Sunday, March 25, 2007


After I clear all the tag debt from thiamhin... Now it's the tag debt from Kei... Haha... She tagged by Robb and tag me because I long time no blog... what a good reason to tag huh??? haha... OK then, I'll tell you what's my obsessions....

Japan is always my number 1 obsession for all these years... I remember the first thing that trigger my obsession for Japan is Sailor Moon! Then I discover there's a place in this world called Japan. I start to fell in love with everything of Japan... From it's cultural to it's spirit. I just couldn't take my eyes off of Japan!! But I need to clarify that I'm not a betrayer... They got their goodness that need to be learn by other people in this world just to achieve a better place for human beings... There's alot of things about Japan we need to learn I think... I love Malaysia, I just hope this place can become a better place for each of us to live... hehe!

I love to watch movies since I know there's a thing called 'cinema' in this world... Haha... Everytime hang out with my friends, mostly 70 - 80% we'll watch movie because that's one of the major entertainment that teenagers like us will choose... Of course, depends on what movie showing too... I like to watch movies that trying to show us some message that lies within the movie... They're trying to remind us that being a human which have so much things to busy about shouldn't forget all those goodness about human... And philosopy about life... Movie just teach me so many things and I won't give up my obsession to this!!

I'm totally obsessed and drown in love... I know this sounds crazy and fake... But I just can say for now, I'm in it. Many people don't believe in love some more... And they just treat love as something so CHEAP that it can be use to get things they want or they can buy love with money they have... Many people forget what is love... I feel sad whenever I know people behave like this.... Some of them craving for love, but when they have it, they just treat it like rubbish, like something so normal and shouldn't be cherish at all! Why people have to be like this? I don't think there's thing that is more precious that love... family love, friendship love, lovers love... all kinds of love.... Aren't those precious and meaningful to us???

Ok, now you know my obsessions.... hehe... and I shall pass this tag to thiamhin... haha, now it's your time to have a tag debt!!!


Dave said...

Hey Hermanita, que tal?(whats up?) I Love that you Love Japanese Movies, Get it all three obsessions together. LOL

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL!!! haha... Ya, I didn't saw the hint inside!! Love Japanese Movies!! Haha Thanks ya!