.. although this camera comes without a memory card or memory slot(means it's memory space cannot be expand...which is a pain in my heart T_T) but with it's sleek design and colour of the phone which makes this phone look unique... I still feel happy about this new phone i bought... ^_^
Ok, back to the topic... Since I got this phone, I captured some of the moments that I found so amazing and memorial to me and sometimes, I use the phone to take some scenery photos that I think it's nice and seems thoughtful to me... haha.... and today I'm going to show some photos to you guys... ^^ maybe I'm lousy photographer, but whenever I take a shot of any picture, at the very moment, my feelings towards the photo is so unique that I can't describe with words... hmm... hard to imagine right? haha... never mind, here! take a look!

*It's rare to see clear blue sky with white clouds at Malaysia... I like this alot... We're going on to the mountain that time...those clouds are cute~

*these flowers blooms so nice and so big in shape and I couldn't resist to take it's photo!!! XD

*I took this photo yesterday, it's kinda cloudy that time, seems like going to rain, haha... This is the very very nice building which known as Petronas Twin Tower... Lots and lots of foreigner come to Malaysia just to take a look of this superb building! XD

* I took this photo while I was waiting for my parents at a coffee house... This err.... love shape( ya i know it don't look like a love, but I tried~ ) i made it with coffee and sugar... haha... kinda hard to control the sugar.... haha

*saw this playboy jeans skirt in the 3point6 shop... haha... althought it's a short skirt, this skirt's price is RM200++... an expensive skirt.... Is it because it have a gold label??? haha

*RAINBOW!! I saw this perfect scenery during my way to Son house... haha.... We all shout and scream in excitement in the car haha.... Luckily Qi didn't get into accident... Pheww~

*This actually is a moon... haha... It's brightness make the night scene more romantic and also, I enojy the moonlight shower that night.... haha XD

*If I just say without a prove, you won't really believe what I'm going to say... This Adidas bag actually cost RM1100!!! Can you see the label up there??? Wooaa.... This probably will be the most expensive sports bag I have ever seen!!!! Who will want to buy this bag??? Won't they feel this bag is a threat to their life? Probably snatch theft will aim for this bag and snatch it away...

*I really like this photo, the sun rays shine through the clouds... Erm... If you want me to describe any scene which is appropriate with this scene, you can imagine the animation Lion King, when Simba stand on top of the rock, and the sun shines down on him... Can you get the picture?? Haha... Only this picture's sun and clouds are gray in colour, the Lion King one is gold in colour... haha XD

*Looks like strlight isn't? But you're wrong, actually this is those light decoration I put inside my room... haha... Feels like the star are surrounding me while I was sleeping, so nice the situation... haha... Sleeping in the milky way?

*I took this photo inside a supermarket emergency exit. Beside the emergency ladder there's one glass window which allows the sun shines through and feels so bright and warmth... ^^

*This cake, which is so unique because before I modify this cake, it's a normal, white colour white chocolate cake. To celebrate my beloved friend - Kei's birthday last year November 22nd, me and couple of friends bought this cake and strawberries and modified it into a "Super Strawberry White Chocolate Cake Ver2" haha XD Pretty isn't?

These are all the pictures from my precious memories... I really appreaciate you guys takes a lot of time to read and look at the pictures... I'll keep on taking lots and lots of photos of things around me... Do leave some comments and too, share things around your life with me ^_^


Dave63 said...

Hi Reiko, you are keeping me busy today..ha-ha. I always return comments and e-mails it is not polite to ignore people, but mostly I like reading your writings and looking at your photos. Your modified super strawberry white chocolate cake is terrific. (Whew..try saying that fast three times) you could sell it in ths us for about 50 dollars, around 137 ringgits (RM)?. is this the right name for your money? I love your pictures, you have a good eye. Thanks for showing them to me.

kaede said...

LOL the 2nd Playboy skirt pic got write VALUE BUY there!! RM200 is VALUE BUY ar?!?! crazy!!