Friday, February 2, 2007

5 Most Favourite Malaysian Blogger

My 2nd meme... Hmm... Thanks to Andy and Thiamhin for REMEMBER ME as a blogger who will continue this meme... haha... Ok, this time is about favourite Malaysian blogger... Haha... This meme really tricky... Those blogs I mostly visits are my friend's blog... Just a FEW, very few are Malaysian blogger... I was wondering I can praise my friend as my favourite Malaysian blogger and then tag them in the end! HAHA... But nah~! I won't do this... So, after one night of thinking, I finally found some bloggers in Malaysia which are so dedicated and their blogs are so informative...

1st Blogger: Cheesie

A cute sweet girl who likes to blog... She post alot of photos when she went to vacations at foreign country and some nice restaurants in Malaysia... For those who wants to buy 2nd hand clothes and stuffs, you can visit Cheesie too because she's doing some online auction... This year she's one of the 50 most gorgeous bachelor list in a well-known magazine! She have great style, nice taste and a friendly person... ^_^

2nd Blogger: Rojaks

Actually should be a BUNCH of bloggers... Hehe... Their jokes are high skilled one... And when you're stressed or sad, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you visit this blog because once you see what they post and their jokes, you mostly will laugh all your blues and sadness away... But there's some limitations in this blog too... The language used in this blog(especially when in a dialogue) are kinda mixed up with some local Hokkien or Malay slang... So probaly some people couldn't understand what they're blogging about... But, think another side, you can learn Hokkien in this blog... Isn't it great???

3rd Blogger:Kenny Sia

Kenny is a guy which lives at Sarawak and his blog is one of the most well-known blog throughout the whole Malaysia... And his point of view of things happening in Malaysia really makes me have a different perspective to an issue or a happening... High quality photo shooting, unique thinking, I think these 2 good points can make this blogger in one of my favourite blogger list!

4th Blogger: Kukujiao
Ya, I know this blog name sounds like some erotic site, but it's not! It's a local Malaysia blog with alot of information... Err... I don't know how to really promote this site but I often go there to see what's happening in Malaysia...

5th Blogger: Everyone's Blog!!!
Haha... Since I love my fellow friends and others bloggers blog, so I recommend that you go to my Links section, and click one by one~! Haha... There's so many nice and beautiful blog site which are creatively made by Malaysians... So enjoy surfing!!!

These following bloggers MEME-ED:
1) KuroKei - Ya, YOU!!! Haha... as one of my best friend and one FUTURE WELL-KNOWN BLOGGER IN MALAYSIA, now it's your time to get FAMOUS~!!! HAHAHAHAHA XD
2) Kaede - Haha! You're MEME-ED!!
3) Andrew - Please forwards this meme to people you know, It's good for Malaysian bloggers to interact in this kind of activities... hehe

Sometimes I think I don't need newspapers, I can know what's happening in Malaysia just by going to all these Malaysian bloggers Blog!!!! HAHA! MALAYSIAN BLOGGER BOLEH!!!


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