Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The 8th Malaysia International Foods and Beverages Trade Fair

July 12th - 15th is the 8th Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Fair. It was held at Matrade Convention Centre just around the Jln Duta and the new high court of Malaysia.
*Menara MATRADE*
*Uniquely designed*

My mum's friend asked me whether I'm free and wanna work in the fair, they'll pay me on the spot plus commissions too... I was tooooooo free that time and decided to work even though no one will accompany me and I got no friends working there....

12th July, the first opening day of the trade fair. I wear the skirt I bought at pasar malam and waited for those people in charge to arrive. At that time, I saw a guy who is TALL and looks like SAMSENG, and he looks kinda familiar too.... And when he walks closer and closer....
Oh~ IVY!!(Shu Qi's bf) Hahaha.... It's kinda funny to see him in a suit and act so serious. LOL~ And Shu Qi say I'm lucky to see him in suit because even she haven't see him wear that too.... Lol~ How lucky am I hor?

Then start to work... And I saw some of my friends went to the fair... Some is reporter, and some is media, some are coming to the fair to do some interviews and to do report for homework. Wow~ I miss study too....

I'm working for Yew Chian Haw, a Taiwan brand and manufacture alots of chinese herbal soup. But I don't sell soup, I sell slimming product which is called Fibre King. Lol~ What a funny name....
*Fibre King*
The first day was horrible... People who come to this fair mostly is to see what's good and probably they want to be a dealer or something.... And mostly selling things in trade fair will be very terribly boring.... and yes~ it's so boring. No people come, boring. People come no buy, boring. No people accompany me go walk and visit around the fair, boring. No people accompany me go lunch, boring. One word - BORING!!!!
*First day lunch - One bowl of Laksa for the boring me*
When the first day of the fair almost end, I saw one of my long time no see drama friend. We learn drama in the same society - Tea Drama. And tell you what, she's a very sweet girl too! Hehe! I'm so glad to hear that she's working in the same fair too!! WOW! So good, no need so boring anymore! YEAH!!!
The 2nd day lunch time is more merrier. Got Renee and Alvin and Alvin's friend(I forgot what's his name) we 4 person have lunch together. Chatted alot, and laugh quite alot, and feel that not really boring. But still, not quite alot of people come to this fair to purchase products...
*Beef spaghetti*
The last day of this fair is open to traders and public. Early in the morning I already been warned to chase me out of the fair because I don't have any identity tag which proves I work there. I was so swt! =_="" That's suppose to be my boss or company person in charge job isn't? Why they scold me? I think this is the worst start of the day...
But seems like it's not worst at all, quite alot of people come purchase this Fibre King which appears to be some new fibre product with nice taste. And without noticing the time, lunch time is near again! Yeah~!!
Today only me and Renee have lunch together. We chatted alot about freelancer works and how's life going on... Then, since today is thelast day of the fair, after the lunch we decided to walk around and see what's going on.
*Product Gallery at Hall A*
We saw strawberry pot will be sell at 4pm... We saw alot of food, fruits, beverages and all those stuffs... I couldn't resist and I bought one pack of coconut biscuit!! ( Which I still haven't finish until TODAY!! -____-"") At first, we wanna buy the strawberry pot and see whether can rare or not... But those person in charge say must put under the air conditioned situation all day so that the plant won't die... I don't have air cond in my house!!! Can't buy T_T
*Strawberry POTS~!*
*Strawberries~ *_**
*The one and only photo I'm in during this fair. Me and Renee*
5pm! Can go home already! I was soooooo happy because I get my paid on the spot... I'm rich again!!! (By then, but not TODAY 2nd August 2007, I'm broke now... Please donate me some money~ T_T)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fine Dining

Tuesday, I went to Taylor College with Kei to attend a fine dining there... Hana study hospitality there, so she ask us who wanna go, me and Kei put our hands up... And so set! We're the one who is going...

I was going to Kei's house at 11am, but my brother have to go to Tar College study at 11am too, so I have to send him first then only can go Kei's house... Reach her house is almost 1110am...

I return her shirt to her, and she's going to wear that... LOL! I think both of us don't look like 20 years old... Looks like going to become 25 years old or what... haha XD

After I fill up the petrol at Jln Pahang's petrl station, it's already 1140pm... We must arrive Taylor before 1230pm... Can we make it? I'm wondering...

