Sunday, February 4, 2007

10 Things I 'Bo Song' Today

10 Things makes me feel SUCKS today:
1)I sleep late.... Because I don't feel well....>.< Now feel sleepy!!! @_@
2)Late to work, because I don't feel well and don't feel like going....
3)No money!!! Sooo worried what to eat and how to go home with public transport....
4)Damn long la those questionairres.... And also got some question I totally don't know what's the meaning!!! @_@
5)Damn seducing la, those chocolate product!!! >.< I can't eat any of it....T_T For respondants only!!!
6)I got quiry/query.... Aiks... Those 4 piece should be RM52!!! And now less 15% liao!!! MY MONEY!!!! T_T
7)So damn many people at MidValley today!!!!! Aiks.... Shopping.....
8)Liverpool VS Everton!!! 0 - 0!!!! AIYO~ That stupid refree didn't see everton de people push Bellamy and Crouch!!! Should be free kick or penalty!!!! >.< Blind de refree!!!
9)I stand for bout 1 hour to wait for my mum!!!! >.< My legs~!!! T_T
10)I have no time to post alot today!!! And to those who leave comments and send me emails... Sorry that I'll late reply you... Sorry~

That's all for today... hehe.... Hope you guys have a NICE WEEKEND!!! ^_^

1 comment:

Dave said...

Sounds like a bad day, Be extra nice to yourself.

p.s. What is the lodest pet?

A trum-pet hehe