Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Office Spring Cleaning

Reach MidValley 310pm today... It's been a sunny day... Haha... I think will be a great day today? ( Or I'm just feel great because get to see the vampire again... haha XD) Went to Maybank and want to open an account with a waiver letter, mana tahu the waiver letter say need only RM10 to open an account, but when we ask the clerk there how much is the least ammount to open an account with waiver letter she said need RM50!!!!Shit!!! Where can I get such amount of money??? Haihz... Open an account in a bank is a good thing what, why need such huge amount of money??? Really don't understand why!!!
That clerk gave us a form to fill and bring it back tomorrow. I was cursing inside my heart.... haha XD No choice, I think I can sbmit my sccount to the company today and all my salary can go into the account.... But I guess not today....
Me and Shu Qi walk through all those restaurants near the Secret Recipe there, saw chillis, Secret Recipe(duh!), and some restaurants and bars I can't recall their name... Me and Shu Qi discussing bout when we get our salary can head to Chillis eats it RM20++ chocolate cake... CHOCOLATE~ *_* (drooling.....)
When we arrive the company, I was so scared that all the things I've done yesterday bout checking the vampire's email address and so on will be revealed and that vampire will angry of me or think I'm an insane... haha.... But luckily he didn't notice anything, He just keep working hard at his desk and we do our interview.... haha... *Lucky~* Shu Qi say his name sounds like Korean, and he looks like kinda mixed also... Haha... Don't know whether that he actually mixed Chinese with Korean or not? Hehe... But too bad he have a girl friend or fiancee(I saw his ring at his left hand....Is that a wedding ring or what?) Haihz.... Me and Shu Qi only can watch... haha.... But like Shu Qi said, at working place have one handsome guy to look at also can be very nice and fun too... Can be like an ecstasy pill or something that keeps us busy and happy... haha....
And at 6pm... comes the cleaner... They clean CHAIRS!!! All the chairs that those clerks sit, they clean it!

*First, they'll spray some strong, lemon smell bacteria killer spray to the chairs, full of foam..*

*2nd, they'll spray water to the whole chairs.... Those water looks fun!!!*

*This is where those water comes from... or actually those water is not a PURE WATER, something like comes with soap???*

*Finally, when the chairs are soaking wet, they'll use a vacuum to dry up those chairs... not 100% dry it out, just dry it like 30%, those chairs are still in 70% wet!!! Still cannot be seated...*
All those clerks are looking at me taking pictures of this whole cleaning process, some even laugh at me... My friends all call me insane... LOL! haha.... Never mind, I just gain some knowledge today - How to Clean a Chair!!! Haha XD This is something new to me...
After that, we went to Jaya Jusco to search for food.... I don't know is it me only or there's also people same like me, when I'm in a budget or just left a small amount of money, I really feel like want to eat alot of foods... Feel like wanna try put all those small food stalls and eat until I'm REALLY FULL! But I know I can't because not enough money!!! T_T Somebody mind to donate me money??? Hehe.... So today DIINNER OF THE DAY is......

*Tako Tao desu!!!! This food is soooooooo delicious I will eat 30 balls of it!!!! Every balls inside have some very nice, tasty filling. Mine is Chicken Ham & Cheese and Shu Qi ate Prawn... There's also the original flavour - Tako(which means squid) and Unagi(Eel)... Hehe... I like this food alot, although 3 balls cost for RM3.90.... T_T Kinda expensive.....*
LOL.... today's most busy schedule is keep watching handsome vampire doing what... Haha... Working is so boring when there's nothing nice to watch, don't you think so??? Haha!!

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Dave63 said...

Hi Reiko, I like ur account of your day, The tao sounds good, one US dollar = RM 3.80, My lunch is about 5 us dollars or 19RM's. I make about 400 us dollars per week. I know it is hard to be on budget. My rent is 130 us dollars a week, then 24 dollars a week for train ticket, plus 20 dollars a week for phone service so it does not leave much about 146 dollars after taxes. with meals about 10 to 15 dollars a day. I have about 40 dollars for my self. That is not alot here, but I keep good budget and cook at home to save evn more. But I like me work, lots of good looking girl clients come in with there puppies and kittens, very nice. hee hee

Luv u rainbow girl