I use 10mins to arrive MidValley, and then another 10minutes to arrive Taylor's College Subang... And after I manage to find a parking, the journey we have to walk from my car to the college was kinda far... But no choice, who ask there so hard to find parking...

We walk into the college, and I called Hana, ask her where she is... I said that we're at the Cafeteria there... And she give me a very weird response "Cafeteria??? What Cafeteria??? My college don't have cafeteria de wor...."

What you mean don't have cafeteria? The cafeteria is just right in front of me!!!! She stunned a while and ask me "Which Taylor you're at???" I was like: CHAM!!! Went to the wrong college!!! And all we can do is just walk back to the car, and I start to have the thoughts of giving up to go to the college already.... I scare we're late and we get no food to eat at all... T_T sob sob...

We reach the ANOTHER PJ Taylor and park the car at the road side... I was kinda scare that police were going to give us saman! RM300!! How am I going to tell my mum later if kena??? Haihz, but without care so much, I just lock the car and walk into the building...

*Hotel cafe look alike*

We found the restaurant! And saw alot of young students wearing very nice french style waitress and waiter uniform... Very polite too... Hehe...

*See the girl in suit? That's Hana!! Kakkoii!!!*

After we sit down, Hana come and say hi to us... and I saw her mum and dad at another table... Smile at them, we sit at the corner which my right side, is the door to the cooking kitchen.

*This door keep open and close open and close, so annoying!*

Our table was nicely decorated...

*Nice plate~*

*Nice flower~Haha XD*

Then, Hana give me two meal voucher secretly because she don't wanna let her mum know about it... And she also told us that the meal voucher is for the 3 main course... Which means we gotta pay for the orange juice that we ordered just moments ago.... O_O pay??? Luckily I bring some money...

Then, we were ASKED to read the menu... and we can't choose what we wanna eat because fine dining just have one main course only... LOL! Then what's the menu for? To inform you what you're going to eat? XD

Then, the appetiser we're going to have, is their(student's) own handmade mushroom creme... LOL... Although the menu says it's a mushroom creme, but when it's served, it doesn't look CREAMY at all... In fact, It's watery...

*Real mushrooms + Onion + Not enough milk = weird soup*

And ya, I forgot that actually bread is a must!

*Toast bread~ I like the butter more... Haha*

After we finish the appetiser.. We're going to wait for the main course... I don't really like fine dining actually... Feels like have to be so polite and good manners and whole body becomes very stiff because you're trying your best to become a lady/gentlemen...

After a while of waiting, here comes the main course - Black Pepper Steak with one piece of radish, 2 pieces of carrots, 3 pieces of potatoes and 3 pieces of butter with herbs... Enjoy!

*The butter taste delicious!!!*

The steak was well cooked.. so It's a little bit hard and chewy... Kei says she chew until her jaw is so tired... LOL! Me too... But I manage to eat all 2 pieces of steak... Geng leh?? Haha... After finish everything, I feel so full!!! Can see the tummy from beside... -_-"""

What comes after main course??? Yea, you're right - Dessert! The original desser is going to be creme caramel... But they changed the menu, become pancake... Woo~ I love pancakes!!! And I love it with honey~ So delicious... and I thought the pancake they're serving is THE pancake i was thinking and imagine... But I guess I was wrong... This is how the FINE DINING PANCAKES look like...

*Looks like Malay's Kuih Gulung*

*Yes, it's a pancake base kuih gulung*

So disappointing... And the taste too... The red colour sauce is pure strawberry sauce... You can taste the strawberry seeds inside... And the white creme is milk... The dish is cold... The pancakes are cold too... Yucks... But I still finish it, I don't waste food...

Everything was going smooth... The receipt come and it's time to pay the bill... The main course cost about RM15! And orange juice is RM3... Luckily we have the meal voucher, so we just have to pay for the orange juice... Hehe...

After say goodbye to Hana, we went to Desa Setapak Paradise to wait for Shu Qi because she's going to meet us and give us the puri kura we took last thursday... hehe ^o^

She comes around 5pm, we chatted and mostly discussed about Transformers... Haha~ Just can't get the Transformers out of my head, stucked!! And not confirm yet, I think I'm going to watch it for the 4th time and this time will be IMAX... haha~ See how things turn out then...

