Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life Survey c/w First Blog - LIVE @ Penang

YOHO!!! How's everyone??? I'm now at Penang... It's 3:48am here and I have nothing to do... My mother and her relatives were gambling at the living room so I borrowed my mum's brother's son (What do I call him in English???) computer to blog... MUAHAHAHA.... Blog here Blog There Blog Blog Everywhere!! But too bad this computer dun have Bluetooth... If not I can post all those photos I took during the journey from KL to Penang... Totally NO JAM dude... Just a few heavy rain which slow down cars... Haha... I shall tell you guys the whole journey thingy in the next post right after I upload those photos... hehe...
As you can see, this post include's a survey... Where is it??? It's HERE:

1. When were you born?
~6th June 1987... Do you need the time??? Haha...

2 Where were you born?
~General Hospital Of Kuala Lumpur

3. Were you born first, second, etc.?

4. How old was your mom when she had you?
~26 years old

5. What do you think your parents thought of you when you were born?
Not really remember... Happy??? I guess... hehe

1. What was your first pet?
~DOG!!! I remember the cage outside my house... hehe

2. What were you for your first Halloween?
~Halloween??? Not my cultural...

3. Did you like to wear mommy's or daddy's clothes?
~Dad's... I wear his shirt nowadays also... haha...

4. Where did you first go to school?
~Erm... I forget the name... Not kindergarden...

5. How old were you when you first learned how to read?
~LOL... can't remember... Have to ask my mum... hehe

1. Favorite color back then?
~Pink??? Or White????

2. Favorite after-school, never-missed shows?
~SAILOR MOON!!! I never miss that show!!!

3. Were you ever diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?
~Ahh??? What's that???

4. Traumatic childhood memory?
~Been hit by my parents until bleeding...

5. Describe your childhood.
~Not always happy... Wish I can have good friends... So crazy about Sailor Moon... Haha...

1. When did you start puberty?
~13 years old

2. What school did you attend 6th grade in?
~SRJK(C) Lai Meng

3. Were you romantically involved with someone as a pre-teen?
~LOL... not romantically... just CURIOUSLY... haha

4. Were you sexually active?
~LOL!!! Of course NOT!!! haha

5. Did you get along with your parents?
~Nope... seldom talk and chat with them... hehe

1. What high school did you start freshman year?
~SMK Chong Hwa.

2. Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities? If so, what?
~Kadet Remaja Sekolah(KRS), Guitar Club, English Society, Photography Club, Gymnastic Club... LOL...

3. How long after your 16th birthday did you get your license?
~I get my license when I was 17th++... One year more??? haha

4. Did you ever fall in love with someone in high school?
~Ya... of course... who doesn't??

5. Were you rebellious? If so, how?
~Ya, I was, I scold foul words, skipped class, escape school, play water+gold dust(which is not allowed to in school), Have more than one pair of ear holes, eat in the class, fight back when my parents scold me, dye hair.... LOL... haha... A Naughty Teenager

18/ADULT/GRADUATED (answer this only of you are 18+):
1. Class of....?
~Class of Own House Measurer. XD No class now la...Refer to question number 2!

2. When did you graduate exactly?
~Last year, graduate from Form 6...

3. Where did you graduate from?
~SMK Tinggi Setapak... A Boy school... I never wanna go back there anymore!! X_X

4. Are you in college? If so, where?
~NO!!! But I wanted to do some further study!!!

5. Do you still live with your parents?
~Of course... hehe...

After thinking about your life, what would you say is the best memory of your life so far?
~SEISYUN!!! This is THE BEST MEMORY I'll ever had in my life...

OK!!! I've completed the survey... But feel kinda lost after the last question... I wonder if SEISYUN still exist... We're already something like SEISYUN minus 1... And the minus 1 say we isolated her... and she don't believe in true friendship anymore... Hmm... Are we the one who are wrond for isolating her? Or she's the one who still being happy in what she's doing??? Confused @_@


Dave said...

Hi Reiko; I hope you enjoyed your trip, by the way, your mums, brothers son is your cousin, or primo, in spanish

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL!!! Primo!!! Haha... I like Spanish more... Teach me some Senor! Haha