Saturday, February 24, 2007

Journey To The North - Penang (Part 2)

If you have read the first part, I think the second part a.k.a this part will be more interesting as this one I'll post quite a lot of picture... Hehe...
After the two days(21/2 and 22/2) of being trapped inside my relatives house, at last the third day(23/2), we got to travel to some places to visit other relatives... First station, we went to a Nursery House for those olds... My mother's grandmother was there... Actually my mum don't have direct blood relatinship with great grandmother, this great grandmother actually is my aunt's grandmother... And my mother's mother already passed away when my mum is still a little child, and my mum have been pass to my mother's mother's sister to take care... And when my mum was old enough to work, she went to my mother's mother's another sister and stay there at Penang Island... And that sister is this grandmother... Haha.... I know I make u guys confuse, so you can ignore to firgure it out this complicated relationship of my mother's mothers... Haha.... But in another word, the old nanny that I'm visiting is my grandmother... Case close! Haha... But she's a kind old lady.... I like her alot... But now all her sons send her to nursery home... They dislike to let her stay their house!!! What kind of sons are these??? I really dislike this kind of attitude for treating their own mother like that!!! Some of them even done something cruel to break her heart... T_T After I see all of these, I ask myself to promise that I'll never ever do these kind of things to my parents....
*Cam whoring inside the car while going to the nursery home...*
*LOL... I dunno what I was doing... Haha....*
*saw a cute brown husky at the nursery home... So cute~^w^*
*I like it's EYES~ So nice... Makes me wanna put on some blue colour lens also... haha*
After visit grandmother, we went to Macalister Road to have our dinner... hehe... That restaurant is something like Food Court + Night Market... Kinda nice and Clean... That place was called Red Garden or a.k.a Red House... Alot of foreigners have their food there too... haha... And now I'm going to show you all those food we have, don't drool on your computer!!! Haha!
*Penang Char Koay Teow!!! The most well-known dish in Penang besides Laksa! Haha...*
*Penang Lo Bak!!! Delicious~Meat eaters! You won't want to miss this one!!*
*Tom Yam fried rice~ Spicy, Sour and TASTY!!! Haha... My meal actually.. haha!*
*My cousin's ice cream... From a stall called Mac Waffle... The 'M' word is in McDonald's style...XD*
*Unagi Meal... Japanese style... Haha... This food court is like International Restaurant! Haha*
*Unagi + Western style.... LOL... Complicated, but looks nice!!!*
*Penang style Yong Tau Foo... Haha... Alot of foods inside... So nice....*
Eating with family members is something we should enjoy... People nowadays are so busy they seldom sit down, have a proper meal and chat with each other... So, I think I found something which warms my heart this Chinese New Year... Cherish these amazing moments is what I'm going to do in the rest of my life... hehe...
And the NEXT DAY(24/2):
*Clear Blue Sky~ With a big sun!!!*
I'm leaving Penang island!! Find quite regret for gamble whole night and sleep at morning until my parents and relatives all also lazy to go to visit those famous place of Penang... Aiks... Sorry~ Haha... But I'm going to show you the symbol of Penang - Penang Bridge! Haha... Penang Bridge is the one and only bridge you need to cross to get to Penang... Unless you choose another method to get there... By Ferry~ Haha... I like to go Penang Island by ferry actually... Cars and motors park at lower deck, then u get to stand at the upper deck, enjoying sea breeze... But Ferry always not on time, and quite jam... So most of the people will choose to go over another side by bridge...
*Major road of Penang Island, beside the sea... So nice can drive at seaside... haha*
*The starting point of bridge~!! I'm on the sea now!!!*
*See some buildings far away??? That's Gurney Drive.... Wanna see Komtar?? The tallest buliding in Penang???*
*Nah! Here you go! The one and only pillar-look-alike building is Komtar!*
*saw these two small islands??? Last time when I was small... There's just only ONE TREE on it!!! And now, whole bunch of trees~ They grow!! Just like me!!! Haha XD*
OK!!! Here comes the CLIMAX of the BRIDGE!!! The center of IT!:
*The design of the middle of he bridge...*
*There's a total of 2 pairs of pillars in the center of the bridge!*
*Bye bye bridge~ Hello Butterworth!!! Haha*
I enjoy looking at sky, bridge, people, sea when I was in Penang... Everything was nice at here... But will be kinda boring if you're some nocturnal people... haha... It's a small island anyway... Haha... When me and my family reach the other side of Penang... Means Butterworth, Juru that place... We went to my relatives house, you wanna know how their house looks like??? Like THIS:
*Cool huh?? Like Castle right??? Haha!!! Nah~ Not my relatives house, It's the National Electricity Company of Malaysia... Haha...*

