Monday, February 12, 2007

SAGA mountain feat. Death Note part 1

Last Saturday, me and Pei Yue went to Jaya Jusco to buy those ingredients of making chocolates... Hmm... Kinda hard to know what to buy because we only saw the recipe... and that recipe is something without photos and further description... Arrgghh~ what am I going to buy then??? After we reach Jaya Jusco... We head straight to Zing first.... Because few days ago... I like one sunglasses I wear and Kei it's nice... Then I wanted to buy that sunglasses but I didn't bring enough money... haha.... So~ I'll buy it at next time (a.k.a SATURDAY!!!) haha... So, I try first and let Pei Yue see... She say red is TOO REDish... so, I choose the same design but in purple colour... She say ok, and can match with quite alot of colours of apparels... And I decided to buy... If not, sure I'll regret...
*Purple Sunglasses.... Haha... So nice, Looks like celebrity! haha*
*Beside the glasses there have some nice looking diamond-look-alike decoration.... haha*
Ok, after we went to Zing, we go to Jaya Jusco... And search for our main target - Chocolate making ingredients.... Haha.... After we arrive... I was like: HUH???? Which one??? Wanna buy which one??? Where's the Vanilla??? How's the vanilla look like??? Where the hell is evaporated milk??? And how much is that??? FULL OF QUESTIONS in my mind.... haha... And then, we started to found vanilla, in a tin... and then powdered sugar... and then evaporated milk... and then... I COULDN'T FIND SHORTENING POWDER!!!! >.<>.<>
*This is the view....*
*Can you see KL TOWER and KLCC??? Hahaha... My phone have lousy resolutions....haha*
Ok... And the mamak stall there have one special and well-known dish... It's called Roti Salad Ayam... And this is how It looks like:
*LOL!!! Looks not really nice huh???*
Erm.. Actually I'm kinda full and I couldn't eat it so much... and... Just when we're in the middle of eating and chatting... Suddenly Anthony show us this:
*Death Note Notebook+Feathers+CD!!!*
When he show me this, I almost wanna spit out all the Teh Oh Ice Limau in my mouth which Im going to swallow!!! I don't even know where he put that book!!! He didn't hold in his hand when we get off the car... So that also means that... He put inside his XX???? LOL... I don't know and I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHERE HE PUT THIS BOOK AT!!!! Ewww.... Don't make me think of it! O_O" Ok, I think he ACTUALLY wanna give this Pei Yun de lo... Haha... But Pei Yun not really a fan of Death Note... And Pei Yun say give me wor.... I'm kinda embarass to receive this la actually... But anyway, thank you Anthony!!!
*RAINBOW Death Note Label!!! Reflections of lights on a hologram...*
We went there bout 1 hour... then I reach home by knowing the score of Liverpool's match... Yer~ Liverpoo lost to Newcastle!!!! 1:2 leh~
Arrggghhh~ Never mind, so I cam whoring myself to relax the sadness because of Liverpool Lost..... haha
*side view of me wearing the sunglasses*
*Me STARING at you!!! OK??? Asking you to leave a COMMENT!!! hahahaha*

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