Friday, April 6, 2007

Silver Cut <- BANNED!!! by Reiko

Oh.... Today it's just a nice day isn't??? And to change some mood, from bad to good, and from a messy hair to a nice hair style, I decided have a hair cut today! Haha... With Kei! I heard that she say a shop named Silver Cut at Jln Genting Klang there have a Japanese Creative Director and helped she cut her present hair... I think Kei's hair was nice, so we both decided to cut in this shop too... So, we planned and meet in front of this hair saloon at 2pm. (And as usual, I was late... About 10 mins... Gomen ne!!! T_T) So, after I arrived, we go into this hair saloon... and it was like... EMPTY???? No customer! LOL! I was like OK, then we can finish our hair cut soon and have lunch! I am starving!! Haha.... The guy sitting at the reception counter didn't really ask what we want and I tell him that we wanna cut hair!! Ok, then we choose our seat... and two guys come and serve us and that's our hair stylist... Eh?? No other hair stylist?? They look so amateur and Un-Pro!(Not Proffesional!) Ok... I was like... hmm... Give it a try.... Maybe will turn out to be good at the end??? Who knows right?? Haha... And who knows, this was the starting of the bad hair day!

*Kei's Hair Stylist... LOL... She thinks he's not pro enough too....*
During the process, my feeling towards the hair stylist that cut my hair become more bad and bad... His cutting skill, makes me worried what will end up to my hair... and this become a very cruel reality then.... When he start to trim my side hair, he accidentally (Or I think he don't know he shouldn't cut the side hair because have to keep it balance to the other side) or purposely cut a few of the side hair!! And I was like O_O""" Will this few cut make my whole side hair looks unbalance??? But without making noise, I continue see what he's going to do then... And he looks quite stressed after some time... When he grab my hair and measure, I know that he can feel the UNBALANCE of my HAIR!!! But, he wanna cover his mistake!! O_O""""" WTF???? He keep pushing all those long hair at the back to my shoulder and make it looks like balance.... Hmm... What a stupid movement! So, when he ask me whether I need to put some wax/oil to style it, I ask him:"I think my side hair got problem... I don't think It's balance... Can you fix it???" And he say:"Let me check and see..." "Hmm...." "No wor... I don't think there's a problem with it...."
That time my feeling was so so so fxxked up and I was like Ok ok, whatever you say.... and I'm not coming to this fxxking saloon anymore!! Just once in my whole life!! You messed up with my hair! You just ruined it!!! Aiks... So, me and Kei payed and walk out... Then I ask Kei, does my hair looks balance to you??? And she say:" Eh??? Why like this de??? If see from side it's ok, but when look in front, can see it's shorter the other side!" SEE!!! YOU BLIND DUNNO-WHAT-NAME YOU ARE!!! EVEN MY FRIEND WHICH WEAR SPECS CAN SEE IT'S NOT BALANCE!!! YOU SO UN-PRO YOU DON'T BECOME A HAIR STYLIST! YOU WILL JUST RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE IF YOU WANNA MAKE MONEY IN THIS HAIR SALOON WORLD!!! JUST QUIT YOUR JOB!! DON'T MAKE YOURSELF AND OTHER PEOPLE SUFFER ALSO!!!
After Kei told me, that time I just feel like the whole world is ruined by the hair stylist... You know what they say a woman's hair is??? Woman's hair = Woman's crown!!! Haihz... I already look sucks and now I just wanna change new hairstyle to look more delicate a bit but YOU!!! YOU!!! YOU ruin all my hope in just one hour++!!! Haihz.... I totally lose my appetite... So, I tell Kei: Can I go to Miko??? I wanna cut my hair again! And she say ok... So, we went into Miko...

*Miko Au, founder of Miko Hair Studio and Academy... Don't get me wrong, he's not the one who cut my hair... haha*
So, we step into the hair studio... A girl ask me what I need and I say I need a HAIR CUT! Then that girl ask me sit and ask me whether I need to wash my hair... and I say Ok.... So someone come and washed my hair, then two girls come blow my hair, help me make it straight... then, the main hair stylist of that branch come.... Her name is Michelle.... When she see me, she ask me what style I wanna cut... I told her the incident of the silver cut un-pro hair stylist and she start to check my hair... she say my hair was totally unbalance at the side... and the back there that guy cut into a dunno-what-shape it's call... my hair just totally sucks! If gotta cut into another style, the style will be not nice because my hair all layered until too loose... Unless if perm into curly style, then can keep my hair in a nice shape and no one will notice it's too loose or shape-less... I was like oh... oh.... Oh... Perm... Oh... What??? PERM???? O_O"""" I don't wanna perm my hair... I like it straight... and I reject her suggestion in-directly... hehe... So, she started to cut my hair... and we chat abit like where I live, what I'm doing now and about Japan... haha... And her cutting skills was so nice and firm! I just like it!! So... Now, my hairstyle become like this:

*try to act cute... I know it's gross~ haha*

*Whatever... I'm just tryig to find a nice angle for my new hairstyle....*
After the haircut, it's 5pm!! And I realise both of us haven't eat lunch yet... So, we plan to eat something then... KFC??? Just around the corner... But Kei just have it yesterday... Erm... McDonald's then... Haha... And Kei say OK! So, let's go!! We took 49 bus to Jln Pahang's Shell Petrol Station and cross the pedestrian bridge... After arrive, Kei saw the new sofa of the McD, so we decided to sit there... Haha... Kinda comfortable seat actually... After having our meal, we decided to cam whore a while... haha

*Kanon!!!! So damn YENG la Kei's hair!!!!*

*A smiling Kanon!!! Hahahaha....*

*I was trying to take a photo of myself to look at my hairstyle... and Kei just looks so funny and I decide to keep this photo... haha XD*
Then, 6 something we decided to Ciao.... Arrive home... and decided to took more shots of my new hairstyle... hehe... Just feeling cute about it... Did I say cute??? LOL! I'm NOT CUTE! My hairstyle CUTE! haha...

*LOL.... Cute hairstyle, Not cute me....*

*Finally, a smile as the ending of this post... muahahahahaha*
-The End-


Kevin said...

lol!!calm down calm down..hahaha

that means u cut ur hair two times?walao eh..wat a waste of money..n that hairstylist suck la..ask him pergi main jauh jauh la..haha..

the new hairstyle is like those "wa wa tou"..means doll head?lol..coz infront very short..i think if u dye it it'll become nicer..but dun dye till like last time la..can't c the colour..

i tot u said wanna come n visit us on either thurs or fri de?but how come din come de..ffk again..zzz..n how come din saw u on9 for so long liao de?die go where liao =.=?

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL!!! Ya la, the hairstylist really sucks la... Don't go Silver Cut even they give you free hair cut =.="""

Not dolly style la... a bit look like but not really... just some very short but become longer and longer at the side.... Dye hair??? Don't want la... Every month dye hair meh? Hair very fast die de wor...

Ya la, I FFK.... Bcs I pokai liao... no money go MidValley find you guys... Unless you guys sponsor me money for public transportation lo... hahahaha... I online at a NORMAL TIME leh... of course you this ABNORMAL PEOPLE which online at those ABNORMAL TIME won't see me la... haha

Kevin said...

no money come n find us but got money to go out pak tor la?wat an exucse..u no heart la..haihz..

walao..not need all capital letter gua..i can see la..aiyo..wat to do?everyday after work reach home oso so late liao..then after bath n eat then only on9 of coz late liao de ma..

n the most important thing is..did u rmb to tell pei yun to bring her pic n come to office to fill the kwsp form r?coz today the lady ask me again..say y this girl(pei yun) still haven come n settle her things..the lady sit beside vampire de le..

oh ya..1 more thing..i saw kam sao at mid valley today..with his gf i think?i tot he's gay?hahaha :p

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

sien diao... where got go out pak tor liao???? You dunno i so cham now i only left cents with me.. no paper money leh... cham dao mother also can't recognise... T_T

Ya, I got ask Pei Yun come settle la but you know la she studying and have tuition... kinda busy de la, within this week will come and settle de la... don't worry... haha... only get the salary next month lo... what to do?? haha...

Kam sao? Ya, he pak tor already lo... haha... did he saw you??? his girlfriend very geng de oh.. university student lai de leh... dun siao siao oh...haha

Kevin said...

so cham ah?no paper money liao..u wan me to burn for u?hahaha!!

lol..i'm not worry bout that la..just everytime that lady saw me..then she'll ask why this chow pei yue haven come n settle her things..she duwan her money liao is it..if duwan then better put under her name n she take those money..bla bla bla~ ask until me answer until sien liao =.=

yea he saw me..n we talk a while..he asked me lea ci le?i answered she ah..she doin "liang di guan" at home now..haha!!