Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Journey To The North - PENANG!!!

Hey guys... as I already told ya, I' going to post quite a lot of photos during the whole trip to Penang... But I haven't finish my trip yet because now I'm still at Penang... Hehe... So, probably this will be the first part of the trip... I'm now at my relative house, sitting at their living room and act like a rich daughter who owns a laptop and connecting wireless now... NAH! I'm not that rich ok!? Just kidding... Hehe.... So now, you're going to read a long journal which written by a Girl Reiko and she's going to tell you things she see and she feel during the whole journey~ Enjoy!!!
P.S:Actually It's not as interesting as I say... So dn't curse me or scold me when you think this whole post is something rubbish! Haha...
P.S2:I didn't really went to those famous place at Penang... T_T so no picture for those.... Sorry... Haha...
*Ready, Steady, GO!! We depart from KL bout 4:45pm... Hehe... A late start for those people who are so lazy to go out under the HOT SUNNY DAY!!! Melt~*
*SUNNY DAY!!! Hehe... So little clouds.... Clear sky~!!!*
*All clouds seems start to gather around the sun... Is it because the sun have something that ttracts everything to go towards it??? Including people with no hope??? Haha...
*This is how the highway looks like in Malaysia.... Haha... Palm tress and lants everywhere beside the road.... Good.... At least I know I'm not heading to dessert... haha...*
Cam whoring with my NEW sunglasses!! Haha... So fun!!! I give my mum a try of it and you know what??? My mum looks good in it!!! Haha...*
*This is somewhere near Ipoh.... I forgot the place name... haha... And you know what??? I saw rainbow also!! Woo~ Lucky!!!!*
*All the mountains are covered by mist... Actually you can see some pinkish fog or mist when you look carefully... You know why??? Reflected the sun's shadow~ hehe... NICE~!!!*
*This photos actually is all those mountains around the highway of Ipoh... Got don't know what Elephant Mountain.... The shape looks like elephant... But I didn't see any... LOL.... *
So we arrived Bukit Tambun at 8:30pm that night... Alot of relatives were there too... I ate steamboat that night... My mum's brother's wife can prepare alot of nice ingredients to be cook in Steamboat!!! I love those meat balls she made!!! XD So nice~ Got alot of other seafood also... got fish, shrimp, prawn(Big ones!! Not like KL, all small small one....), abalone!!! And lots more... Then after we eat our dinner, its time for gamble - limited to those adults only... haha... They play those mahjong style poker cards with jokers de... Kinda fun to play also... hehe.... I liketo play it too... But that night is something like reunion for my mum and her family members... So I'll just keep my eye on the TV lo~ Hehe....
The next day, they plan to go over Penang island kinda early afternoon... BUT! Alot of people say the Penang Bridge is causing alot of traffic jam due to too many people cross the bridge, alot of accidents and so on... So, my mum they all play mahjong first... And during their mahjong session, I go to take some photos of the surrounding of Bukit Tambun...
*This is the view from my mother's brother's house... Facing sea... Can see alot of boats there too... But from here can't see any boats... Haha... XD... Seafood here are FRESH CATCH! Haha...*
*The main door of my mother's brother's house is two lane road... And you know why it's so jam??? Because everyone from around Peninsular Malaysia are heading to this small little village to eat the BEST SEAFOOD meal!! You can see alot of people come and go.... hehe... You guys should come and try... ^_^*
Then, after that, we decided to go over Penang Island after 8pm or 9pm... So before that will go visit my mum's another brother first... His house located at somewhere Bukit Mertajam there... After we went there and decide to depart again.. It's already 11:15pm!!! O_O""" Oh My God! So late already!!!! X_X So, we thought there will be no more traffic jam... Who knows when we reach Penang Bridge Toll... HEAVY JAM man!!! So many cars until you can't believe your eyes... Even Smart Tag and Touch & Go Lane are jammed too... T_T What time I can reach Penang??? I haven't eat my dinner yet!! And I'm so hungry and boring inside the car!!! X_X So, what will I do when I'm boring??? The answer is - TAKE PICTURES!!! haha
*Heavy traffic... Hehe... My mum say some newspaper will reward those people who send them pictures of driver doing something illegal like recklessly driving and so on... I think those car will become panic when I show them my phone.... haha...*
I reach my relatives house 1am++... And I was sooooooo tired and hungry I thought I'll become zombie! There's some satays, chicken wings and some fried mee...
*My relatives house, New SamSung Flat Screen TV! Cost RM8000++ Wow!!! But they're rich people duh~*
*I drink quite alot of red wine... Become blur a bit... This red wine have some different with other red wines... This one added Sprite... Woo~ More sweetness and more smooth... But I guess French will be very sad and chase me to hit me IF they know I waste their red wine like this!! Haha*
I eat quite alot and then start the MOST JOYFUL MOMENT of the day - GAMBLE! LOL!!
Actually Chinese New Year is just a occasion for people to find good excuses to eat all they can, drink all they can, take all they can, gamble all they can, and most of all - All gather together and CHAT all they can... Haha..
Wish you guys enjoy your Chinese New Year Celebration!!! ^o^/*


Dave said...

Excellent start to your trip, can you blog and drink wine at the same time? Have fun and keep me posted, The sunglasses make you look so hot, like part of the desert. hee hee

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL! I didn't try to blog and drink wine at the same time.. But I reply your comments and drink liquor at the same time! How does it sounds??? Haha... Those sunglasses are celebrity style... Just like what Paris Hilton and those bla bla bla celebrity always wear... Wanted those pair of glasses for a long time though.. Haha