P.S: I bought the 30GB Ipod Video!!! Woo hoo~ Jealous???? Nyehehehe

P.S2:Nah~ Where I get those money??? I borrow it from Peiyue to transfer some files la.. Haha...

Monday, July 9, 2007

070707 X 080707

Last Saturday and Sunday, I've been hang out with Peiyue, Kamsao and Kevin.
Saturday (07-07-07) we went to Sg Wang in order to help Peiyue find her prom night dress and shoes... We went there around 5pm because we THOUGHT that day Sg Wang is going to open until midnight.(as stated inside all NEWSPAPERS!)
Since we still have SO MUCH time to walk around, so the first thing we do when we arrive at Sg Wang is to search for food!! As usual, teenagers just like fast food, either KFC or McDonald's... And we choosed McDonald's. Haha...
*Don't doubt about it... It's a breast... Haha XD*

My mum used to tell me not to play with food... But I didn't listen... I just love to play with food... And the breast and nipple above is one o my master creation. Muahahaha XD
*I wonder this photo can win him free one year supply of McDonald's burger or not...*
After we eat, we went to search for the dress... But we just couldn't find one that match her... Aiks... And at the end, I'm the one who end up spend all the money in buying uneccessary things... LOL! And Sg Wang isn't open till 12am... 9pm everyone start closing their shop already... SIAO! Then what for advertise in the newspaper??? =_="""
That night as usual, we went to BRJ, but this time, Kevin also follow... The last time he follow us back to Setapak area is my birthday. That night, everyone challenge him to follow us back to Setapak, and he accept the challenge... But in the end, is me, Kok Bun, Pei Yue and Kam Sao gotta accompany him until the LRT starts to function... Means whole night we didn't sleep just to accompany him!! LOL
Ok ok, back to the story... Kevin follow, so either is we fetch him back or we accompany him until 6am in the morning. LOL! The option we choose is the first one. We rather send him back also don't want to sit at BRJ until 6am. That's so torturing!!! X_X
So, about 130am like that, we planned to go home... Pei Yue is the one who is going to drive... And if she's going to send me back, means her dad going to follow along cos quite worried about her... And that also means that she couldn't send Kevin back to Subang... The only solution is I go to her house stay overnight.
Ok, plan set. Let's go. On our way to Kevin's house, around Parlimen there, we saw a bunch of mat rempits and one red colour kenari. We thought there must be an accident. But it wasn't. Peiyue slow down her car... And we saw one mat rempit went to the car's side and open the driver side door... We think there's going to be some fights.... But the driver quickly closed the door and step on the accelerator and just VROOOM~ runaway with high speed.
That driver accidentally scratch a mat rempit and the mat rempit fell down. Every mat rempit around there was chasing that kenari! It's so damn scary! I just hope the Kenari will be safe... The only method is drive to the nearest police station right? Haihz...
Each of us inside the car was so worried about that Kenari, and Pei Yue's condition... And scare that she'll hit one of those stupid mat rempits... But luckily everythings alright. We still manage to arrive Kevin house around 230am. It's quite an isolated place...
Around 3am, me and Peiyue arrive safe and sound... Tiring~
Sunday (08-07-07) I actually thought of going to the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant audition at Royale Bintang... But when I wake up it's almost 1130am... And either me and Peiyue also feel lazy... We decided to sleep more a while...
The 2nd time when we wake up is around 12++pm.. Peiyue says she feel so wanna watch Dead Silence... And me too! I wanna watch Dead Silence too... It's a horror movie with some wooden puppet and ventriloquist story... And I saw the phobia of my life too - The killing clown. Woo~ Just can't resist myself from watching horror movie.
So, we called Kam Sao, ask him whether he want to watch movie or not... He say YES! LOL! And we called Kevin, ask him whether he wanna join or not... And another Yes!! Muahahahaha~ Seems like everyone just can't resist to hang out with us.... Haha (Hao Lian~)
*Camwhore 1 - Failed*
*Camwhore 2 - Success*
*Peiyue On-The-Go*
So, after a while of preparing... Me and Peiyue is set to go, but RAINING!!! Heavy rain some more~ We waited the rain to become not so heavy... Until 315pm... Finally!! Oh Thank God!! Both of us gotta hide inside a small umbrella and walk to LRT... my shoes are all wet and I can feel there's water inside like my feet are in the middle of flood! LOL!
Kam Sao went to KLCC first because we reserved the ticket through phone and gotta take it before 315pm. So, me and Pei Yue arrive there almost 350pm... After we bought pop corns and drinks, we're ready to go in... But where's Kevin?? LOL! That late king!!
Without wait for him, we went into the cinema first... Peiyue smsed him and he say he's still around Kelana Jaya! Oh My God!! WHAT??? Kelana Jaya??? Peiyue say no matter he got watch this movie or not he still have to PAY! Hahahahahaha XD Ya, that's right.
Kevin come after this movie showed 40 mins... Haha... We just focus o the screen without saying anything... After the movie ends, the late king starts to explain why he's late... LOL!
At first, we thought we're going back, but we end up at this place:
*Sushi King, a place to eat sushi and make your pocket empty*
LOL! Is this going to be my dinner??? I wonder.. But who cares, I can still eat 5 plates of RM2 sushi on the kaiten belt! Hahahaha XD
We all these insanes, just like those orang asli who just come out and first time go to the Sushi King restaurant, keep on taking photos... We already take every photos and all kinds of photos we can... So Wu Liao... Haha...
Now, let me introduce the 3 characters which are acting in this short movie called Sushi King:
*Apparently she's the narrator of this short movie.. haha*
*Main character - Kam Sao*

