Friday, March 23, 2007

What's in my bag????

LOL! I've become a guardian angel to thiamhin for posting every meme or tag that he had tagged me... I think I should quit so I don't get tagged? Haha... No la, just joking! I like been tagged or meme-ed sometimes... Can let you guys unerstand what kind of people I am right? hehe... So, the title of this tag is the title of this post in case you still in blur case... And I was wondering... Which bag I shall refer to? The one I took out with me today? Or use regularly??? Haha... And after 5 seconds of hesitation, I decided to refer to the bag i took this afternoon... haha.... So inside it have:

1)My small and tiny purse - Actually it's a card holder, I just lazy to bring a big purse, so I use a card holder as my purse.... Haha... Been searching for a purse I like lately... Saw a few, haven't decided to buy yet... NO MONEY!!! T_T
2)My Phone
3)KATE Lip Gloss
4)House Key

That's all I put inside my bag... haha... Simple isn't?
And this tag shall goes to KEI!!! haha!!!


thiamhin said...

haha.....put more things into ur bag...
or ask ur boy boy to buy for u..

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

lol... why wanna put more things in my bag??? kinda fussy to carry around leh... and ask him buy what for me??? LOL