*This corridor makes me think of fairy tales - Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and those characters... Dreaming~*
My mum went to National Electric Company to pay electric bills because those stupid people who rent my another house near Danau Kota was so lazy to pay those bills themselves and end up their electricity been cut off!! Haha... DAI SEI AH! Whole night no electricity!!! Haha.... Then, inside the office, no customer... And I was looking at some exhibition display for 'Things which You Use at Home which NEEDS Electricity'... And you know what I found???
*It's a vacuum cleaner, But in Malay it stated 'Penyedut Hampa Gas'... Penyedut means Suck, Hampa means Disappointed, and Gas is Gas... Haha... So, all together, This is a Disappointed Gas Sucker!! LOL! Next time when you're feeling disappointed, be sure to look for this sucker at Tenaga National Berhad!!! XD Sucks away your disappoint feelings~ Haha*
After my mum clear the bill, we went to Taman Bukit, a housing area around Bukit Mertajam... My aunt moved there... A semi-d house, cost bout 400K++... Her house is so COOL!!! The aircond is 2.5 horse power! So nice!!! Plasma TV, a small bar in the corner, wet and dry kitchen seperated... Wow~ Nice like a hotel!!! And I found something unusual...
*See this Big, Shiny Crystal Ball??? It's one of the decoration of the stairway hand holder... Woo... A nice big one isn't??? I never saw this at other houses before... haha*
*This is a Crystal Fountain... Which believe to bring wealth and prosperity to the house and the family members... haha... a Feng Shui decoration*
*This is the crystal on top which keep on rolling because of the hydro power... haha*
Then... After my mum finish gather with her sister... So it's time for us to Ciao~ I have an appoinment with Pei Yue and friends at 11pm... I don't know whether I manage to arrive KL on time or not... By the time we left for the highway, It's already 6:15pm... Hopefully no jam!! And guess what I see during the highway???
*Can you see it??? NO??? Aiks... I give you a better view of what I see...*
*See what comes out from the trees???? No??? You need a pair of glasses!! Haha... Never mind, I got another clearer photo of it....*
*Now you know what I see??? I saw a RAINBOW yesterday!!! Haha... On the Highway before Ipoh!!! Feels so lucky to see it!!!*
*This rainbow I saw got a whole arch!!! From one end....*
*To the other end.... So beautiful!! I never saw a whole arch of rainbow before!!! Feels so lucky~!!! XD*
Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year... 8 more days to go then Chinese New Year will end... I spend 6 day doing nothing but gamble at night sleeps at morning and sit inside the car dreaming.... LOL!!! Haha... Hope you guys won't be like me... Hehe....

Thursday, February 22, 2007

LIVERPOOL WON!!!! YEAH!!!! 2:1!!!

Yesterday 3:30am... I watched the match between Liverpool and Barcelona FC... It was quite a dilemma actually because I like Barcelona too.... Haha... But, I still support Liverpool... LOL! Sorry Ronaldhino.... V_V
I gamble and watch the match at the same time... Got quite high because I was winning money that time when the match started... LOL... But when Barcelona kick in one goal... I also losing money!!!! T_T haha... But I was so happy when the last few minutes of the first half Liverpool kick in the first goal!!! Away goal man!!! Haha XD
Liverpool won this match with the second goal in the second half... Haha... So good!!!
My dad say not many team can win at the Barcelona Home Stadium - Nou Camp. I was so proud that Liverpool won this match!!! Haha.... By the way, I win money in the gamble also! Haha... Twin Happiness! XD

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Journey To The North - PENANG!!!

