Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The 8th Malaysia International Foods and Beverages Trade Fair

July 12th - 15th is the 8th Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Fair. It was held at Matrade Convention Centre just around the Jln Duta and the new high court of Malaysia.
*Menara MATRADE*
*Uniquely designed*

My mum's friend asked me whether I'm free and wanna work in the fair, they'll pay me on the spot plus commissions too... I was tooooooo free that time and decided to work even though no one will accompany me and I got no friends working there....

12th July, the first opening day of the trade fair. I wear the skirt I bought at pasar malam and waited for those people in charge to arrive. At that time, I saw a guy who is TALL and looks like SAMSENG, and he looks kinda familiar too.... And when he walks closer and closer....
Oh~ IVY!!(Shu Qi's bf) Hahaha.... It's kinda funny to see him in a suit and act so serious. LOL~ And Shu Qi say I'm lucky to see him in suit because even she haven't see him wear that too.... Lol~ How lucky am I hor?

Then start to work... And I saw some of my friends went to the fair... Some is reporter, and some is media, some are coming to the fair to do some interviews and to do report for homework. Wow~ I miss study too....

I'm working for Yew Chian Haw, a Taiwan brand and manufacture alots of chinese herbal soup. But I don't sell soup, I sell slimming product which is called Fibre King. Lol~ What a funny name....
*Fibre King*
The first day was horrible... People who come to this fair mostly is to see what's good and probably they want to be a dealer or something.... And mostly selling things in trade fair will be very terribly boring.... and yes~ it's so boring. No people come, boring. People come no buy, boring. No people accompany me go walk and visit around the fair, boring. No people accompany me go lunch, boring. One word - BORING!!!!
*First day lunch - One bowl of Laksa for the boring me*
When the first day of the fair almost end, I saw one of my long time no see drama friend. We learn drama in the same society - Tea Drama. And tell you what, she's a very sweet girl too! Hehe! I'm so glad to hear that she's working in the same fair too!! WOW! So good, no need so boring anymore! YEAH!!!
The 2nd day lunch time is more merrier. Got Renee and Alvin and Alvin's friend(I forgot what's his name) we 4 person have lunch together. Chatted alot, and laugh quite alot, and feel that not really boring. But still, not quite alot of people come to this fair to purchase products...
*Beef spaghetti*
The last day of this fair is open to traders and public. Early in the morning I already been warned to chase me out of the fair because I don't have any identity tag which proves I work there. I was so swt! =_="" That's suppose to be my boss or company person in charge job isn't? Why they scold me? I think this is the worst start of the day...
But seems like it's not worst at all, quite alot of people come purchase this Fibre King which appears to be some new fibre product with nice taste. And without noticing the time, lunch time is near again! Yeah~!!
Today only me and Renee have lunch together. We chatted alot about freelancer works and how's life going on... Then, since today is thelast day of the fair, after the lunch we decided to walk around and see what's going on.
*Product Gallery at Hall A*
We saw strawberry pot will be sell at 4pm... We saw alot of food, fruits, beverages and all those stuffs... I couldn't resist and I bought one pack of coconut biscuit!! ( Which I still haven't finish until TODAY!! -____-"") At first, we wanna buy the strawberry pot and see whether can rare or not... But those person in charge say must put under the air conditioned situation all day so that the plant won't die... I don't have air cond in my house!!! Can't buy T_T
*Strawberry POTS~!*
*Strawberries~ *_**
*The one and only photo I'm in during this fair. Me and Renee*
5pm! Can go home already! I was soooooo happy because I get my paid on the spot... I'm rich again!!! (By then, but not TODAY 2nd August 2007, I'm broke now... Please donate me some money~ T_T)

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