Thursday, April 5, 2007

Disco, I Love You!!! XD

Lol... I'm not addicted to lubbing or disco, don't worry! I'm still a very very healthy girl with healthy mind and healthy lifestyle, but what does it mean with the title "Disco, I Love You"??? Literally, you know what disco and I love you means, but have you ever try to relate these two elements with bread??? Sure you're confuse with what I'm saying now... Hehe, never mind... Relax and I shall show you what does it means...
Tuesday, me and Kei have a date together!!! XD We'll have lunch together!! I'm so excited!! And we say we'll wear pink colour that day! Haha... Although looks like we do some childish stuff, but you know, when friends can hang out together and wear same colour or same theme apparels, it feels like the bond between are more closer! hehe... So, where we'l have our lunch??? We'll have it at - STEVEN's CORNER!!! If you think it's far from our place, then you're wrong.. You know why??? Now, Steven's Corner is not only allocated at Cheras and OUG... It also opens a new branch at SETAPAK!!! SEE!!!

*Brand New Branch from Steven's Corner....*

*This mamak restaurant even have the Yang Berbahagia Dato Zulhasnan Rafique to appear in their official grand opening ceremony!! Haha.. Lion dance performance and FREE Nasi Kandar were given to guests...*
It's not fully operated so they got temporary business hour which is from 6pm to 5am... And you guys still remember??? Me and Kei are going to have lunch together right??? lunch time is between 12pm to 2pm right??? Which also means it's not in their TEMPORARY BUSINESS HOUR RANGE!! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh~ I miss their cheese naan so much!! I only can drool in front of the closed shop.... Haihz... So, where can we have lunch??? OH!!! Green Rose! Another Mamak Restaurant just around the corner... So... we went there... Forget to mention that Kei drive! Wooooo hooooo~ And we go round and round all around those shops lot to find a nice, safety parking for Kei's SLK... No, don't get me wrong, What I mean by her SLK is not Mercedes Benz SLK series... It's just her Small Little Kancil a.k.a SLK! Hahahaha... ok.... So, we found a space beside Prima and we walk to Green Rose...
Everytime I come here, I only order their special food... Most of my friend (Kei not included) say those special food are GROSS!! Suki even say her stomach pain after she try the special food! LOL!! Hahahaa.... I think It's SPECIAL! You can't find any these special recipes at other places... haha... And now, I introduce you...

*Roti Disco... and my cup of ginger tea....*
Haha... Ever wonder what ingredients they put inside?? I'll tell you now:
1) Dough to make the bread
2) Egg
3) Kaya
4) Mayonnaise
5) Chillie Sauce
Wahahaha... I know these 5 elements combine together you'll think it's something can't imaginable, but surprisingly, it's delicious... for me at least. Haha... And you know what Kei have?? Another special of the restaurant....TADAA!!

*Roti I Love You*

*And her cup of Milo ice....*
And the recipe for this special is:
1) Dough - for the roti also
2) Milo powder
3) Sugar
4) Kaya
5) Mayonnaise
6) Chillie Sauce
Wahahahahaha, this sound more interesting isn't??? Haha... Everytime I tell my friends there's this kind of food exist you can see their eye brow starts to appear in some kind of weird shape... They coudn't imagine or believe there'll be people who dare to order this kind of food! LOL! hahahaha... Ya ya, probably you won't, but surely I'll try at least for once! haha... I'm so full of curiosity!
Try It! You'll Love It! Haha XD

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