Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!!! XD

Random days.... Random things happens.. Hoho... I thought stupid people like me won't get sick... But still... I get food poisoning! Hahahahaha XD not really serious... Just some light symptoms... hehe... But still I have to go to work at Sunday... It's a compulsory work since I already agreed and promised to work since last Thursday... If I pull back my words, I think no one or company will ever find me to work for them lo... haha... So no matter what happens, die people earth quake building collapse also I have to go! haha... And I manage to go also... With Pei Yun... You know what we work as that day??? hehe... We work as:

*Interviewer for MUSE Concert!!! Live at Stadium Negara!!!*
Hohohohoho~ This is the first time I went to a place gather so many fans... foreigners... medias and staffs!!! Haha... Me and Pei Yue actually did something stupid that day! LOL!!! After Anthony send us to to Jln Maharajalela, we walk up to the stadium that just located beside Jln Maharajalela... Beside the Monorail Station... I REALLY thought that was Stadium Negara.... and then, when we walk up the small hill and reach the main gate, I saw the word 'Stadium Merdeka'... Eh??? Stadium Negara actually also called Stadium Merdeka is it??? That time is 345pm only... So we just walk into the stadium... I think no people will arrive too early for a concert right??? But I was wrong... When I look at the center of the stadium which there's a big grass field there... No stage was there! I start to doubt is this the ACTUAL stadium??? I went to those looks like going to bankrupt mamak stall inside the stadium and ask them is there any concert will be held inside this stadium tonight, they say 'Tak De!'(Means NO in Malay) NO???? WHAT??? NO???? Where the hell is MUSE????? And I ask him is this Stadium Negara... and they say 'Bukan!' (Means nope in Malay) NO??? WHAT???? BUKAN???? Then where the hell is Stadium Negara???? And I ask that guy again... He point his back... oh... means still have to walk for a while up to the hill is it??? Ok ok I get it! hoho... Then we walk out from Stadium Merdeka, head to the Stadium Negara.... And we go into that stadium from the back door! LOL... At first, we saw some people are praying... We thought we went to the wrong place again... But then, we start to see some fans gather around the gates and car park... YEAH! Finally we reach!!!! Hohoho.... XD Then we start to find for the main gate... and the path way to the main gate actually located somewhere beside, so isolated we almost can't find it! haha... Then we start to gather at the main door... And our supervisor arrive... You know who he is??? Michael Looi a.k.a vampire! Hohohohoho.... And still he's as cool as ice... Not funny at all... So boring.... Then Kevin arrive... LATE KING! HOHOHOHOHO!!!! The main entrance we gather at looks like this:

*If you didn't watch carefully, you'll thought you arrive a place called Zoo Negara! Hahahaha.... Doesn't it look like Zoo Negara main etrance??? haha*
And we start to gather together... Listen to those criterias of people we wanna search and survey for... and we get to wear the staff t-shirt which have MUSE member image on it!! Who want it? I can sell to you in a very good and reasonable price! hahahaha XD I wear it once.... for not long than 2 hours! haha I'll make it in 100% clean condition when you want! haha....

*Me and PeiYue... after change clothes... we took photo.... Actually she didn't want to... I just force to make her appear in the photo.... XD*

*5pm.... people start to gather and coming and coming and coming... Start to jam.... Hoho....*

*B phase entrance.... hoho.... We work here.... Actually there's just a little amount of Chinese people come to watch MUSE concert... Quite a number of people don't know who are MUSE actually.... hmm.... And we these interviewers just happens to be standing there chatting due to lack of people we want.... haha*
After seraching and searching and working for 3 hours 35minutes... At last they're going to start their concert! And this also means our job DONE!!! Can off work liao! HOORAY!!!!! XD And they say can go inside watch the concert... And Pei Yun really wanted to watch the stage decoration.... But wit appear to let us kinda disappointed la...not really well decorated.... Hmm... But I think MUSE fans won't bother about stage thingy, all they want is MUSE music! Right??? haha... So after we watch a while, we've been ask to leave the place because we're not allowed to go inside with a white tag pass.... WHAT??? I thought we can watch a while.... Ceh~ cheat people one la.... Don't let us these suffer workers have a good time also... What kind of company is that??? Haihz... So, me and Pei Yue leave the stadium quite early... Bout 9pm... And Anthony and Kok Bun already been waiting for us at Jln Maharajalela to eat dinner since 830pm... Sorry for let you guys wait ar~ haha...
So when we get into the car, Anthony ask us what we want to eat as dinner.... I have no idea about what to eat actually... Anything is fine for me... Pei Yun also.... So, they ask where we want to go to have dinner.... Aiks... a hard decision also... Hmm.... So after a while, Anthony decided to bring all of us to Bangsar there, to a unique restaurant called:

*S-------- B------- LOL!!! I FORGOT THE RESTAURANT NAME LIAO!!! And this picture is so damn blurry I couldn't see any clue of it! LOL! hahahahaha.... It's an INDIAN name....*
You know why Indian name? Because we went to Indian restaurant ma.... Hahahahaha.... And you wanna know what we had??? We had this!!!!

