Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy 2007 Hana Day!! Seisyun no minna-san!!! @>---

Happy Hana Day!!!!
(Happy Flower Day in Japanese)

Actually Hana Day is a tradition for Seisyun-ers to wear flowery flowery clothes and gather together and hang out together... I still remember this Hana Day starts from 2005... is it??? Haha... But I kinda forget why and how we create this day... hohoho... I just remember our tradition is took puri kura(a.k.a sticker photos) on this day with flowery apparel... Last year was kinda blackish actually because me and Hana both wore a vest.... Suki and Kei also wear black... Everyone look kinda blackish... haha... So funny... But I still like the year 2005 Hana Day the most... I remember that day, everyone was so beautiful... and colourful also.... And everyone was so happy when all of us gather along. We watched the movie - Install isn't??? Those are flowery, joyful memories to me. This year, on the 7th of April, of course, I won't forget to celebrate it... Even though just celebrate with Kei at Steven's Corner, Pandan Indah! LOL!!! XD
Today, Kei arrive my house as early as 7:20am... That time I just finished took shower, applied toner, sunblock, foundation and start to apply the concealer to my left eye, and I heard her high heels knocking ground's voice coming near and near... I saw a tall shadow pass by my room's window and I heard window's glass been knock by her.... It's KEI! (LOL!!! I describe like I'm going to face some scary incident) And with the concealer on my eye's, I opened the main door... and she was smiling, standing there say: Ohaiyo!! Hahahaha.... And she ask what happened to my eye.... LOL! It's concealer... to cover my panda eyes.... hehe... Then both of us went into my room and I continue my unfinish make-up progress... After that, I help Kei make-up too... She bring her eyeliner, and I will help her draw eyeliner and style her hair - In Kanon style... hoho! But it seems I end up failing to style her up as Kanon also! =.="""" I feel kinda happy that I manage to draw eyeliner for her... Tell you a secret - This is the first time I use LIQUID eyeliner for make-up purpose... Last time I bought one, but I end up with a pair of SCARY, UN-CUTE PANDA EYES! O_O"""" LOL!! This time, I draw carefully, neatly... And I successed!! Hoho!! But leh... When she open her eyes, the eyeliner seems not so visible... =.="""" Aiks... Should I draw the line bolder??? I don't think so... We're going to interview for job later, not go perform on stage... So, although I think the eyeliner seems not so visible, but still I keep it as it is... After I draw both eyes of hers, her eyes looks so magically attractive!! XD I add some more power to it! I help her brush up her eyelashes with Maybelline UNSTOPPABLE mascara... haha! When se flickers her eyes, I feel like there's STARS flowing out from her eyes! LOL! XDXDXDXDXDXDXD HAHAHAHAHAHA Ok ok... then I style her hair - an UN-KANON Yeng style and style mine - A WORST NIGHT MARE AFTER ONE NIGHT AND SHOWER style =.=""" Then, get set go to find Taman Kencana - A place I don't know where it is!!
I drive through Ampang Park, KLCC, Smart Tunnel, Pandan Roundabout, Taman Maluri and finally I reach Pandan Indah... Yesterday I search for the Malaysia Map and Pandan Indah Map at Dromoz just to find where the heck is TAMAN KENCANA! Even though Jackson and Anthony which live at Cheras, they don't know where is Taman Kencana!!! O_O"""" Are you guys ACTUALLY living at CHERAS??? I doubt about it! LOL! So, I took the RIGHT turn just at the traffic light before Steven's Corner, and I took the LEFT turn at the end of the road and this turn leads me to Taman Lembah Maju which is the OPPOSITE direction from Taman Kencana... And so LOL we both don't know where we're heading to... And I was wondering should I stop aside to ask to aunties and grannies who looks like local where is Taman Kencana... But I didn't. I keep on step on the accelerator... I ask Kei Where will this road lead us to... Will it lead us to Holland??? LOL! Holland appear again! HAHAHAHAHA XD But that road lead us back to Pandan Indah