Saturday, March 24, 2007

The NEW A-Z by REIKO!!

Been tagged by thiamhin bout this tag... I think is a fun tag! And if I manage to create a logical A-Z list, probably there's a new A-Z list in the future make by me, not A for Apple B for Boy anymore! Haha... Ok ok, I know I was dreaming, so let's talk less crap and get starting!!!

A - Amour
It means LOVE.... If this world don't have love, there'll be nothing in this world.

B - Blogger
Another identity of mine, I'm glad I'm a blogger, and get to know quite a lot of people, see quite alot of new things and know alot of new stuffs in this world!

C - Cat
I'm in love with CATS!!! So cute.... when they're looking at you, you only will feel "Awwwww~"

D - Dear
A person in my life that makes me realise I'm in love and important for him... Thanks for everything, Dear, I love You!!!

E - Everything
I believe there's purpose of everything in this world....

F - Family
The feeling of family, makes me feels I belong to somewhere whenevr I'm lost....

G - Gackt
He's the only one who will be suitable for the G word in my life!!!! Haha

H - Holland
As known as Netherland... Haha, I'm quite addicted to say Holland Holland nowadays.... Because in chinese, Holland have another meaning, means Hell.... haha.... Or somewhere you go after you die... I wonder why they call it Holland... Does anybody know why?

I - Ice Cream
I just love Ice Cream... Either it's from New Zealand Natural or Lecka Lecka, I just love it!!! Wish that Ice Cream is a proper meal like rice or noodle, so that I can eat it everyday...

J - Jimmy
A taiwan illustrator Novelist.... He's the one who write and draw the book "Turn Left Turn Right"... All his book have alot of meanings... I really like his thoughts... Even though looks like fairy tales, but it's so REAL that you will drop your tears and cry when you read it....

K - Kurosaki Kei
One of the member of Seisyun, we call her Kei for short... She's another crazy girl I've ever met in my life... Kei! Frienship Forever!!!!

L - Love
If you still don't know why, please refer to the letter 'A'.... haha

M - Moon
Silently comes out in the sky, and disappear silently too... Feels gentle, but you won't forget it's existance.... It's gentle moon ray makes you feel relief... Moon really give me a mysterious kind of feel...

N - Nautica
It's an expensive men's brand, and also a title for the Ghibli Studio anime... Don't really have a meaning, but I like this word...

O - Ong
My surname... haha, means Royality, and also mens prosperity in Hokkien - ONG AH!!! Remember the Digi advertisement? haha XD

P - Pan's Labyrinth (El Labyrintho Del Fauno)
A very very meaningful movie... I think you guys should watch it.... Really!

Q - Queue
It's a very important element to keep people in order... whenever you're taking bus, ordering food, buying things or do whatever things, just don't cut lines, QUEUE!!! It's a basic manners, but many don't have it. Do you have it???

R - Rabbit
Rabbit, a very cute and kind animal... Suitable for all kind of ages... No fuss because they won't make noise like dogs.... haha...

S - Star
Shining above from the sky, although it looks tiny, but actually it doesn't... It probably bigger than earth! So, just don't think what you see by your own eyes is the fact, there are many hidden fact that probably is the truth of the reality.... At least this is what I think when I'm looking at the stars...

T - Terrible
Alot of people been through very terrible incident, some of them get up and keep going on, some not.... I really hope people can keep on moving and having hope to what they believing... Just know that everything is not so terrible until you give up to believe and hope, then that's terrible!

U - University
A place which makes you have a higher social status... And so sorry that university only for good graders... How critic this fact is? I think everyone should have a chance to go in a university!!!

V - Vomit
Quite a lot of people i know recently vomit because over consuming alcohol... I know clubbing is an enjoying thingy, but let's enjoy, not suffer! Drink SAFE! haha

W - We
"We are Family!" I think this phrase explains all... Please refer to the word "F" for more information!

X - Xmas
This is one special moment that can be with the one we love... And also our family... And friends to celebrate crazily together... I have many special memories about christmas....

Y - Y(Why)
I am a curious person, I just love to ask why this is like this why that become like that.... Please be patient to all my stupid questions.... haha...

Z - Zank
This is my cousin's sister nickname... I like it alot... Sounds so cool!!!

Ok... This is my whole list of A-Z... and now, I'll like to tag Shi Wei to continue this tag... hehe.... ENjoy!!!!


Dave said...

I like your list. Very Insightful.

thiamhin said...

i love ur list....
next time i will tagged u more...

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL.... haha.... okok, tag me la tag me la... i have no inspiration to blog these days... haha