Hey guys... as I already told ya, I' going to post quite a lot of photos during the whole trip to Penang... But I haven't finish my trip yet because now I'm still at Penang... Hehe... So, probably this will be the first part of the trip... I'm now at my relative house, sitting at their living room and act like a rich daughter who owns a laptop and connecting wireless now... NAH! I'm not that rich ok!? Just kidding... Hehe.... So now, you're going to read a long journal which written by a Girl Reiko and she's going to tell you things she see and she feel during the whole journey~ Enjoy!!!
P.S:Actually It's not as interesting as I say... So dn't curse me or scold me when you think this whole post is something rubbish! Haha...
P.S2:I didn't really went to those famous place at Penang... T_T so no picture for those.... Sorry... Haha...
*Ready, Steady, GO!! We depart from KL bout 4:45pm... Hehe... A late start for those people who are so lazy to go out under the HOT SUNNY DAY!!! Melt~*
*SUNNY DAY!!! Hehe... So little clouds.... Clear sky~!!!*
*All clouds seems start to gather around the sun... Is it because the sun have something that ttracts everything to go towards it??? Including people with no hope??? Haha...
*This is how the highway looks like in Malaysia.... Haha... Palm tress and lants everywhere beside the road.... Good.... At least I know I'm not heading to dessert... haha...*
Cam whoring with my NEW sunglasses!! Haha... So fun!!! I give my mum a try of it and you know what??? My mum looks good in it!!! Haha...*
*This is somewhere near Ipoh.... I forgot the place name... haha... And you know what??? I saw rainbow also!! Woo~ Lucky!!!!*
*All the mountains are covered by mist... Actually you can see some pinkish fog or mist when you look carefully... You know why??? Reflected the sun's shadow~ hehe... NICE~!!!*
*This photos actually is all those mountains around the highway of Ipoh... Got don't know what Elephant Mountain.... The shape looks like elephant... But I didn't see any... LOL.... *
So we arrived Bukit Tambun at 8:30pm that night... Alot of relatives were there too... I ate steamboat that night... My mum's brother's wife can prepare alot of nice ingredients to be cook in Steamboat!!! I love those meat balls she made!!! XD So nice~ Got alot of other seafood also... got fish, shrimp, prawn(Big ones!! Not like KL, all small small one....), abalone!!! And lots more... Then after we eat our dinner, its time for gamble - limited to those adults only... haha... They play those mahjong style poker cards with jokers de... Kinda fun to play also... hehe.... I liketo play it too... But that night is something like reunion for my mum and her family members... So I'll just keep my eye on the TV lo~ Hehe....
The next day, they plan to go over Penang island kinda early afternoon... BUT! Alot of people say the Penang Bridge is causing alot of traffic jam due to too many people cross the bridge, alot of accidents and so on... So, my mum they all play mahjong first... And during their mahjong session, I go to take some photos of the surrounding of Bukit Tambun...
*This is the view from my mother's brother's house... Facing sea... Can see alot of boats there too... But from here can't see any boats... Haha... XD... Seafood here are FRESH CATCH! Haha...*
*The main door of my mother's brother's house is two lane road... And you know why it's so jam??? Because everyone from around Peninsular Malaysia are heading to this small little village to eat the BEST SEAFOOD meal!! You can see alot of people come and go.... hehe... You guys should come and try... ^_^*
Then, after that, we decided to go over Penang Island after 8pm or 9pm... So before that will go visit my mum's another brother first... His house located at somewhere Bukit Mertajam there... After we went there and decide to depart again.. It's already 11:15pm!!! O_O""" Oh My God! So late already!!!! X_X So, we thought there will be no more traffic jam... Who knows when we reach Penang Bridge Toll... HEAVY JAM man!!! So many cars until you can't believe your eyes... Even Smart Tag and Touch & Go Lane are jammed too... T_T What time I can reach Penang??? I haven't eat my dinner yet!! And I'm so hungry and boring inside the car!!! X_X So, what will I do when I'm boring??? The answer is - TAKE PICTURES!!! haha
*Heavy traffic... Hehe... My mum say some newspaper will reward those people who send them pictures of driver doing something illegal like recklessly driving and so on... I think those car will become panic when I show them my phone.... haha...*
I reach my relatives house 1am++... And I was sooooooo tired and hungry I thought I'll become zombie! There's some satays, chicken wings and some fried mee...
*My relatives house, New SamSung Flat Screen TV! Cost RM8000++ Wow!!! But they're rich people duh~*
*I drink quite alot of red wine... Become blur a bit... This red wine have some different with other red wines... This one added Sprite... Woo~ More sweetness and more smooth... But I guess French will be very sad and chase me to hit me IF they know I waste their red wine like this!! Haha*
I eat quite alot and then start the MOST JOYFUL MOMENT of the day - GAMBLE! LOL!!
Actually Chinese New Year is just a occasion for people to find good excuses to eat all they can, drink all they can, take all they can, gamble all they can, and most of all - All gather together and CHAT all they can... Haha..
Wish you guys enjoy your Chinese New Year Celebration!!! ^o^/*