MPAJ.... Ok ok.. I'll call the people in charge - Sharon... And she pass the phone to a guy that sounds so blur and sleepy, but luckily HE KNOWS WHERE AM I!!! Hohohoho!!! Good... and He tell me all the directions in ONE TIME! I was like O_O"""" WAIT WAIT! I'm still waiting for the traffic light to turn GREEN! I need to U-Turn to find the road that you're talking about!!! STOP!!! X_X Then I tell him I know the road until half way and I'll call up later to ask the further direction.... Pheww~ At last.... Still remember the left turn I took after the Steven's Corner right turn?? If I took the RIGHT turn at that time, I'll be at the RIGHT DIRECTION! LOL! And both of us didn't notice that those garden houses at our right was clearly stated Jln Kencana!! LOL! Ok... At last~ I saw the DELCOL water machine company after I turn into the road which there's a signboard stated TAMAN KENCANA!! And where the hell the company is? I turn into Jln Kencana 8, then U-turn out again, and turn into the Delcol compapany junction, saw a field, and saw alot of factories... Where are we now??? LOL! No choice, gotta call again... -_-""" We take another U-turn, be right at front of the Delcol company! That guy ask us to turn into the small road before the water company... That road looks like will lead us to no where... But whatever, just follow... And then, We saw THE COMPANY!!! We REACHED SAFE AND SOUND!!! HOOOOOORAY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA XDXDXDXDXDXD
Then, quickly I park my car and walk into the company... And the training started for about half an hour ago?? Once again, we're LATE =.=""""" Not a good impression I know... Haihz.... Never mind, so we try to catch up what we missed earlier... Their talking about headphones... Ok, what FM Radio receptor headphone, Hi Fi Wireless Headphone and bla bla bla... Then, comes those products that the company pay attention to - Notebook Cooler!!!! Wooo hoo... There are small and compact notebook cooler which are convenient to bring along whereever you go with 3000rpm minimum speed and 3800rpm fan speed when turbo turn on, 4 fan cooler with 1500 - 2000rpm speed and at last but not the least - The Zodiac notebook cooler... This cooler is so COOL!!! The decoration of this cooler base on zodiac sign and it's made of 100% high quality ALUMINIUM!!! And comes with 2 NOISELESS fan!!! Oh~ I just love this notebook cooler so so much! There's 2 colour of this cooler, but I think the black colour one is nicer... After they introduce these few products, they say they'll select 6 of those who come to interviews to work at the PC Fair which held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this coming weekend - 13th, 14th and 15th of April. We'll only be inform this coming Monday... I wish me and Kei can get this job together... At least we can earn some money... She gotta earn money for cosplay... and I gotta earn money to return to my mum... LOL XD
Then after that, me and Kei went to Steven's Corner! I miss their Cheese Naan so much!! And I order it... But that special delicious food only available at night =.=""""" Ok then, Indo Mee + Eggs... And when the mee comes, the eggs was a very BEAUTIFUL SUNNY SIDE UP!!! And I make it like this:

*I turn to the other side of the egg and press all the yolk so that I won't see it SPLASH out in front of me... That's just SOOOOOOO GROSSSS~ Ewwwww~*
I Love eggs, especially those 100% cooked one... But those slimy eggs, just makes me goosebumps. Kei ordered a Maggie Curry Soup which looks like this:

*Typical Maggie Curry Soup.... Hahahaha... Kei, I cook for you you give me RM2.50 la!!!*

*Kei - So happily dress-up to look like Kanon... Sorry I style you like so UN-KANON -*
We greeted each other Happy Hana Day and started to savour our meal... Hohoho... But foods become not so delicious as we chatted something that triggers the sadness inside our hearts....
Kei, no matter what happens, I'll always be with you.... Don't worry... Even though you wanna cry in the middle of the night, just cry to me... We will always be by your side....

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