Thursday, February 22, 2007

LIVERPOOL WON!!!! YEAH!!!! 2:1!!!

Yesterday 3:30am... I watched the match between Liverpool and Barcelona FC... It was quite a dilemma actually because I like Barcelona too.... Haha... But, I still support Liverpool... LOL! Sorry Ronaldhino.... V_V
I gamble and watch the match at the same time... Got quite high because I was winning money that time when the match started... LOL... But when Barcelona kick in one goal... I also losing money!!!! T_T haha... But I was so happy when the last few minutes of the first half Liverpool kick in the first goal!!! Away goal man!!! Haha XD
Liverpool won this match with the second goal in the second half... Haha... So good!!!
My dad say not many team can win at the Barcelona Home Stadium - Nou Camp. I was so proud that Liverpool won this match!!! Haha.... By the way, I win money in the gamble also! Haha... Twin Happiness! XD


Dave said...

It must have been an exciting game and you won gambling, well now maybe you can take your Hermano out for a Taco or something. lol

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL.... haha... Instead of buy my Hermano a taco, I bought some food and water bottle for my hamsters... HAHA XD