Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Wilayah Day!!! Kuala Lumpur

LOL!!! I've been quite silent these few days am I??? Haha... FINALLY!!! I HAVE SOMETHING TO POST AGAIN!!! WAHAHAHA!!! Thanks to the people who invented the Motion/Action - SHOPPING!!!
Like you've been noticing that Chinese New Year is actually aproaching... Only 2 more weeks and we're going to celebrate this marvelous festival!!! Haha... And today, me, Pei Yun, Kam Sau and Ghost a.k.a RAIN(Ya! The Korean Singer RAIN!!! Because he look like him!!!) went to Sg Wang to buy New Year clothes... Hehe...
*KL Tower... One of the Tourists most favourite visit place...*
*Kuala Lumpur City Centre... Where tourists shops here!*
*Far View, from Dang Wangi Putra LRT Station*
*Close up... Beautiful Lights~!*
Actually today is public holiday for Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur area, February 1st of 1974, Kuala Lumpur had been officially become a federal Territory, so this very day have been a public holiday for this area all along...(In case you don't know what is Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and interested in how it became a Federal Territory, you can refer to Kuala Lumpur. Ok... I'll share with you some nice nice picture took by my cuteeee camera phone... hehe
Ok... back to the topic... Today the mission of me and Pei Yun isto shop for Chinese New Year apparel... Hmm... Quite a hard task because the whole shopping centre are SOOOOOOOOO crowded even people also hard to walk!!! And since we arrive Sg Wang at the time of 3pm++ and were stunned by the crowd, our high tension mood of buying nice and beautiful clothes had decreased bout 70%.... means we only left 30% interest to go and shop.... Arrrggghhh.... Why I choose this very day to shop around... I'm so stupid... X_X
Ok.... Then, since we don't have any imae and target what we're going to buy, so we just walk into the a shop that sells alot alot alot of t-shirts... And that time, I was thinking: I'm going to buy NORMAL clothing this year! I can't wear some nice outfits just to go to work right??? Now I'm working as a Survey Officer and I don't have enough T-SHIRTS to wear!!! OK! Then I'll buy some t-shirts from here!!! And then, I starting to look at the price, and style too... Hmm... Talk about price of apparel... I know that actually there are some people who really trust that Quality comes with expensive price or vice versa... Ok, I agree this point too at sometimes... but when comes to apparel... I wish that I can have alot of style of clothing in my wardrobe... Who doesn't? But girls always seems to feel like missing something in their wardrobe and they start to buy alot of clothes, shoes and accessories... haha... This is one of the reason why girls like shopping... Oh!! I forgot, I'm talking about price... ok, back to the topic.... I wish I can buy alot of styles, and I'm not a rich girl, so the only way I'm going to own alot of style is to buy things that are cheap in price, right? Ok, there seems like some people doesn't agree with this point... They're willing to buy one Louis Vuitton dress with expensive price rather than own 15 different style and colour dress which is non-branded apparel... Hmm...Probabaly is ME only who cannot understand this theory... I rather own 15 different dress than one branded dress... Haha... Ok, end of this lame elaboration of price VS quality thingy.... I search and search and search... Finally!!! I found two I-think-it's-nice t-shirt!!! Wahahaha... Let you see the pic:
First one,
*Pink colour abstract logo t-shirt...*
*Close up of the logo... A bit Chinese style isn't??? and there's shiny beads sewed at the logo too... So nice~ although it's a simple logo....*
Then, there's the second one:
*A black t-shirt.... I wonder I can wear it during Chinese New Year or not... haha*
*Valentine's Day Special.. Hahahaha... There's beads too!!! hehe....*
There's another t-shirt which kinda Hawaii feel which I didn't buy because I think enough for the t-shirt session today... Maybe I'll buy the Hawaii feel t-shirt in the future... hehe... Ok... Pay for the bills, RM15x2=RM30... After buying those t-shirt, Pei Yun was blaming me for buy things first... She still can't manage to find anything that she likes... We went to Padini, then some I-don't-know-what's-the-shop-name shops... and then we pass by Radioactive... been seduce by those discount signs... haha... we went inside... Firstly, I couldn't saw anything I like, then Pei Yun found a t-shirt she likes... The picture of the t-shirt is nice and rockish... and then I saw the discount sign: CNY Promotion, Combo Set(Tops + Bottoms)=RM80!!! Wow!!! RM80 for a set of Radioactive apparel!!! I take a quick glance of the bottoms... and I saw that very white colour pants... And I know, that's what I want!!! I grabbed it and then search for the tops! The promoter there say jackets included, I saw a white colour hooded jacket!!! YEAH!!! That's the one!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I finally own a nice looking jacket!!! ^o^ Hooray!!! Then, we went to the changing room... to see whether those apparel fits our size or not.... And we took a photo inside the changing room... LOL
*Ya, I know I look ugly...-_-""" Compare to a beautiful angel, who can compare with her prettyness??? haha*
After discussing and takin photos and looking at the mirror for about 10-15minutes in the changing room, we finally have the decision... Pei Yun will buy the t-shirt but not in a combo set because she couldn't see any bottoms she likes, beside, either tops or bottoms which are bought alone, there'll be 20% discount for the item... After calculate the price, It's better Pei Yun buy the t-shirt ONLY because more worth than buy a combo set... The t-shirt's price is RM39.90, 20% discount makes it only RM31.90, worth more than combo set.... Haha... And then there's my choice of selected top and bottom:
*White, Hooded Jacket, Original Price RM69.90!*
*Beautiful Pink + Purple colour graffiti Radioactive logo...Love it so much~!!!!*
*Long pants, Original Price RM79.90*
*Back design of the pants... So nice~!!!!!*
After we bought those apparel we want, we went to Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant to have our Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner=Bruncher!!! Hahaha... I ordered Honey Peach Green Tea and Baked Cheese Chicken Chop Rice... Wow~ Yummy!!! I've been starving from 11am!!! Haha... After we ate our bruncher, we went to shop around... I bought a red bracelet and belt(Picture will be post up in the next post)... Pei Yun bought a small sling bag... Before going home with Monorail, I stop by at Watsons and buy a Point Make-Up Remover from Fasio with White Lily Extract & a KATE Lip Gloss:
*This make-up remover have the nicest smell I've ever smell before~*
*KATE!! A Japanese Brand which LOVED by teenagers and OL in Japan... A high recommended brand from magazines and ME!!! haha*
Today is such a tiring day for me..... And I have to settle my application for my further study thingys... Have to go to Post Office at 10am!!! Wu~~~~ Me want go sleep now la... It's 4:17am now!!! T_T Thanks for reading this lame post!! Haha....-THE END-


Dave said...

Wow, thats a lot of shopping, You look good in the white jacket, post pictures of you in the black t with heart, Bruncher WAAAAAAAAAAA. I like that one it is the first to=ime I heard of it. Brunch is cool but bruncher must be total food fest. Pass the Alka-seltzer pleasssssssssse.

peiyue said...

lol... wat la u!! wan to compare me n u meh? dun la.. u so tall! kakaka~ =p really like promoting/selling shirt on net la u... even da price n brand also post..hahaha!! when wanna go buy shoes n pants ar? i'm still waiting oh..