*Small character - Mr. A*

Of course, when the movie is called sushi king, the thing that couldn't be miss is:

*Sushi!!! BIG ROLE~*
Once, there were some UFOs arrive... on the table of sushi king restaurant..

*See the lights? Those were UFOs lights*

Then, kam sao, discovered bout the aliens...

*He saw the UFO, just like how Sam Witwicky saw the Transformers*

But the aliens know that Kam Sao saw them.. and they try to hypnotise him and want to make Kam Sao forget that there were aliens existance... But those aliens failed to do so...

*Hypnotising Kam Sao so he'll forget everything he saw...*
Because aliens failed to erase his memories, kam sao said that there were some alien species just look like...

*Scallops Nuggets*

*Ebi Ten Maki*

*Some just imitate a saucer*

*Baby Octopus*

*These taste like those 10 for RM1 pasar fish balls*

*The Golden Ball - Leader of the UFOs*

And these aliens ultimate mission is to conquer the world by let those young, weak living organism a.k.a human being to eat them... Just like this:

*yummy... not?*

As human being.. There's nothing we can do to stop this unless everyone stop eat sushi... But I guess it's hard... Haihz... Bye bye human being....
-The End-

After we have our light dinner, we decided to take pictures at

The fountains were ons and every single lights inside the water were on too... So nice~

Besides fountains and lights, 4 crazy fellows are taking photos like crazy too...

*Kam sao looks like he's a foreigner who comes to KLCC for a trip*

*BAPE desu~*

*This photo looks like one of the photo me and PeiYue took before.. LOL!*

*Pheww~ Pretty Girl~*

*USA have Pentagon, Malaysia KLCC grass have triangle*


*Are we joining our legs together because we're going to transform??? Haha XD*

Besides, we found a really nice spot to take some very nice view of KLCC...

*Woo~ Couple??? Nope...*

*Looks like he can climb the KLCC... almost same tall with KLCC man!!!*

*The contrast of Black &...

*white KLCC...*
And of course we didn't forget to act stupid also.... hahahaha XD

*Introducing you - KLCC*

*Have you see a fountain saber before???*

*This is our first class Late King - Kevin. SALUTE!!*

*LOL! should've post like this at beach right?*

*Who are these two guys? SOLER? Boy'z? Or Savage Garden?*

*Free holy water*

*Charlie's Angel 3 - Invaders of KLCC*

*Powerpuff Girls/Boys... MUAHAHAHAHA*

LOL! The trip was quite tiring but I know everyone had so much fun taking all those pictures... Memories last in the form of photo... Keep shining guys!!! Hehe... Next time we go other place ya??? Haha XD