Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wedding Banquet

Pheww.... Long time no see guys!!! I'm so busy recently... Busy working and watch movies at cinema until I don't have any spare time to update my blog! Sorry!!! And I feel kinda happy this weekend because my working project just ended and I have time to blog again! Haha... Working really makes me exhausted.... i don't even have enough time to sleep... So, I can recharge my battery now.... and ready for another new journey again! ^_^
And today, I went to my neighbour's wedding dinner... I know this neighbour since I was small and we grow up together in a same village and his name is Yong Hui... haha... After we move into flat style house which I was living right now, all of us seldom hang out together like last time... And he start to have his own business and girlfriend and live together under one roof.... And then my neighb our accidently make his grilfriend pregnant so they have to get married lo! Hahahahaahah XD
*The Bride and Bridegrooms car... what you call this??? haha*
*see the number? Can go buy Toto or 4d all those lottery to see will kena or not... Treat me ar if you win the lottery!! haha*
The invitation card state that all guests have to arrive the restaurant at 6pm.... and you should be really understand what is the Malaysian Chinese Cultural before you really arrive at the restaurant right at 6pm! haha... People will be arriving at the restaurant 630pm, or 7pm, or 730pm.... and at last~ 8pm! And for those who arrive at the restaurant 6pm, they learn something new - Don't ever arrive on time whatever chinese wedding banquet you go! You'll be request to sit there like an idiot and hungry for 2 hours!!! So, at 8:20pm, the dinner start with the grand 'walking down the restaurant aisle' ceremony! haha~
*Yong Hui looks like a samseng actually... You know those Japanese samseng which wear school uniforms and didn't button up??? ya! Exactly like that!!! And when they walk down the aisle, he just like very rush and keep pushing Chui Zhu(His wife) to walk faster! LOL!!!! Be careful of your baby!!!*
And after that, the dinner is served!!! Hahaha.... And now, I'm going to tell you and show you what I eat one by one today!!! Hahahaha XD
*This is the first dish... For chinese banquet, the first dish mostly will combine four or five different kind of small dish together in one big plate.... I also don't know why they have this kind of style... haha... and this dish is call: Dragon Phoenix Present Prosperity Four Style Combination Plate.... WAHAHAHAHAHA.... Direct translate!*
Then... after the first dish... The second dish will ALWAYS be:
*SHARK FIN SOUP!!!! hahahaha~ YUMMY!!!!*
*This dish is call: Red Stew Seafood Crab Meat Fin Soup... Actually totally not delicious at all... Yucks~!!!*
Then, the third dish will be a fearful dish for all those dieting female.... I know you wouldn't wanna eat this dish if you see all those fat tissue under the thin layer of the crispy skin... haha... And you CAN'T EVEN EAT if you're a MUSLIM! Haha... Wanna know what's that???? NAH!:
*I die in a horror way~~~ HELP!!!! XD Hahahahahahah XD I told ya you won't have any appetite after you saw the face of the THING that you're eating! Haha~ This dish name is: Sand Skin Young Pig With Sea Jelly Fish*
*After the pig dish, there's always a fish dish... hehe... It's a MUST to have fish as a dish in chinese dinner... hehe... And this dish will be call as: Clear Steam Fish*
As I said before, this is actually a wedding dinner, so... There's a time when both bride and bridegroom's family will be invite to go on the stage and toast with the guests three times... and everyone will shout 'YUM SENG~!!!" as loud as they can and will shout as long as they can... Means will be more merrier if you do so....
*On the stage... My friend Huey Sun say Yong Hui don't look like a bridegroom... haha... ya, you're right! He don't look like a bridegroom AT ALL!!! Hahahaha XD*
*YAAAAA~~~~~~~~~M SEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NG!!!! Hahahaha*
*Can you guess what flavour of the drink??? Haha... It's my brother's friend's drink actually... He's drinking 7up actually, then he ask the waitress to add red wine into his drink, and it become like this! haha.... Nice isn't? The colour can seperate so nicely~!!!*
After the toast session, then will be the cake cuting session and champagne open session... then the dish will continue... And I like the following dish SO MUCH! It taste so nice... Does it because of the butter I wonder... hehe, anyway, enjoy:
*It's PRAWN!!! But this time the prawn doesn't taste fresh actually because the prawn meat stick to it's cover.... LOL! haha~ Cover.... This dish is called:Butter Fresh Grass Prawn... YA! GRASS Prawn! Hahahahaha Not SEA PRAWN you know? they catch at grass land... haha XD*
*VEGETABLES!!! Hahahaha.... As you can see, the vegetables and all the ingredients in this dish looks so delicious right? hehe... Name of the dish:Bright Green Nothern Mushroom Fish Fresh Stick Bamboo Seasonal Vegetables! Haha... Weird name!*
After all the eating... I feel kinda full... So me and Huey Sun decided to go for a walk at the stairs there and maybe, take some photos! hehe~
*The red latern look a like lamp on the ceiling and the glass ball decoration makes the whole stairs look so beautiful... and bring some fantasy kind of feeling also...*
*COLOURS! I just love all the colours which shine so bright! ^_^*
*Bamboo curtain wall, another china style decoration*
*Mirror image.... haha, My phone have low resolution, so I know this picture looks sucks! haha*
*Main door of the restaurant... I know it's a bad idea to take photo at the main door... haha XD*
*Try to be serious and cool... haha... Do I look like one?*
*Wooo~ I look so white!!! Hahaha... Glowing white some more! hahahah XD*
*So boring!!!! Then I decided to take some stupid pose picture.... haha XD*
*After we spend some time taking photos, when Igo back the dinner table, the next dish already served... It's called: Lily Leaf Aromatic Rice.... Haha... Looks like something a dog wouldn't eat! hohohoho*
And there's n elast dish which is dessert I didn't took picture, they're called:
Hundred Years Celebration and Beautiful Dessert Shows Twin Brightness
LOL! Hahahahahahaha.... So now you know what those chinese dish name look like.... I have quite alot of thoughts throught out this whole dinner... Someone near my age got married, they're going to live a new life a new journey with that special some one and they're going to live together until they die... How does it feels like actually? When there's a special someone live with you, share you life, help you make decision, make you worried, make you happy, make you feel you're apppreciate, make you feel angry sometimes.... and all kind of emotions... How does it feels actually? Haha... I don't think I'll understand how does it feels like living with someone and build a family together.... Probably it's just not my age thingy.... hehe...

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