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Name 3 things in your purse/backpack/pocket.
-My pocket have handphone, my purse have identity card and some member cards...

Name 3 things you do when you're really stressed.
-Sing Song, Scream and Online chat!!!

Name 3 favorite places to shop.
-Sg Wang, Times Square and Anywhere I was that time when I feel like shopping... haha

Name 3 favorite fruits:
-Kiwi, Strawberry and Grapes!!! Yummy~

Who is in the house with you?:
-I'm not at my own house wor.... You want me list them out??? TOTALLY 14 PEOPLE including me...

Who are you thinking about right now?:
-Don't know... so blur... It's 4:25am now... Probably God Of SLeep??? Haha

Who did you last talk to on the phone?:
-Kok Bun... chatted last night...

Whose birthday is next?:
-Tee Ham Siong, then Chee Shih Haw, Then Jeremy.... LOL...

Who do you wish you were with right now?:
-SEISYUN... and....

Who did u sms last?:

Where do you live?:
-In a small city of Malaysia which called KUALA LUMPUR...

Where is your phone?:
-Beside me.... ^_^"

Where do you sleep?:
-In a guest room prepared by my mother's brother's wife...LOL

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?:
-I bought it when I was in secondary school... I'm wearing sport t-shirt! Haha...

Where is the last place you took a ride to?:
-Penang... Long Ride man... and now I'm at Penang...

Where in your house are you?
-LOL.... after the living room and beside the kitchen

What was the last thing you ate?:
-Steamboat and some snack... LOL

What color shirt are you wearing?:

What is the closest item near you that is blue?
-Blue desktop Haha...

What is your favorite color?:

What kind of surgery have you had?:

What do you wear more; jeans or shorts?

What is the last movie you watched?:
-Epic Movie... LOL!

What song do you currently hear?:
-Goodbye-Days by YUI for Amane Kaoru

What was your dream last night?:

When did you start school?:
-Erm... 1990??? Or 1991??? I can't remember well.... =.="

When is your birthday?:
-6th June 1987

When did you last go to the mall?:
-Erm... Last week Friday XD

When was the last time you bought a pair of jeans?
-The year before last year... Most of my jeans are given by my cousin!!! Haha.. LUCKY! XD

When did you last burn a candle?:
-Last year Mooncake Festival!! Haha

When did you last see your dad?:
-NOW!!! He's beside me online... Hahahahahaha XD

When did you last see your mom?:
-NOW!!! She just standing beside me eating snacks! LOL

When did you last see your best friend?
-Last week.... I MISS THEM SO MUCH~~~~ X_X

Life Survey c/w First Blog - LIVE @ Penang

YOHO!!! How's everyone??? I'm now at Penang... It's 3:48am here and I have nothing to do... My mother and her relatives were gambling at the living room so I borrowed my mum's brother's son (What do I call him in English???) computer to blog... MUAHAHAHA.... Blog here Blog There Blog Blog Everywhere!! But too bad this computer dun have Bluetooth... If not I can post all those photos I took during the journey from KL to Penang... Totally NO JAM dude... Just a few heavy rain which slow down cars... Haha... I shall tell you guys the whole journey thingy in the next post right after I upload those photos... hehe...
As you can see, this post include's a survey... Where is it??? It's HERE:

1. When were you born?
~6th June 1987... Do you need the time??? Haha...

2 Where were you born?
~General Hospital Of Kuala Lumpur

3. Were you born first, second, etc.?

4. How old was your mom when she had you?
~26 years old

5. What do you think your parents thought of you when you were born?
Not really remember... Happy??? I guess... hehe

1. What was your first pet?
~DOG!!! I remember the cage outside my house... hehe

2. What were you for your first Halloween?
~Halloween??? Not my cultural...

3. Did you like to wear mommy's or daddy's clothes?
~Dad's... I wear his shirt nowadays also... haha...

4. Where did you first go to school?
~Erm... I forget the name... Not kindergarden...

5. How old were you when you first learned how to read?
~LOL... can't remember... Have to ask my mum... hehe

1. Favorite color back then?
~Pink??? Or White????

2. Favorite after-school, never-missed shows?
~SAILOR MOON!!! I never miss that show!!!

3. Were you ever diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?
~Ahh??? What's that???

4. Traumatic childhood memory?
~Been hit by my parents until bleeding...

5. Describe your childhood.
~Not always happy... Wish I can have good friends... So crazy about Sailor Moon... Haha...

1. When did you start puberty?
~13 years old

2. What school did you attend 6th grade in?
~SRJK(C) Lai Meng

3. Were you romantically involved with someone as a pre-teen?
~LOL... not romantically... just CURIOUSLY... haha

4. Were you sexually active?
~LOL!!! Of course NOT!!! haha

5. Did you get along with your parents?
~Nope... seldom talk and chat with them... hehe

1. What high school did you start freshman year?
~SMK Chong Hwa.

2. Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities? If so, what?
~Kadet Remaja Sekolah(KRS), Guitar Club, English Society, Photography Club, Gymnastic Club... LOL...

3. How long after your 16th birthday did you get your license?
~I get my license when I was 17th++... One year more??? haha

4. Did you ever fall in love with someone in high school?
~Ya... of course... who doesn't??

5. Were you rebellious? If so, how?
~Ya, I was, I scold foul words, skipped class, escape school, play water+gold dust(which is not allowed to in school), Have more than one pair of ear holes, eat in the class, fight back when my parents scold me, dye hair.... LOL... haha... A Naughty Teenager

18/ADULT/GRADUATED (answer this only of you are 18+):
1. Class of....?
~Class of Own House Measurer. XD No class now la...Refer to question number 2!

2. When did you graduate exactly?
~Last year, graduate from Form 6...

3. Where did you graduate from?
~SMK Tinggi Setapak... A Boy school... I never wanna go back there anymore!! X_X

4. Are you in college? If so, where?
~NO!!! But I wanted to do some further study!!!

5. Do you still live with your parents?
~Of course... hehe...

After thinking about your life, what would you say is the best memory of your life so far?
~SEISYUN!!! This is THE BEST MEMORY I'll ever had in my life...

OK!!! I've completed the survey... But feel kinda lost after the last question... I wonder if SEISYUN still exist... We're already something like SEISYUN minus 1... And the minus 1 say we isolated her... and she don't believe in true friendship anymore... Hmm... Are we the one who are wrond for isolating her? Or she's the one who still being happy in what she's doing??? Confused @_@

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

How You spend your first day of Chinese New Year??? Visit relatives? Get alot of ang pows??? Haha... I was so boring today... A not so really crowded family, visit one relative only and get a few ang pows only... T_T Haha... But never mind... Hope everything will go smoothly and good starting today!!! Haha... XD
*So boring... cam whoring in the car.... NEW DRESS!! I like it alot!!! A little bit of retro feeling... hehe...*

