Tuesday, March 13, 2007

KLCC Sky Bridge Visit!!!

Today I went to the famous and highest double deck skybridge in the world - KLCC Skybridge!!! I wake up at 8am in the morning because actually it's kinda hard to get the ticket if you arrive KLCC late because they're just issuing ticket for 300 patrons... Base on first come first serve basis.... And we're so LUCKY we manage to get there at 10am!!! And that time they're issuing tickets for 1030am!!! Means we get to visit the bridge 30minutes later! Wow! Exciting!!! Hehehehe.... So me and Kok Bun went to Cold Storage to pick something to fill into our stomach because we didn't eat anythin at all since we wake up... So HUNGRY!!!! But those sandwiches and buns are not so delicious, the only thing I feel delicious is the Soya Bean!! Hahaha~ Then, after my slow speed of eating two piece of sandwich and finish one bottle of soya bean, it's time to gather at the entrance of the ground floor! We're been issued a green pass and a 3D glasses to watch a short film at an auditorium just to show us how and what is the purpose of KLCC.... hehe.... Then, we'll take a loading deck lift look alike lift to 41st floor... and this is where the bridge located at! It's 170metres high up and I think Suki will faint and not dare to lean againts the glass window at all!! haha! So tall! But I feel so excited! And I took some pictures to share with you guys! See!!!:
*This is the Tower 1 entrance! Which is closed for visitors because It's just for office staff to enter that tower!*
*This bridge actually kinda long!!! And full of foreigners!*
*The front park of KLCC! It's a totally balance park! Just like opposite to each other!*
*Suria KLCC's roof top! Decorated by alot of colourful roof and make all into geometric picture.*
*The KLCC Park! So big!!!*
*The direction of my house! hahaha... And we can see Ferris Wheel moving and fountain of Titiwangsa too! NICE AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!*
*Both Twin Tower! The upper picture is Tower 1 and the lower one is Tower 2! Shining so bright because the ray of sunlight.*
After a few minutes stay at the bridge, we need to go down... It's a very short session of visit actually... Then, at the Ground Floor, you get to see alot of simulators and facts of the two towers and the bridge! And there's one simulator which shows how the Tesla Coil function.(The highest part of the tower which will become a lightning protector for the tower... Each tower have one Tesla Coil itself! To guide the lightning safely to the ground) They have a lightning generator and I think this simulator is SO COOL!!!!!
*The attack of lightning and the protection of Tesla Coil!!!*
So after visit the bridge... It'll be a no-plan-date!! LOL!!! What to do? What to do??? I really have no idea actually! We watch almost all the movies that are showing in the cinema now.... and KLCC actually is a boring place if you don't have money to shop around... No arcade game also... Aiks... What to do? Luckily Kok Bun's friends will join us for lunch.... We all had our lunch at KLCC's Level 2 fodd court called Signatures! Ate chicken teppanyaki for lunch! And I SAW SUKI!!!! Feel very HAPPY when I saw her! I really been missing her for a long, long, long TIME!!!! It's good that I can have lunch with her... At least I get to know what she's doing, busying and feeling lately! Hahahaha... Then 3pm, she got to go back to work at Kinokuniya! hehe.... Then me, Kok Bun, Anthony and Eric went to Dome to have a cup of tea.... Then Anthony have to go back because he have to go to work at 6pm, and we accompany Eric shop for a while then he have to go find his girlfriend and go home together... Then me and Kok Bun just being so nothing to do we sit at the harmonik fountain at the KLCC park and chat for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes... I really do think communication is something very very important to human being... And I really appreciate and cherish the moment when I get to communicate well with my love ones! I get to understand him more, get to know him better... It's something that makes me feel satisfying.... haha... Then, after that, we went back to Wangsa Maju at 9pm because we already have a dinner appointment with Anthony and Eric at Kepong... hehe... Pei Yun join the dinner session also! Nice to see her around actually... At least the situation won't be so cold and no topic to chat.... Thanks ya Pei Yun! You helped alot! haha!
*Fyi, I just started my relationshipwith Kok Bun at 2nd of March(It's 2nd of March! NOT 1st of March, Dear! You remember the wrong day lo~!!) hehe... How??? Happy for me???*


Dave said...

Wow, This reminds mre of the time I went to the top of the World Trade Center, It was so high, but the views were awesome. I am glad you had fun.

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Wow... I think the memory of you went up to the World Trade Center wil be a lifetime memory since now the tower had collapse.... haihz....

thiamhin said...

WTC.....it's such a tragedy

irkif said...

i work here. . . . counter open at 8.30 . . . .. and the last visit at 7 o'clock