Friday, May 11, 2007


Sorry for disappear for VERY LONG LONG TIME ya... Haihz... I've been too busy in hang outs and just ended the Genting trip! XD Hahahaha.... I just can't wait to tell you guys and show you guys what I've seen and experienced in that trip!!! XD Haha...
And now, I will post quite a long post... Actually I just wanted to show you guys what I've been through for these few months... These are some hang outs that I didn't post out because I just lack of time to post these photos... Hmm... Let's check it out!!

Is there any gothic or lolita kind of people here?? If you do, you sure will like this club called Maison too! I like it's style and the interior design of it... Not very renaissance style but catch up with a feel of modern kind of cool... I remember that day we went was Saturday... And there was a performance by UK DJs... COOL! They remixed all kinds of music and include MTVs too!! You just can't imagine how good they're in scratching and turning table... Wow... Just impressed!

*This is one of the UK DJ which is so good in DJ-ing. Woo~*

*3 DJs try to turn on the high mood by their performance!!*

*The Chandelier!!! I JUST LOVE IT! Can I bring it home and hang on my ceiling???? PLEASE???? (*o*)*

*The bar decoration... Tubes with water and light up with colour lights... NICE~*

Actually the plan to go to Maison was a sudden plan after I had my dinner at the Steamboat restaurant at Sunway... Do you guys know that steamboat restaurant which is one person cost about RM19.90 and you can eat all you can and one of their famous dish is the chicken wing??? Haha... If you don't know there's such steamboat restaurant, I suggest you should go and have a try then...

The foods were ok, and there's one FREE SHOW to see too!! Hehe... It's the action of people trying to grab as much chicken wings as they can! LOL! They're like from... erm... Africa??? Or people who never tried chicken wings before... LOL! They're willing to stand there and wait till the waiter serve a whole big pile of chicken wing and they'll grab all the chickens which is in their capable grabable area... I was like O_O""""" SWTing alot see people lose their image because of chicken wings... LOL! Hahahahaha...

Ok, back to the Maison topic... While we all finish our dinner... They all chatted where to hang out after that... and someone suggested go clubbing... O_O"""""" Clubbing? Again? I thought we're at Zouk the day before??? Today some more??? Really salute to you guys!! LOL! But I think it's because one of their friends - Wei Zhen come back from Singapore and they really wanna gather around with him that's why they wanna go Maison... But anyway, I followed... haha... Just wanna see how nice Maison is! hehe...

And then I asked Peiyue to join me too... I kinda scared to go clubbing alone with a bunch of people I don't know very well.. The situation will be very weird I guess.... Not knowing anyone and no one to talk to beside dear dear... Hmm...

At first Peiyue rejected me, and we all like Ok, it's up to her... But then when we arrived Maison, suddenly she called up and asked whether she can join us or not! HOORAY! Cheer for Peiyue... I know she loves me so much and don't wanna see me alone isn't? hehe...

And girls are free entrance there... But don't know why, that day the club music was trance... X_X Argh~ I hate trance.... But still manage to dance once in a while... hehe...

*Anthony and Peiyue*

*Peiyue and Wei Zhen*

*Kelvin and Anthony... Actually they're sleeping... But Kelvin is still a bit rational and he still manage to post in front of the camera... LOL! But Anthony is too drunk for posing... tsk tsk*

*Me and Pei Yue~ She's so damn red face after a few cups! Haha*

*Me and dear dear... actually just wanna cam whore myself... haha*

*Last photo of the day...*

Trance music is so damn boring I just don't wanna listen to the unlimited repeat music... And no mood to dance to the beat too... Hmm...

Actually I don't hate clubbing... Can say it's a very good way to exercise too... You dance, you sweat... But don't consume too much of alcohol... Bad for your liver... A little bit will be doing great to increase your health... And girls, be caution ya! Hehe...


~::+Just A Random Photo+::~

*ME!!! Testing out Peiyue's new phone! Sony Ericsson Z610i... Isn't the pink is so attracting??? But I have a pink phone too!! Haha XD*

~::+PC FAIR+::~

I know some people saw me around Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC) between 13-15 of April... I'm working there!!! Haha... As a promoter.... Working at PC Fair is a first time experience to me and I think it's quite fun working inside a hall when you can see so many pc lovers are trying to search for cheap price for their lovely pc...

*PIKOM PC FAIR 2007!!*

*Me, Peiyue and Wanjoe*

*Wanjoe and Me... With the product of Evercool - A MINI desktop cooler.*

*Wanjoe and Peiyue + Desktop Cooler*

*LOL! I think the desktop cooler looks nicer than me... Just ignore me... haha*

*Evercool PC Fan... All kinds of it... Cool ya?? Haha*

*I like the fan with LED lights one~ So nice~!!!!*

*These are some not-so-cheap-fan... Good quality too...*

*Peiyue says she looks professional in this photo... What do you think?*

*The Evercool Booth! Booth no.202*

*But I like the NEC booth company sign board more... Looks so nice and high tech! Wow~ Space Ship!!! XD*

*We're having while working actually.... We sneak out from our booth and went to the ASUS booth to get a free small hand fan by stick a tatoo-like AMD logo to our face... LOL! I'm so proud of it! Haha~*

*LED Crytal Fan's LED makes our eyes blink with colours~ WOO~ Nice XD*

*Try to act CUTE~ That's all... haha XD*

*The expensive and nice nice notebook cooling pad... FULLY ALUMINIUM you know?? Haha... Quite heavy~ X_X*

*Both Peiyue and the Cooling Pad also look nice right? haha*

*LED lights.... Nice colour you have!*

*The horrible scene after the PC FAIR! Don't simply throw rubbish ma~ Your mother didn't teach you basic manners de meh???*


Workers were provided lunch and dinner at the canteen of the hall... wanna know what we eat? Let's see... Don't say I don't warn you, maybe you'll puke after seeing all these gross foods... X_X I never wanna see that myself again too!!

*SO YUCKS I don't wanna eat it!!! Long Beans, Don't-know-what-name-vegetables and mushrooms*

*Tofu... Mushroom again... Haihz...*

*The steamed egg was delicious! I love it soooooo much... But only steamed egg is good... Sighs~ Mushroom AGAIN!!! X_X*

*OH NO~~~ Mushrooms AGAIN!!! X_X DIE*

I've been consuming ALOT and ALOT of mushrooms these 3 days... I'm a healthy girl! Haha...

*KLCC~ Glowing in silver lights!*

P.S1:Thanks for Dear come to PC Fair and find me although you're suffering from muscle pain... T_T Touching***


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