Thursday, February 15, 2007

First Time VS Last Day

YOHO~!!! How was your Valentine's Day??? Today, I start with a nice feeling!!! You know why??? Because....... I sleep early last night!! Haha... So today manage to wake up without any fussy feelings.... haha.... OK... stop talking crap... Today... Is also the day I went to renew my driving license and open an account at Maybank!!! So~ Today is not just a simple Valentine's Day!!! Hehe.... I'm not a 'P' License Driver ANYMORE!!! HEHE!!! 'P'ERMANENT driver for now on!!! Hahahahahaha.... And then... Went to Maybank just wanna open a GOD DAMN ACCOUNT!!! And they required for BILLS!!! Where am I going to find a house bill which state the address same to my IC???? SO SWT!!! So.... Can't open my account today.... sigh~ V_V
Then, I accompany my mum to go to settle some of her account thingy.... Haha... Two banks... The queue was short, but don't know why, they work slow.... So slow until I WAS LATE TO LRT!!! X_X And that time, so coincidence, my phone out of credit T_T Make me so frustrated only!!! Then, at 1235pm, just right after my mum finish the task in the last bank... I ask her fast fast send me go LRT! hahahaha.... And starting to nag about why everytime I'm the one who become late... Not even once I'm early or arrive on time... I feel sorry for my friends and bla bla bla.... Hahahaha.... And my mum was just being silence.... You know why? Because she's like that too.... Haha... Must change must change....
I walk fast to the LRT station because I want to top up my phone... Then, when I was still walking at the bridge, Kok Bun phoned me... LOL... Using probably Alien's phone... I don't know that's him! haha.... Probably due to lack of listen to his voice gua... haha XP So, I wait at LRT station... and I saw Shvon.... At first, I don't know that was her... I was thinking: This girl looks familiar to me... Hmm... Looks like Kei's friend.... What's her name again??? OH!!! SHVON!!!! All these appear in my mind in about 2 seconds time... And I call out her name... That time she was listening to MP3, couldn't really listen what I say to her... Then we talk for a while... She was waiting for her boyfriend to have lunch together.... So sweet~ Hehehe.... She asked me waiting who... I say friends... Hahahaha... Ok... So after she left a while, then Kok Bun and Alien arrived.... We went to Mang Chuen Restaurant... Couldn't eat alot... Probably over starve or weather too hot... Lost my appetite X_X Just feel like wanna drink lots and lots of water... Iced Water some more!!! So I just order one small glutionuos rice to eat.... Can't fit anything inside my stomach also.... haha.... Kok Bun and Alien eat real meal of course... And their eating speed so fast!!! @_@ Ahhhhh~ That time I only can think that why I'm so slow??? Why I do everything also slow? Eat also slow.... Drink also slow... Go meet people also slow... Arrggghhh~ Kinda don't know what I can do to improve my eating speed... Only can non-stop eat, don't talk too much... Just to keep the pace close... X_X Then after, have a chat a while... Waiting for Pei Yue to arrive also... hehe... That time I was kinda nervous actually... Thinking bout how I can give out the cookies... Kinda embarassing~ *_* Haha... Then about 2pm, Pei Yue sms me, say I can go her house because she come back from school liao.... So, they accompany me go to her house... Just before he left, I give him the cookies... Wrapped in a small white + purple stitch nylon bag sewed with heart shape with golden borders and a heart shape stick at the ribbon there... LOL! I was sooooooo scare and nervous when pass that bag to him.... Hahahaha... Then when I saw Pei Yue, SHE LAUGHED AT ME!!! Ahhhh~ Make me more embarassing!!!! Hahahaha.... Ok, then we late to LRT also! 315pm only arrive~ X_X Due to Pei Yue have lunch at her house then chat a while until late liao.... haihz....
Meet up with Aira, Potato and CBKiat... We start our journey today.. hehe.... All the way we're like talking crap only and I always critic about CBKiat... And I was been critic by Pei Yue also because I wear kinda elegant today, and have to keep my elegant image... But don't know why, I don't think I can hold it for long... I just have to keep on joking and chattin with them... Couldn't care anymore about my image.... LOL... Haha... Probably I'm just not suitable to become someone nice and gentle.... Aiks... So I know, sooner or later people will see the true colours in me.... And that time they wanna get along with me or leave me is up to them... hehe....
After we change from LRT to Monorail, the station before Bukit Bintang is.... Erm... I couldn;t remember....X_X ... Raja Laut??? Arrggghh~ Can't remember... Anyway, when going to depart to Bukit Bintang, suddenly the Monorail emergency break!!! Everyone was in an inertia condition that time... Luckily no one fell... LOL... And we waited for 5 minutes and no one knows what happened... Never mind, continue the journey.... We arrive at Imbi Station just right 410pm... and we have to collect our reservation tickets at 415pm... FAST!!!! Haha... Luckily manage to get in on time... Today I think I was kinda blur blur.... I already counted the person which is SIX person going to watch the movie (Including Pei Yue's bf Mr. Ghost) but I told the people to delete one ticket.... Arrggghh~ =.="""" What happened??? LOL.... and that person delete TWO tickets!!! LOL! SWT! So, we have to buy it.... So LOL... The movie we're going to watch is 'EPIC MOVIE'.... I don't think this movie is nice but It's stupid, funny and hot! I mean girls inside are bimbos!!! Hahahaha.... Seduce guys only! I think if couple choose this movie as their Valentine's Day movie session, it's such a wrong decision... Because you'll found your boyfriend drooling beside you.... Those chicks are hot man! Hahahaha.... GUYS! WIPE YOUR SALIVA!!! IT'S COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! XD
Then, after movie, we went to shopping.... I have to search for shoes.... and accessories if I'm affodable... So... This is what I get:
*A pair of round headed retro feel black high heels... SO CUTE~ XD I like it so much!! This is the last pair!! I'll regret if I don't buy it!!! ^_^"" RM39.90 @ m.o.d 2nd Floor of Sg Wang*

