Saturday, March 3, 2007

What I Wish For This Year Are.........

Actually I'm working on my previous post for about 3 or 4 days.... I make all the posting progress become slow because I'm not focusing in blogging at all!!! Hahahaha... Sorry that you guys waited for so long.... hehe.... Ok, I got my meme last month and now I'm posting it... It's thiamhin's first meme.... Haha....

What I Wish For This Year Are:
1)To get more and more happiness
2)To live a healthy lifestyle
3)Get into a university or get to further study in a course I like
4)Can have more times to get along with my friends and family
5)No need to worry about financial condition

LOL!!! All these sound like Chinese New Year Resolution for me... haha~
Ok, Next 3 person I'll meme are: As usual, KUROKEI!!!! Hahahaha.... And Dave, you're in too.... and the last one will be SHI WEI!!! So be sure you guys spread this meme!!! Hahahahaha~


Dave said...

Ok, I will work out my Meme and post it soon.

Robb said...

so long no update geh..