*alot of nasi briyanis.... different kinds.... But all in vegetarian style... Hoho!!*

*I order grape juice! Pure 100% grape fruits made juice... So tasty... This is the only food I like in this whole restaurant I guess....*
Everything in this restaurant is so Indian style... We even try very hard just to communicate with those waiters... LOL! Haha... And those waiters are so passionate they introduce us alot of foods... haha... But so sorry, our stomach have limits also... hehe... And for me, I think it's kinda suffer for having meal inside Indian Restaurant... I don't really eat spicy food also... Aiks, I wonder there's something totally not spicy for me... Haha... After we all finish our food, I can describe my feelings as: I went to the hell and walk one round and sit down eating a hell meal! LOL!!! This is the only comment I can give... hoho.... Then after that actually we wanted to go for Midnight movie... We went to Sunway Pyramid... after park car, went up and see.... O_O""" The cinema CLOSED!!!! waaa~ Why so bad luck one??? And when we're going back through Federal Highway, suddenly Pei Yun say just now since we're at Bangsar why didn't we go MidValley??? Sure have midnight session movie one!!! LOL!!! TOO LATE LA PEI YUN! Why we all didn't think of MidValley??? LOL!!! Hahaha... So give up to watch movie, all go home sleep! hahahah XD
Monday, Pei Yun, Me and Kok Bun went to karaoke oh!!! Hahahaha... Feels so happy can sing alot of songs... I like to sing very much!! Haha... But I think I'm kinda have language gap between two of them because I'm more to Japanese songs and they're more to Chinese songs... Aiks... So cham... But never mind, I still enjoy to go out with them!!! And then, at night, We all watch midnight movie... It's a preview actually... The movie was called: It's A Wonderful Life... Haha... I know it's kinda crap movie.... But actually deep inside it still have the message that the Director wanna bring to the audience... Don't know how many people get to understand this message lies beneath those comedians... haha...
Tuesday I went to Synovate briefing for new project... Almost fall asleep during that briefing.... They use projectors and laptop to present the whole briefing... And inside a dark room, it's kinda impossible not to fall asleep... haha... But then luckily the client bring us some sweets! Makes me feel refresh also... haha... Then, after that, me and Kok Bun went to have dinner and watched Dreamgirls... This movie actually should be considered as musical... Every incident happened in the movie seems to have a song to sing.... All those amazing voices... Makes you feel so jealous to their voices!!! This movie actually talk about every aspects of life.... Family, friendships, love, dreams, ambition.... Everything a person have to been through in their life.... They show it all... Hmm... But the only one weak point is this movie just have TOO MUCH of singing and TOO LITTLE of dialogues, my ears almost become deaf I think... HAHA XD But still I quite like about this movie.... hehe Of course it also depends who I'm watching with, right? Haha
Wednesday~ A day which starts with work and work and work... And this time we don't use questionaires to ask respondents... we'll use laptop instead! hehe.... So, you know what's the other benefits to having a computerised questionaire??? PLAY GAMES!!! hahahaha! I got evidence one... You see!!

*Synovate!!! This is STEVEN!!! Just sue him and reduce his salary because playing during working time! This is the evidence!!! Hahahahahahah XD*
Talk about Steven, this lucky little brother went to JAPAN during Chinese New Year time lo!!! He went to Tokyo and Osaka.... So jealous la me.... I wanted to go to JAPAN SO BAD but I don't get a chance to even touch the land of JAPAN!!! Haihz.... When I can go Japan??? When??? Somebody donate me money!!! Hahahahaha.... And you know Steven buy what at Disneyland just to keep as a souvenirs for this trip??? Something a guy wouldn't buy for himself:

*No!!! You're wrong! It's not a hat, It's a HAIR CLIP instead.... LOL! STEVEN! You not suitable to use it de la! Give it to me la!!! HAHAHAHA XD*

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Dave said...

Hi Hermanita, Send me the t-shirt, How Much...Haha, I am glad you keep your word about sunday work. I am also glad you are feeling ok, be careful what you eat.