*Red Checkers sandals... Hehe... Aira bought another one which is black colour... RM13.XX @ Vincci,Ground Floor... So cute... I wanted red colour shoes for long time.. So this will making a little bit of my wish come true~!!! ^_^*
*LOL.... Just simply walk and saw this bag at a small stall... YEAH!!! A white bag finally!!! Haha.... RM10 @ Times Square, 3rd floor*
So, after buy those things I want, then become Potato's turn... He wanna find some clothes which is match with her feelings... Haha... ok, so we accompany him go around... And he manage buy something at PDI.... That shirt was nice.... Hehe... But when Kam Sau try it on( FYI, Kam Sau meet us after he meet Wei Ki.... About 730pm like that.... haha... he went to MidValley to pak tor with Wei Ki wor... Haha... XD) He looks like GAY!!! XD Hahahaha.... So, we wanna go home with Monorail after Potato bought his clothes... But Kam Sau wanna go buy something else... And don't know why he don't want all of us to follow him... -__-"" So mysterious.... So never mind, Me, Aira and CBKiat went back first.... When approaching Bukit Nanas... Don't know why CBKiat suddenly say: XIANG JIAO SHAN(means Banana Mountain is Chinese).... LOL!!!!! Me and Aira LAUGH LIKE HELL MAN!!! Hahahahaha.... It's suppose to be Pineapple Mountain as Bukit=Mountain and Nanas=Pineapple... Don't know why he say banana mountain... LOL.... So we keep making this as one of our topic... Haha...
As usual, after hanging out, we'll have dinner or supper at BRJ.... LOL... Of course today is not an exception... I felt like BRJ was my second home and they should give me a certifricate of Loyalty Customer of The Year and provide me a VIP Card which makes me enjoy the VIP Privilleges such as discount on foods, VIP services and special gift (LOL!!! WHAT GIFT??? XD THINK TOO MUCH!!! HAHA) We eat alot today!! The whole table was full of cups, plates.... Hahaha.... I think total we spent about RM30++ in one meal!! Fuiyo~ Really can't tahan oh if everyday eat like this, before die of cancer already bankrupt!!! Haha... Ok la... I really have a great time today, although not with Lover(because I don't have one) and something occurs today also... Aiks, better not to mention it anymore... +_+" Haha... Some photos of me which shows my style today... They say elegant, I think OK OK only... What you think???
*Blurry due to outside sunny weather... haha...*
*Close up- Yahoo! Japan Horoscope say my lucky item for today is blue eye colour~ So I choose to wear blue apparel today... Hehe...*
P.S1: Today is the FIRST TIME I celebrate Valentine's Day... I mean really do something myself to give to others as a gift.... ^o^/* But still didn't get anything today... Never receive anything on Valentine's Day before... haha... So LAME la me... haha... Probably White Day??? LOL... DrEaMiNg~!!!
P.S2: Today is also the last day my hair is in BLACK colour!!! Tomorrow I'm going to dye it... Hehe... Try to guess what colour it is~ Got mystery present oh!!! Hehe... XD