Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Backstage Passes To...

You saw the previous post which contains the content in the Lecka Lecka website... And now I'm going to bring you to the backstage!!! *^o^* Hooray~!!

That day I was working at the railway station near the Masjid Jamek there and I receive a sms from Andrew. He asked me whether I'm interested in tasting all the 60 flavours of Lecka Lecka... I totally O_O"" STUNTED!!! 60??? Are you kidding???

And coincidentally their shooting time is around 1pm - 8pm... YEAH! That means after my working time! Haha~ So I replied him with a YES!

When I arrive, things were set up and they're shooting. Some people asked me how I got the guts and nerves to meet someone who is totally a stranger to me... That time, I didn't even think that will I be in danger or not... I just feel that this will be FUN! Maybe I'm lack of danger concious huh?

Things were going on very smoothly and I know new friends and get to work with them in a very nice and fun situation...

Here's some of my photo collection for it!

*A very nice and arabic feel outdoor seating section*

*Light balls*

*Ice cream!!! DROOLS*

*Equipments you'll be needed for making photoshoot*

*Sean in Action!!*

*This is a very weird kind of Ice Cream Cake~ LOL!*

And once more, I need to say Thank You to all those people who are willing to work with me. And thanks for things you guys have taught me. Thank You! Keep in touch ya!!

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